A Great Two Days

It is Wednesday in Russia and I have had two great days – seriously great days. The Lord has been gracious and powerfully present and touched many lives.

On Monday – after having a number of lengthy meetings planning future and current work in Armenia – I spent time touring the memorial to those who died in the early 1900’s when Turkey invaded Armenia and murdered millions. Then in the evening I met with the Timothy School at the local church where I was working.

The Timothy School (picture) is a group of 25 young men who study one night a week with the pastor and are being discipled and trained by him. A powerful group of young men hungry for God. I shared briefly what the Lord is doing in the nations of the world and what He is emphasizing and then prophesied over 8 of them. The rest the Lord had already graciously pointed out to me over the previous days during the Leaders School and Sunday services. These are the leaders-in-training and this church has a great future. What a night.

Three hours sleep and I was on my way to the airport. Three hours plus and I was in Moscow and 7 hours plus I had been driven to Voronezh – a city in Russia I have ministered in a number of times. There I had my initial meeting with 12 of an eventual 17 leaders who will be here to discuss the future of their union and what is needed to bring change and new life to their union of 107 churches. A long but a good day.

Wednesday – today here already – I meet all day with the leaders casting vision and seeing how we can address issues that exist in the union. Then in the evening at 6:00p a public service. I will do the three + hour service while the leaders stay here and work on details for several events upcoming that I don’t need to be involved in. I have been asked to speak into the discussion after they hash out some of the working details. I have become the “father” of this union’s changes and entrance into the 21st century as an apostolic-prophetic force God can and will use.

Please pray for the public service – people have been encouraged to invite unsaved friends. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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