A Fountain of Understanding

I am amazed at God’s Word. I have been reading it for well over 5 decades and still, every time I sit down to read, it still speaks to me. In fact, it does more than speak to me. It encourages me, it strengthens me, it teaches me, and leads and guides me. Yes, it answers questions. Yes, it gives me greater insight into the God whom we worship and serve. Yes it transforms the way I think. It even convicts at times. 

As I switched versions that I am reading several months back it is speaking even louder. The reason – old truths and understanding expressed in fresh and vibrant new ways. Recently in Proverbs I hit another one of those fresh insights. 

Proverbs 2:6 ESV (my old version) reads, “For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding…”

The Passion Translation renders this as: “Wisdom is a gift from a generous God,

and every word he speaks is full of revelation and becomes a fountain of understanding within you.”

Now, that speaks to me. Every word that God speaks to us – in prayer time, through a teaching, in the written word – is “full of revelation.” If we will take the time to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us personally through the Word we received, we will receive revelation and insight. We will have fresh insight into our lives and maybe even one specific aspect of our life. We will sense the presence and power of God moving in and through the Word as the revelation of truth and new insights become real and are integrated into what we already knew and believed.

This revelation – God speaking to us through ‘a Word’ is something many don’t wait for. This revelation is not revealed to those who rush read their way through so many chapters a day to fulfill some type of self-imposed religious standard or rule. When we take the time to sit quietly in His presence, being still both on the inside and outside, then the revelation will come. You will see old truths in a new light. You will receive insight into a current situation, doubt, or question. You will understand the will of God a little clearer. You will sense the peace of God invade and take up residence in your heart. You will begin to think more clearly as you grab hold of the ‘mind of Christ.’

Once the revelation is received and integrated into what you already know and understand then it adds greater depth and “understanding within you.” This is powerful. Pause for a minute and think about that. When you receive a revelation and integrate it into what you already know and understand, it becomes “a fountain of understanding” with the water splashing over all aspects of your life – physical, emotional. mental. relational, spiritual. It is not simply another piece of information – it has been stirred into everything that was already there and thus adds new insights and understanding to every aspect of your life. New flavour. New life. New enthusiasm. A new dynamic that was not there before the revelation was received.  The revelation rises up big within you allowing you to see things the way God sees things. 

So you have fresh insights and understanding along with increased wisdom as you move forward in life. But, all of this only happens when you understand and obey “Be still and know that I am God” as then you rest in His presence and revelation can be received.