A Few Personal Comments

Please allow me a few personal comments. I am sitting in the Village of Arna in Kazakhstan while writing this. It is the end of 2.5 weeks of travel and ministry. This is a village of 800 with a powerful church where God is worshipped. And, as I sat and listened to the second worship service of the day – the second of three – I was washed over by a wave of thanksgiving. I simply sat and thanked God for calling me and allowing me the honour and privilege to serve Him in many nations of the earth every day.

It is not always easy. The travel can be a real burden and the older I get the harder it is on me. The places where I stay are, most often, not comfortable. There is often a lack of personal space and definitely a lack of personal time. The hours are long and very demanding. People are so excited to see the supernatural operating that they will stay for days just to receive a touch from God through this ministry. There are a minimum three and a maximum five services a day – this trip the school for leaders saw 6 sessions a day. So, it is not always easy or comfortable or relaxing.

However, I am in church services daily worshipping God in many places and in many languages. I go to church daily when on these trips – as many as five or six times daily. And, in many of these services there is worship and prayer times. I get to hear teachings which are always a serious blessing. And, I am allowed to teach – always a serious blessing to me personally. I sit in God’s manifest presence for hours every day. I watch God’s power touch lives in serious ways every service. I have the honour and privilege to serve the living God and be with His people every day. Even when home I teach every day of the week – publicly – and in mentoring times with leaders I am working with. I get to teach God’s Word to God’s people. Again, an honour.

In the past month I have sat in worship services preparing to teach listening to praise and worship in English, Russian, Kazakh, Armenian, and Farsi. I have ministered to people from 8 or 9 ethnic groups both by teaching as well as prophetically. I have eaten ethnic foods that I can’t pronounce containing things I don’t normally eat. In fact, at times I have no idea what it is that I am eating and don’t care to ask. I live with people who live differently, dress differently, and entertain themselves differently – yet worship the same Jesus I do and you do. Currently I am living in a place where everything is Korean including the meals, staff, and language yet I am in Kazakhstan.

Did I ever think I would be doing all this? No! In fact, even now I find it hard to really believe that I am doing this and have been for five years already. This is truly amazing for a senior citizen from a small city in a sparsely populated nation like Canada. But it is all God and I am so thankful that He has invited me to be a part of what He is doing in the nations. Seriously amazed and thankful. There’s that feeling again – that wave of thanksgiving flooding my soul and spirit once again, Join me in thanking Him for His goodness….

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  1. Louise Howe
    Louise Howe says:

    I am thankful that God is doing such wonderful things through you, dear!

    I’m praying He will give you strength to continue
    doing what you are doing for many more years.

    Love you


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