A Day of Rest – Sort Of

Today – Saturday – we are in another location in the city of Moscow. We moved last night after the close of the Leaders School we were teaching. It took 2 hours to drive 20 km to our new location. Today we were able to sleep in (my days have been ending after 1:00a and beginning again at 5:50a each day). The sleep was good. This morning is a time off without any meetings or discussions. For me that means emails, planning changes to future trips because of meetings held in the last few days, and writing articles for the web and a local church I work closely with. A day off – sort of. But they do say, a change is as good as a rest.

We have a lunch meeting with the host pastor for this part of the trip and then two of us on the team are hoping to head out for a walk through this busy section of Moscow. We have lived in the area before so know where to head to stay safe and where a good coffee shop is. It will be good to get out and walk and simply not have to think about teaching and prophesying – or even writing and corresponding for several hours.

Tonight will be a quiet night with extra time to pray and read the Word – always a bit thin on these trips. And, for me, an opportunity to decide on what the Lord would have me teach tomorrow in the morning service and then in an afternoon leaders meeting.

Sunday night or Monday morning early we head to the city of Krasnoarmeisk about a one hour drive from here to begin three days of ministry … the final moving time has yet to be determined (Sunday night or Monday morning) and will be determined mostly on traffic patterns and potential traffic jams in the city as we travel to the next location.

Your prayers for today and tomorrow (Sunday) are greatly appreciated. All team members arrived home safely yesterday and we appreciate you praying for them as well. Your upholding us in prayer on a daily basis is a serious blessing to all of us and we all thank you for the powerful part you are playing in this ministry and the impact we are having here.

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