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Finished my first of three days in northern California. I love being in the United States. There is a spiritual freedom, freshness, and a sense of life here that does not exist anywhere in Canada, my home nation. In Canada we are under a strong spirit of apathy and lethargy. People just don’t get excited about the things of God and are not, in my opinion, generally willing to risk anything for their faith and the Church.

Here in the United States people are excited about the Lord and what He is doing and is going to do. They talk about the Lord openly. They share their lives with other believers openly and open their homes to others. That has been my experience here in California as well as in many other States as I have travelled in this great nation.

After 4 hours sleep the first night I had a full day yesterday. Breakfast with the pastor of the church I am here to serve. Then, over to his home to meet with and talk to his wife. Lunch at applebee’s and another 3 hour conversation. A tour of the church facilites (ready and waiting for a revival), a driving tour of the city of Woodlands, and then more conversation in the back yard of the pastor after meeting his 4 great children. Then, some neighbours from across the street come over. Great conversation about Jesus and what He is doing today – tremendous hope and excitement about the Lord. Then, as it got cooler outside, over to their home for another hour or so of conversation about the Lord. Then I got back to my hotel room and crawled into bed somewhat tired.


1> There is a tremendous spiritual freedom here – freedom in the spirit-realm so that you don’t have to push or plow to minister or sense the presence of the Lord.

2> There is a pioneering spirit about the pastor and his wife. They are willing to do anything and go anywhere for the Lord. But, they do not want to do anything unless the Lord directs them. And, His hand is all over what is happening here (and what has happened).

3> The church building and land has the presence of God all over it. The facilities are more than adequate to house a move of God – either a local move or one with wider impact. God has prepared it for His purposes. God knows what He is doing!

4> The church has gone through a pruning process where alive branches (members) have seen God working in their lives pruning them so they could be more fruitful. And, the church has seen many branches cut off – branches that were non-productive or non-responsive to His Spirit – all in His will and according to His plan. He knows what He is doing!

5> The church is at a place where they are totally dependant upon God to move. The leadership is broken and humble and they are waiting on God. They are also at a crossroads and so God needs to move.

6> Looking at the situation in the natural – the church is in financial trouble and has lost a substantial number of people over the past five years. Seeing it from a spiritual perspective – it is God’s church and He actually knows what He is doing and has moved mightily on this church to prepare her for what is soon to come.

7> All that is happening and has happened is training for a young man who is pastoring the church – as he will soon shift from pastoring to doing more and more work as a young apostle-in-training. This is why I am here. This is what I was born to do. He will eventually travel the world to plant churches and have a substantial network of churches under his authority. The training is painful but the results will be magnificent.

So, it was a very full day – and today will be no different. It is 8:00 a.m. here and I have 52 emails that came in yesterday that need my attention after I shower and before I am picked up for another day of talking – and some great times of prayer with the pastor, his wife, and some of the leadership.

More later…

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