A Conversation Yesterday / India to Canada

There are two young men in India ministering – now into their second week. Young men I admire and work with in The Upper Room in a small town (and I mean small) in Ohio, U.S.A. I have prophesied over them several times about their ministries and international doors to ministry and have been doing a little mentoring here and there as we keep in touch weekly by Facebook, texts, and emails. They connected yesterday as they had been praying for my Russian visa to come through…

Here is the conversation:

Ralph: “… I continue to pray for you and Jeremy”
Mark: “…thank you for your prayers.. we are praying for your visa! We are here because of your encouragement
Ralph: “Thanks for letting me know that. It all sounds so great as I have been following your progress and pictures on Facebook”
Mark: “Seriously we were listening to the prophetic words and talking about you on the way here. You really mean alot to us. You planted the seeds and pushed us to do what God wanted to do..”
Ralph: “Thanks for the encouragement – it means a lot… feedback does not happen often”
Mark: “You changed our lives dramatically for the good- you pushed us, and helped develop us.. and we still want you to push us…”
Jeremy (on Mark’s Facebook): “Hey Ralph, this is Jeremy, saw you were talking to Mark and wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve done. I totally would not have believed I could or would be doing anything like this if you hadn’t come along. I am serious when I say, there are very few men I have met that have so challenged me and provoked me like you have. Thank you for your faithfulness and consistency to the word of God and to what He has called you to”
Ralph: “Jeremy – good to hear from you. Thanks for the thanks. I appreciate you and your love for Jesus and His Great Commission. We have been praying for you and your ministry while there…. You young guys – Mark and yourself (and your brother) are a serious encouragement to me and are the reason I do what I do… Love you guys”

Just sharing so you are aware that neat things are taking place in nations around the world as young people act on the simple prophetic words they have received regardless of the difficulties and costs…

Please pray for Mark and Jeremy – and Jeremy’s twin, named Jacob, who is preaching and ministering “back home” doing more than regularly expected because of the absence of the other leaders… I am proud of these men and what they are doing. Obedience is the key…

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