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It has been raining all night. Now early morning here in Moscow and already the traffic noises tell me that the roads are jammed with cars as people leave early for work to “avoid the rush”. I remember my dad having to do the same years ago as I grew up in the Montreal area. Traffic here is far worse, far earlier in the day.

We are going to “play tourist” this morning and have a walking tour of Red Square and parts of the Kremlin. Not sure it will be a go yet as it is raining quite hard and we would get very wet. But it is still very early in the morning here so it may all change in the next few hours. Time will tell.

Today we meet with another pastor starting at 2:00 p.m. We are joined at 5:00 p.m. by his leadership team for a time of sharing, teaching and prophetic ministry. We hope to be back in our rooms by 11:00 p.m. tonight. Again, time will tell. Speaking of time – time for a morning shower as it is time (6:30 a.m.) to get ready for a busy day ahead and much ministry as people’s lives are touched and changed forever by the power of the living God and the supernatural gifts that He gave to His Church. I will finish this blog sometime today as time allows. Hopefully we will get connected to my main blog page as well – as that is why, only now are things being posted. This new laptop is having trouble connecting to the blogging system we use. We are now going to send them via emails to my office and my personal assistant will post them for me as they are not having issues with getting onto the administrative side of the blog programming – my own blog page’s administrative back door.

Right now the office of this “retreat center” is not open for the day yet and so our wireless connection is not functioning – so limited to only off-line activities so I can’t even send them to my home office.

End of the long day…

Well – it was cold and raining all day but we did see a number of tourist sites – including very old cathedrals (oppressive religion) and Red Square. We arrived on time for all meetings – and the evening home church meeting finally ended at 11:15 p.m. because our curfew here is 11:00 for the facilities where we live and we still had to drive here through the traffic which is bumper-to-bumper day and night. So, needless to say we broke the rules and arrived back later than we should have. Not good and we did apologize.

The home church was attended by about 20 people and after a time of sharing and fellowship we had barbequed ram for supper and some Armenian flat bread (interesting looking but can’t tell you how it tasted as it was made of wheat and thus not on my diet). Then we had a time of praise and worship and I was blessed to be allowed to teach a little bit. I shared on the need for the Church to be structured and built biblically and they were hungry and listened with both heart and head … then, of course they wanted us to prophesy. So, we did. It helped that there was another person who could interpret for us and so Miroslav could simply work with me as an apostle and prophesy right along with me and minister effective – not having to switch roles each time from translator to apostle and back again as we ministered to each individual. He has a very well developed prophetic gifting and is very accurate and effective as a prophetic minister and is growing tremendously in his gifting and calling. I am seriously proud of him.

Arrived back at our “residence” and spent an hour and a half talking about the day (debriefing) and working through our prophetic feelings and what we were sensing about the two churches we have worked with over the past two days. We decided that we need time with each of the pastors to speak into their lives and share with them things that we see about their leadership (or lack of it) and what we see about their church and their people and leaders. We have some common observations shared by both Miroslav and myself so we believe we have heard God and are amazed how similar what we have sensed and perceived really is. If they are open to our input, and I hope they are, we can help them in many major ways and help their churches to be healthier and more biblical. We will need to find time to schedule this type of sensitive meeting in an already very tight and busy schedule.

At the end of sharing and debriefing we then talked personally about his recent courses (Ralph Howe Ministries is financing his master’s degree) and then about areas he feels he needs to develop in personally to enable him to minister more effectively. I have begun to mentor him at his request and this is always the first step. We came up with a number of things he believes he needs to learn and skills he needs to grow in and I will be developing a book list and purchasing the books and other material to bring with me in November when we minister together again in Kazakhstan so that we can begin to work on these areas.

Bed at 1:30 a.m. and up at 7:00 a.m. to be ready for the new day and totally different ministry opportunities.

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