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There is a billboard in Oklahoma that reads, “Eternity is hell without Jesus.” Cute! True! And also only partial truth because really every place and any place is hell without Jesus. So, non-Christians today who are facing difficult times or have a hard life and say that they are living in hell are right! Because they do not have a personal relationship with Jesus – even if everything were going terrifically well, they would still be living in hell. Because, every place and any place is hell without Jesus – Hawaii is hell without Jesus. The Ritz Carlton is hell without Jesus. And a ‘church’ is hell without Jesus. There is no hope in this life or in this world apart from Christ.

If we, as disciples of Jesus, really believe that any and every place is hell without Jesus we would be telling others about Jesus on a regular basis – daily, in fact. And we all have ample opportunity to tell others about Him – gas stations, grocery stores, when out walking the dog, talking to a neighbour while shoveling snow, sitting in a coffee shop sharing a cup of coffee.

And, it is really not that difficult to start a conversation about Jesus with those you know. Simply ask if you can share something and then tell them about the relationship you have with Jesus. Don’t be pushy or preachy… just share about your best friend. If you don’t know the person then simply strike up a conversation and be friendly and watch for an opportunity to briefly share Jesus with them. It is really not difficult nor frightening if we really do have a personal relationship with Him.

Recently I was with a businessman late one evening ordering fries and a shake (it was a Sunday and I had not eaten since lunch and it was now 10:00p) and before the order was ready he had me praying with a man who had just picked up his order and who was on his way to drive throughout the night to another state. I placed an order and he was talking to a trucker about Jesus. I had been in the same MacDonald’s a few days previous to this (again late in the evening) and had started a conversation with the young man serving me – simply by asking if he was really an employee of the restaurant – he had the right uniform but no name tag. He quickly dragged it out of his pocket (now I knew his name) and told us that he had just arrived for his shift and was a bit late so didn’t stop to make sure everything was as it should be – conversation started…

Each and every conversation you have had today was an opportunity to share the love of God with someone. Every conversation you will have with someone during the rest of your day can also be an open door to share the love of our Heavenly Father with others if you will simply step out in faith, be friendly (and even funny) and begin a conversation with those you encounter in your daily activities. Remember, no matter how good they have it or how bad their situation may be – without Jesus every place is hell.

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