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God is calling His Church back to New Testament standards with sound apostolic and prophetic foundations. The result will be a Church that, in many ways, will be vastly different than the majority of churches today. This means we are entering a season of massive change as we see the Church differently and then become the Church instead of simply going to church.

As I read through the book of Acts and the letters of Paul, Peter, Jude, James, and John I see a church that is vastly different than the one described there. Let me try and explain. I see a Church that is Kingdom minded, focused on expansion and planting the Gospel in new virgin soil where the Gospel of the Kingdom has never been preached. I see Christians who are completely committed to following Jesus no matter what is involved or what cost needs to be paid. I see a young Church with passion for the one task that Jesus gave to them – the seek and save the lost going into all the world and making disciples. I see an empowered Church that was walking in supernatural power and thus able to come against the world, the flesh, and the devil and win.

For the Church to return to New Testament standards and continue to book of Acts writing the next chapters in the book of the Acts of the Holy Spirit we will need to see some changes. These will include many personal adjustments and some corporate ones as well.

God is calling us away from:

A spirit of complacency to a spirit of revival
From superficiality to depth
From lukewarmness to true heat
From mediocrity to spiritual excellence
From the pursuit of pleasure to a life of passion
From living in false peace with the world to a state of war under God’s law
From conforming to the patterns of this world to being transformed into the image of Christ
From trial and error to prophetic vision
From a settler mentality to a pilgrim mind-set
From a me-focus to a we-focus
From individual thinking to corporate thinking
From hiding one’s sin to living in the light
From proud boasting to true strength in weakness

Are we really ready for such change? Each one of us needs to answer that on a personal level after prayer and a good look at our life – physical and spiritual. Every local church also needs to ask is they are ready to make the changes necessary to come into the life-flow of the Spirit and into the plans and purpose of God for His people.

We simply cannot ignore the supernatural pattern, divine blueprint, and purpose of the Church of God. Today’s apostles and prophets are showing us the way the Church that Jesus is building is going to look and how it is going to express life to the world in which it is planted. The Church is not a feel-good club for mere socializing or a classroom to learn more information – it has a divine purpose. God is building His Church to fulfill His mission which will be done His way. Interested?

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