School of Apostles and Prophets

It is sad but the School for Apostles and Prophets has come to an end. Great week! Much accomplished for the Lord and His Kingdom. Powerful week for Jesus! And we have met with the youth of this local church and had a great three hours with them – growing in our relationship with the leaders and the youth themselves. Then a wonderful meal in a local restaurant and then a debriefing meeting looking at what we can change and how we can improve the School during the next one.

Tomorrow we minister in the local church we have rented all week for our School. A morning service – no idea yet what the Lord is leading me to share but it will be good as He is good! And then a fellowship lunch with the leaders of the Church – a great couple who are also a budding apostle-prophet team. And hopefully this will be followed by a time to rest and be alone (personal space and time is always in short supply on these trips as we work long hours and live with many people in one small apartment). Following this the day ends with a three hour leaders meeting at the same local church before packing to leave early the next morning. Poor roads, a rough road and a long ride to get to the capital city of Kiev where we have a 12 hour wait until we head to the airport.

During this time we will meet with three young apostles whom I am discipling and who have been with us all week in Kirovograd but all live in Kiev and relate to one another weekly. A time to eat, laugh, pray, and just hang out together (6 apostles together form a few hours of fellowship and eating together – wow!). And I am the spiritual father for five of them. God has really blessed me.

Then 2:00a Tuesday morning – 5:00p on Monday evening central Canada time – we head to the airport. A flight to Frankfurt, Germany, a wait for a few hours for the next flight, a 10 hour flight to Toronto, Ontario, a few hours to wait, and then a 3.5 hour flight home. Home by 2:30a Wednesday morning “body time” or 5:30p on Tuesday evening – 24 hours of straight travel.
Your prayers for this travel time, for protection, for the work that I need to be doing during the flights (2 teachings need to be written and some research for a paper that is soon due so it can be translated and sent for publication in the nation of Belarus). Thanks.

We have collected up pictures from everyone’s camera and even managed to take a few of everyone together at this first ever School of Apostles and Prophets sponsored by this ministry. We will post these pictures in a week on the main web site under the “Apostolic Trips” (formerly called ‘Mission Trips’) section. Please remember to have a look.

Financially – the students paid their way to the School and paid both registration fees as well as food and lodging costs. We kept everything at a minimum so that we did not price the School out of reach for many of the people in these nations. Remember, the economy in these nations – and earning power – is totally different than in North America. Even at that we had to subsidize the costs of the School to cover all expenses. As well, our travel costs were not covered and, of course, there is no salary or love offering for teaching these past two weeks.

So, there was not enough income to cover al lexpenses and this ministry helped to cover the difference. The ministry has had to cover the costs of travel for the trip ($1,900.00) as well. This is covered by me working and placing the money earned into the ministry account as I teach seminars and preach in various churches. We are thankful for the health I have that enables me to do this and for the opportunities to minister being offered to me in North America. They are literally supporting the work I am doing here in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

Thanks for the opportunities to minister.

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