I want to talk about “burning your bridges”

I have noticed something in Scripture recently – a truth I needed to be reminded of once again

I believe God brought it to my attention

Abraham was told by God to leave what he knew and was successful in and move out in faith to something new and yet unknown

The future – nothing wrong with the ‘past’ or the ‘present’… Just exchanging the good for the best

Never to go back …

Lot and his family had to leave Sodom and Gomorra and not look back Read more

Russian write-up for November 1st to 13th… UPDATE

In November, 2017 Ralph and Austin (his team member for this trip) will be heading to eastern Russia to minister in the cities of Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Tagil. Ralph has worked in this area a number of times in the last few years including a trip in January, 2017.

We have just added an extra week to this trip … It is now November 1st to the 20th. The additional time will be spent ministering in the city of Ivanovo. Ralph has ministered several times in this city a number of years ago and has just been invited to a local church where he ministered one Sunday morning … He will be holding a regional leadership school (Wednesday through Saturday) and ministering in a number of local churches on the Sunday.

He is looking forward to ministering in a number of local churches as well as in leaders meetings and youth events. God is moving mightily in Russia and He is raising up strong local churches who are moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and power.

His team member from Southern Manitoba, Canada…

My name is Austin Fehr. I am 18 years old and I live in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada. I currently work at Winkler Canvas repairing tarps, and have been there since June 2015.

I became a Christian at the age of 3, I attended church as long as I can remember. In March 2017 I went to a Friday night youth group called “Wildfire” in my city and then a Saturday night service at “Flood and Fire” – an amazing group of believers the following day. Since both groups welcome the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and have people exercising the gifts of the Spirit, I now attend both groups regularly. Since I started going to these two weekly meetings I have seen amazing growth in my relationship with God, as well as learning to move in the gifts of the Spirit.

In July 2016 Ralph prophesied over me. He told me that I would be a leader in the business world as well as in the church world, and that my ministry would take place in many nations in the world. Three months prior to that prophecy God gave me the idea of starting a clothing line, that for every product sold, would feed someone in a country in need for seven days. Ralph’s prophecy over me was a confirmation that I was on the right track in my life. I am excited that my online clothing line will be starting in May or June of 2017 and I believe this will be my career for many years.

I am very excited to be going to Russia to build relationships and express the love that God has given me for people. I am also excited that I am going to meet fellow believers in Russia and have opportunity to share our experiences of the Lord with each other. I know that when I come home I will have a much different perspective as to how people in other areas of the world experience God in their everyday lives.

Church Plant – Toronto

In the city of Toronto there are a large number of Russian speaking young people. Some are there to study at the many universities in the Greater Toronto Area. Others are there working as they become Canadian citizens.

A number of young people that Ralph has worked with in the nation of Kazakhstan (they speak Russian as their main language) are now living, studying, and working in Toronto. During Ralph’s last two visits to Kazakhstan (November, 2016 and June 2017) Ralph has been in discussions with these young people and the leaders of their church in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan regarding planting a new work for the Kingdom in GTA.

Several of the leaders are now living in Toronto and Ralph has agreed to give them apostolic oversight as well as work with them to establish a new work for young people whose mother tongue is Russian. The next planning and prayer session will be in September, 2017 and will involve Ralph travelling to the city of Toronto (where he lived for three years) to begin to lay the foundations for this new expression of the Kingdom.

Ohio, February, 2018

Ralph will, once again, be travelling to Ohio to work with The River Church. This amazing local church is located in Butler, Ohio – 50 minutes from the capital city of Columbus.

Ralph has been involved in the life of this church for 6 years and works with the lead apostle / pastor Bill Lewis who is part of an amazing eldership team of four who lead and direct the work of the Kingdom in the Butler – Bellville area of Ohio.

During his time in Ohio ( two to three times a year) he also meets with and mentors a number of young men who have travelled overseas with him as part of his apostolic team. And, he continues to build relationally with a number of fantastic believers and leaders who are wanting to move forward with God and accomplish great things for Jesus and the Kingdom.






























Monthly in Manitoba

Almost every month Ralph travels to the Winkler-Morden area of Southern Manitoba to work with house churches, traditional churches, leadership teams, youth, as well as mentoring a number of young people. He has been going there since the fall of 2015. The work he is doing there is seeing tremendous results and many are being trained, equipped, and released.

As a result of the growth of the work he is involved in in Southern Manitoba some new aspects of his ministry are being planned.

During each monthly visit starting in September Ralph will be meeting with all those who have received prophetic words pointing out their call to the five-fold ministry (apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd and teacher / APEST). This is will be a school that meets monthly for training and fellowship followed by on-line course work as those called into the APEST learn what it means to be called and what God is expecting of them.

Also, during each visit, there will be a leadership school for all those called into leadership within the area. The move of the Holy Spirit has been so powerful and has touched so many lives that we are currently short of good, trained and equipped leaders and leadership teams. So, Ralph will be holding a Saturday Leadership School to teach and equip current and future leaders how to be effective in their calling. Again, there will be some on-line work to accomplish between live meting dates.

The teaching sessions will be recorded during both of these training events and will be posted on Ralph’s new You Tube channel as well as broadcast while happening on Facebook Live.

Watch for further announcements in regard to both APEST and Leadership training sessions for the Morden – Winkler – Altona – Carmen area …

Recent News

Blogs being posted for November 23 to 27th, 2020

Monday the 23rd – “Doing the Things Jesus Did”
Tuesday the 24th – “The Book of Acts Today”
Wednesday the 25th – “God Moving In Our Lives”
Thursday the 26th – “Following the Spirit’s Leading”
Friday the 27th – “The Lesson From a Group of Monkeys”

You can find these blogs at ralphhoweministries.com where you can also sign up to have them automatically delivered every weekday to your email inbox.






“Sometimes I’m Afraid of Failure” 

Many believers are afraid of failure; they have a fear of failing. They worry about failing. The potential of failing keeps them from stepping out in faith and experiencing God working miracles, signs, and wonders through them. They are held captive by an inner fear of looking stupid and feeling inadequate were they to try something and not succeed. Fear keeps them from walking in faith and thus pleasing God.

Ralph will be looking at a number of truths that God sets forth regarding failure. They are:

The Failure Fact: You will fail
The Failure Fallacy Reframed: Failure is an event, never a person
Failure’s Function: God often accomplishes good results through failure
The Failure-Fighting Fellowship: With God you can overcome failure
Failure Facing Forward: Failure is often the price you pay for progress
Failure by Faith: You must take faith risks
The Unfailing Father: God never fails

An amazing teaching that will set you free to walk in faith and not fear failure.







“Sometimes I’m Disappointed With God.”

This is the eleventh teaching in the “Sometimes series” that he is currently teaching as he reveals some of the issues that he has struggled with in the past and even currently continues to work through.

In this teaching we will be looking at the amazing things God is doing in many nations in the world. Nations where believers are persecuted for their faith and often imprisoned. Places where people are led by the Spirit in daily events. Where Muslims come to know the Lord through dreams and visions. Locations where healing and miracles are common, daily occurrences. The amazing things that we read about in the Book of Acts seem to be every day occurrences in some areas of the world. A look at why this is so.

An exciting look at the Church around the world and here at home. With some amazing, life-changing true stories from a number of nations in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East.

And, we will be looking at why, at times, we are not seeing the supernatural here in our nation and in our personal walk with the Lord. Examining what we might change to encourage the Spirit of God to lead, guide, and direct in a more noticeable and active way in our daily lives.





“Sometimes I Feel Completely Inadequate.”

Often, as believers, we don’t feel like we measure up. It seems we are always falling short of what others expect of us – or what we think they expect of us. In our relationship with God we also tend to feel and believe that we simply don’t measure up and fall short of what He expects of us. It does not help that we see the amazing things people are accomplishing as we go through our Facebook news feed, relate to others on social media, and read our Bibles and see what the saints of old accomplished.

So we can, at times, feel inadequate. We feel like we don’t measure up. That we are never quite good enough.

We will be looking at what causes this feeling and what we can do about it. By examining a number of well known Bible characters we will discover that many men and women that God used mightily and loved unconditionally felt like they never “good enough” and didn’t think that they “measured up” to God’s standard.

Our feeling of never being “good enough” or “measuring up” often prevent us from making a full and complete commitment to the Lord as well as to others we relate to. This feeling can also prevent us from moving forward on our journey and discovering the fullness of who we are “in Christ.”




Sometimes I Don’t Enjoy Praying 

As a Christian leader I am expected to be a powerful prayer person. However, I am the first to admit that I have my seasons of struggling with prayer. Struggling to make it more meaningful. More effective. More interesting. And, yes, less repetitive and less boring.

Recently I have been taking a good hard look at my prayer life and have come to finally admit that “Sometimes I Don’t Enjoy Praying.”

In this teaching I will be looking at the top reasons why people either don’t pray or don’t like praying. And, with the help of three different Bible characters we will look at some simply foundational lessons we can apply to our life to become more effective in prayer. 

Too often our ‘prayer life’ is lacking ‘life!’ In this practical, down-to-earth teaching we will see what it takes to really enjoy and experience ‘life’ in your prayer times so that your time in His presence is dynamic and your prayer are effective. 




 “Sometimes the Fire Dies”

This teaching deals with what to do when life slowly puts out the fire (passion) for Jesus that you once experienced. Although we were certainly on fire for Jesus when we first met Him we can suddenly discover that our passion for Him is gone. It has slowly dissipated as we deal with situations and circumstances in daily life.

However, God wants us to be passionate in our relationship with Him. And, passionate about what He is passionate about. So, even though “Sometimes the Fire Dies” we need to learn how to ignite our love for Him and His Kingdom purposes once again.

We will be looking at practical, down-to-earth ways in which you can regain the passion you once experienced.., and more! In fact, these simple, biblical truths will take your passion for Jesus to a new height and rekindle your enthusiasm for the things of God and help you to live in a constant anticipation for what is next in your life as you experience a renewed passion in your heart and walk with Him daily.


“Sometimes I Don’t Feel Very Thankful”

As it is our national celebration of Thanksgiving 2020 it will be good to look at what God expects from us when it comes to being thankful and living with a sense of gratitude. With the current ‘entitlement mentality’ it seems we are slowly losing any sense of being truly thankful for what we have both as citizens of a great nation as well as followers of a loving and powerful God.
We will be looking at the healing of the ten lepers and the lessons in this amazing story for cultivating a grateful heart and approach to life. And we will see how being thankful increases our intimacy with the Lord as we follow Him.
Martin Luther (1483-1546) wrote: “See that you do not forget what you were before, lest you take for granted the grace and mercy you received from God and forget to express your gratitude each day.”

Sometimes I Don’t Walk By Faith

We are called, as believers and disciples of Jesus, to walk by faith. However, there are times in the life of a believer when we simply don’t do so. We become settled in our lifestyle and comfortable with what we believe. Thus, we don’t adventure beyond what we currently experience and know in search of more, better, different.

For a number of reasons Christians settle for what they are experiencing in life and no longer desire to move forward, risking what they have to discover more of what God has planned for them. They are no longer seeking more. Living their faith like settlers and not pioneers. And so many never fulfill their destiny in God failing to live life by faith. Ralph will be examining the three main reasons why this happens to most believers.

Believers also fail to walk by faith into their future because they are living somewhat carelessly and simply drift away from a living and dynamic faith. They live with little joy, a definite lack of hope, and often have a survival mentality.

This teaching: “Sometimes I Don’t Walk By Faith” will encourage you to realize there is much more beyond what you are currently experiencing as a follower of Jesus, a disciple, and a Christian. As well, it will encourage you to move forward in your journey of faith to embrace all that God has planned for you.



Sometimes I Don’t Enjoy Praying 

As a Christian leader I am expected to be a powerful prayer person. However, I am the first to admit that I have my seasons of struggling with prayer. Struggling to make it more meaningful. More effective. More interesting. And, yes, less repetitive and less boring.

Recently I have been taking a good hard look at my prayer life and have come to finally admit that “Sometimes I Don’t Enjoy Praying.”

In this teaching I will be looking at the top reasons why people either don’t pray or don’t like praying. And, with the help of three different Bible characters we will look at some simply foundational lessons we can apply to our life to become more effective in prayer.

Too often our ‘prayer life’ is lacking ‘life!’ In this practical, down-to-earth teaching we will see what it takes to really enjoy and experience ‘life’ in your prayer times so that your time in His presence is dynamic and your prayer are effective.




Sometimes I Feel Incredibly Lonely 
In spite of social media like Facebook and Instagram more and more people are struggling with loneliness.
Many people today will admit that they have no one that they could turn to in a time of emergency or need. People are not connecting on an intimate and deeply personal level and thus are lonely.
Many struggle with thoughts like:
  • No one understands me
  • Does anyone genuinely care about me?
  • If I died, would it really matter?
  • No one knows the real me … and even if they did, they probably wouldn’t like me
Seclusion Conclusion #1 – I have to perform for people
Seclusion Conclusion #2 – To survive in life, you can’t trust anyone
Seclusion Conclusion #3 – People don’t really care about me

Sometimes I Doubt God

We all know that, as Christians, we are to walk by faith. Sometimes this is quite easy because things are going as planned and life is good.

But then we come to a bend in the road and we end up questioning what is happening and why it is happening – especially to you.

We have a “bout with doubt” and can even reach the place where we wonder where God is and why is He not helping us. After all, we believe in Him. Deeper questions and doubts begin to arise; Is God real? If He is, is He good? Why is He not moving in this situation?

And so we live our life spiritually strong and confident some days; other days inwardly unsure and insecure.

This week Ralph will be taking a good look at this doubt factor as we walk through a world-wide epidemic with thousands dying and whole nations on shutdown. He will be discussing the distinction between believing in something and believing it; believing in God and believing God! We will be examining the Scriptures to discover the three types of faith on the spectrum between “believing in” and “believing.” And, we will look at what we must do to win our bout with doubt.


“Sometimes I Worry”

I admit it – at times I am a worrywart!

Webster’s Dictionary defines “worrywart” as a person who is inclined to worry unduly.

In regular life, when things function normally, all of us tend to worry a little bit about things. Finances, family members, the future; our job, our home, our upcoming holidays.

But when there is a worldwide pandemic and people are falling ill by the thousands on a daily basis and hundreds are dying in our nation with bigger numbers in other nations … worry tends to bump up a notch or two. We might not call it worry … we use words like ‘concern’ or ‘apprehension,’ ‘fear,’ ‘uncertainty’ and ‘uneasiness.’ But, scratch that and we are genuinely worried.

Christian are expected to have great faith in a great God – worrying isn’t suppose to be part of our lives, and we often feel ashamed when it is. I know that, at times, it makes me feel like an absolute spiritual failure.




We are introducing “Transformation Ministries” which has just begun ministering after months of preparation and prayer. This is another but separate outreach of Ralph Howe Ministries which is now entering its third decade of ministry.

As a result of a number of prophetic words received since October, 2015 Ralph, along with a number of young leaders from several nations, has formed this ministry to take the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation, to the next generation. This ministry will be transforming lives as they plant churches and open safe centers for those who are looking for freedom and a new way of life.

Transformation Ministries will be raising up and training young leaders who are willing to “go and make disciples of all nations.” This ministry will find, train, mentor, and release young men and women who serious about Jesus and are wanting to make a major difference in this world desiring to see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Transformation Ministries will also be focused on ministering to those between the ages of 16 and 36 as it plants house churches on university campuses in the nations where Ralph has already established his ministry. And, it will be planting house churches for young people in cities and towns where the next generation is not yet being impacted with the Gospel.

Transformation Ministries is focusing on seeing young lives totally and supernaturally transformed by the power of the Gospel and then equipped and released to touch the lives of other youth around the world.

As a registered charity in the nation of Canada we are reaching out to nations of the world with the powerful, transforming message of the Gospel.


Ralph Howe Ministries is run completely from donations. Expenses such as airplane travel, web design and management and visa documents come out of these givings. Your donations also help to support many young families as men and women all over the world obey God’s command to reach the nations with the gospel!

If you would like to give to Ralph Howe Ministries, simply click the Donate button on the right of the home screen.

Andrew in Tanzania

Thanks for anointed messages in your website. I am highly blessed!

Sheila Wachtel

After three career changes from running a telecommunications business to being a Network Security Engineer and is now at home working on the farm. She lives with her husband of 16 years on a 128 acre farm near Mt. Gilead, Ohio. They organically raise crops and a variety of animals. They share 5 adult children and 7 grandchildren. She has a BS in Management Information Systems from Ohio State University, an MS in Network Security from Capitol College and 25 hours towards aTheology degree

Having rededicated her life to Christ and experiencing a radical freedom from alcohol and cigarettes. She has been active for almost 26 years as a small group leader, a children’s teacher, youth teacher and nursery worker. Currently she helps lead a house church and teaches a children’s group for the Ohio House Church, an association of several house churches.

Sheila has been to Israel twice. The first trip was for a personal understanding of the Bible. The second trip was for prayer and worship at various locations and Houses of Prayer. She has also been to Malta twice. The first trip was a faith journey where the Lord connected her group of four with a Maltese woman who ran a House of Prayer with the purpose of helping and encourage her. The second trip to Malta was to help the Maltese woman who is newly widowed with her young daughter while she was involved as a rare Christian candidate in the election.

IS JESUS REALLY ENOUGH? [The Basics of Salvation]

I have noticed over the past decade or so that many well intentioned believers are no longer satisfied with ‘just Jesus’

Many Christians are adding to Jesus

Jesus and a personal guardian angel

Jesus and an anointing

Jesus and a new revelation

Jesus and ministry

Jesus and end times prophecy

Jesus and interpreting dreams / visions Read more

Manitoba – September, 2017

In September 2017 (20th to the 25th) Ralph will be in the Winkler-Morden area of Southern Manitoba ministering as he does almost monthly. This trip his team will be a married couple from rural Ohio – Ed and Sheila Wachtel (see pictures).

God is truly moving powerfully in this area of Canada where many young people are being empowered as they are baptized in the Holy Spirit and then equipped in the gifts of the Spirit. They are reaching out to other youth and lives are being changed and set free. A recent report indicates how powerful a move of the Spirit this has become…

I had a fantastic night last night at Wild fire! There were a bunch of youth that came from different cities and joined us. We were worshiping and listening to different people preach from 7-10 it was great. During worship someone had a demon manifestation and it went on for probably 30 minutes where the demon was screaming and yelling things through her. It was my first time ever experiencing a demon speak through a person before. The thing I thought was so cool is that it was like begging for attention by screaming and yelling, but just we started singing “No longer slaves, I am a child of God” and we were singing it super loud and the demon kept trying to be louder than us it was quite funny listening to how ridiculous the demon was. But sure wasn’t funny that the demon had to be in her though, eventually it came out which was awesome! And when we were singing that one song I was bawling my eyes out as I had the revelation of how much God loves us and how safe we are being with God, and how pure His love is. It was a huge contrast of good and evil when we were singing that during the demon manifestation. I was basically tearing up, out of joy, all evening yesterday after that.

God is doing amazing things in Southern Manitoba and Ralph Howe Ministries is supplying some oversight and direction to the move of the Spirit as well as teaching and ministering on a regular basis. Ralph is also mentoring a number of young people a few of whom have also begun to travel with him as team members.

Team members for this September trip…