Attractional Model or Apostolic Model

We have been looking at the way we build churches and the way Jesus builds His Church. There is a vast difference. If need be – go back to previous editions of Churchquake and have a look at what we have been discussing together these last few weeks. Today, let’s take a look at the traditional way we have almost always worked – seeing the lost saved and beginning a church with them. Read more

“if you love Jesus, do something”

As I have been ministering here in Ohio I have been thinking about Jesus, Christians, and the Church in the nation of Canada and the United States. My thoughts have run something like this…
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Pod? iPad? iPhone? Try iPray… God is listening!

In this age of instant communication and on-line connecting and relationships it is easy to forget to simply pray. We can become so caught up in connecting with others that we forget to connect with the Author of all life who sent His Son to die for us so that we would have a way to connect, communicate and build relationally. God has never phoned me on my iPhone, texted me, used instant message, or placed a comment on my Facebook page or Twitter account. Maybe He is just not into current technology – He still prefers us to speak with Him face-to-face as a man speaks with his friend (Exodus 33:11). So, let’s not forget “iTalk” as we enter a fresh new year. Read more

Hot or Cold?

We have been living with an Arctic Front settled over our area bring the temperatures to around the -40C for a week. As I am writing this they are forecasting that it will warm up a bit shortly but “warm up” is a relative term. So, -25C is “warm.” Not in my understanding. It is still cold and the older I get the less I like the cold. I have always enjoyed ‘hot’ over ‘cold.’ Read more

Welcome to Your Future

God is inviting you into your future. He has been there and is inviting you to go with Him into His perfect will and divine plan for your life. He is not keeping your destination a secret. He wants you to know what it is He is calling you to be and, as a result, what He is calling you to do for Him. He is inviting – not forcing you – to walk with Him into the greatest adventure you will ever know. Yes, you will need to change. Yes, you will find it challenging at times. Yes, it will require effort and even sacrifice. Yes, it will be difficult but challenging nonetheless. And, He will guarantee that, upon arriving, you will not have even one small regret and will be sincerely glad that you said yes to His plan and purpose. Read more

Good to be Home

It is always good to come home – and I arrived back from my latest trip on Monday evening (early Tuesday morning due to delays in flights). Still catching up on life as there is always a lot that I have missed while away. I am still in the process of catching up with things that have happened at home, in my family, as well as in the church. Because I travel as much as I do to fulfill God’s plan for my life I seem to always be in “catch-up” mode. Read more

God is Constantly Moving

I am in the middle of an apostolic trip into the state of Ohio in the United States of America. I am holding behind the scenes meetings with leaders every day, working in public services on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and building relationships with numerous leaders in three churches as well as renewing some relationships in the Village of Butler where I am living while here – staying with my mentor and his wife. Read more

We Need a New Wineskin

Most people in the church today want to see God’s power and walk in God’s presence. They want to see more life in the church and more of God in the services of worship held in the Church. They want to see God do something new and so they are praying a biblical prayer – asking God for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, revival, renewal, or whatever you may be calling it. Read more

Advancing the Kingdom of God

As you read this I will have just flown into the city of Astana, Kazakhstan and, after a very few hours of sleep (emphasis on few), I have been meeting with some pastors to discuss the next two weeks of ministry here in this large nation and to listen to their hearts. Read more

There is a fresh wind of the Spirit blowing

It is late one evening, actually early morning, and I have had a full day. It has been a good day with much accomplished – family, church, and ministry. And even some time just to think and pray and muse on the last few weeks of busy ministry in California and the upcoming apostolic trip into Kazakhstan. Much to be thankful for and much to pray about regarding the coming months between now and Christmas. Looking back and looking forward – much to be thankful for and excited about. Read more