Breakfast Meeting and Travel Day

Monday morning and just finished a debriefing meeting with the pastor and his wife. I am now enjoying a third cup of coffee sitting on the patio as the weather is great here. Then a bit of packing and heading to the airport – Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, California. Home by 10:00p local time tonight. I have a good book to finish and a second one to read so the time will be well used.

Yesterday was great. Ministered in two churches – 2 different teachings. And prophesied over both churches as well as some individuals in both services. So, in church from 10:00a to 5:30p as the two locations were simply minutes apart. Powerful day with the Holy Spirit touching many lives. The teachings were really appreciated and I received good feedback on both. The people here are so hungry for more and more of God. The second service would have gone on longer except there was a Mexican church that comes in after the Armenian service and so we had a deadline time-wise.

Last night after restaurant supper with the pastor and his wife and an elder and his wife we headed back to the pastor’s home for tea – and by midnight we had seen at least a dozen other people come to simply have tea and talk. I assured each one that there was not going to be any prophetic ministry and there wasn’t. I was simply wanting not to have to minister after such a powerful and long day. So, a late night as people did not leave until well into the night. But it was good and the people are always so gracious and appreciative.

I have two flights to get home. Burbank to Denver and then Denver to Regina. I have exactly 60 minutes between flights and it will be tight so I appreciate your prayers that everything goes well and connections are made. I am looking forward to being home for the night – Moose Jaw tomorrow and Oxbow on Wednesday… again, prayer appreciated.

Sunday in California

Sitting outside drinking coffee as I write this. It is early morning and everyone is still asleep. It was a long day yesterday for everyone. However, it is warm enough even this early that I found sleeping a little difficult so decided to get up and enjoy the weather. I head home tomorrow and I am certain the weather there is not near as beautiful as here.

Yesterday we held a prophetic seminar with almost 150 in attendance. It was very powerful and touched many hearts. However, it is always difficult to cover a subject like the prophetic in four 90 minute sessions especially when every word needs to be interpreted into Armenian. So, really simply skimmed the surface of the topic regretfully. And, of course, everyone was anxious to receive a prophetic word and so each session included some prophetic ministry – again limited due to time and having to do every prophetic word in two languages. Very similar to ministry overseas.

Had a good opportunity after the day to simply fellowship with the pastor and his wife – tremendous people of God and great, loving leaders for their people here. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant in another city and had a few hours just to unwind and review the day and even speak about some other concerns regarding ministry and churches. BY the time we arrived back home we simply said goodnight as we were all needing personal space and sleep.

Today I am preaching at the Four Square Gospel Armenian Church in Glendale at 10:00a and then at 2:00p I am at Revival Rains Church also in Glendale. Then we are done for the day – at least that is what the schedule for the day states. However, I am remaining seriously doubtful about an evening “off” and so want to be flexible.

The visit is over – tomorrow morning a time to debrief and go for a coffee in the downtown area and then head to the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank and begin the journey home. Tight connection in Denver so prayers appreciated.

Saturday – Later Start

Well, it is easy to tell that the ministry here has been on-going for a week and that every day has been busy and productive, not to mention every night ending after 1:00a. We are all tired. So, a slower start this morning as activity began at 8:00a instead of 6:00a. It was good to be quiet and rest a little longer than usual – especially as today there is an all day conference with four teaching sessions with prophetic ministry at all of them.

Yesterday was a day to visit with the pastor and his wife and to prepare for today. Last night we had a 3 hour service with tremendous worship, attendance of almost 200, a front row full of pastors who work here with Armenian people and travel to many nations to minister to their people – including into Vancouver, B.C., on a regular basis. Powerful men of God. After giving my testimony as asked for by the pastor I am working with – I prophesied over a number of people, mostly young. Then, after the service was dismissed, my interpreter who is also a well known pastor here asked me to pray over a number of couples who were seniors and working with the Armenian people. As well, one young couple. So, although the service was only three hours – the whole evening was much longer. However, it was all good and many people had their lives impacted by the Holy Spirit both through the testimony and the prophetic ministry.

Your prayers for today – a one day conference from 11:00 to 6:30 with four sessions and much ministry. There are about 150 people attending so it will be a busy day ministering and building relationships. Please pray, as well, for tomorrow. At the start of the week I had a 2:00p service to minister at. By Wednesday they added a service in another church so that is is now a 10:00a and 2:00p. Last night a pastor asked if I could come to their service as well so the day may now have three services in three churches… please pray. Thanks. You are a vital part of this ministry.

Monday – a quiet morning to debrief from the week and plan the next trip here and then three airports and a full day of flying and waiting…

Friday Morning Praise Report

It was a terrific night on Thursday – ministering to couples only at a combined service of Revival Rains Church and the Armenian Four Square Gospel Church. The service was 4 hours long and we could have gone longer but my interpreter had to go collect his child from the babysitter. So, because the older members don’t speak English we needed to stop. Some of the young people who do speak English migrated to the pastor’s home where I am also staying… and at 1:30 they left as some of them needed to get up at 3:00a to go to work. It was a very refreshing and encouraging night.

Today we are working on details for the service tonight which is the start of an all day school on prophecy tomorrow (Saturday) running from 11:00a to 6:00p with lunch provided. People have had to register to come and the response has been better than great. Jesus is so good. His people are so hungry. They are being fed God’s Word through the teaching of His Word and through the prophetic.

Tonight we have an open, public service with several hundred expected to attend. I have been asked to give my testimony and so will do as asked. Tomorrow, as I mentioned, a “school of prophecy” with a very limited time frame. I will need to decide today what content I will teach and in what order I will teach it. The time frame will really prevent me from doing more than touching the surface of all the vast amount of material I have and could teach on the subject. Your prayers for wisdom and guidance regarding my preparation would be greatly appreciated.

Please pray for the many pastors and their leaders who will be in attendance tomorrow. Pray that they will be blessed and encouraged. Pray that they will see the need for the prophetic in their local church. Pray that doors for future ministry to the Armenian churches here will open as a result of tomorrow day long meeting.

Sunday I will be ministering in the Armenian Four Square Gospel church in the morning and at Revival Rains Church in the afternoon. Pray for wisdom and for God’s power to be demonstrated during both services and meetings with pastors throughout the rest of the day.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated and very powerful.

Picture: Young people fellowshipping at 1:00a with Pastor Loris…

The Trip Is Half Over

Last night was amazing. I ended up being invited to a Four Square Gospel Church filled with Armenians and we had a great time with The Lord. The worship was good and the people were hungry for whatever The Lord had for them. The service started at 7:00p and due to a very long day I asked permission to end at 10:00p Up to last night every evening event has been 5 hours plus in length.

During the day yesterday I visited some seniors who are part of the prayer base for this work here in Glendale. This after a morning working with one of the youth leaders who had been prophesied over the night before. Then we drove through Los Angeles and saw Venus Beach having an opportunity to just walk and talk with the pastor personally for an hour. Then drove back to Glendale through the evening rush hour commute. Not sure why it is called a “rush hour” as we never got out of second gear. The trip allowed me to grab hold of a bigger context, ask lots of questions with just the pastor there, and sort through some of what I have been sensing since arriving. It was a very full day. Much talking and listening.

Today is unfolding differently than planned. I am writing this sitting outside drinking coffee on a patio with the sun up and it is going to be warm – but there is a cool breeze blowing still. The pastor is off working with some camera people getting things ready for the weekend. Then breakfast, another visit with an influential member of The Revival Rains Church, then some quiet time (or so I am told) and an evening back at the Four Square Church meeting with their young couples group. Another full day.

Still to come:
An interview on Friday with a 24/7 Christian cable television station which is owned by an Armenia. To be broadcast later I believe… also chatting about broadcasting my teachings on a regular basis – might mean buying a good video camera
Friday night – the start of a weekend conference on the prophetic running Friday night and all day Saturday – so much interest they are issuing tickets to who will be able to come
Sunday was to be one service at Revival Rains – and now we have added a service at the Four Square Church as well.
Monday… travel

Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Pray especially for the many, many young people who are attending these churches and events… they are deeply, deeply committed and hungry for more of God.

Picture: Prayer couple at lunch in their apartment

Cooler Weather – Spiritually Hot

Sitting outside and it is early morning as I write this. Hot coffee, birds singing, sun just up, and a cool breeze slightly blowing. Another gorgeous day in Southern California. This is day three of my week long trip here to Revival Rains Church – an Armenian Church in America.

This is certainly a young church. Lots of young men and women as well as young couples. There are some seniors who were the originals in this local church – the faithful prayer people who helped build the foundation that this vibrant congregation is now built upon. I had the honor of visiting with one of those senior couples yesterday in their home.

Last night was another five hours of teaching, equipping, training, and prophetic ministry. It was young people’s night in the pastor’s home. They all speak English and so nothing needed to be interpreted. We can move so much faster when not having to work in two languages. I did pause occasionally to let the non-existent interpreter give the Armenian equivalent of my English. It was funny. Many of the young people “practiced prophesying.” and I was able to teach as I went and so they all received some tremendous insights into how to flow supernaturally and move in the prophetic anointing. Overall, a great night and a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Today, a breakfast appointment, some time to do some thinking and praying, a trip out to the ocean and a sea food working lunch, and tonight Pastor Loris will take me to Pastor John’s church (I met him and fellowshipped with him for many hours my first afternoon here) to work with him during their evening prayer meeting. Another 6+ hour night when all is said and done.

Please be praying for these churches that I am working with and all of the people that the Holy Spirit is touching. Each day unfolds as it goes alone with only one major event planned. Of course, the day is completely full with more demands for my time than there is time to give. Armenians are very spontaneous – I am not, by basic nature. So pray that I can remain flexible and “go with the flow.”

Picture: Last night’s meeting….

Second Day in Glendale

Monday was a full day. Arrived at the Regina airport at 5:00a after three hours of sleep and a hectic Sunday. God’s grace and strength were sufficient to see me through the day as there were two flights of 2.5 hours each with a change of planes in Denver, Colorado. Arrived safely at the Burbank Bob Hope Airport and was picked up shortly afterwards by the host pastor and another Armenian brother who spent the day with us.

We shared fellowship from 2:00p to 10:00p and then went over to the prayer meeting. There were 40+ people at the prayer meeting and after worship and some testimonies I was asked to teach and minister. I introduced myself, taught on the prophetic, and then trained several young people to prophesy as we ministered, I believer, 8 people. Teaching and equipping others is important as that is part of my job description. So, we don’t move as fast as we would if I were simply doing the ministry. I just don’t ever want to be in such a hurry that I don’t have time to equip others for the work of the ministry.
The last three I simply called out and prophesied over them as it was well into the 2:00a hour and I wanted to go rest after a very long, but productive and good, day.

Today I have already had a meeting with the pastor as we drove through the city in the early morning to buy some fresh bread for breakfast. There are 500,000 Armenians in Glendale, California and so fresh bread is available everywhere – it is a staple of the diet. Then breakfast with my host and his wife and some quiet … at 11:30 a local time a home visit to a leadership couple. Tonight a meeting of young couples -married or engaged to be married. Again, to prophesy and to come to know that church people better so as to effectively minister as the week goes on. Prophecy will certainly be a part of the evening.

Please pray for the people of Revival Rains Church, the leaders and the people. Please pray that I would have the mind of God for the day and every activity that I become involved in – as well as the many hours of sharing that will be happening as I build relationally with the pastor. Please pray for strength and a time of refreshing in the presence of The Lord- I feel tired today.

Thank you for your prayers.

Early Morning Start

Arrived home from Sunday’s work at 11:00p and did a few last minute things before heading for some sleep. Three hours later up and at it for a full day of traveling and then an evening of ministering. Arrived at the Regina Airport at 4:55a and am now about to board my 6:52a flight to Denver and on the Burbank, California. I arrive just before 3:00p local time and so will have a few hours to settle in and get ready for the first night of 7 during my first visit to Revival Rains Church in the city of Glendale, California. Hopefully a little sleep before the service to be a bit more refreshed than I feel now. Monday mornings are always a bit of a push simply because of the output on Sundays.

Please pray that all connections are made and that I arrive on time. Please pray for this ministry to a church I will be just getting to know and will need to familiarize myself with things – elders, structure, location, spiritual forces…

Pray that God’s will be done and that each and every person involved will be blessed and that God will be glorified and honoured in all that we do. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Preparation For Next Week

I will be ministering Monday through Sunday next week in the city of Glendale, California. This is a city known as “Little Armenia” because of the number of wonderful Armenians who live there. I am going to be working with pastor Loris Esmaelian whom I met while in Yerevan, Armenia in April. As a result of this meeting and a prophetic word over his life he has graciously extended an offer to come and minister to the Armenian people that he pastors in Glendale, California. This is, as I mentioned yesterday, my first visit to this city and this local church.

The topic is “Equipping a supernatural church” and I will be training and equipping his people to understand the power of God, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and how to minister to others supernaturally. Of course, as always, I will be speaking about evangelizing as well. So, an opportunity to teach and then call people up to work with me and receive hands-on, practical training on how to flow in the nine gifts of the Spirit. Of course, I am hoping there are a lot of young people because I love to teach and train those who are between 16 and 36 years of age. They are usually so hungry for more of God and all that He has planned for their lives.

Please pray for all those who will be attending the various services and training events being held. Pray that their hearts would be open to all that the Holy Spirit wants to say and do. pray that they will enter in to the flow of the Spirit and learn how to move in supernatural power. Pray that they will receive the challenge that God is going to issue to go into their world and share Jesus. Pray that every day and every meeting will be guided and directed by the Spirit and that all those in leadership will sense the direction of the Spirit for each event. Pray that this Armenian church will be seriously blessed.

Remember, our prayers are very important to the success of all ministry trips and the apostolic work God has called this ministry to undertake.

Armenians in California

Monday morning I leave for Glendale, California, a city close to Los Angeles. I will be ministering there for a week at Revival Rains Church. This is my first visit to this local church and I am sensing that God has some tremendous things planned for the people who call this church their spiritual home. Please be in prayer for this trip, flight connections, daily services, people I will meet, and that God will move powerfully through the prophetic, the teaching and equipping of those in attendance, and any one-on-one times with people during my time there.

As a ministry I don’t like to be a “guest preacher.” I prefer to be building a long-term relationship with the churches and leaders that I meet and work with. This is true in this situation as well. I have already spoken to the leader there and we have begun to build relationally and so, I believe, this will be the first of many visits to this local church. Pray that I will be seen as an apostle by the people and not just ‘another pulpit guest.’ Pray that God will give me the wisdom I need to speak into this local church even on this my first visit.

This church is pastored by a man that I prophesied over in Yerevan, Armenia while he was there on a holiday and I was there ministering in a local church. The majority of the people attending are national Armenians who are in the United States to begin a new life and earn a decent living. They, of course, also send money back to their relatives and family members who are still in Armenia.

I leave Monday morning at 4:30 for the airport… this after an 18 hour Sunday and just three hours sleep. Please pray for a serious “time of refreshing” so that I arrive mid-afternoon ready to minister and work. Your prayers, as always, are appreciated.