Fresh Insights Into Apostles – Part Thirty-Eight

Yesterday we saw that apostolic ministry will touch cities as those involved in the ministry plant powerful churches that have the city as part of their vision for ministry. I hinted that because of their influence in the city that they will also impact the surrounding area as well. Let’s look a little further into the regional aspect of apostolic ministry. And the word of the Lord was spreading throughout the whole region. Acts 13:49

Not only will apostles touch cities, but they will influence regions. “Governing churches” in major cities will influence and affect entire regions. There are regional anointings that will cause apostles to be a voice in a particular geographical area. Many of the local churches being pastored or lead by apostles have heard prophetic words spoken over them that they are going to be “regional churches” and “resource centers.” Often they are called “Antioch Churches” as they will function much like the original church in the Book of Acts that heard the voice of the Spirit and sent Paul and Barnabus out to plant churches in the surrounding regions (Acts 13).

The Moffat translation says, the word “went far and wide over the whole country.”

Apostolic jurisdictions will cover certain regions. These jurisdictions are the spheres of authority given to certain apostles. There can be more than one apostle in a region. There can be more than one apostle in a city. The Lord is raising up many apostles to release His power in this hour. Whole regions will be touched by apostolic ministry.

The ministry of apostles is never limited to the local home church where they are established and are sent out from. Apostles also pioneer and trailblaze into new regions. Paul’s desire was “…so that we may preach the gospel in lands beyond you, without boasting of work already done in another’s area of influence” (2 Corinthians 10:16).