We all live busy lives. The pace of life seems to be constantly increasing in spite of all the “time shaving” devices that have come along and all the wonderful electronic ways we now have of staying in touch with one another. As I look to the future I believe things will continue to move quickly and even speed up and most will find themselves living a “hectic” life if they don’t do so already.

In my own personal life I know that things have not slowed down in spite of reaching an age when many retire and slow down permanently – or, at least, switch gears and become busy with different things that when in the work world. I find myself pressed for time, always behind, and constantly facing one deadline after another. I suspect I am no different than many of you reading this blog.

Here is a decision that I have made. I have decided to no longer work 24/7… In fact, I have decided to no longer function full tilt 24/7. Like most people, if I get a day off (happens infrequently) it gets absorbed in ‘catching up’ with whatever is yelling the loudest. So, the day off is a day lost to the tyranny of the urgent and not a day of rest or a day in which I can think and assimilate everything that has been happening so that I have inner peace and a stable inner core. It is simply not a biblical “day of rest” or a Sabbath.

So, I have recognized that I live in sin because one of the Ten Commandments commands that we take a Sabbath. Even God worked 6 days straight at the time of creation and on the seventh day He rested. Who do I think I am that I can work harder and faster than my Creator. And, what makes me think that I can break a pattern that God has spoken about and said “It is good” and not suffer any consequences. So, I have repented, given a lot of thought to my life-style, and am making numerous changes – some of them major ones.

I have determined that I will no longer live 24/7 but that I am going back to God’s original plan and will work 24/6 and take the day of rest that He so wisely prescribed. No mobile phone, no text messages, no email, no Goggle, no appointments, no catching up on work that is piling up. Just a Sabbath where my body, soul and spirit can heal, re-connect with the Lord, and regain the strength and inner peace to once agin face the world and all of the challenges of life for the next six days.

Sometimes we move so quickly that we need a day set apart to rest and let our soul catch up with us. I have decided that the time has come to do just that.

Travel Day – Home I Come

I am flying today – well, the planes do the flying and I just sit and read and write. I go from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Istanbul, Turkey, to Toronto and then in the my home city of Regina. 30 hours in transit. And with the 12 hours time difference between Central Asia and my part of Canada there will be a few days of jet lag.

Thinking back over the weeks I have been in Central Asia there are many remarkable things that have happened and that I experienced. But one I would like to share with you. It was last Saturday and the second service of three at a local church in Almaty pastured by a business man and business owner. In the midst of worship God’s tangible presence could be sensed and felt. It was so powerful worship stopped, the team member who was leading in the teaching time stopped teaching and just let the Spirit move. It was amazing and many years since I had experienced this manifest presence of the living God. As we sat in God’s presence I realized that’s the constant pain I have lived with 24/7 since late May was no longer there. So, I bent my knee and stood on my leg and foot to see if it was really healed and could be walked on without pain, And realized that The Lord had sovereignty healed me once again.

It has now been 5 days and the pain is definitely gone… I was healed as God’s Spirit moved through the worshipping assembly. Powerful. God is so good and I am so thankful.

Thanks for praying for this travel day and the 30 hours of travel… I look forward to being home and seeing my people on Sunday in Regina and Oxbow.

Third Day – Leadership School

(Korean businessman with businesses in Kazakhstan and living in New Jersey with offices in New York City. Opening doors for Ralph to come and work with second generation Korean young people so they can personally experience God)

Another team member is teaching and so I am writing this for posting on Wednesday morning. Normally I write them as close to the time of them being published as I can… By this time I know that I will be so busy on the last full day of ministry on this trip that there will no time left over the write a blog. So, squeezing in some writing time because I have heard the teaching that is on-going right now. Heard it many times. You see, on the last day not only is there a full day of ministry there are also planning meetings about future visits, packing everything up so I am ready for a 5:30a arrival at the airport leaving where I am staying at 4:30a. There are always so many last minute details it is amazing that a we actually accomplish them all…

It has been an amazing 7 days of ministry in Kazakhstan. Several new places have opened their doors to my ministry and this is always exciting. I have become reacquainted with some for whom I have ministered in the past. And, some I have yet to meet have spoken to the pastors I relate to that next time they would like to host this ministry. God is so good…

This has been one of the longest trips that this ministry has been involved in. Extra travel days to get here and to move between countries has caused the trip to be a bit longer but there have also been a number of extra ministry days as well. So, it has been good but the team is really tired and wanting to head home to our many nations. Head home and get a few days rest.

If you have been following this trip day-by-day and praying – thank you! If you would like to see more pictures – in a few days visit our main web site and you will find there a good chunk of the pictures that we taken during these trips overseas.

My next trip is a 6 day trip to Eastern Canada in early December. I am going to be sharing the Gospel, prophesying and healing the sick. Then in January I am in Ohio ministering for 13 days and then near the end of the month I have four days in Dallas, Texas. February I am home ministering in Saskatchewan as the trip to Russia did not come together on time. In March I am still planning to be involved in an international conference being held inTurkey, God willing. April I will be in the nation of Armenia as well as ministering in the cities of Tula and Moscow in Russia in 3 churches (almost nailed down the details).

Again, thanks for praying before the trips begin, during the trips, and afterwards for strength and wisdom… Much appreciated.

Tuesday – Leadership School – 2nd Day

(Picture: Young man called out on Saturday to be an apostle in a local church in Almaty, Kazakhstan)

I am in the second day of the Leadership School being held here in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We have approximately 50 leaders – others wanted to come but they limit registration to the size of the rooms and the staff to feed those who are in attendance. The days are broken into five segments of approximately 2 hours each and the full day with meals and coffee breaks during which work continues, of course, is about 14 hours. The first two sessions are teaching, the third I have designated as questions and answers, and then there are two more teachings after that. The ministry of prophesy happens whenever the Lord gives words as well as when time allows. There are always new people at these schools so we always have people to prophesy we have not met before or ministered to before.

Please remember the team in prayer – it is day 17 and we are all somewhat tired. Of course, that means we are moving slower and can get on each other’s nerves sooner than later. Please pray for good nights of sleep, refreshing between sessions (we alternate teachers every session) and more of God’s presence and power. The ministry in these last three days is to hurting and wounded pastors and leaders and there are so many needs and so many stories to listen to. Begin as well to pray for safe travel and especially good weather as our two days of travel approaches (Thursday which we live twice) that all flights will be on time and all connections are made. As well, that I manage the work that I need to be doing during the many hours in the air and during airport times. Your racers are greatly appreciated.

Already this ministry has been asked to come back to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and work with some new churches and return to several that were ministered to this time. Some major opportunities are opening up and will be scheduled in the near future. As well, I have already begun corresponding with several new contacts about building long-term relationships and continuing to help them to build their churches and ministries. One man I met in Almaty is from Korea and is a businessman who now lives in New York / New Jersey area. He mentioned that he would like to invite me to speak with the second generation Korean Christians as these young people have never experienced God for themselves and would be encouraged by both my testimony and my prophetic ministry. I am waiting to hear from him now that he has returned home and will be seeking to his pastor. So one trip here can lead to many other invites as pastors and leaders spread the news about the teachings, the power of God, and the prophetic.
Please be in prayer…

I want you to know how much I really appreciate your standing with this ministry in prayer. Your prayers are precious to God, to this ministry, and to me personally. Thanks so much.

The School Begins – Monday

(Picture of part of a crowd of 125 in attendance at three Saturday services … A wonderful church of former Muslims pastored by a business executive originally from India.)

The School for Leaders has begin here in Kazakhstan. This will be the last event of this 19 day thrip. The school runs from Monday to Wednesday and then early Thursday morning I will head home flying Almaty, Kazakhstan to Istanbul, Turkey, to Toronto, Ontario, and then into Regina. I will be in motion for 30 hours because I will be living the same 12 hours twice as I fly into the sunrise for a day….

The School is always a highlight of the trips for me. The School allows me to teach new material that I have not taught before. In many churches I simply teach the same teachings month after month. I never tire of them because they are God’s Word and they are anointed teachings and are really blessing and helping people. But, it is good to move into new territory and teach new material because that is always exciting for those of us who teach on a regular basis… It is always our hope that we will have opportunity to teach it a second time and a third time as then we can rewrite, improve, add and subtract from it and thus make it better as a result of having already taught it.
So, I am looking forward to “flying” some new material and getting feedback from the pastors and leaders at the School. It is always a challenge teaching the School as the leaders have tremendous questions and so those who teach can be and often are seriously challenged by the questions we are asked.

Of course, every session we pray for the sick and prophesy over those in attendance. Our hope is always that by the end of the School – three days, five sessions a day – everyone who needs a prophetic word will have received one.

Please pray for the leaders and pastors in attendance (it is a live-in school, sleeping on mats on the floor and sharing life and meals together for three days and nights). Pray that every one in attendance will be healed of the wounds of ministry and refreshed and refilled by the presence of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for praying.

Please also pray about my attending the Central Asia Consultation being held (by invitation only) in Turkey in early March, 2013. I believe The Lord is leading me to attend – I was invited last year and could not attend – and I am looking for financial and prayer support for this ‘proposed’ trip. Thanks!

Sunday in Kazakhstan

(Picture is of the people in a rehab centre where I ministered on Friday in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan)

I am writing this on Saturday afternoon – middle of the night in North America. I am in the second of three services for today. 100+ in attendance at a powerful church in Almaty, Kazakhstan pastured by a man from India who owns a company that works in the oil business here and in 6 other nations of the Former Soviet Union. A team member is teaching right now. I taught the morning session and he is doing this session and then I will teach the third session. Each session includes worship (I have a video of some of it – powerfully anointed). In fact, I stopped writing this as they sang, in Russian, “Return to the Heart of Worship” with the line ‘It’s all about you Jesus’ and it most certainly is. I have been overwhelmed by the presence of God in the services here today. I don’t even know the name of the church but God certainly knows the location and is enjoying being with His people.

This is my first time in this church and I certainly hope not the last. Last week alone they saw 25 people born again, the majority of them being Muslims. They have many facilities throughout the city, several schools, have a summer similar for pastors, as well as have a plan to open a licensed Bible School and Seminary that can openly train believers for ministry. Having heard some of what The Lord has done for them and the way they are finding favour with man I have no doubt that their latest dream will also come to pass. The people here are hungry for God, for all of God, and nothing but God. This makes teaching them easy and a real joy for those of us called to teach. And the prophetic gift is flowing very well and it is seriously easy to minister with to people here.

So, a real joy to minister and a real refreshing time for me in the presence of the Lord. Although I am working I am receiving as much as I am giving and then some. I will leave after the third service blessed and filled.

After the services I am meeting with a pastor and his wife who are not pastor inn right now and have asked me to meet with them. I know them well and have ministered to them on almost every visit I make to Kazakhstan.

As you read this – I will already be finished the first two services in the Village of Arna where I have ministered numerous times. The church building will be full to overflowing and the services will be filled with power. It is a great church in the middle of almost nowhere. We are hoping for an early night as we move from where we have been staying for three nights to another location where we will be holding the school we always hold when in this nation and living with those in attendance. So, with the move and the settling in we are wanting an early night of ministry so we have time to make the move and settle in and get a decent night’s sleep before an early start on Monday.

Please pray for the School of Leadership – three days with 50+ leaders from many local churches. This time I have chosen Leadership for a Supernatural Church” as a topic for the School. My team is still working on the flow of the material and what we want each day to accomplish. Pray for protection from authorities ( we are out of the city and behind a locked fence system) and everyone coming has been cleared so that we are safe from the authorities hopefully.

Thanks for praying – you have a very important part in this ministry and I am very appreciative of your support financial and spiritual. Thank you for standing with me in all the Lord is doing here in Kazakhstan.

Saturday in Kazakhstan

Saturday and the trip is quickly coming to a close as I head home on Thursday morning, afternoon and evening and on Thursday morning, afternoon and evening – it is 30 hours between here and there and because of the time difference you end up arriving 6 or 8 hours after you leave here – Having flown the same twelve hours twice. Of course, you don’t know if it is day or night and you are really tired.

The picture is of a man (Jenya) whom I mentor here in Kazakhstan via email. He is a major leader in a rehab center here in the city of Almaty , married with a year old son. The young man being prophesied over is in the rehab program. God really touched his life and the lives of many of the young addicts who are working towards freedom and now have hope in life. I mentor many young men in numerous nations and as most of it is done by Skype and email it is always good to see them once or twice a year and be able to move them forward in their ministry while with them briefly.

Since arriving on Thursday night it has been really busy. It did not help that we were tired as it was a long drive and the border crossing was a zoo and required some soom (Kyrgyzstan money) to get us through. We stood in the cold for over an hour negotiating the crossing… But it has been steady services since – 3 to 5 a day depending on the ministry I was working with. I have been in several rehab centers and several churches and always very well received. These people are hungry for more of God and all that He has to give them. It is necessary to put limits on what I am willing to do or else I would be on my feet 24/7.

In many places where I have been before they have been sharing testimonies of what happened after they received a prophetic word on a previous visit. I constantly tell them to write the testimony down and send it along with a picture so everyone who supports this ministry and prays for these trips can be blessed. They have promised to do so – time will tell. But the testimonies have been terrific and very encouraging to hear. Encouraging because often I wonder if I am having a lasting impact for the Kingdom. And, to hear what happened in the lives of these people I have prophesied over makes every sacrifice worthwhile.

Thanks for praying for this apostolic ministry and specifically for this trip. Great things are happening. Please pray for strength and refreshing in the presence of the Lord as the team (including me) are beginning to show signs of wear and tear … We are tired. Thanks for being a vital part of this wonderful 19 day trip to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Friday in Kazakhstan

It is Friday and it is my first full day in Kazakhstan. It is a familiar setting as I am here twice a year and this is either my 6th or 7th visit and it is good to see old friends and be making new ones. Already while in Kyrgyzstan I received a number of emails and Facebook connections asking to meet with me while here in this nation. Of course, that is up to the pastors that I am here working for but definitely a possibility. I always like meeting with young men whom God is working with and who have a call upon their life to eventually minister full-time.

The schedule is full – services usually twice a day and appointments in-between as many pastors want to sit and talk through issues they are having in their churches or they have questions they are looking for answers to. It is always exciting to be able to be used by the Lord and see God’s leaders in this part of the nation touched in a fresh way by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Included in my seven days here is a three day leaders school that is always well attended. This year the topic is “Leadership for the Supernatural Church.” Still sorting through all the possible material that could be taught and, of course, listening intently to all those I am talking with to see where things are at and what has changed since my last visit to this nation. In this way I can teach right to the heart of the issues they are facing and give to them practical help and advice and not just theory. Much is designed and put together on the go – late at night, early in the morning, or during the time another team member is teaching. Thank God for computers and hard drives where so much raw material can be stored.

Please pray for the team and the pastors and people we will be ministering to. This is a church under severe persecution as the government attempts to level more controls upon them. They (and we) could rally use a powerful prayer base over the next seven days. Thanks for joining me in this project and apostolic trip.

Picture is of several men (evangelists) working with Muslims in Russia and Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan to Kazakhstan – Thursday, a Travel day and…

Today is a travel day as I move from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is about a 4 hour drive depending on the weather in the mountains and the officials at the border. I have my visitor visa (a cost of $250.00+) that allows me to enter the country and stay the week. Normally I fly in to Kazakhstan and there is no problem clearing customs and immigration. But this time I am driving into Kazakhstan and from a nation with which there is often tension. Please pray!

I will arrive mid-afternoon in time to unpack, change clothes, eat a quick meal and then head to an evening service somewhere in or around the city of Almaty. This is a familiar area of the world for me and it is, in many ways, always a pleasure to return to Almaty. God has done good things here every time I have been honored to come and teach. I am expecting great things this time as well.

The schedule is full. I will be in a number of local churches ministering as well as teaching along with my Canadian team member in a three day Leaders School which is held every time I visit the nation. Of course, there are always individual meetings with local leaders, team meetings to determine who is teaching what next, and meetings with those who organize and invite my ministry to come into the nation. Not to mention the many things that simply pop up and require changing the schedule and great flexibility.

On these trips it is often difficult to find adequate time to read one’s Bible and have some personal time in prayer and with the Lord. There is also a lack of personal space as often two or three can share a room. As well, all meals end up being work in one form or another as plans are discussed, debriefing takes place, questions are being asked by those you are eating with and so on. All it all, it really leaves team members, at times, feeling ‘pushed.’ So, please pray for all those involved on the team as this feeling does become stronger as the trip nears an end…

I appreciate your prayer support and your interest in the work I am doing here in Central Asia. May God bless you mightily for your part in what is happening here.

The picture: My interpreter in Kyrgyzstan for Sunday and Monday… A young married lady who will be moving to Russia in the spring.

Last day In Kyrgyzstan

This is my last day in the nation of Kyrgyzstan and thus the close of my first visit to this great nation. Again the day involves meetings and meals with leaders and with team members and then a public service held in the local church’s facilities. There will be a hundred or more in attendance and we are believing for miracles, signs and wonders to follow the preaching of His Word. I have not decided yet who will be ministering the Word.

Tomorrow morning we start a 4 hour car ride – weather permitting – into the nation of Kazakhstan ending up in the city of Almaty. I will be there from Thursday through to the following Wednesday night…7 days of ministry. This is my 6th or 7th visit to this nation and it will be good to see old friends again and to make new ones. I will be leading a three day leaders school at the end of my stay – the first few days will be individual services in the daytime and evenings in local church and rehab centres in and around Almaty. There are two or three new ministries that have opened their doors to my ministry this time around. It will be good to have the opportunity to influence several new groups of God’s people.

Please pray for today’s meetings, tonight’s service, the travel we will do tomorrow and the first evening service in Kazakhstan I will minister in on Thursday evening. I appreciate your interest in this apostolic trip and thank you for praying and supporting the work of the Lord here in Central Asia.

End note: I have the opportunity to attend the Central Asia Consultation being held in March, 2013. This consultation is by invitation only and I have again been invited. Last year I was unable to attend due to lack of finances. I am hoping to attend this coming consultation to connect with hundreds of pastors and leaders from countries in Central Asia as they come together to pray and study and to hear about the condition of the Church in this region of the world and the efforts being made to evangelize the lost. If you feel led to support this trip financially you can do so by going to the main web page of the ministry and donate through the Pay Pal link there. Your prayers regarding this consultation would also be appreciated.