We have been looking at the qualities of those who will move with the apostolic revolution that is currently beginning in nations around the world. Those who will receive and flow in what the Lord is beginning to do in His Church (and eventually through His Church) are a special breed of people who walk by faith and are willing to risk so as to obtain what they have seen in their spirit but have yet to touch in their daily lives. They are pioneers and they are willing to walk by faith and move forward, like Abraham, into the unknown simply because they know this is what God would have them do regardless of the cost.

Apostolic people are hungry for more of God; dissatisfied with what they have and what they have experienced. They are aware that they have only touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and want to fully embrace Jesus and be embraced by Jesus. They understand that being born again means having died to self and having the self-will crucified with Christ. They want nothing by God’s will to be done – His plan and purpose for their life fulfilled.

They have this inner “divine discontent” – a gift from God which causes them to be hungry for more and never satisfied with what they have experienced to date. They are working outside the box and have, in fact, blown up the box. After all, you cannot put God’s Spirit – the wind – in a box as He blows where and when He wants to, going where He wants to…and all we can do is raise the sails and catch the wind letting Him take us wherever He wants us to go.

When someone receives the new wine and walks in it they will certainly face a great deal of persecution and criticism. This opposition will come from religious people and organizations. Today, there are many traditions and teachings in the church that were created by man. Old mentalities and methods exist that seriously hinder the arrival and flow of the new wine of the Spirit. Churches are spiritually dead and full of man-made programs. They operate without the power of God because of these “old wine” traditions. Many will not welcome the new wine and will actually speak against it. Historically the last move of the Spirit is usually the leader in the persecution of the newest and current move of the Spirit. From personal experience I can attest that this is still true today in this move.

So, persecution becomes a daily reality in the life of those who are flowing with the new wine and what the Holy Spirit is doing today – the raising up of apostles and an apostolic people.

Apostles Are Key to the Revolution

The new wine that is coming and in some areas of the world is already flowing. This new wine comes with the ministry of the apostles. They are, in many ways, the ones carrying the new wine. And, they are most certainly the ones who know what the new wine skin must look like to be able to contain and release the work of the Holy Spirit today. The apostles are foundational (Ephesians 2:20) to the church becoming apostolic and seeing the new wine flow out into the world bringing the lost into the Kingdom and into the Church in great numbers.

God is raising a new generation of men through whom He is restoring the ministry of the apostle. These men are sent by Him; they have a task and a special calling and thus a powerful anointing. They move with a specific authority and a very definite purpose that cause the flow of the new wine resulting in a radical reformation (revolution) in the spiritual realm that will translate into major changes in the Kingdom and, most certainly, in the Church. These men have a mentality of war and the heart of a father. As a result, they are ready and willing to raise sons in the ministry and extend the Kingdom by force.

Of course there will be a number of obstacles in the way of this group of men pioneering the new things of God…And the strongest opposition always comes from within the Church’s leadership and the last few moves of the Spirit that have now become institutionalized. Jesus faced major obstacles from three types of individuals.

1> The Pharisees... the religious leaders were bound to the Law and the traditions of men. Their goal was to reach holiness and please God through their works. These are the legalists of today. Jesus had strong words for them (Matthew 23:26-28) and the Spirit will have much to say to today’s pharisees as they begin to oppose the move of God and the new wine. Often, what He has to say will be spoken by the apostles – in love, of course.

2> The Scribes and the Sadducees… These people were the intellectual and liberals of their day. The scribes did not believe in the supernatural; they reasoned and questioned everything trying to understand it in their minds. They did not believe in the resurrection, miracles, or rebuking demons, and so they persecuted Jesus and the new wine of their day. They will do the same today – opposing the ministry, role, call, and office of the apostle.

3> The disciples of John the Baptist… These men spoke the right words but lacked the power. (John 10:41)

The same obstacles that Jesus faced, which tried to stop the flow of the new wine, are still present today. Many people want to be holy by imposing their legalistic beliefs (and rules) on others. Furthermore, there are also Scribes who do not believe in the supernatural, miracles, healing, prophecy, or in rebuking demons; they are so “intellectual” that they have a hard time accepting the supernatural simply because they cannot explain it through physical laws. Also, we have people like John’s disciples, who preach and teach a good Word but their lives are impoverished, in despair, and living without the power of God to transform them and their circumstances. The disciples of John the Baptist may have been the most dangerous because they spoke the right doctrines but lived powerless lives.

So, be careful that as the new wine carriers (apostles) come and the new wine begin to flow that you or the church that you attend don’t end up opposing it as the Pharisees, Scribes, Sadducees, and disciples of a previous move of the Spirit did in Jesus’ day.

We need to ask God to make us thirsty for the new wine regardless of what it will cost us. We need to tell God that we are willing to do whatever it takes to enter into the flow of the Spirit – that we are willing to change everything and anything. We must be ready to pray for the new wine to come into our churches and our lives. We must also be ready to face all and any opposition that will arise against what the Lord is doing today in His Church.

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