Risk Everything for God

Becoming a dangerous church requires a willingness to risk everything for God: our plans, our reputation, and our resources. God is all about seeking and saving the lost, and if our churches are not about that too, then we are not doing His work; we are doing our own.

The key to reaching lost people is to understand the most essential aspect of effective outreach: it all begins with grace. Dangerous churches are all about God’s grace changing lives, one person at a time. Always remember, the only reason why people ever come to know Jesus Christ is because of God’s grace. So, we must show them His grace and, like Jesus, be full of grace (John 1:14). Truth is good and must be coupled with grace but grace is what draws people to the truth -grace is what draws people to jesus who is the Truth. So, we need to be a church of grace.

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Move Forward

We are looking at the need to take risks and being willing to fail if we ever hope to do something that would indicate that we are dangerous Christians and involved in pushing back spiritual darkness and seeing people rescued and brought into the Kingdom and born again. We saw that we need to attempt things so big that they will only succeed if God is actively involved – the “only God” factor.

Someone once said: “One day someone is going to come along, pick up a Bible and believe it – and put the rest of us to shame.” (Rolfe Bernard) I believe that. I want to be that person. I want to be risking everything for the sake of fulfilling the Great Commission and assuring that every last person on the planet hears the Gospel of the Kingdom.

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Are You Afraid to Fail?

We have been talking about taking risks – and thus being dangerous for God. The risk we have been specifically focusing on – is the willingness to fail. Our willingness to fail, to take the risk that we will fall flat on our face, opens the door for God to do something that only He can do. In fact, we need many more “only God” things going on in our lives. Because then we truly are following the Lord, walking by faith, and are dangerous to the devil.

Sometimes, to bring glory to God, we need to do something crazy. Paul said something like that in 2 Corinthians 5:13 when he wrote, “If it seems that we are crazy, it is to bring glory to God.” So, what are you doing for God that “seems crazy”? What are you attempting for Him that without Him will fail…and that “only God” can make it happen. I believe God is looking for believers and churches that will do whatever it takes- and take risks – to see one person come to Christ.

Are you afraid to fail?

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It’s a Learning Process

Failure never leaves us where it finds us. And, this is good. Interesting that there are no classes on how to fail well. It is something we learn in the School of the Holy Spirit or what is commonly known as the school of hard knocks. We make decisions and choices and then live through (hopefully) the consequences. But most of us don’t like to fail and so avoid failure like the plague. Most of us do not understand that to get to the place called “success” or the place of doing something “significant” we need to go through ‘failures’ and learn from them.

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The Dangerous Woman’s Creed

It was written by Lynne Hybels, writer, speaker, and wife of Bill Hybels.  She wrote it as the “Dangerous Women Creed” and it is presented below as it was printed in 2008 Synergy Program. Although it was written specifically for women, I believe it is powerful for any person!

Dangerous Women Creed:                                                                                             

Dear God, please make us dangerous women.                                                                         

May we be women who acknowledge our power to change, and grow, and be radically alive for God.

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God is Just Getting Started

We were talking about failing and the fear of failure. In that context we are discovering that the be dangerous as a believer or as a church we must never fear failing. We need to realize that failing is part of the way that God brings us to a place where He can use us fully – it is called brokenness. And, failure breads increasing trust and faith in the God without whom we will not do anything eternally significant.

And, we will never reach a place where we will no longer experience failure because we will never be at a place where we can say that God has completed His work in us and through us. It’s almost humorous, but often the truth is that just when we think we are done with something, God is getting started.

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Embrace Failure

If you want to be a dangerous Christian you will need to embrace failure. If you are afraid of failure and thus do not attempt anything new for fear of failing – you will never be a dangerous believer in Jesus Christ. This is why, I am sure, Paul reminded young Timothy that God had not given to him a spirit of fear (2 Timothy 1:7).

So, to be dangerous to the devil and of benefit to the Kingdom of God we must see failure as a way to learn and move forward into the perfect will of God – His plan and purposes for our lives. Our failures carry with them great potential to teach us something – if we are willing to persevere and not give up. To do anything dangerous for the Lord requires enormous risk and vulnerability. More often than not, growth comes through failure.

I love the following … Found it in a book I read on a recent trip overseas:

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Are You Open to Change?

If you want to experience the power of God today and thus be dangerous, we must start with an openness to change, a willingness to walk in new ways, to welcome the unexpected and the unusual. Though we can’t engineer or manufacture miraculous works of God, there are some practical things we can do to open our lives and our churches in greater ways to God’s direction:

1> Think about who you are listening to. The voices you listen to will determine who you trust and follow. Is it your best friend or the elders of the church you attend? Is it the board of advisors or board of directors at work or is it the counsel of God? Wherever you are most inclined to turn for wisdom and advice, we must still learn to listen to God more and to everyone else less.

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A Dangerous Disciple

I love the story about the man who got saved while attending a friend’s baptism service and so jumped into the baptismal tank and was baptized in water by immersion as soon as he was saved – suit and tie and all. He was so happy about receiving Christ and being baptized that he went to a local Costco after the service, dripping wet, just hoping someone would ask him why he was soaked! Now, that is a dangerous disciple.

I go to a lot of worship services and speak to a lot of Christians I would not describe most of them as dangerous. But, they should be! However, the way most churches function when they assemble the saints prevents them, in some ways, from being dangerous.

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Take Up Your Cross

Jesus said in the Gospel of Luke, that “if anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” (Luke 9:23) We were looking briefly at this verse last time I wrote on the topic of being a dangerous church.

The Greek word that is commonly translated as “deny” carries with it the nuance of DISOWNING. If it helps, picture the process as a transfer of ownership between you and God. Denying myself means that I give up my claim of ownership on my own life. I disown myself – body, soul, and spirit – and give myself over to the Lord. The New Living Translation translate the phrase in Luke 9:23 as “you must put aside your selfish ambition.” In other words, we must set aside our self-centered goals and hopes for our lives and replace them with something else entirely – a cross, the consummate symbol of a God-centered, mission-focused life of sacrifice for the sake of others.

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