St. Anthony

The fourth-century monk St. Anthony wrote, “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying, ‘You are mad, you are not like us.‘” We have reached that time.

People today apparently think that if you believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and the fact that He is alive, still touching and changing lives, and is God in the flesh – that you are insane, mad, delusional, deceived. And, I for one do believe that He is God and is alive and actively changing lives – and I am one of those lives. So, that means I am mad according to those who do not believe in Him and believe that they are sane and the normal ones.

I believe in the resurrected Lord Jesus. I believe in miracles, signs and wonders. Several nights ago in a small city in Ohio I was in the home of a church elder who was in serious pain and had been for almost 24 hours. As we were saying goodnight we prayed for his healing in the Name and power of Jesus and then left. On my way to the city of Mansfield the next morning to visit with a worship leader we received a phone call saying that this man had been healed and was living without pain. Jesus is alive and still doing what He does best – healing, delivering and saving people from Hell.

The next night I was involved in a service in the town of Butler, Ohio – the topic was the working of miracles. This is one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12. And after a short teaching we prayed for people who needed to have Jesus do a miracle in their lives. Powerful time of ministering and prayer. God touched a lot of people that night and the reports are just beginning to come in via email and Skype.

He is alive; He is God; He is actively changing lives for all of eternity. I believe that! I teach, preach and share that every opportunity I am given – and even make opportunity when there is apparently none. I am excited and getting more excited all of the time. My Jesus is alive, He is able and willing – in fact, eager to touch people with His healing and miracle working power.

If that means the majority of people will look at me and consider me mad then so-be-it. Remember, they are only normal because they are in the majority. If there were more of us and less of them then normal would be redefined differently. But, if they want to think I am mad that is okay with me. Felix called Paul ‘mad” in Acts 26 and he was anything but – he was powerful and mightily used of God. And, I would rather be powerful than popular.

I believe and because I do I see lives changed and miracles happen on a regular basis. How about you? Do you believe in the living God who is still seriously involved in the lives of His people? If so, why are you living like an atheist as if God no longer exists and is out of the miracle-making business?

Members One of Another

The New Testament clearly states that we are “members one of another.” Although all New Testament authors recognized this truth it was Paul the apostle who developed the concept extensively in his letters to the churches. In most of his references he referred to the body – in half of his “one another” comments he was referring to the physical body with its many parts (members) and the other half to the church. Both had reference to health and wholeness as the body functioned as one.

A lot of those “one another” comments were in the letters to the Church in Corinth. This was due to their immaturity and their carnality. He made a special effort to clearly and carefully spell out the similarity between the ‘human body’ and ‘Christ’s Body – the Church.’ In two paragraphs he used the word “body” 13 times to illustrate just HOW this Body actually functions. Paul didn;t want them to miss the point! As a result he made the point so clear that even the most immature believer could understand what he was saying. Read more

The “One Another’s”

In the New Testament there are 55 different references to “one another” and “each other.” These are biblical injunctions and principles for Christian relationships. In fact, in many cases they are stated as commands for the believer.

These are important principles for relationships to flourish and for the Christian to become strong in character and thus be Christ-like.  Every disciple must strive to do their best to grow and improve in each of these “one another” commands. Many of these do not come naturally and you will need the grace and power of God to walk in the fullness of these biblical injunctions. However, it is essential that we all do so as this will enable the Body of Christ to become healthy and whole.

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We have so much to be thankful for here in our nation, in our church, and in our families. We take a lot for granted and believe that we have a right to have and enjoy all these many extras which would be considered sheer luxuries in many other nations. And then we wonder why we can’t have more, bigger, greater. Read more

Out of the Comfort Zone

I am finishing my second week overseas and return tomorrow to Regina for several weeks of intense ministry as I establish some new outreaches to the lost. It will be good to be home and with my spiritual family next Sunday.

I am just finishing up a wonderful week in Novomoskovsk, Russia after a powerful week in five cities in the nation of Moldova. In both places God is moving among His people powerfully and the are seeing the lost saved and new churches planted . It was inspiring to see and powerful to be a part of. They truly are “going into all their world…”

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Young People

There is a tremendous passion for Jesus and His cause arising within the hearts of young people around the world. I see it in every nation and this past week enjoyed ministering to and getting to know some really serious 16 to 35 year olds in the town of Butler, Ohio. It was a blessing to see that this “soul fire” is not just limited to young people in the former Soviet Union but is invading every heart that is open to Jesus – those wanting to be His disciple. Read more

Without a vision My people perish

The Bible states in the book of Proverbs that “without a vision My people perish.” This is in reference to a vision of God and who He really is. We need to see God for who He really is and not just what He can and does do for us. We worship and serve a big God and because we do we need to be bold in our life and live such an extreme and radical faith that our whole life draws others to Him. Read more

Worshipping without Warmth

Even though I am in Moldova ministering I am aware that you have been going through a deep freeze with –30C and a wind chill taking it to –50C on occasion.  Here in  the city of Chisinau and surrounding towns and cities I am working in it has been much warmer – about –5C each day. However, when you are worshipping today you will be fairly warm. That is not the case here.

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Are You Hungry?

Young people around the world are hungry for more of God. They are not interested in religion or what religion has to offer. They want the real deal – life, adventure, challenge, purpose, and power. Jesus offers them all of  this and much more. He offers them a personal relationship with the living God, our Creator and a place in the work of His Kingdom here and now as well as assurance of their place in Heaven for all of eternity. That’s our Jesus!

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Jesus Saves!

The world is changing at a terrific pace and in 2012 we will continue to see political and economic storms leading to chaos which will then lead to new opportunities to reach many people with the Gospel. God will open many new doors for us in 2012 – and we must be ready to share the Gospel – here at home and around the world . Our local church will need to be prepared to make whatever changes are needed to respond quickly and effectively to these new opportunities. So will you!
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