Let the Discussions Begin

Around the world God is raising up young men to be apostles to His people. In every nation where I minister I call out young men who are disciples of the Lord and on whom God has placed a calling to be apostles in the Church that Jesus is building. I have yet to not see one in any church I have been in. I don’t always call them forward and prophesy over them but there is always one or more in each church and every service.

I don’t always publicly call them forward for a number of reasons. Most times it is because God does not want that part of His plan and purpose for them revealed to them just yet. Several weeks ago while in a mainline denominational church I saw two young men who have this call on them and did not call them to the front because of the nature of the service and the theology of the denomination. I return there this weekend and hope they will be involved in the seminar on the supernatural that I am teaching – maybe then the Lord will allow me to prophesy over them and impart gifts and anointing. I hope so – even though that means more work behind the scenes as it will mean discipling, training, and equipping them over the coming years.

Yesterday, in Butler, Ohio there was opportunity given to prophesy over anyone I wanted – Wow! It is a church build with a good, solid, and long-term understanding of the true nature of the Church Jesus is building. They understand that the Church is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets and that it is to be both apostolic (sent) and prophetic (supernatural). It was fun. They were expectant and more than ready. They were excited to be in God’s presence and in no hurry to go elsewhere and thus in this charged, unrushed atmosphere God felt free to move and minister powerfully. And, of course, I spotted them – apostles-in-training. Wonderful words spoken over them. And it was fun to lead and work with a team of prophetic people I had not met before the morning service began.

Today – after a very early morning drive – I am in Toledo, Ohio in a hotel conference room meeting with a small number of other apostles, family! I feel welcomed (I am the only non-American); I feel valued; I feel the same presence of the Holy Spirit that I feel in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, and yesterday. I am at home even though not at home – God is here!

The Prodigal Returns

The preacher’s son had a major encounter with God while in a foreign nation and came home to his dad’s church a change – totally transformed – man. He wanted to be baptized as a believer and publically declare his new found faith in Christ after many years away from the Lord and living in very difficult and trying circumstances. The family is thrilled to say the least; the dad, who is the pastor of the local church, will do the baptism. The relatives are gathering for a big family celebration afterwards – food, fun, and fellowship well into the evening. Everything else was cancelled; let the celebration of God’s goodness and the return of the prodigal begin.

Sound like a rewrite of the story of the prodigal son from the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus. Could be – but it is not. It is the true account of what is happening today in the town I am ministering in while in Ohio for a few days of meetings. And, it will be the focus of the whole day. Instead of heading to the apostolic roundtable this afternoon for the fellowship evening being held there I will remain here in this rural town in Ohio celebrating with my host’s family. Their son has returned to the Lord! We leave in the wee hours of Monday morning for the two days of meetings of this edition of the apostolic roundtable being held in Toledo, Ohio. We will only miss the fellowship night at the Roundtable and still be there in time for all the discussions and decision making.

I am excited to be at River of Life Community Church this morning. I have never been to Butler, Ohio before and so this is my first time in this local church. However, over the years of traveling and ministering in different churches, and thus with different believers, I know I will be welcomed, accepted, seen as a part of the body, and a member of the family. God has a big family around the world and no matter where I go, what the worship is like, or what language is spoken I know I am with family and accepted as a fellow traveler in the faith. Today will be no exception.

I arrived last night after many hours of travel and thus many hours of reading. And, after enjoying a brief time of fellowship with my host family in whose home I am staying – an early night to bed as I was up at 4:00a to be at the airport for 5:00a and morning coffee with members of my family. The trip will be busy and every minute will be invested in Kingdom discussions… Our topics (with written presentations sent to us well ahead of time) include:
1> Church Discipline (2 major papers – 30+ pages)
2> Philosophy of Governance (1 presentation paper)
3> The Gospel of the Kingdom (1 presentation paper)

I would appreciate your prayers for both the morning service today; the travel from here to Toledo early Monday morning; the two day roundtable discussions and the 7 men involved; and the drive back to the airport in Columbus, Ohio late Tuesday afternoon and the two flights home on Tuesday evening.

The Fun of Ministering

It is early Saturday morning – 4:00a to be exact – and I am up and on my way at 4:45a to the airport. I am flying international this morning – Canada to the United States – and thus need to be at the airport 2 hours ahead of the 7:00a flight. On my way to Minneapolis and then on to Columbus, Ohio. There I will be picked up by another apostle as we head to Butler, Ohio. Several hours of driving I am told. I will arrive at my destination 13 hours after leaving home.

Saturday night is a night for fellowship as I stay with my host for the weekend. I have met his family before and had several great meals with them over the last three years of traveling to and being involved in an Apostolic Roundtable. This time will be no different. This apostle leads a local church here in Butler – he is rebuilding it after a time of serious struggle and decline. Tomorrow morning we will be celebrating a special baptism – his son has recently had a serious encounter with God while in Haiti and is going to be baptized at the morning service. Then, I am ministering the Word of the Lord for that congregation – preaching and prophesying.

Sunday afternoon when we should be driving to Toledo, Ohio for the fellowship night with the other 6 apostles who will be attending this smaller meeting of leading apostles we will be staying in Butler for an amazing family celebration of this young man’s baptism. This family knows how to celebrate. Then early Monday morning the trip over to Toledo to the meetings – Monday and Tuesday. Then home late Tuesday night – 2 flights.

We have already received several impactful and very well researched and written study papers that continue the same line of discussion we pursued the last time we met as a larger group of almost 30. This time we are believing that we will nail things down and come out of the meetings with the mind of Christ concerning the issues we have been discussing. Please pray that we will be guided and directed in our deliberations. And pray for safe travel for all those involved.

A History of Hallowe’en


The Celtic festival of Samhain is probably the source of the present-day Halloween celebration. The Celts new year began on November first. A festival that began the previous evening honored Samhain, the Celtic lord of death. The celebration marked the beginning of the season of cold, darkness, and decay. It naturally became associated with human death. The Celts believed that Samhain allowed the souls of the dead to return to their earthly homes for this evening. On the evening of the festival, the Druids, who were the priests and teachers of the Celts, ordered the people to put out their fires. The Druids built a huge new year’s bonfire of oak branches, which they considered sacred. They burned animals, crops, and human beings as sacrifices. Then each family relit its fire from the new year’s fire. During the celebration, people sometimes wore costumes made of animal heads and skins. They told fortunes about the coming year by examining the remains of the animals that had been sacrificed.

All Saints Day: Many of the customs of the Celts survived even after the people became Christians. During the 800’s, the church established All Saints’ Day on November first. They made the old pagan customs part of this Christian holy day.

The Catholic Church later began to honor the dead on November second. This day became known as All Soul’s Day. The Catholics believed that you could pray the dead out of purgatory.

Additional Celebrations:

The Jack-o-Lantern originated with an Irishman named Jack who loved to play pranks on the Devil. Legend is that he was made to wander the world carrying a lantern to show him the way, going to neither heaven nor hell. Hollowed out pumpkins with candles lighted inside were supposed to scare evil spirits away.

The Irish initiated “Trick-or-treating” when farmers would go from house to house to collect food for the village.

Costumes went from children dressing up like martyrs in celebration of All Saints Day to the modern day costumes of witches, etc…

SOURCE: Encyclopedia Britanica and others.

Parents – be aware that this is not some innocent evening that will have absolutely no effect spiritually on your children. Not true. It was and is a night dedicated to the devil and Christians should protect their children and not allow them to be a part of the on-going celebrations in any way – at school, at church or at home.

Great Expectations

Those who have been Baptized in the Holy Spirit and can speak in tongues have a number of other gifts as well. These supernatural gifts are listed in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11. There are nine of them. You have the private gift of tongues, you can prophesy (the Bible states that clearly) and you have at least one other of the nine gifts. One of the gifts is the “gift of healing.” This is badly needed today. Read more

Taking a Look – I Am Amazed

I am amazed at the number of people who call themselves born again believers who don’t attend church. The Bible states clearly that being a true disciple of the Lord means believing (trusting with your whole heart), belonging, and becoming more like Him each day. The Bible refers to a believer as part of the family, the army, a peculiar people, a royal priesthood… all descriptions of a true believer make them a part of something bigger. The Bible is clear – you are not a believer if you are not an active part of the body.

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Islamists Behead Christian Teen in Somalia

Blogger’s note:

Often we become all bothered and upset by little things in our lives that are causing us a mild inconvenience. We worry over trivial things that are not even going to be remembered in a few days or weeks. And, we focus on things that are often, in hindsight, very insignificant. And all this while other believers are losing their lives because they are born again believers and disciples of the Lord – true Christians.

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You No Longer Need To Tell People About Jesus

In yet another ridiculous end-of-the-world assertion, Harold Camping claims that people who accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior after May 21 aren’t really saved at all.

If you didn’t believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord before Camping’s trumpeted “Judgment Day,” he argues, it’s too late for you.

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My Definition of Evangelism

I often mention to people that one of my definitions for evangelism is “changing people’s assumptions.” In our Western context, almost everyone has heard of at least one version of the Christian gospel. By what they have seen on television, heard through the grapevine, or experienced in a church setting, most feel they know what Christianity has to offer, and they aren’t showing much interest. When pushed even further as to why they are not drawn to Christianity, they usually mention a problem with the church as an institution or organization. In other words, they tell us what they think about our formal gatherings and our churchliness.

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Christians Are Like Mice

It has been said that people outside the Christian faith often perceive us to be a lot like mice. If you meet just one, they’re kind of cute, but if you come into a room full of them, they can really freak you out!

Of course, that is true. If someone comes to know you as you spend time together, drink coffee and see each other at work or in the neighborhood where you live – it’s cute. It’s comfortable. You are safe. But, if you invite them to attend Sunday morning with you and there are a bunch of “mice” all gathered together that can be overwhelming for a ‘non-mouse’ and really freak them out.  They most likely will not return a second time.

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