The Ingredients of a Vision

If we define a vision as a clear mental picture or image of a preferable future imparted by God to His chosen servants and is based on an accurate understanding of God, self and circumstances… then we can work at understanding the concept of vision a little further by looking at each of these components.

1> A Clear Mental Picture

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Your Vision Must Be Clear

As a believer who knows who you are “in Christ” and who you are becoming as you closely follow the Lord as His disciple; as someone who is living by biblical principles and following the basic commands of the Lord to love God, love yourself and reach out to every lost person in the world every day … There is now a need to discover the rest of His vision for your life and it must be clear.

You see, who you are, who you are becoming, and the basics of life as a disciple are foundational … Now it is time to discover the blueprint for the house – and it must be clear. At times you may be uncertain about things in your own life (the blurry man in the picture) but what you are called to do must be seen from God’s perspective and thus be clear and crisp (the end of the scope)

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Investing in the Vision

When you know who you are “in Christ” and who He has created and called you to be; then you will receive a revelation of the call of God on your life – what He is asking you to become involved in with Him and for Him. Being first and then doing. After all, you are a human being and not a human doing. Read more

People of Passion

Paul was not the only person who was passionate about Jesus and the ministry the Lord called him to. Paul’s passion was not without precedent. Hundreds of years before Saul became Paul we see a shepherd who becomes king. David became the second kind of Israel, described as a man after God’s own heart. Put another way, David was a young man who had grasped God’s vision for his life, a man whose service and worship exemplified the spirit and commitment of a person in deep relationship with God and who was devoted to carrying out the special tasks God had ordained for him.

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A Person of Passion

A person who knows God’s vision for their life and thus their ministry will be a person of tremendous passion. God’s vision for your life is who He wants you to be and become. God’s vision for your ministry arises out of who you are to be and become and it is what you will do for Him because of who you are.

So, first you need to discover who you really are – who God created you to be. Then you need to let Him mould you and change you until you become the best you that you know how to be. And, at the same time, still stay open to further change and adjustment. Then you are ready, out of who you are, to begin to touch other lives with His love and power and do what He has designed you to do – your ministry!

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It Is a Simple Idea

Vision is a simple idea: God created you, He has called you to a specific ministry, and He wants to impart to you His idea of what that ministry is and how best to accomplish His perfect outcome through you. Of course, first you need to have a revelation of who you really are in Him (see yesterday’s ‘Just a Thought’). Read more

Who Are You?

As I mentioned in the last ‘Just a Thought’– one of the issues we face when working with vision is that many disciples of the Lord Jesus have not taken the time to discover their personal vision for ministry and thus their place within the body of Christ.

I mentioned that most disciples have not taken the time and invested the effort to discover for themselves what they are called to accomplish for the Lord – their vision for their ministry. And, it does take time and effort to seek after God which is how you receive the revelation of God’s plans and His purpose for your life.

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The Obvious Issues Regarding Vision

When we are discussing the vision of a local church there are several immediate issues that we run into and must not ignore.

  1. 1> Although they are good people and have been called to ministry, most senior leaders do not have an understanding of God’s vision for the ministry they are trying to lead – the church.  As well, they do not have a grasp on or understanding of God’s vision for their own personal ministry as leader of the local church and their trans-local ministry. As a consequence, most churches and their senior leader have little to no impact and never achieve their potential in God.
  2. 2> Most believers know about the concept of vision but few disciples of the Lord have God’s vision in place for their life and ministry. Why? Because they have never taken the time to sort out what God’s vision for their life and ministry is.

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I’ve Got Rhythm

Duke Ellington, the late jazz musician, composer and bandleader, was once asked to provide a definition of rhythm. “If you got it,” he replied, “you don’t need no definition. And if you don’t have it, ain’t no definition gonna help.” Vision is very similar. Once you have it, you know it; but when you don’t have it, you aren’t sure what it will be like.”

There are many definitions of “vision” and over the next few days I will be recording a number of them. Let’s start today with my favorite. Vision is “foresight with insight based on hindsight.” This definition underscores the important of looking to the future, emphasizes the significance of possessing a keen awareness of current circumstances and possibilities, and notes the value of learning from the past

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Prophetic Vision

When we are talking a vision for a local church it must be a revelation from the Lord to the leader. This vision is then confirmed by the leadership as the details of the vision are shared with them. Once there is agreement and confirmation then the vision is shared with the people.

Proverbs 29:18 states: “Where there is no prophetic vision, the people are discouraged” and so a stated vision is essential for God’s people in the local assembly to be encouraged and even enthusiastic about what God is asking them to be and become as well as do or accomplish in His Name.

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