God Is So Good

I have watched God touch so many lives in the past two weeks here in Kazakhstan and this morning as I am up early waiting for a ride to the airport I am sitting quietly recognizing and once again marvelling in how good God really is to His children. The picture above is a friend of mine and a university student here in Almaty – Pavel is a great example of the young men here in Asia who are working hard to bring massive change to the church and who are leading the youth into the presence and power of God in spite of great odds.

I have seen God save people, heal people, deliver people, speak to people and give them hope for the first time in many years. Thge power of God, the presence of God and the prophetic have been amazing and greater than I have even seen in my many years of ministering here and in North America. God is truly touching many lives with His love and bringing His Church to a place where it can and will begin to reap the last-days harvest of souls for the Kingdom. I have never been this hopeful.

Yesterday I spent four hours with students in a local seminary – and after class when I really needed to get away and head for another appointment they literally followed me down the stairs and out onto the parking lot where we held the continuation of the class for another 30 minutes before finally getting away. Such hunger for more of God and to be involved with what He is doing regardless of the cost. Last night at the last service I preached at winning the lost and the response was amazing and even emotional. They are ready to go and simply need training in evangelism and the prophetic. I am planning to be here shortly once again to do just that.

As I leave for London and Toronto and then home I am thankful to God for all that He has wonderfully accomplished here in the last 15 days – and thankful for your prayers.

Worshipping the Dead – Kazakhstan #15

The Kazakh people worship generational spirits and thus worship their dead family members. This is true of both religious Christians and Muslims. They talk to the spirits of their ancestors and believe that as they worship them they actually receive power from them. This is a generally and widely accepted practice. And, their grave yards look like little towns built on the hillsides with most grave sites being surrounded by a “building” and often having a roof over them. It is an interesting site to see – like walking up to a miniature village someone has constructed.

There is so much to teach and preach about the true Christian faith and what it is we believe about heaven and hell and life after death. There is so much misunderstanding and superstition that needs to be set straight and purged from people’s belief systems. And yet, many never hear a teaching on life after death and seldom does the Church preach on hell and judgement and the life of the believer in Heaven.

I am nearing the end of my current apostolic trip to Kazakhstan. It has been a great visit with these wonderful people. It has been a visit filled with services, apppointments, discussions, planning, planting, and even sharing the gospel of the Kingdom with a number of non-believers we have encountered along the way.

Please pray that all that has been accomplished in the Name of the Lord will bring forth a bountiful harvest for the Kingdom and that the churches we have ministered in will continue to apply what has been imparted and will grow and become even more healthy than before.

Thanks for standing with us in pray over the past 15 days …

Demons and Christians Should Both Shutter!

The Bible states that demons believe in Jesus and they “shutter.” (James 2:19). Have you noticed any believers shuttering recently. When a Christian thinks of Jesus there is no shuttering because we have become too friendly and too familiar with Him. Maybe there is no shuttering because it has all grown so ordinary and stale. Maybe because we no longer love Him as we should.

At one time I would have shuttered at Hell and the thought of spending eternity there. I remember when I was first convicted of my sin on the night that I was saved – I shuttered that I was literally an enemy of God and that if I were to die right then and there my sins would take me to Hell. But now I don’t shutter over Hell because Jesus has defeated death and Hell and I belong to Him and so Hell cannot have me. Besides, as one author states: “Jesus assures Peter that ‘the gates of Hell will not prevail against the church.'” So, it is not hell that should make us shutter but Hell should shutter at the thought of God.

So, what should make me shutter?. Just the thought of Jesus should do that. I should shutter in the same way a young lover shutters when he thinks of his bride to be. That giddy, obsessed, infatuated shutter of love at first site. Our eyes twinkle and our heart jumps … that kind of shutter.

On the other hand, the shutter should also be a shiver of awestruck wonder. You have no idea what Jesus is going to do next in your life. Life with Jesus should be like throwing your hands up in the air and holding on – like riding a good roller coaster.

In the Lion King movie there is a part where the hyenas are talking about Mufasa, and one of them says his name and they all shake and say, “Ooh! Say it again… Mufasa…Ooh!” That kind of shutter. “Jesus…Ooh!”

So, should only the demons shutter? No! Absolutely not. We too should shutter but for totally different reasons. We know Jesus and love Him with our whole heart.

Prophetic Word From Jason King

“Change! Change is coming.  I’m about to unleash a wave that will alter the landscape of the church.

What you have known will not be known. For every mountain shall be shifted and moved out of its place.  Every stronghold and all that was held dear and sacred to the hearts of My people will be shaken and destroyed. Read more

Rehab Centres in Russia

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The following is information gathered to give you a perspective on the available Christian facilities in Russia. Ralph works with many people who run facilities like these.

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Rehab Centres in Kazakhstan

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The following is information gathered to give you a perspective on the available Christian facilities in Kazkhstan. Ralph works with many people who run facilities like these.

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Nearing The End – Kazakhstan #14

Picture: Ministering deliverance and healing to a five-year old who cannot speak…

The apostolic trip to Kazakhstan is almost over. I return to Canada late Friday night in time for a jet lag day (Saturday) and then on the road Sunday to minister God’s living word to the people of God. It has been a powerful trip and God has truly touched many lives and get in place numerous gifts and callings in local churches and rehab centers. There will be much follow-up needed.

Several of the pastors and leaders I have worked with this trip I already mentor and relate to on a weekly basis by email and Skype. And, on this trip I have had several more ask if I would serve as their mentor and help move them into the fullness of their calling and the ministry of apostles and prophets. I have agreed but will need to look at my available time and my priorities and do some rearranging to allow quality time to actually accomplish this in a quality way.

As well, there are several young men whom I have come to know who I will also be working with as they begin to discover their gifts and as their prophetic words begin to bring activity in both the spiritual and natural realm. Great young men who have a terrific future and yet no spiritual fathers or mentors in their nation to help them to grow and mature. There really is a severe shortage of older men willing to take the time and make the effort to disciple, teach, train, equip and mentor the younger men who are just beginning their ministry. I understand as it is not easy to do, requires a lot of time, often costs those doing the mentoring some of their finances, and often it is somewhat thankless. But, it is what apostles are suppose to be doing as they are the spiritual fathers; this is part of their job description within the Kingdom of God.

For your long-term prayers: that God would convict current apostles and prophets that they must be discipling, training, equipping and mentoring the next generation of apostles and prophets and that, for them, this is not and never has been an option. And, pray that all flights will run on time and that I will make all connections on Friday the 13th as I fly Almaty, Kazakhstan to London, England to Toronto and then Regina (20 hours of actual flying and many hours of driving, waiting, and sitting between).

Many thanks – and greatly appreciated.

Render Unto Caesar

I am studying the real Jesus – not the good, old, plastic Jesus of religion. He is really quite the character and an amazing person to come to know as He is and as He is revealed in the Scriptures.

Take for example: in Matthew 17:24-27 the authorities come and ask Peter if Jesus pays temple tax and Peter instinctively says yes, He does. But when Peter sees Jesus a little bit later, Jesus does something crazy (as usual). He tells Peter to go get a fish (Peter is a skilled fisherman) and it will have a “four drachma coin in its mouth.” This would be the exact amount needed for the temple tax for Jesus and for Peter.

Odd is it not? Fish don’t usually have money in their mouths… You see, this is like street theatre. Really Jesus is saying that He does not care about having to pay good money to something that is going nowhere (the temple) – He is saying, “You can have the money, I made the fish.” This is an even bigger comment than most realize…

A first-century historian adds some depth to the significance of the fish when he points out that it was believed that the emperor (he was speaking of Domitian) controlled the animals and all of nature and that even the fish would jump to lick His hand. So, by Jesus’ comment and Peter’s action Jesus is making a profound, in-your-face comment.

Jesus was always up to something like this. Remember His “render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar” comment? There is an old peasant proverb that captures the humor and irony of what Jesus is up to: when the emperor passes, the peasant bows…and farts.

With revolutionary subordination, we give the empire what it asks, but not on its own terms. You were created in God’s image with free will – and you can exercise it even in the face of the military might of Rome. Caesar may have his coins, which rust will destroy, but life and nature are God’s. And if Caesar takes our lives from us, we will rise from the dead.

I like the attitude Jesus displayed – it is time for the Church to worship the real Jesus and to follow Him and become fishers of men.

Young People On Fire For God – Kazakhstan #13

I have seen God do so many wonderful things here In Kazakhstan in the past ten days – I mean seriously amazing things. Miracles, signs and wonders. I have seen Him transform young men’s lives; free people of drug and alcohol addiction; reveal His will for people and the changes He is about to make in their lives. I have watched as people have prayed for each other and captives have been set free. I have seen men and women come to the Lord and become born again. I have had some wonderful conversations with young people – saved and unsaved – and seen a number come much closer to the Lord and yet not become born again.

People have been equipped – and that is what apostles are all about – “…equipping the saints for the work of the ministry…” (Ephesians 4:12). This ministry has a slogan we take very seriously” “Loving God, Equipping People, Mentoring Leaders, Reaching Nations.” We have certainly been doing all four things during our visit to this great nation.

The highlight for me is always the times when I can train and release young people in the things of God. (new apostle and prophet from Karaganda, Kazakhstan pictured above) I have had many meetings, in-between the organized meetings and services, with wonderful young people from various cities and towns. We have sat in the dining hall, in vehicles, outside on cement steps, in my room where I am staying, beside pools, on a boat, walking dirt streets avoiding horse droppings, in restaurants, over meals, and yes, even in church buildings. They are so hungry and so willing to go with God regardless of the cost to them personally. That makes everything so powerful and life-changing.

It has been a great visit and much has been accomplished for the Kingdom of God and for individuals – saved and unsaved. The Kingdom is alive and so are God’s people. The future is bright for the church in this nation. It is, however, as you might imagine not without issues and problems. The born again church is persecuted in this nation and in the last year over 200 churches have closed their doors for various reasons. Much prayer is needed – for existing churches, for new foundations to be laid for the future church, for protection and boldness, and for the young people to become true ambassadors of Christ and win the lost of their generation to the Lord. We need to pray that a supernatural church will arise in the great nation of Kazakhstan.

Thank you for praying and I would humbly ask if you might intensify your prayers for our work here in these last few days remaining to us. I have many individual meetings scheduled with young people as well as one with a group of university students. As well, having ministered to a seminary professor during our leadership school last week, hopefully a morning with seminary students to explain the apostolic and prophetic briefly and answer questions. Thanks for standing with us in this ministry through your prayers. Greatly appreciated.

The Adventure of Life

A university professor once said to his students, “All around you, people will be tiptoeing through life, just to arrive at death safely. But dear children, do not tiptoe. Run, hop, skip, or dance, just don’t tiptoe.” I read that recently and could not agree with him more. Young believers today are looking for the adventure of revolutionary living and if the Church today is to keep them and release them into ministry we will need to recognize that this is what they are looking for and give them opportunity to live this way.

Because young Christians are bored with the Christian faith as it is presented and lived by many churches and mature believers we actaully lose them to the culture of drugs and materialism as well as to other faiths (Mormons and Muslims) who offer them the adventure of a lifetime, a challenge, and a purpose bigger than themselves. We don’t dare them to live big – we try to entertain them and make the Gospel really easy for them to believe in and live. The true Gospel is never easy nor is it comfortable. Kids today want to do something heroic with their lives, which is why they play video games and join the army. But what they do at their church teaches them to tiptoe through life so they can arrive safely at death.

Not sure where we got the idea that Christianity is safe or that Christians should play it cool. I believe we have too many fans and not enough followers. Soren Kierkegaard said, “To want to admire, instead of follow, Christ is not an invention of bad people; no it is more an invention of those who spinelessly want to keep themselves detached at a safe distance from Jesus.” I agree completely.

Some believers take so few risks, it’s no wonder folks have a hard time believing in heaven. Most of us live in such fear of death that it’s as if no one really believes in resurrection anymore. Some people are concerned for my safety as I travel and go from nation to nation. They are concerned that the governments are not always friendly to born again believers. They are concerned that natural disasters might take me home to Heaven – volcanoes, earthquakes, tornados … I believe that the most dangerous place a Christian can be is in safety and comfort. So, I am good and I worry about some of those who worry about me.

The Christian faith was meant to be and still is an adventure. Live life as such.