Are We Really Open For Business?

To many the Church in general appears closed. Closed to new ways of doing things (the message remains the same but the methods are not sacred and so should change but apparently do not for many); closed to people who do not already live like they are believers; closed to those who don’t know the special lingo; closed to outsiders; closed to the next generation. It is as if we have placed a “Closed” sign on our main doors and we are not interested in welcoming new business.

Yet many in the emerging culture are interested in spiritual issues and are even fascinated by the historical figure we call Jesus Christ. However, they are not looking to the Church for insights and understanding. They feel (and I know feelings cannot always be trusted) that the Church does not have anything to offer and that we have literally closed our doors to new business – their business. But that feeling keeps them from looking our way and from asking us their questions.

May I suggest that for the Church to be “open” to this emerging culture requires a move from a Reformational to a Missional paradigm.

A Reformational paradigm is fixed on the message: getting right what we think about God. A Reformational paradigm focuses on the church and the differences between Christians – the marks of a pure and true church versus a false church. A Reformational paradigm assumes Christendom thinking. Christianity has been in the Reformational paradigm for 500 years.

The Missional paradigm is fixed on methods: communicating what God has done in and for us; communicating the divine presence through worship, the arts, and community. The Missional church focuses on the world where people don’t believe the gospel in the least.

Purity is the goal if you’re in the Reformational paradigm. Communication is the goal if you’re in the Missional paradigm.

The biblical model is both Reformational and Missional. But the Reformation occurs in the context of being in mission: how do we mediate (share, introduce, experience) the saving grace of Jesus to and in a fallen world?

Christianity must give up its Christendom (Reformational) mind-set and become a missionary movement once again. And here is where the problem arises. We are comfortable where we are. We are not good at welcoming newcomers who will change the “mix” we are use to and who may introduce new thoughts and new ways… We are not interested in having to relate to people we currently don’t know and who may not only think in ways vastly different than the way we think – but they may dress and act differently than we do. And, they may have numerous problems and we have enough of our own to deal with, thank you! Threatening. Too much work. Too much effort. Too uncomfortable.

We have forgotten the purpose of the Church – when it was first founded and ever since that day. Its purpose is to carry on the mission of Jesus Christ and He came to “seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10). We have the wrong idea – we think Church is here to serve us and met our needs. Heck, we think God is here to serve us and meet our needs. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are here to serve Him and to do what He commands (not asks) us to do – win the world for Jesus one person at a time.

To go from Reformational to Missional will require a whole new approach to Church and the Lord Himself. An abrupt and permanent change in our way of seeing things as well as a new understanding of the Christian faith is needed.

Are you up to the challenge?

Truth Or Consequences!

Today truth is whatever you make it – or so it seems. We no longer believe that the Bible is true. Regretfully many churches have taught their leaders this falsehood. And the leaders have taught their people the same garbage. I know, I was one of those taught that the Bible is simply a myth and was good for when the human race was less evolved and somewhat scientifically stupid or unknowledgeable. But now that we have science we know that the stories in the Bible simply are not true and therefore the Bible is not truth.

So people today scramble to create their own truth – some elements of their turth is home grown, some borrowed, some biblical, some belonging to other religions and philosophies, and some even picked up from cultural norms and the media. Thus, when a true believer declares the Bible to be absolute truth and Jesus to be that truth personified (John 1:17), in other words the Truth (capital “T”) we are considered narrowminded, deceived and antiquated.

An interesting survey – about eight months ago – came up with these findings…

The percentage of people of different age groups who say they agree with the statement that the Bible, the Quran and the Book of Mormon offer the same spiritual truths:
Ages 18 to 25 who are known as the Mosiacs – 56%
Ages 26 to 44 who are known as the Busters – 43%
Ages 45 to 63 who are known as the Boomers – 45%
Ages 64 and up who are known as the Elders – 33%
(Source: Barna Group)

In other words – the older you are the more likely it is that you believe the Bible is our source of truth. The younger you are the more likely it is that you will consider it one of a number of sources of truth. This means the Christian Church is slowly losing ground with each succeeding generation and this current generation just might be the last generation of the Christian faith.

Folks, the Bible, the Quran and the Book of Mormon are in direct contradiction to each other. To believe the teachings of the one means you cannot believe the teachings of the other. Each has a different view of who Jesus really is. Each has a different understanding of our Heavenly Father – God the Creator. They just don’t mesh together and cannot all contain truth – let alone the same spiritual truths. The younger the generation the more decieved they are. The truth is fading fast and the Bible as the standard for truth and as the authority for life is apparently almost gone.

This is true even among born again believers who say they believe the Bible, hold it to contain the truth, and know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Do they apply the truth to their lives – no! Then they don’t believe it is the truth. Do they adjust their lives to the Word of God? No! Then they don’t believe it is the truth. Do they obey the Word and what it states we, as believers, are to do? No! Then we don’t believe it is the truth. Oh, it may contain some truth but we have the final say about what is truth for us and what is not. Then the Bible is no longer the authority in your life – you are.

Of course, not believing the truth as found in the Scriptures results in some rather severe consequences (see the above picture). Afterall, God still believes it is truth and the only standard upon which to build a life pleasing to Him. And pleasing Him is a good thing. Build your life on truth and you build upon a rock. Build it upon what you personally determine to be the truth and you build it upon sand and suffer the consequences. Truth or consequences – your choice!

I choose truth – the Truth!

I’m Home Or Maybe I’m Not – Russia #21

Today – if everything went according to schedule – I am home and having the first of a number of days where I am suffering from something called jet lag. I say “if everything goes according to schedule because” because as I mentioned yesterday things can go wrong and delays happen. Because of jet lag this blog was written ahead and scheduled to be released right now – so let’s pretend I am home even if I am not…

Why schedule ahead? Because if the planes didn’t connect I am somewhere waiting for another flight in one airport or another… I will most likely be unable to get on the internet. And, if I am home already having arrived safely last night – jet lag has set in and my body and my mind will not be functioning in conjuction with one another. Assuming I arrived home at midnight last night local time – my body would be telling me it was 9:00 in the morning. I wanted to go to bed because I would be tired but my body clock was saying it was time for breakfast and a full day ahead expecting that the sun had just come up (which it will have in Moscow, Russia). It is a funny thing this jet lag and really creates havoc in your life for up to three days.

With jet lag – you find yourself needing to sleep for an hour a few times through the day. You fight hard to stay awake because the fastest way to overcome jet lag is simply to force your body to live on current time wherever you are. But, tiredness does overtake you and a nap is the only solution. Driving is not a good idea because literally your brain takes a few extra seconds to process what is happening around you. Conversations are funny because there is this delay between hearing and answering because your brain is slow on the uptake. You remember little of what you do and say so it is not a good time to make decisions or deal with issues of life. But, have no fear, within three days your body and brain are once again coordinated and working at normal levels once again.

Prayer requests on this last entry for the current trip to Russia: For a safe return home if I have been delayed. For a quick recovery from jet lag if I have arrived safely home. And, by the way, thanks for all of your prayer support and emails while I was in Russia on this current trip. Greatly appreciated.

No Super-Christians Please!

There is a change needed in the Church today. We need to place a big sign over the door that states, “No Perfect People Allowed.” Why? Because so many of the people attending your church would like you to believe that they are alright and have it all together when really they are dying inside and not doing well spiritually, financially, or relationally.

And a vast majority of the people who don’t attend your church stay away because they think they need to clean up their act and get it all together before they would be welcomed in your fellowship. Somehow we leave that impression with people as we interact with them on a daily basis. So, we need a sign that states that people who are not perfect are more than welcome and, in fact, encouraged to be a part of what God is doing – assuming, of course, that God is doing something in your church.

When I read the two letters that Paul wrote to the Corinthians it becomes very evident very quickly that this church did not have it all together. They had some serious things that needed to be adjusted and changed – and changed quickly. However, God was with them and their services had the gifts of the Holy Spirit flowing, and non-believers were attending and being convictd of their sins by the power of the Holy Spirit. They knew they were not perfect and that there was a great deal wrong with them still and apparently were not afraid of others finding that out about them. This became a sign to others that everyone was welcome but that no perfect people were allowed.

People today are looking for spiritual answers because they are recognizing that their problems in daily life are spiritual and not physical or social. They are looking for a place to ask their questions, express their doubts, and journey with others who are also searching but have found some of the answers already. They are looking for a local church that has the following characteristics:

1> They are willing to dialogue and discuss the Bible, the basic doctrines of the Christian faith, and how it all works in life today. The want to know that those who attend are on a journey – the same journey they are on – and that they are welcome to join us on the road even if they are not quite at the spot where we are on the road…and that they are free to question and discuss even the basics of the Christian faith and no one will be offended or become defensive.

2> They are authentic. People today are looking for a church where the members are real and not ‘plastic.’ A place where people are loved. A place where they can be themselves and not be judged or condemned by the words and actions of the members. A place where sinners are welcome and people can be honest and open about what they are going through or living with.

3> They are accepting. People want to belong to a church where they will know that they are accepted for who they are, how they live, dress, talk, and think. Where dress codes and outward appearance are not important because people are looking at the heart and not outward appearances.

4> They are growing spiritually. People today want a church that will accept them where they are on their journey towards faith in Christ but will also encourage them on their journey and help them to grow and walk in the fullness God intends for them.

5> They speak the truth but in love and with humility. People are really looking for truth today and have yet to realize that truth is found only in Jesus. So, the church today needs to speak the truth in love but it also needs to live the truth. Jesus came and lived among us to reveal the Father. We call this the Incarnation. People today are looking for churches where the truth is incarnational – lived out in every day life.

6> They have hope. People today are short on hope. They live in the present with little to no hope for the future. And, without hope in the future there is no power in the present. So, the church needs to be a place of optimism and hope. People need to know they can change and that things will get better as they walk with believers and come to know the Lord better.

7> They are connected to each other and live life as a big family. People want to be connected and to have a sense or feeling of belonging to something greater than themselves.
People are looking for a place to belong and interact with people on a level that they are comfortable with. This is why social networks like Facebook have become so popular so fast. The church needs to a place where people can connect and belong, feel safe to ask their questions, be free to be themselves, and find more than tolerance – find acceptance.

8> They believe in equipping and training people. Today a church needs to be a place where people can come and be equipped and trained for life and ministry. Not a place where professional do their thing up front and the people watch – but a place where everyone can become involved and learn how to minister and walk supernaturally so as to fulfill the calling that is on every believer’s life.

Much change is needed – we need a culture in the church that welcomes change. Change needs to be constant as we enter a new decade (2011 to 2020) of service for the Lord and reach the people who are without Christ but who are searching for the truth that is found only in Him.

Moscow – Frankfort – Toronto – Regina (I hope) – Russia #20

Today is a long day. The same 9 hours will be lived twice as I fly from Eastern Europe to Canada. I will fly over 9 different time zones and thus gain an hour every time I do – so living that hour a second time. It is really a funny feeling. You leave Moscow at 2:00p and fly to Frankfort, Germany… a 3 hour and 30 minute flight and arrive an hour and a half after you take off… because you have flown west over two time zones.

Because it is winter the trip always has a big “if” attached to it. If the weather and the machinery cooperates then I will be flying straight home from here today. That means in the next 30 hours I need to have good weather in four different areas of the world, have all flights arrive and depart on time, and have airplanes that do not have issues with frozen cargo doors (my last trip), plane three hours late arriving (my last trip), too many people wanting the same flight (my last trip) and not enough time between a late arrival and the departure time of the next flight (my last trip). However, because I seem to do a lot of flying I have had to learn to simply relax and say over and over again, “I will get there when I get there” because there is nothing you can do about any of the delays and cancellations.

So, you learn quickly to carry an extra carry-on bag that contains some needed essentials – one complete set of clean clothes, toothbrush and paste, and other personal necessities. When stranded overnight some place you don’t get to have your luggage back as it simply sits waiting in the baggage system for your next departure. So, you need to carry clean clothes with you on the plane so you have them with you. An extra book is good – English books (good ones worth reading) are hard to find in most overseas airports. The plug-in and adaptor (electrical outlets are different in each nation) for your laptop computer as by now the battery is running low, extra funds (Euros) or a credit card that works overseas so that you can pay for the hotel and meals….lessons learned the hard way.

So, if everything cooperates then I will be home tonight. If not, I will be in an airport or a hotel room reading and wishing I was home. I am simply beginning the trip to the airport as you read this – hotel to airport is all I need to do today for ground travel – as we drove from Ivanovo to Moscow (5 hours in good weather) late last night and stayed overnight in an okay hotel 10 minutes from the airport. Short sleep but the hot shower this morning was a good start to a long day.

Please pray for safe travel and good weather and that all connections will be made on time.

What Are You Waiting For?

I often wonder what believers today are waiting for. I mean, Jesus said that we are to go into all the world and share Him with everyone on the planet – so, what are we waiting for?

Are we waiting for Jesus to make us perfect so we can validly share His Gospel. Not going to happen. We don’t need to be perfect and have it all together to tell others about Jesus. If we were “all together” they would be unable to relate to us. Are we waiting until He gives us boldness. That will come as you step out in faith. Wait as long as you want – it won’t happen unless you step out. Are we waiting until our thought life is pure and our motives totally correct? It will be a long wait. Are we waiting until the Lord speaks to us personally about soul winning? He already has – read you Bible, it is right there in front of you in black and white. There will be no special revelation given to you so that you will get off your santified behind. He has already spoken!

God calls us to tell others about Him – and we can do that the day we are born again. As soon as we meet Jesus we have something to offer to others – Living hope! Believers don’t need to know all the answers to all the questions. People simply want us to listen to all their questions and help them to find the answers they need. We don’t need to be experts in the Bible or the teachings of the Christian Church – you simply need to be in love with Jesus and share that love for Him and His love for you with others. You don’t need to have ‘arrived’ because Christianity is not about the destination but it is all about the journey. So, witnessing is simply inviting others to join you on the journey.

As I speak with believers one-on-one and ask them about soul winning and evangelism…As I speak to churches Sunday after Sunday in nation after nation… As I speak to groups of pastors and leadership teams… I hear nothing but excuses -sorry, “reasons” – why they are not out witnessing and doing the work that the Lord has called all of us to do. It is time for the excuses and the reasons to end and for the Church to simply and humbly obey the Lord. If you are born again you have something – Someone – to offer those who are not saved. You don’t need to be a mature believer or someone who has solved most of their character issues and resulting problems in their personal life… not at all. Just be you and tell others about Him!

I like what one homeless man said sometime after he became a believer… speaking about people who go out and witness on the street to the “needy.”

And needy people don’t need no perfect people neither. When Jesus sent His disciples out, He sent Peter right along, knowing Peter had a bad temper and a potty mouth and was gon’ deny Him three times. He sent John and James even though they was full a’ pride and fightin over the best seat at the table. He even sent Judas, knowin Judas was gon’ betray Him. Even though Jesus knowed all a’ their sin and weakness, He sent ’em anyway. Listen, if the devil ain’t messin with you, he’s already got you. If you is waiting to clean up your life before you get out and help somebody else, you may as well take off your shoes and crawl back in the bed ’cause it ain’t gon’ happen. Jesus don’t need no help from no perfect saints. If He did, He wouldn’t a’ gone up yonder and left us down here in charge.” “What Difference Do It Make? Ron Hall and Denver Moore

It may just be time to get off our sanctified behinds and begin to do what the Lord has commanded that we do – finish the work that He started when He became one of us. The Church was birthed with only one task; it was empowered for only one task; it is called and will be accountable for only one thing … seeking and saving the lost. Time to focus on what is most important.

Our Last Day – Russia #19

During the Sunday morning (well into the afternoon) service we had a number of people give testimonies of what these past few days have meant to them and how the prophetic ministry has impacted their lives. This is one young man (very tall) who came forward to give his testimony of the life-changing power of the Living Word of the Lord. It is always encouraging for the people and for the team to hear how the ministry has impacted people.

We always ask people to give us written testimonies as many people come up and are excited to share what the word they received meant and how it spoke to areas they had been praying about or were concerned about. However, only one out of ten every take the time to hand-in their testimony or send us their testimony by email. So, we do what we can to collect these praise reports so we can share them later in our e-newsletter and encourage those of you who follow what is happening during our apostolic trips and who support us financially and in prayer. This ministry is touching many lives and seriously changing churches and impacting nations. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing.

Well, Sunday has ended and we have had a late supper and are now on the road for 5 hours as we drive towards Moscow. Most of the area between the city of Ivanovo and the City of Moscow is simply a narrow road carved out through the forest so it is like driving through a narrow, dark tunnel when late at night. There are a few towns you pass through but they are all closed up tight due to the hour. Half way there is a little roadside store where we can buy hot tea and use a very old, smelly outhouse to go to the bathroom. It is good that it is late night when we reach there as there are many boards missing on the sides of the outhouse and one of them no longer even has a door. The joys of travel in Russia. Stopping by the road side and using the forest is the other option.

We will arrive in Moscow at about 1:30 in the morning we hope and by 3:00 be at our hotel near the airport. This way we avoid daytime traffic. The night time traffic is certainly bad enough as we will be bumper-to-bumper for much of the in-city driving. Then a short night sleep and a shower and breakfast before heading to the airport and the start of a long day. I will be living the same 9 hours twice …. as there is a nine hour time difference between Moscow and home. So, although the trip will take 31 hours I will still be home on the same day that I leave Moscow. Body time it will be mid-morning on the next day and jet lag begins.

Please pray for good weather, good connections and no delays in flights. It is winter and this is Eastern Europe. Thanks.

It Might Be Good to Have a Chat With the Lord About…

Jesus said to “go into all the world and make disciples…(Matthew 28:18). It is now the 6th of February in the new year of the Lord 2011. Let me ask you and thus meddle a bit in your life – “What part of the world have you gone into to share the Gospel?”

A second question might be a little more embarrassing but here it is nonetheless – “Who are you discipling?” If you are serious about following Jesus who said early in His ministry, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men” then these two questions should lead to an unsettledness and a dissatisfaction with your life as you currently live it. I know it does in mine.

Yesterday we talked about examining your life by asking, “What’s the point?” So, here is the point – everything we do as believers should be done intentionally and done to influence the non-believer so that they move closer to the Lord Jesus and eventually cross that line of faith into the Kingdom of God.

I spend a lot of time travelling to various nations impacting believers – teaching them to walk supernaturally and how to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to evangelize their friends, those they work with, and even total strangers on the street or in a coffee shop. Occasionally we see people saved or born again in a service where we are ministering – always because someone invited them to come with them – an intentional move on their part. I spend a great deal of time in my city where I live and as I travel about the western part of Canada speaking to many people I have just met about the Lord – overseas I have the language barrier, here I do not. I do this as a believer and not as an apostle. The Bible states we are all to go and we are to go into all the world – even where we live and work.

And let’s not forget – and the reason for the picture attached to this blog – we can go into many parts of the world and never leave home. I work daily on an old laptop from my office, coffee shops (I have a mobile modem), airports, the front seat of my car, and many hotels and motels … and some of what I do is talk to people who are not born again about Jesus. They contact me through our web site or because someone mentioned my name or they were surfing the internet for spiritual help and found us. Irregardless of how they connected to us I use the laptop to spread the full Gospel of the Kingdom in many different nations of the world that I have never physically been to – but hope that one day those being saved and discipled through contacting us will invite me to the church that they plant in the nation where they live.

We are called to go into all the world and the computer gives us a really good way to do that in a rather inexpensive way. Yes, it takes time, effort, and often emotion. It sometimes takes a thick skin (I was recently accused of heresy and being in this for the money…). It takes patience and determination along with perseverance and a strong will to keep going day after day, person after person.

Recently we have added Twitter to our tools for reaching the world. You can open an account – its easy and free – then every morning from the phone you set it up on you dial a 5 diget number and Tweet… I have put little up there yet and nothing exciting whatsoever and already have 40 people following my Tweets. Recently I found out how to do text messages on my phone and so bought a monthly no-limits texting passage for North America and guess what… 50 text messages a day is the average. And, now we are on Facebook and as we develop that page more we will be “in your face” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Add to this another free way to preach the Gospel (for Facebook, Twitter, and even some texting are free) and that is writing a blog. Every believer should have a web log (blog) and write about Jesus. Start with one new blog entry a week, move up to 3 a week after establishing the discipline and building your creative abilities – and finally to a daily blog. Yes, takes time and thought and even hard work. I get up earlier than I use to so as to write a new blog every day. You will be amazed at how many people will read and follow your blogs. It is simply amazing. Give it time and your writing skills will grow and so will your audience and again you are “going into all the world…”

Of course, none of this is an excuse for not going into your own neighborhood and also into other nations to minister. Several days before writing this blog I met with a woman from another city who was in visiting family here in my city. We had a long and tall coffee at MacDonalds one afternoon. And, as always, I turned the conversation to winning the lost and going into all the world. She wants to but the money is not there for her to go to another nation. She witnesses to many in her city and is really hungry to see the lost come to Jesus. Believe me, she will be overseas in short order. God always provides when we set our heart to do what He has commanded.

God gets seriously excited when we decide to obey His command to “go into all the world” and will supply all that is needed to see His will for our lives fulfilled. I have seen it over and over again so many times over the years that nothing could convince me otherwise.

So, we are well into 2011 and what are your plans for going into all your world? No plan – no go! If we are not intentional about winning the lost – we won’t. Maybe it is time for you and the Lord to have a long chat about this very issue. Afterall, when you stand before Him the day you die – you (and I) will be held accountable for what we did with this command to impact and influence the world with the Gospel of His Kingdom. The chat will come – better sooner than later – better now while there is still time to do something about it.

Young Apostles-in-Training – Russia #18

It is Saturday night late already in Russia as we are anywhere from 9 to 13 hours ahead of central Canada depending on what part of this rather large nation you are in. We are in the City of Ivanovo ministering. It has been a busy day as we have ministered all day in a seminar type setting teaching on hearing the voice of God so as to flow prophetically and thus walk supernaturally in your daily life as a believer. It has been a good day and actually a good few days in this neck of the woods.

This young man was called out as an apostle-in-training last time we were here in this church. He is still a high school student and very active in this local church’s youth work and other activities. He has a gentle spirit and has a very powerful prophetic word that he is beginning to walk out with the help of this ministry and, of course, his local pastor. He is rather shy and quiet and so we don’t always know what he is thinking or feeling – but he is serious quick at learning what we are teaching him and is helping us to minister to people during the prayer times. This is, of course, the faster way to learn to minister as a future apostle – simply jump in and do it with a mentor beside you. It is also how I learned as well. This is the call upon this ministry:Loving God, Equipping People, Mentoring Leaders, Reaching Nations.”

We have finished our meetings for the day and they have been good. Really no spare time as the trip is rapidly coming to an end and this means every spare moment is utilized to touch lives for Jesus. And, by now, those in attendance are feeling comfortable to ask questions and seek advice about their gifts and callings. So, we work a few extra hours to try and accomodate as many as we can. So, I am tired and looking forward to a decent night’s sleep.

The room I am sleeping in is right behind the front of the sanctuary and the wall between the two is very thin. From past experience here I know that by 7:00a Sunday morning the worship team (and drummer) will be here setting up and practicing and that quiet will not be available for me to read my Bible and pray. So, spending some extra time tonight sifting through God’s will for tomorrow’s services. In the morning there will be numerous people in the kitchen so even breakfast will be an opportunity to minister. Most mornings it is simply Miroslav and I so we eat, chat, and then separate for some quiet time. But tomorrow is Sunday and the people start in around 6:30a to prepare for the morning service, lunch, and the afternoon gatherings we will be having.

Today’s prayer requests: For Sunday’s activities including a long, late night drive into Moscow. The plane leaves at noon on Monday but due to traffic that means getting to an airport hotel around 2:00a as in the morning it would be impossible to get to the airport on time through the normal traffic. Hotels exist just for this purpose as most people know the problem and this is the only solution. Even traffic at 2:00a is like rush hour back home. Welcome to Russia!

What’s the Point?

Once in a while it would be good for the believer to sit down, still their inner-ness and remove external distractions and then ask themselves the question: “What’s the point?” Today would be a good day for all of us to do that. Take 30 minutes and ask ourselves “What’s the point?”

What’s the point of running so fast, working so hard, spending so much, owning more stuff, owing so much, going more places, meeting more people, doing more things? I mean, really – what is the point of all the endless activity, noise, motion and commotion?

Unless you sit down and ask that question once in a while – how about monthly? – you will simply find yourself in motion filled with emotion and going absolutely nowhere that is important. Motion for the sake of motion, noise for the sake of noise, talking for the sake of talking. Asking the question allows you to refocus things and bring everything back into perspective and thus down to size.

Unless you sit down and ask that question once in a while you will not grow in your relationship with the Lord. That question is a way for you to open the door of your life to self-examination and see things the way the Lord sees them This question allows you the opportunity to invite the Holy Spirit in to the “pointless” activities and “go nowhere important motion” asking Him to show you His will for that area of your life and what needs to be changed, removed or added.

Unless you sit down and ask that question once in a while your relationships with other people will be surface interaction which has no long-term benefit to anyone. If you have in-depth relationships they to will end up as surface interaction if you don’t take time to ask “What’s the point?” And, if the relationship is simply friendly and you only talk about the weather and sports then asking yourself “What’s the point?” will allow the Lord to show you where He wants that relationship to go and how to develop it so that it both meaningful and beneficial to all involved.

Asking “What’s the point?” allows you to refocus on the call upon every believer’s life – to go into all the world and seek and save the lost. So, asking “What’s the point?” allows you to look at all of your activities, motion, talk, and relationships in light of the generic calling upon your life as a Christ follower. It reminds you that every action, every relationship, every casual contact has a point. The point is that these people need to be saved or born again and you are one of the major influencers in their life to bring them to that point. That’s the point of almost everything we do as believers and every relationhip we have with non-believers.

Someone once said that, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” I agree! And, the question, “What’s the point?” allows you to begin the long process of taking a good look at who you are without all the attachments, activities, relationships, and motion and then determining what needs to change so that you live a life more pleasing to the Lord whom you follow. Otherwise you are simply another rat running in the rat race and even if you win that simply makes you #1 rat!