Privacy, Solitude, and Retirement Are Highly Overrated

The history in this nation is facinating and bloody. Here in the picture I am standing in a park in Moscow right near a catherdral built in the 600’s where this canon was used to defend the people who built their village and then city around the church. This canon if gigantic and was a powerful deterant to any attacks. Today we finish our ministry here in the city of Tikhoretsk and drive back to the airport in the city of Mineralny Vody and fly back to Moscow. There we will skip sightseeing this time and immediately drive 250 Km to our next ministry location – the City of Ivanovo north-east of Moscow.

The ministry here in the city of Tikhoretsk is drawing to a close. This is our third day and we have been going from early morning until late at night. Then, of course, Miroslav and I go for a walk to unwind and chat no matter how late it is – the conversation is almost always a debriefing of the day’s events and ministry and a forward look into the next day and the teachings and ministry needed. We come prepared to teach many things and go in many directions – but each night we focus on what we have done and where we should be heading next. It helps to be seriously flexible in this type of apostolic ministry. There is an old proverb (not a Bible one): “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken.” That fits this ministry to a “t”.

Personal time together is only found around the breakfast table and the first several cups of decent coffee (if we are lucky) or the first few cups of many cups of tea that happen during the day. And, when we are travelling by train or plane we often say a time out and forbid ministry talk – so that we have time to actually build a friendship along with the working relationship we have been developing for two years this November.

We have been working together daily for almost two years. Miroslav is my administrator for all our work in Eastern Europe and my prize apostle-in-training. He is also my office manager and oversees the work of both our part-time staffer who translates working on emails and manuals and the Russian side of our Web site and ministry. However, we have purposedly made time to develop an in-depth relationship with a tremendous trust factor already in place. We bounce ideas off each other, bring correction, speak directionally, make joint decisions whenever possible… and I never travel or minister without him there with me. We have developed a good depth of friendship and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of each other – accepting always and forgiving when needed. A great team member.

Whenever we are not out walking with just the two of us – and when eating and sharing fellowship with others (all meals except breakfast) – he is so busy interpreting for me so I can be involved in the conversations and build relationships with the Russin speaking leaders and pastors that we never have time to be ‘personal’ as it is really a labor intensive ministry when we are both working in two languages. So, we value the little time we have together to allow us to be real people and simply share.

Of course, privacy is at a total minimum and so finding time (and space) to be alone is almost impossible. Sometimes we are blessed to have two separate bedrooms and then we are able to seek the Lord in privacy and actually have a few minutes of silence and solitude. Othrwise we are always together and most often with others (even during an occasional breakfast). This, for me, is the hardest part of these trips – the total lack of privacy and space. But, God’s grace is sufficient – has to be.

We appreciate your continued prayers … four more days and we will be heading home to our respective countries. Plans have been discussed re. our November trip to Kazakhstan during some of our business meeting and we still have some airport time today (Thursday) and Monday to finalize some details for that next apostolic trip. Always something more to do. Glad I don’t believe in retirement.

Miracles, Signs and Wonders, Please!

A great pastoral couple who hosted us last year at a major service combining a number of churches and then welcomed us into their home (still under major construction at that time) for fellowship and a meal shared with 18 other people – pastors and wives… And, again this year, we have spent some wonderful time with them both ministering and also simply fellowshipping as we come to know each other better and hear what is on each other’s hearts.

We are in the city of Tikhoretsk – our second of three days here – and because of the length of stay in one place we are able to go into much more depth with those in attendance. More like a seminar or a conference than a three to six hour training session which is all we usually manage when in a city for one day. So, we get to settle in to where we are staying for three whole “sleeps” before bring uprooted again. Well, it lends a little bit of a sense of stability and permanency – better than simply “one night stands” and moving on. However, I must admit that as tiring as moving every day is we have become somewhat use to it.

In each place we have been ministering the stories we hear of God’s goodness towards His people are always amazing and wonderful to hear. Encouraging, in fact! And, to receive feedback from those whom we have prophesied over in the past whether here in Russia or at a conference in one of the other countries that they travelled to and attended is always exciting. When you hear that the Word of the Lord has or currently is coming to fulfillment and that every detail was seriously accurate – we all stand and rejoice and weep together – that God would tell us ahead of time His plans and purpose and even some of the obstacles. Amazing God we serve. And truly we stand there together – grown men – reaching across the nations and language barriers and bawling together.

And, we have stepped out and are praying for more healings than in past visits to this area. God is faithfully touching lives as we lay hands on the sick and addicted – bringing healing and deliverance. We are believing that this power side of the apostolic ministry will grow and become more dominate than even the prophetic ministry has become over the past several years. We are literally believing for miracles, signs and wonders and God’s power to manifest itself everywhere we go.

According to one prophetic word that I received almost three years ago through Dennis Cramer’s prophetic ministry – the apostolic power of God will be arriving in cities where I will be ministering three days before I get there and will sovereignly prepare the way for my ministry. Please stand in faith with me for that to begin to happen immediately. We need Him to be much more powerful in this ministry as we begin to plant churches where the Gospel has not been preached.

As always your prayers are an encouragement to us and we rely on our prayer support and base while on these apostolic trips. Thank you for fasting and praying.


Uzbekistan, officially the Republic of Uzbekistan, is a doubly landlocked country in Central Asia, formerly part of the Soviet Union. It shares borders with Kazakhstan to the west and to the north Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to the east, and Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to the south. Once part of the Persian Samanid and later Timurid empires, the region was conquered in the early 16th century by Uzbek nomads, who spoke an Eastern Turkic language. Most of Uzbekistan’s population today belong to the Uzbek ethnic group and speak the Uzbek language, one of the family of Turkic languages. Uzbekistan was incorporated into the Russian Empire in the 19th century and in 1924 became a constituent republic of the Soviet Union, known as the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic (Uzbek SSR). It has been an independent republic since December 1991.

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Prophetic Ministry is Powerful

We spend a great deal of our time in each service ministering the Word of the Lord. Every service has a teaching element to it as we open God’s Word and proclaim what we believe the Lord is telling us to teach. However, we also want to open God’s heart and allow Him time and space to speak personally to individuals, local leadership teams and local churches. So, we are careful to guard our time and use it wisely so that all aspects of the ministry are accomplished in good order and done with reverence and a sense of awe as they should be.

As we minister we are always amazed at what the Lord speaks to people as He comments on their future and the potential or possibilities that exist if they will cooperate with the words spoken and walk in His will for their lives. And, it is exciting, because this is a return visit to this neck of the woods, to hear about what has happened in the past twelve months to those who received a prophetic word last year on our visit. Drug addicts set free and into ministry; alcoholics who are out of bondage and loving their wives and children; pastors who were discouraged and about to leave the ministry now ministering powerfully and with enthusiasm once again; men who have seen their words fulfilled and now live hundreds of kilometers away and are heading up a new ministry in an area that has never heard the Gospel simply based on a Word of the Lord receivd a year ago during a local church service. I stand in awe of God’s goodness and His wonderful plans for people who love Him.

For some of the churches we are ministering in the prophetic ministry is new to them. So, our teachings are basic as we explain what prophecy is and that it is for today and did not ‘peter out with Peter.’ In other churches and locations they are more than use to the prophetic flow of the Holy Spirit and we can enter into a greater anointing and move right into the prophetic anointing ministering at greater depths because of greater expectations. Both are wonderful and powerful because in both situations God is speaking and blessing His people with direction and His plans and purpose for them.

We are honored to be a small part of what is going on here in Russia as God prepares the nation for a major role in the worldwide move of the Holy Spirit and the last days harvest. And, thank you for having a part – an important part – in this ministry we are experiencing daily here through your prayers and financial support. Both are greatly appreciated.

The City of Inozemtsevo

We hope to be driving through the mountain – but the fog at this point in time (6:00a) is so thick you can’t see out of the window in the room where I am staying. Time will tell. We are suppose to leave in an hour. We are moving from Mineralny Vody – the city where we have been ministering for two day – to the city of Inozemtsevo. I don’t believe that I have ministered here before. Last year when here I did minister in several cities but this country, the leaders who were our hosts, the people, everything was so new to me that I did not even try to know what place I was in or what place we were going to. This trip I am “more comfortable” and trying to learn more of the geography, how to pronounce the names of the cities, a little history of each city (some are over 1,000 years old) and even learn more Russian.

Speaking of learning Russian – I have picked up a few more words and certainly understand much more than I can speak. When you worship for hours every day and it is all in Russian – with the help of Miroslav who travels with me I have learned what most of the words are in English to most of their songs. Repetition is good. Sitting on my desk in my home office is a offer to purchase RosettaStone which is a language-learning program available for the Russian language. As soon as I can save up the close to $700.00 needed to purchase it I am planning to do just that so that I can learn the language faster and thus speak more freely with people. I am sure it will always be easier to preach and teach with an interpreter but it would be good to be able to carry on simple meal-time conversations in Russian and to be able to go to a local “store” and buy a Diet Pepsi without a shadow along to speak on my behalf.

We have only one day here in Inozemtsevo and so will be ministering to local church leaders and not at a public service. The teachings will be focused on the leadership level of the Church and be dealing with prophetic evangelism and team ministry … and, of course, they are going to be open to receiving prophetic words individually and as a local church. We will try to meet all of their expectations as we believe it is also what God wants us to do in this city.

Our hope and prayer is that in each city during this trip (7 in total) we will leave a deposit of grace and power. We believe – and have seen from past expereince – that when we leave there is a deposit that has been made in each local church or leadership group. They receive something more than teachings and material – more than another prophetic word or even their first prophetic word. More than encouragement and fellowship. They are moved to a higher level of anointing and power; their prophetic gifting increases and becomes more powerful; they have a deeper understanding of God’s will for their area.

So, it is more than simply words spoken and written and relationships forged as important as all of this is. There is a change in the spirit realm as a result of the work God is doing while we are working in each city in His Name.

Late tonight we move on to our last stop in this area of the Cacausus – the city of Tikhoretsk. This will be a five hour drive with a midnight arrival. Here we will actually spend three days before driving back to Mineralny Vody and flying back to Moscow to then drive to our last city where we will minister for three and a half days before returning to Ukraine and Canada.

Again – we covet your prayers and continued support for this ministry we are undertaking in this wonderful nation of Russia.

It is Sunday in Russia

This morning Miroslav and I are ministering at a combined service of many churches from the Network (Union) that is hosting this visit to the Cacausus. There are a number of churches planted by different people which have come together in this union and so they have come together to celebrate God’s grace as a larger, extended family and to hear the Word of the Lord (prophesy) for their network or union.

We will, of course, teach from God’s Word, the Bible. And, they will take out their journals or note books and take notes on the teaching so they can discuss them later with one another. Last year, at a similar service for this network, almost everyone had a note book where they recorded their notes of the Bible teaching. Those without a journal, one would assume, were visitors or non-believers. Teaching these people is simple – they are seriously hungry for more of God and so draw the teachings out of you. A Bible teacher’s Heaven-on-earth.

Of course, they will want a prophetic word if at all possible. God is always gracious and willing to speak to His people individually. Last year they asked me at the last moment to do short prophetic words so as to cover more people during the ministry time. There were about 200 in attendance. I remember it vividly as I had never done rapid fire, short prophetic words over a vast number of people. However, the Lord assured me during worship that He would help me switch my prophetic format and gifting to respond positively to the desires of the leadership under whose authority we minister. So, I explain openly and honestly what I had been asked to do and that I had never ministered prophetically in this way before. So, I told them, either you will see the Lord do something new and great or you will see the greatest failure of my prophetic ministry. They were ready and forewarned, I was ready and hopefully God was ready.

Later in the day …
It was an amazing day with amazing words for many, many people. Individuals scattered all over the rented auditorium, whole rows of believers at a time moving rapid-fire down the row of people who I asked to stand up… I was simply overwhelmed at what the Lord did and how He used us. I was blessed and inspired, the people were blessed, and the leaders were happy. It was a good morning (we really went well into the afternoon).

I expect the same or better tomorrow as we gather together again as the family of God to honor the King, worship Him, and hear directly from His heart – in another city and another church.

The late afternoon and evening was a meal with all the pastors and their families who were involved in the morning gathering and celebration. There was lots of food and fellowship and they were, of course, expecting to receive more prophetic words for their ministries and families… as well as more about what God is doing in other places, other nations, and other groups of believers.

It was a full day and we covet your prayers and continued support.

Miracles, Signs and Wonders

It is an amazing part of the country. We are so blessed to be here … mountains, valleys, cities that are small and compact and yet have such beautiful places to walk… As we have been walking each day – in 25 C weather – we have been picking and eating apples, pears, grapes, walnuts, hazelnuts, and plums just on the side of the roads (there are no sidewalks to walk on so you often just walk right on the roads along with the locals). The fruit and nuts abound and are there in public places for whoever wants to pick and use them. We have been enjoying the fresh fruit and the nuts (which we crack open with a rock).

The services (almost always with just leaders) have been amazing. We are certainly relying on the Holy Spirit as the topics are chosen as we speak with them at the beginning of the day and so there is no time to prepare, think and pray. Simply respond, teach and minister. Every day is a different place and a different group of leaders – thus a different set of needs, problems, issues and areas that they wish to grow. It has been challenging and very tiring – certainly not a relaxing time of ministry.

In between, of course, there are the extra unscheduled meetings for emergencies. This morning, for example, during breakfast the pastor came and said he needed 30 minutes of our time. We are living in his church building and a former drug addict still in recovery is doing the cooking for us… It seems he has run in to the Spirit of Jezebel and the Spirit of Absalom and it has come to a serious confrontation point and he needed my input. So, an extra meeting right away even though we were about to drive out for 18 hours of ministry to another set of leaders in another city. Priorities – we helped by listening and advising him and his team what to do. Then left for the meetings an hour away without any time to think, pray or plan and prepare. Daily we have held at least three meetings like this – unscheduled and unplanned for. It has added to the weight of the ministry.

We have been having a major impact on each church and leadership group we have been with so far. This is apparent due to the feedback they so willingly supply. As well, the prophetic ministry has been amazing and extra special. A new level for my ministry with a new flavour. More on this another day after I have opportunity to think about it more. As well, we are receiving feedback from our last visit – healings, major miracles, changes in life situations that seemed impossible, family reconciliations, marriages being reunited … as we listen and marvel we have asked each of those sharing with us regarding what the prophetic ministry has accomplished in their lives since our last visit to write to us and give us the details. As soon as we receive these testimonies we will translate them and begin to publish them in our e-newsletter. It has been a real encouragement for me and for my team.

I have just returned from Mineralny Vody. A busy day. It is 1 hour from where we are living (staying). The church is in a city of 100,000 and is one of only three born again churches in the city. It has about 40 members. The building was purchased about 8 years ago but due to a dispute with the mayor of the city they cannot obtain rights to power, gas or water. So, at night they have a generator that gives them power. They bring water to the building and simply go without heat. In the winter they have to shut it down and rent a facility to worship in from another church. This dispute has also prevented them from putting up a fence, cleaning up the land, repairing some of the outside of the building and limited what they have been able to do in the inside. Governments are not in favour of born again and Spirit-filled churches. The church has been to court three times to overturn the ruling of the mayor and all three times have been denied.

However, in spite of the building and the facilities (bathroom by flashlight and no flush to mention just one) the Lord honoured our time with the leaders and we prophesied over many of them as well as taught them about prophesy and prophetic evangelism. We share a meal at both ends of the events and so had some great fellowship times and even managed a laugh or two. Of course, the conversation centered around what the Lord has done and is doing for them individually and as a corporate body of believes. I believe God is happy with the day and with what we were able to accomplish in His Name while with these wonderful people.


Kazakhstan, also Kazakstan [kazÉ™xˈstan],  officially the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a country in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Ranked as the ninth largest country in the world as well as the world’s largest landlocked country, it has a territory of 2,727,300 km² (greater than Western Europe). It is bordered Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and China. The country also borders on a significant part of the Caspian Sea.

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Hail Mary, Full of Grace

The nation of Russia is vast and diverse. The government is not in favor of the born again faith or true Christianity. They work hand in hand with the Russian Orthodox faith to continue to govern and have their way in the nation. The Orthodox Church is also not in favor of the born again believers and see them, not as brothers and sisters in the Lord, but as the enemy. They believe that the Orthodox Church is the only Church and to be outside of their Church means to be alienated from God and not going to Heaven when you die.

It is a classic case of religion verses the Christian faith – true believers and false converts. As Paul wrote to Timothy, “they hold to an outward form of their religion but deny the power…” That is God’s power to change lives. But, power over the people they do have. When a priest gets on a bus – they wear priestly robes in public – you are expected to get up and give them your seat. When they arrive at a place they expect and demand the best seat. If you are the speaker, they will immediately ask you to spend time with them and now would be a good time – regardless of what you had on your schedule. I know this from personal experience.

Now, when a priest becomes born again they are instant outcasts. In one case I know the man was refused permission to celebrate the sacraments and so was really stripped of his priesthood without being officially disrobed. He ended up with a great house church in the city of Moscow where I ministered last year. Great man of God who is now ministering more outside of the Orthodox circles than within. He has left his small house church and is teaching at counselling schools and others events training future leaders of the born again church.

Of course, the Orthodox church builds large ‘church’ buildings that you cannot miss. The born again believers worship in rented halls and people’s homes as either they cannot get permission to build a church building or there is no financial help to do so and the people cannot manage the costs on their own. On occasion you find a born again church with a modest building located (hidden away) in a residential section of the city.

However, God is seriously with His people and their services are amazing and God’s presence and power obvious. No religion here. Just simple, basic, plain faith in one Lord, Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation. Their leaders are dedicated and sincere and serving at great personal cost to themselves. And, it is a honor to be here ministering to them. I receive as much if not more than I give.

Your continued prayer support for this apostolic trip is greatly appreciated. We continue to pray for you every morning as well.