Strength Comes Out of Solitude

Back on my desk in my study I have 38 Bibles (yes, I counted them). Here on the edge of the lake sitting on a rock watching fish swim by I have one small Bible. This is a plain Bible without footnotes and study guides. The ones on the desk in my study – study Bibles, Bibles with outlines, footnotes, researched cultural information, almost every version currently on the market… Here I have the Bible I carry when travelling. Just the Word of God. No study notes, foot notes, or outlines. Just the Word of God in a plain and simple format.

The Bible is an interesting book. We read it with our minds and physical eyes but hear it with the heart and spiritual ears. God speaks through His written Word to our hearts. God speaks – not some author, scholar, Bible publisher. The Word of God is inspired and our only authority – not the footnotes, verse numbers, chapter breaks… Just the Word of God, the basic Bible.

One of the interesting things about having quiet days beside a large lake in the mountains with no phones and emails, one radio station not worth listening to, and no proper television reception is that you have many hours to read God’s Word without interruptions. After a very early morning dip in the lake to shower (there is no shower or hot water in our rustic and old cabin) there is, by choice and circumstance, nothing to do and nowhere to rush off to. Just quiet and serenity and an opportunity to grab a hot cup of coffee (yes, we have power) and sit by the lake and enjoy God’s Word in large chunks. To read a whole Gospel at one sitting gives you a different vantage point, impression, understanding, grasp of Jesus and His life and ministry.

It is here on the backside of this mountain that I once again come to realize that you can’t be an authentic Christian on a diet of constant activity – even if that activity is good and godly. Here I come to know once again that strength comes out of solitude. Here I am made aware that power comes out of stillness. Good lessons to relearn. Good time and place to relearn them.

When reading in my study back home I hear the trains shunting in the railyard half a block from my home. Here I hear the loones calling to one another as they swim and feed no more than 20 feet from where I am. Ah! “Be still and know that I am God.”

Risk-Taking Or Walking By Faith

Last Sunday, the 22nd of August, in the series of teachings on THE BASICS of the faith I spoke on faith and the need to step out and walk by faith. Only then will each of us, as believers, accomplish God’s plans and purpose for our individual lives.

Regretfully the live recording did not record correctly – so the audio copy has to be redone. As I am in the province of Quebec and the state of Vermont for the next while it will not be posted until the 6th of September. However, the written copy of the teaching is already posted on our main web site (

I told people that with God all things are possible and whatever God has spoken – biblically and prophetically – for us to do for and with Him will come to pass if we believe and walk in obedience.

Since then I found the folllowing which I believe is worth sharing and which tells each of us why we can believe that God will use us to powerfully impact lives.

Why I Believe You Can Do Exactly What God Has Called You To Do!

I believe you can do exactly what God has called you to do!

We serve a God who is a MASTER at calling those who are not “qualified” to do things that seem “impossible!”

I believe that when a person becomes obsessed with the character of God by reading the Word of God and then gets empowered by the Spirit of God…that person is unstoppable and his/her potential is unlimited as long as they will dare to continually follow Jesus and refuse to play it safe! (See Zechariah 4:6-7)

(A quick note on this…you’ve GOT to make sure you’ve heard from God and are not simply getting ready to do something and then begging Him to work!)

I believe God puts dreams and visions in our hearts that are so HUGE that it causes great desperation for HIM and HIS power…thus leading to the world seeing what HE can do through us rather than what we can do “for Him!” (The bigger the revelation the greater the desperation!)

I believe we are all GIFTED to make an impact on the world and NOT simply sit and watch it pass us by.

I believe we are ALL EMPOWERED to make a difference…that fear and timidity does not come from Him, but the power and discipline to execute what He has called us to does. (2 Timothy 1:7)

I believe that YOU are NOT an accident…that He created you with a divine design in mind…that His plans for your life are GREATER than you could imagine, and that by surrendering to HIS plans is the GREATEST freedom on the planet.

I believe that they KEY to discovering what it is that God wants for us is found in Proverbs 3:5-6, that we’ve got to trust Him with EVERYTHING…and if we “hold out on Him” we are actually holding out on ourselves.

I believe God’s plan for your life will not always be easy…but He will always be with you. (Isaiah 43:1-3)

So…what is it that God is calling you to do? OR…put another way, “What would you be willing to attempt for God if you knew you could not fail?”

Life is short…we should get to the end of it with NO REGRETS…so…GO FOR IT!!!

Praying On Automatic Pilot

Monday in the Green Mountain State. I am in the east following a family wedding and taking the opportunity to have a few days in one of the most beautiful places in the world – the mountains of Vermont. Some time to spend many hours a day with the Lord and in His Word. More time than a normal day allows me back in my home office when ministering. It is quiet here as it is off season and so many of the country homes are empty and some even shut up for the season. However, many people now live on the lake front year round and so there is still some life in the evenings when people return from work. But, generally quiet and very serene.

This has always been a place where I could really sense God’s presence – a special place for me. And, this week is no different. Like Moses on the mountain top this is a mountain side (I am no where near the top of any of the peaks in the area) where God’s presence is very real for me and a place where, when I am still, I can hear God more clearly than most other places. This is not a place where a person can pray on automatic pilot. You know, praying the same way every day and using “stock phrases” that neither express your life to God nor release God’s love and life in you. The Psalmist states: “Pour out your hearts to Him…” (Psalm 62:8). This is a place where you cannot do anything but.

As I have been walking down the back roads and along the many streams that come down the mountainside and intersect with the roads I have been thinking of Jesus and how seriously He took prayer. In the early mornings (and I do mean early) overlooking the calm, serene lake that is 25 feet from the place I sleep I think of the early mornings He use to get up and get away from the busyness of ministry and mentoring just to be alone with His Father. There is no ministry here for me to do – I no longer know anyone and no one knows me. This is good. I am ignoring emails and phone calls in spite of my technological advances that allow me to receive both no matter where on the planet I happen to be. I wanted these few days to be a time when I could read and reread the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and simply watch Jesus in His daily “unforced rhythms of grace.” (see yesterday’s blog).

Jesus had an interesting prayer life. There seems to be four basic things I see in His less than routine prayer times…

1> He prayed regularly. Regardless of His busy schedule, emergencies that He faced, expectations and demands – He took time to be with His Father. When I typed that I originally typed “the Father” and felt the check of the Holy Spirit. For Jesus it was not time with “the Father” but time with “His Father”. It was not something He had to do it was something He wanted and needed to do – not as the Son of God but as the Son of Man. He simply needed to touch God regularly as a human being. So do we. Remember Jesus said to His disciples – “WHEN you pray…” not “IF you pray…”

2> He prayed privately. Those of us in ministry have many opportunities to pray publically. But God is not impressed by public displays of piety. He simply wants time with us privately so that the conversation is intimate and personal not public and ‘professional.’ He went away by Himself and found private places to be with His Father. So must we.

3> Pray sincerely. God is not interested in formulas. He wants a real relationship and not a plastic performance. He wants to hear from our hearts and not our heads. He wants to hear what we need and must share with Him and not what we think He might want us to say.

4> Pray specifically. It seems that the Lord prayed about real life and real events and people. He still does as “He forever makes intercession on behalf of those being saved” (Hebrews 7:25). So must we or we will find the events and acitvities of life overwhelming as we attempt them in the flesh and without His help and frequent intervention.

So, if you will excuse me, time to go up the mountainside!

Mountains, Hills, and Trees

It is a Sunday. And I am soon heading to the state of Vermont in the United States. The Green Mountain state and the mountains are beautiful. This is where I spent a lot of time when I was growing up and where there is still a family “cottage” built in 1963. It is very basic, very much in need of repair and very soon to be sold. I have not been here for many years as I have lived in the west for 38 years and been away from this area since 1969 having lived in Toronto for a few years. Only ccasionally have a managed a visit to this wonderful state and our family hide-away.

I came east because of officiating at a family wedding yesterday. Today we took a few hours to drive from a subburb of Montreal to this wonderful, quiet and somewhat secluded location to simply have some extended time with several family members and some extra time with the Lord. Brought my Bible and my walking shoes – and still know my way around both the back roads and mountain trails and the many miles of waterfront I remember where some of the nicest spots are to sit and read and pray. It is a time simply to unwind and focus a bit on my relationship with the Lord as well as to listen intently for His plans for this international ministry He has called me to in the past few years. A ministry that is changing and evolving not to mention growing.

It was here in these mountains many years ago where I first settled my call to the ministry (1966) and where He first introduced me to His offer of a relationship as opposed to the religion I had embraced up until then (1977) and then His willingness to teach me how to pace myself and minister His way (1983).

It was right here that I read the whole New Testament in The Message Version – very new at that time – and read the words that brought fresh life and direction to my ministry then, as a pastor, and still today as an apostle. He spoke then and many times since through three verses that became mine the first time I read them in this version during a visit to this mountain many years ago. “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on relgion? Come to Me. Get away with Me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with Me – watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with Me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” (Matthew 11:28-30)

I preach on these verses. I teach many truths from these verses. But, most importantly, I live the truths contained in these verses. And here I am, once again, in the same place where He has met with me and spoken to me many times before – many times before. I look forward to what He will say this week and how He will be directing me both in my personal life and in my ministry. Before coming He promised that this would be a special and vey unique week for me and this ministry.

Love and Marriage – The Horse and Carriage

I am in Montreal, Quebec (central Canada) and have been for several days. I grew up here but left in 1969 to go to seminary in Toronto and then have lived in western Canada since graduating with my first Master’s degree in 1972. I use to return regularly to visit my mother but since her death three years ago last month I have not been back. I’m here for a family wedding being held today. My sister’s son.

Headlines like “Love and marriage are fading like the horse and carriage” ( and Statistics Canada reporting that the latest statistics show a continued and steady decline in married couples (traditional marriage) in Canada with a major increase in common-law and same-sex unions. Over half of all marriages (even long-term ones) end in divorce in Canada. Statistics for Christians living common-law before being married as well as the divorce rate for Christians are keeping pace and, in some locations, even outpacing those who do not claim to adhere to the Christian faith. It appears that society is changing rapidly in their views and practice of marriage. The horse and carriage are almost non-existant.

According to Wikipedia, the free on-line encyclopedia…

Christian views on marriage typically regard it as instituted and ordained by God for the lifelong relationship between one man as husband and one woman as wife, and is to be “held in honor among all….”[Hebrews 13:4]

Divorce or dissolution of marriage, is generally seen from a Christian perspective as less than the ideal, with specific opinions ranging from it being universally wrong to the notion that it sometimes is inevitable.

Traditionally, most have believed that the New Testament holds that sex is reserved for marriage. The New Testament is often thought to teach that sex outside of marriage is the sin of adultery (for the married person) if either sexual participant is married to another person. Voluntary sexual intercourse between persons not married to each other is traditionally-claimed to be the sin of fornication.

Now, in most cases, when a couple comes to a priest, minister or pastor today either one or both of them is divorced or one or both of them have been involved in a common law relationship (often even living together before their own marriage) or have had multiple sexual partners before hopefully settling down by choosing to be married. Most couples (in my experience 9 out of 10) do not attend a Church and are not part of the Christian community although they will state quite strongly that they are Christians. And, they are adament about wanting a Christian ceremony (whatever that may mean in their minds).

Of course we want to, like Christ, show them the love of God and yet uphold the Christian beliefs. We see this as an opportunity to declare the true Gospel and the need to respond and be born again. We hope that by accepting the people involved (yet not agreeing to the lifestyle) and being there for them that they will encounter and experience God’s love and acceptance. We see the actual ceremony as an opportunity to speak about marriage from God’s vantage point to many who never come to Church. And, for some of us who are soul winners, we see the reception, bar and dance afterwards as an opportunity to witness and evangelize one-on-one.

But, I am also realistic. After hundreds of wedding couples and ceremonies I am painfully aware that most couple are simply using the Church and the pastor and will not be seen or heard from again for many years, if ever. Doing weddings does not build the local church.

Today I am officiating at a wedding in the province of Quebec in the city of Joliette and my wife is officiating at a wedding in the province of Saskatchewan in the city of Regina. Both are couples we know, love, and have worked with. We are praying for them – and ask you to join us in doing the same.

Time To Get Out of the Hammock

The vast majority of Christians I know desire greater effectiveness and fruitfulness, yet they are in the dark as to how to accomplish it. Former efforts to share Jesus with others have produced little fruit and have seemed, at times, counterproductive. At times we wonder if anything works any more. Many of the formulas and methods we’ve used seem cold, rigid, and mechanical and, admit it, unproductive.

Unproductive because most do not receive the Gospel. Some do but we seldom see them become regular members of the local church and therefore wonder if they are truly saved or converted. Something needs to change. Drastic change is needed if we are ever going to fulfill the biblical mandate of every nation hearing the Gospel and all people having an opportunity to respond to the message of hope that we proclaim and share.

I believe, and I am not alone in stating this, that we have entered a time when there is a release of a “new wind” of spiritual influence that will encourage a generation of harvesters to go public with their testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. The new model of spiritual influence is based on John 5:19-20, which portrays a certain dynamic not normally seen in current-day evangelistic efforts and programs.

Jesus gave them this answer: “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, to your amazement he will show him even greater things than these. (NIV)

The same verses – The Message Version: So Jesus explained himself at length. “I’m telling you this straight. The Son can’t independently do a thing, only what he sees the Father doing. What the Father does, the Son does. The Father loves the Son and includes him in everything he is doing.

It is joining in on what the Father is already doing and picking up on what the Spirit is emphasizing that will bring the needed change to our evangelistic and soul-winning efforts. We need to become sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit and thus moving as directed and speaking prophetically into the lives of non-believers. We need to simply do what we see the Father doing and speak what we hear the Father saying. This is something every born again believer is able to do because we are in a relationship with the Father through the shed blood of Jesus. His sheep hear His voice (John 10) and Jesus told us that we have ears to hear and eyes to see as born again believers and followers of the Lord.

As we become totally dependant upon the Father in this way we will see many changes in the way we evangelize and we will definitely see many lives touched and even radically changed by God. Jesus told us that the things He did we can do also (John 14:12) as we do it under the same anointing and power that He used (The Baptism in the Holy Spirit – Acts 1:8). Jesus promised that “as we go into all the world” to fulfill the Father’s mandate to “seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10) that He would go with us. So, we simply need to go.

Failure to LAUNCH AND ENGAGE in this task would be disobedience. Failure to LAUNCH AND ENGAGE would mean that fear and not faith is a ruling force in your life. Failure to LAUNCH AND ENGAGE today’s generation will mean missing new opportunities that the Lord is offering His people. I fear missing out on new opportunities more than I fear stepping out. How about you?

Failure to LAUNCH AND ENGAGE means you are refusing to leave your comfort zone – your safe harbour of predictable routine and non-challenging life-style. Failure to LAUNCH AND ENGAGE means you have lost the cause that we were called to – to win the world for Jesus. Failure to LAUNCH AND ENGAGE means you have lost your forward momentum and are settling for stability and the status quo instead of entering into the greatest adventure offered to the human race.

The Christian faith is not for whimps. The Christian faith is not simply having “fire insurance” hoping that you are going to Heaven when you leave this life for the next. The Christian faith is following the Founder and He promised – stated clearly – that when we follow Him He will make us fishers of men (Matthew 4:19)

The Message Version tells us (Matthew 4:19-20) “Come with me. I’ll make a new kind of fisherman out of you. I’ll show you how to catch men and women instead of perch and bass.” They didn’t ask questions, but simply dropped their nets and followed.

Can we do less? I think not. Let’s drop all the religious programming and things that occupy our time, effort and money and do what it is we are called to do – follow Him and let Him do what He is good at – remaking us into His image and then we will become fishers of men.

With a new wind blowing it is time to get out of the hammock and catch the next wave of power as it comes ashore.

Partnering With God

When you share the Gospel, the power of God unto salvation, do you often feel like it is falling on deaf ears? Do you feel like you are talking to a brick wall? Ever thought that no one is interested in hearing truth these days so why bother trying? I mean, everyone is doing their own thing and most don’t even believe in God anymore. If they don’t want what I am offering and are not willing or even able to hear it – why do I keep trying?

If you have had thoughts like that – asked yourself questions like that – prayed to God in that mood – you are not alone. Many faithful believers and soul winners feel this way. But don’t give up being obedient and going witnessing. This is what we are commanded to do – to love our neighbors. Just remember that only God can answer the heartfelt sinister stalemate of the radically unchurched, the neo-atheist, or your lost relative, friend or neighbor. Only God knows what is on and in their hearts.

I had “given up” sort of on someone I have visited briefly several times a month over the last few years. Not interested in the Gospel I said to myself. Hard hearted and the seed is falling on hard ground and never getting to take root. A waste of my time. So, I had not seen this person in a good three months or maybe even somewhat longer. Then last Sunday I was driving home dodging hail storms and tornados and received a call on my cell phone. The long and the short of it – I will be having coffee with this person in mid-August at their invite. Ah! Maybe God is up to something.

And that is the key – God must be up to something in a person’s life and preparing them ahead of time to hear the Gospel or else we are seriously wasting our precious time and effort. This means that doubling our efforts and blindly going out and witnessing to anyone and everyone who will stop long enough to listen may not be the answer to our frustration and questions. And, may not bring any better results for all our increased effort then we have seen in the past.

Here’s a suggestion. In your time with the Lord in the morning ask the Lord to help you to be aware of what He is doing in people’s lives and in situations in which you will find yourself throughout the day. Ask Him to reveal the one or two people who are open and ready to listen and receive the Gospel. Ask Him to give you a word for or a prophetic sense about them. Then, when you become aware during the day who that person is – speak boldly what the Lord is showing you (prophesy) and watch your words release life and go straight to the heart as only a prophetic word can do. Speak to their potential, the opportunity God is giving them right there and then. Seize the moment.

In other words, change your approach to your neighborhood, work place, city or nation. See it the way God sees it. Change what you are thinking about those who you have tried to win to the Lord who have simply turned you off or rejected your message. Don’t look at what has been – look at the potential instead of the problem of hard hearts or lack of interest in the Gospel. Remember, when you are prophesying you are speaking to their potential and giving them an opportunity to say yes to what God is wanting to do for them, in them, and then through them. Speak His prophetic word and aim straight for the heart.

Ezekiel was told to prophesy toward (or over) that which obviously could not hear (not just would not hear), yet God caused them to become what was spoken. That valley went from a “to the bone” death camp to a vast vibrant army. The same will happen through you if you will ask the Lord to show you the one (or more) person He has been preparing to hear the Gospel and to make you sensitive to His voice so that you will recognize this person when you are with them during the day. Pray and ask God to give you a prophetic word for that person and then, when the opportunity is right, speak what God has revealed to you and watch the transformation begin. Be ready, as well, to present the Gospel because the situation will change very rapidly and you will, most likely, have an opportunity to witness and share the Gospel.

We have entered a time when the gift of prophecy is being strongly connected to our call to evangelize. And prophetic evangelism takes you on a journey of insight and discovery on a daily basis – showing you that there is a quality of experience waiting for you that will trigger a quantity of result. In other words, you wil lenjoy what you are doing more and more each day (quality) and more and more people will hear and respond to the Gospel (quantity).

Remember, we are all able to prophesy as the Bible states “you can prophesy.” And, all believers are called to “go into al lthe world and share the Gospel…” So, God is now joining those two callings together to enable you and I to evangelize supernaturally.

Although the miracle of the bones could only be affected by the divine power, God desired the prophetic utterance of a human vessel. As Ezekiel prophesied to the bones, supernatural breath came into them. This breath brought life and mobilized them. This is what the Gospel proclamation is all about – speaking life into those who are without life. This scene gives us a picture of prophetic evangelism and the impact that awaits a new breed of Spirit-led harvesting.

An Encounter on Air Canada Flight to Toronto

I have just arrived in Toronto Airport after a three hour plus flight from Regina to this city. I have been here many times before and went instinctively to the nearest Tim Horton’s for a cup of good coffee. Air flight coffee literally sucks. I am enjoying a good cup of coffee while blogging.

I was planning to sit down for a good three hour read on the plane. I was looking forward to it, in fact. Ah! Quiet time – feeding time. There was a lady in my seat and so I asked her the seat and row number she was suppose to be in. One seat over – she could not read the symbols as to which seat was C and which was B. She moved over. Obviously she has not flown too often so I said hi and started a general conversation – where are you going, how come, for how long. It’s like a recording when you fly a lot. I was not looking for a conversation as I wanted to (needed to) read. The conversation ended and I settled in to my book somewhat relieved.

A few minutes later she looked over and saw the title of the book – The Second Resurrection – and asked me if I was a minister. I admitted I was and that the t-shirt and blue jeans were simply a disguise as I was working undercover for the Lord today. We jumped right in – she asked me what happens when someone dies. She lost her husband a few months ago and is wondering where he is. She is a nominal Lutheran who lives in Moose Jaw. Open door – could not resist.

Three hours later we are landing in Toronto and we are still talking. Conversation included – resurrection, Heaven, Hell, life after death, judgment for sins, good works as a way to get to Heaven, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Christianity versus religion, the priesthood, homosexuality, tattoos, church planting, the network of churches I work with and what “kind of” churches they are, the need to know Jesus personally, the death and resurrection of Jesus as the payment for our sins, the need to walk with Jesus every day so that there is a constant growth in one’s character and spiritual life…. drinking, drugs, gambling, churches in Moose Jaw where she lives, neighbors who smoke even after removal of a lung, addictions, work in Russia, modern technology, narrowmindedness of born again believers, the Bible, what it means to have faith in, young people and their culture, post-Christian country we live in … the list is almost endless.

However, I did manage to get the gospel out three of four times during the long and winding road of a conversation. It was not what I wanted – I simply wanted some quiet to read. However, when the Holy Spirit opens the door – I always jump in. In hindsight it was a lot of fun.

I ask you to pray for Linda as she continues her journey to Halifax and to faith in Jesus…

I’m Safe – You’re Doomed

Someone once said:
“Talk at me and you’ll talk alone
Talk to me and I’ll listen
Talk about me and I’ll listen for hours.”

Here’s a hint for anyone sharing Jesus with those who don’t know Him. Don’t talk down to people. You are not a bearer of Good News if your message comes across as “I’m perfect and safe and you are doomed.” Don’t talk at a person because then you are treating them as a target and as another notch on your Gospel gun. They are not some trophy to be displayed. They are a human being made in God’s image with an eternal soul inside of them.

Secondly, don’t just talk to a person. Listen first and find out something about them. Remember, this is about them and not about you. And don’t constantly relate what they are saying back to your life and thus cut them off so you can share out of “empathy.” Get your counselling and feel good sessions elsewhere. Listen carefully and hear what they are saying and how they are saying it – tired, excited, determined, satisfied… Then you will be able to talk to them at their level about what is happening in their life and relate it to the Gospel and their eternal destiny. Note the number of “their” and the lack of “you” or “I”). Keep yourself and your stuggles and victories to yourself. It is not about you – it is about the person you are talking with and Jesus and the possible relationship they might have if you share the Gospel and they receive it.

Having listened – not you can talk about them and they will listen, literally for hours. But, again, talk to them about Jesus. If you have to mention what He has done in your life – briefly and get right to the point. Long stories centered on your experience are not helpful. Your whole testimony – from sinner to saint – should never occupy more than two or three minutes of any conversation (any longer and you are boring them – your life story to them is boring).

Actress Lisa Kirk is quoted as saying: “A gossip is one who talks to you about others; a bore is one who talks to you about himself; and a brilliant conversationalist is one who talks to you about yourself.”

She understood human nature very well. Take heed believer and watch your success rate go up. You will get to share the Gospel much more often.

The Three Basics of Effective Witnessing

There are three S’s when it comes to evangelism – with family members, close friends, work associates or simple strangers you meet and have an opportunity to share with. The three S’s of friendly fishing or effective evangelism. These actually work for any form of communication but are especially important when it comes to evangelism and influencing people to move across the line of faith.

1> Have a smile

You warm up the atmosphere if you will simply smile as you approach the person you are hoping to share with. If your face makes it look like this is a serious effort and strickly a discipline; if your face looks like you are nervous and uptight; if your face looks like this is the last thing on earth you would really want to be doing… your body language will instantly warn the person you are approaching to put their guard up and go into a defensive position.

Remember, you have GOOD news to share – not bad news. You are about to make them an offer that anyone in their right mind would not refuse (see 2 Corinthians 4:4). You are bringing hope to them and giving them an opportunity to secure their eternal destination. So smile as you are bringing to them a great message that they need to hear.

2> Keep it simple

When you present the Gospel it is the old K.I.S.S. routine – Keep It Simple Saints. The Good News is profound, it is signifigant, it is powerful, it is life-changing. But it can be none of those things if it is not presented in a way that the person listening can actually understand it. Don’t complicate the basic Gospel. Don’t try to impress people with what you know. Don’t use Church words (Christianeze) or even Bible words without defining them – and most of the words we use that the average person would not know the meaning of can be explained without using the technical term. Remember, you are not talking to believers. Just talk in the normal street language of your area and learn to communicate biblical truths simply.

3> Say it slowly

Because it is not new to you and you speak about the Gospel a lot you will tend to move quickly through the presentation of the Good News. Or, if you are nervous, you will move quickly through your content. Not good. Move slowly. Allow room for questions. Let them ask if they need clarification of something you said. Repeat yourself frequently as people don’t always remember what you said or how one point connects to the next. So, go slow.

Nothing earthshattering. Just three simple hints that I have learned over the years that I have been sharing the Gospel – and often need to relearn.

Several Sundays ago I was sharing the Gospel with some people at a camp ground. Maybe 10 in total. And because I knew a good number of them were believers I rushed through the presentation… Later as I listened to one lady and her sister pack up their trailer to go as they had another place to be early in the evening and heard them fighting, swearing, almost coming to blows (do I see a fist fight breaking out)… I realize that I went through the Gospel too fast because I made a wrong assumption (that everyone was born again) and didn’t want to bore the believers. The Gospel is never boring.

So always share the Gospel every opportunity you have – do so with a smile on your face, do so simply even though it is a profound message, and speak slowly allowing time for your words to sink in and their questions to rise to the surface.