Airports Are Not My Favorite Places

I left Kirovograd, Ukraine Monday morning at 10:00 and arrived home in Regina, Saskatchewan at 3:30a on Wednesday if we simply count the hours by the original time zone that I was in in Ukraine. A total of almost 2 days – does not sound as bad if you take into account the same 9 hours lived twice (9 time zones) and that, by the clock, I arrived home after 6:00p on Tuesday evening. Welcome to international air travel and the inevitable “airport”. Kiev airport – 2.5 hour wait; Frankfort airport – 3.5 hour wait; Toronto airport – was to be a 3 hour wait but it turned into almost 4.5 hours due to a plane arriving late, a need for oil in engines (a need discovered after we boarded), another delay to remove checked and loaded baggage of some passengers who were suppose to be on the plane and were ‘no shows’.

Arrival was followed by a brief time with assorted family members (a great way to come home), a good supper with a terrific wife, a few episodes of a favorite television show “Murder She Wrote” with the advertisements missing, and then some time to do laundry and unpack from two weeks plus on the road. Sleep did not come easy do to being past “tired” and the pain in the legs and feet caused by two days of sitting and flying and, yes, “airports.”

So, today is your dreaded “jet lag” day when body and mind are still weary, functioning on a different time zone, and not coordinated. Not a day to make decisions or do anything too important or earthshattering.

Don’t let anyone tell you that going on apostolic trips overseas is glorious – as many have that impression. It is wonderful to travel for Jesus, lives are powerfully changed and this is good, you gain some great friends and have some terrific experiences, you are being obedient to the Lord and fulfilling the Great Commission to “go into all the world…” But, it can be tiring and very mundane in many of the features connected to the preaching of the life changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

Airports are simply not my favourite places…

No Internet Connection In Toronto

I am in the air again – flying out of Frankfurt to Toronto on my way to Regina. It has been a long trip so far and being awake for 29 hours so far is not helping I am sure. Just 16 hours left to go and I’m home and then I can sleep. On a newer plane that has plugs for laptop computers and so I can work on my sermons (2) for Sunday if the turbulence is not too bad. I have an outline for one and need to expand it fully and finish it as I computerize my rough notes written on my legal pad during the last flight from Kiev to Frankfurt from an initial outline during one of the times I was not teaching at the School and the Lord gave me the original idea I’m working on.

The apostolic trip is over and it is back to normal life – well, maybe travelling overseas and back constantly is or will become normal life for this older apostle. In some ways I hope so as I do enjoy what I am doing and can see how it is benefitting many of the young people we are working with and the churches that welcome us. However, when you reach the end of two weeks of travel and ministering and all that comes with it – meeting new people, strange beds, different foods, screwed-up eating schedules …. you get to wondering why you are still doing this when most people your age are retired. The answer, when you get rested up a bit more, is that God has called me to do this and empowers and enables me to accomplish all that is involved in each of these trips. Still, slowing down and simply writing a book and actually getting to read more than I manage to do currently sounds appealing on travel days like today.

On trips such as this one we receive immediate feedback as to the blessing the ministry has been to those involved in learning and growing. We hear stories of how what they are learning is immediately impacting their lives and that they can see how to implement the truths in their ministry when they arrive back home. We receive further feedback from people in attendance in the way of written testimonies anywhere from a week or more after the event has ended. Always amazing what the Lord is doing through our simple teachings and the prophetic ministry that is on-going.

We took a taxi to the bus stop in Kirovograd where we caught the bus into Kiev yesterday. As we were waiting for the bus to leave the taxi driver asked us the pray for him. The team members with me prayed as requested and that was really all I was planning to do as I was tired and really wanted time off and not more work. However, as I prayed it quickly flipped into a prophetic word for the man. We left immediately upon ending the ministry time standing there in the parking lot next to the bus. We later heard via a phone call that the Word had truly blessed the man and impacted him. It is always good to hear back from those on the receiving end of the ministry.

As testimonies begin to come in of lives impacted and ministries changed we will post them on line – some in the section on-line called “Apostolic Trips” and some will be posted as blogs for your enjoyment.

Blogs will now go back to my regular commentaries and insights into current situations that the Church and the Kingdom face every day (as posted earlier today). We will post several updates and ‘lessons learned’ on this apostolic trip – later after I have had time to think out all that has transpired.

Again, thanks for praying and financially supporting the work of this ministry. Your continued support would also be greatly appreciated.

Ukraine May 2010

The middle of May (May 18 to June 2) I returned to Eastern Europe – specifically to the nation of Ukraine. Bob MacDonald from the city of Saskatoon came with me on this trip and we ministered in two places. Of course, some of my team of young apostles and prophets joined us for hands-on practice and training in each location.

In the first city we taught the Walk In the Supernatural Seminar. Three of us taught during these three days – Bob, Miroslav (my administrator for Eastern Europe and an apostle by calling) and myself. Read more

The Way Up Is Down

Jesus taught His followers that His Kingdom was different than what they could see working in the domain of darkness. That the Kingdom worked by principles that were different than the ones used to function in the world. That the Kingdom He rules functions opposite to the way that the world His followers know did. The way “up” is “down.”

I like the way that Leonard Sweet put it…

“The Lifted Up One, the One who sits high and walks low … (taught us that)….
The way up is down
The way in is out
The way first is last
The way of success is service
The way of attainment is relinquishment
The way of strength is weakness
The way of security is vulnerability
The way of protection is forgiveness (even seventy times seven)
The way of life is the way of death – death to self, society, family
Know your strengths. Why? Because that’s the only way you can lay them down
God’s power is made perfect …where? In our weakness
Want to get the most? Go to where the least is
Want to be free? Give complete control to God
Want to become great? Become least
Want to discover yourself? Forget your self…
Want to ‘get even’ with enemies? Bless and love them…”
(Leonard Sweet in “Jesus Drives Me Crazy” – page 16)

Too often, when looking at the way that believers live and work non-believers cannot see much, if any, difference between their own lifestyle and that of those who confess Jesus as Lord. This should not be the case. The way of life for believers and followers of Jesus should be so radically different than the way others live that the difference is not only seen but tasted. Jesus said, “taste and see…” and when the world does this they often don’t “taste” or “see” anything different in the life of a lot of their friends and co-workers whom call themself followers of The Way!

Today may be a good day to spend a few minutes taking a closer look at the way we live as believers and followers of Jesus and see if others could notice differences in the way that you live compared to the thoughts, words and deeds of those who are non-believers in He who said that “The Way Up Is Down.”