The Unsung Heros

There are always numberous unsung heros who make a trip to a foreign nation possible and without whom nothing would or could happen. Pictured to the side is one such hero – Miroslav. He is my interpreter on my many trips into the former Soviet Union without whom I would be unable to minister or even communicate with most of those in attendance and those that we meet with. A few speak some English but an interpreter is an absolute necessity for someone such as myself who has yet to master a working knowledge of the Russian language although I am slowly working at it. Miroslav ends up being my shadow day and night, every day. The only time I am without him is when the day is done and we are having our devotional times and then sleep…

Not only is he interpreting but he has also begun to teach. This allows me to have a break from teaching as he covered several teaching sections during one of the weeks which allowed me time to do some preparation for opportunities to speak that were popping up – Maundy Thursday of Holy Week service, the university lecture, and other new and unplanned opportunities to share the Word of the Lord. This also helps his gifts and callings to develop as he begins to work as an apostle in the Kingdom of God more and more.

On this recent trip to Belarus there were several others who worked really hard to allow the two weeks to be such a powerful blessing – Elena (Miroslav’s wife) who translated for me on numberous occasions – both when in the pulpit and one-on-one as I ministered to or met with various individuals. She was with us for almost a whole week and a real blessing to the ministry – including teaching a whole segment on one day while I was away (with Miroslav) at the university teaching a class and meeting with various professors.

As well, a young man from Kiev who hosts us when we are in that city on our way home to Canada (we take over his apartment, eat, share fellowship, have some sleep before leaving for the airport at 2:00 a.m. and most importantly use his shower to clean up before spending two days in airports and planes…). Oleg took a week off work and joined us, working with us on our prophetic ministry team as well as interpreting several teachings for me so Miroslav and Elena could have some time to simply sit. He understands and translates English very, very well … he speaks it with less certainty but is improving the more he has opportunity to use English while with us.

Then there are those who prepared meals … Those who cleaned the building every day … those who led worship three times a day … those who made sure the speaker had an ample supply of cold Diet Coke … those who work hard to find us a way to connect to the internet through our own computers (changes in each nation) … the sound man … those who trouble shoot “difficult people” so we don’t have to … those that make sure that the ministry stops when the service is over and help us to work our way through the crowd so that we do not have to prophesy again and again… so many people to thank and without whom trips like this recent one to the nation of Belarus would simply not be possible.

Thank you to all the many, many unsung heros.

The Creative Power of the Gift of Prophecy

The Gift of Prophecy – the prophetic Word – when spoken over a person’s life carries with it the power to perform what is spoken (Isaiah 55:11). It is an amazing supernatural Word that has the following qualities…

* Personal prophecy is creative: 

The Bible teaches that all personal prophecy is first and foremost creative in nature.

This means it possesses the innate (built-in) dynamic (energy or force) to bring critical circumstances and strategic situations into existence— that is, to actually create them! Specifically, personal prophecy creates life— the life of God (His will and purpose) in a believer’s life. Read more

Supernatural Seminar (A Report and An Advertisement)

This past weekend we assembled almost 30 people from four areas – Regina, Wolseley, Moose Jaw and Fort Qu’Appelle and studied how to walk, as Christians, in the supernatural. (picture) This “Walk in the Supernatural Seminar” has been taught in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus and has recently been updated and improved and will, this week, be offered for sale as a full manual (with all the teacher’s notes) on the need to be supernatural and to minister in the prophetic (the Bible states that “you can all prophesy”) on line in our store. The proceeds of the sale (and the seminar) go to our mission work overseas in the former Soviet Union.

Those who take this seminar always report that it has changed their lives and the way they see the Church and their ministry within the Church. Follow-up meetings with those who attended from several out-of-town locations are already in the planning stages and we hope to expand the impact and influence that this seminar has by teaching it again in some of these other locations (watch the calendar section of the web site to find out where it will be held next).

All those who take the seminar receive a password to allow them to open additional free on-line resources regarding the prophetic. New resources will be added almost weekly and anyone who has paid to attend the seminar will be able to continue their training in the prophetic and the supernatural by downloading these free resources that will teach them and help them to grow in their gifts and callings. This is, of course, within line with our calling here at Ralph Howe Ministries to be “Loving God, Equipping People, Mentoring Leaders, Reaching Nations.”

The course is also being translated into Russian and will be available on the Russian section of our web as a download at a very nominal cost (due to the economy there). Again, we believe that people value what they have to invest money in and so we ask those in our “mission field” to pay a nominal cost for their download. Our staff in Eastern Europe will be translating all the weekly articles and teachings into Russia so that these resources will also be available for those who take the full course overseas (it will be taught in May in the city of Dnepropetrovsk and for the first time students will receive a manual of the material in their own language).

Needless to say we are excited about these developments and the opportunity to teach God’s people to be supernatural in a very normal and natural way – not in some superspiritual and spooky way that ends up giving bad press to the Christian faith.

If you would like to host a seminar in your area – you need a minimum of 10 people to be in attendance. Each person is expected to pay a reasonable fee for taking the course. Those hosting are responsible for the facilities, the noon meal on Saturday, coffee breaks, a hotel room and meals for the speaker, milage re. his transportation to and from your area as well as the cost of the production of the manual ($4.50 each). The registration fee is used to fund ministry, outreach, and mission projects of this ministry both in North America and overseas.

This weekend this seminar is being held in the city of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. For more information you can call our office at (306) 536-9741 or the pastor of the host church (Sharon) at (306) 764-7840.

Three Secrets to Personal Prophecy

Secret One: Faith Is Required! Every Time!

Let’s be clear on something: A continuous positive response— a “step of faith”— is always necessary for a personal prophecy to be fulfilled. If you give up on your personal prophecy, your personal prophecy will give up on you! Read more

Biblical Limitations (Boundaries) to the Prophetic

There are Nine Biblical Boundaries to Prophecy

Limitations is a good word

                Speed limits on the roads in town are good as they protect life

                So with the prophetic  – limits to it protect us from spiritual hard

                                Speed limit when obeyed – keeps people safe

                                 Prophetic boundaries when properly understood keep people safe

I know 8 or 9 of them – We stumbled upon them as I spoke at length with a friend – prophet


Read more

Unstated Conditions of Prophetic Words

All Prophecy Presupposes that the Candidate Will:

                   [Unstated Conditions to Be Fulfilled for Your Prophetic Word to Come to Pass]

  • Make (or has already made) Jesus Christ Lord and Savior of his life (John. 3:3).
  • Obey the Bible, following its God-breathed instructions from the heart – living a godly life—sincerely working the whole book – understanding Christianity is a “package deal” an “all or none” spiritual proposition. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

Read more

What to do Now that You Have Recieved a Prophetic Word

What to do with your Personal Prophecy:

  • At first, do nothing until your emotions have settled and you can begin to look at your word a little more objectively
  • However, if you continue to do nothing – which is what some people do – the word will not become a reality in your life
  • Some would then call it a “false prophecy” however, it is not a  ‘false prophecy’ – you just failed to co-operate with it

Read more

Christians Cautiously Hopeful About Ukraine’s New President

Some Christians are cautiously optimistic that religious freedom will not wane under Ukraine’s new president, Viktor Yanukovych, a pro-Russia leader defeated in 2004 as a result of the Orange Revolution democracy protests. Photo: Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych

Leaders Week in Belarus

Pictured is part of those in attendance at our leaders week in Mogilev, Belarus several weeks ago. We met for 6 days and talked about leadership issues in the church today and the need for the church to become supernartural in nature so as to influence and win more people to the Lord. Meetings were held three times a day and were packed with worship, teaching and prophetic ministry. These men and women were hungry for the Lord and powerfully impacted by each and every meeting.

These leaders came from a number of cities and towns; they were from a number of denomnational (they are called “unions” there) backgrounds; they ranged in age from 20 to 70; males and females; leaders as well as leaders-in-training; local and trans-local in emphasis. Of course, we had a few “want-to-be” leaders who were simply not leaders but the Lord sorted things like this out for us. They came at great cost to themselves as most had jobs other than pastoring to earn a living and so simply took a leave of absence without pay to spend a week with us learning and growing. They lived in people’s frontrooms, in the pentecostal church next door to the building we were using, any place they could that didn’t cost additional money – sleeping where they could, they ate when given the opportunity (we were feeding them what we could when we could in a makeshift kitchen as we had not offered meals but didn’t want people to be hungry ….) and never complained once. Not once! They were simply content with what was and happy to be able to worship, learn and be ministered to.

It was an honor to serve these men and women – to pray with them, teach them, minister prophetically and bless them with a now Word of the Lord. Every meeting was well received; people were seriously engaged each time with whatever was being taught and discussed; they stayed behind and even arrived early for added fellowship which often slipped into an additional worship time … it was amazing to watch and even more amazing to be a part of this literal ‘move of the Spirit’ that happened three times a day every day during our leaders week in Belarus. God is so good.

Thank you for praying and supporting this ministry through your prayers and financial gifts. Through your partnership (both in prayer and with your finances) you are having a major impact on this nation of Belarus – an influence that continues to grow daily. Our plans are to revisit the nation in May of 2011 and work with both leaders and youth over a two week period teaching them prophetic evangelism. Your prayers for this project would be greatly appreciated as planning is already in motion.

Ministry is Serving

One of the unsung heros of my recent trip to Belarus was a young lady who ministered for many hours each day without recognition and without thanks. She was not upfront speaking or ministering. She was not prophesying over those in attendance or ministering in a prayer line. But nonetheless she was ministering powerfully for the Lord at each and every service and event.

This young lady – my unsung hero – was sitting at the back of the conference each service translating what I was saying into a third language for those “listening” to her. Up front I was teaching in English and the person interpreting (there were four in total doing a wonderful job in helping me to communicate) was speaking Russian. The young lady at the back was signing – she was using her hands to speak to those in attendance who were deaf and often unable to speak as well.

She was keeping pace with a rapidly moving conference and sharing with a sizable group everything that was being said and sung. Amazing. Powerful. Emotionally and spiritually moving. She was the real hero of these sessions – the quiet and loving witness for the Lord who was not seeking recognition or thanks but was simply serving the Living Lord in her own ways as best she could. It was beautiful to see and be a part of. A real blessing.

Too often we are impressed with the person up front. They receive all the recognition and get all the praise for the conference’s success. Yet, there are so many quiet “little people” who make a conference or school a success.

In this recent trip there was the pastor’s wife who fed many of those in attendance even though finding a place to eat was the responsibility of those in attendance and not the organizers. She saw a ned and met it. There was the young man on the soundboard who missed two weeks of school to make sure things were heard and recorded. There were those who led worship three times a day – the worship teams being made up of a number of local churches and some leaders from other cities all working together. Then there were those who arrived late in the evening to clean the building for the next day … on and on the list of unsung heros goes.

My point – ministry is simply serving and many people serve and never get noticed but without them it would be impossible for people like me to minister and impact cities and nations.

So, thanks to all the unsung heros – God notices your selfless serving and is well pleased with your touching others with His love and in His Name. May we all learn from you that ministry is simply serving and may we serve others every opportunity we receive to do so.