The Basics – The Bible

Not only must we go back to walking by F.R.O.G. (see yesterday’s blog – Ministering the Faith By Faith) but it is also time to go back to another basic – the Bible. Man’s wisdom has been tried in the modern Church and found to be lacking. It is not up to the task of spreading the gospel to every nation and every people group in every nation. So, it is time to get back to the basics of reading, studying, understanding, applying (obeying) and declaring God’s Word – the Bible. Back to the Bible! Believing, living and sharing God’s Word!

Understand me – I am not talking about reading and studying it and finding or designing some great teaching to wow and impress people with as you share your “discovery”. We have more than enough of that going on. I am not suggesting we read and study it to find some strange thing to teach from some obscure verse somewhere. That already happens much too frequently and forms the basis for many a book that should have never been published and certainly never labeled as “Christian”. I am not suggesting an investment of time getting to know all the minute details of each and evey story contained in the Bible so we can impress people with our knowledge of the Bible facts and details. Nor am I suggesting a systematic reading of the Bible so that we read it from cover-to-cover in 12 months. Nonsense, all of it!

Back to the Bible basics means we read God’s Word to come to know the Author – God! Every other book can be read for its information and content but the Bible is not a part of that group of “other books”. It is unique among all the books on the planet. It is God’s Word and was written and recorded to reveal God and His heart towards His people. So, we need to read it on a regular basis within the context of our relationship with Him. We need to read it, not to master the content as good as that may be, but to get to know the Master, the Author both personally and intimately.

If you are a teacher of the Word – pastor, preacher, teacher, Sunday School teacher, home group leader, youth group leader, parent, elder – when you read the Bible you too are simply trying to come to know the Author. Your preparation for teaching others the Word of God must arise out of your own personal and intimate relationship with the living God which is fed by the Word.

And, may I add, when you read the Word of God remember the reason you are doing so is not to gain information but to allow the Holy Spirit to transform you. If you teach the Bible – you are teaching it for life change – not just to impart information, doctrines, or principles. Your target is not the head but the heart.

The Bible teaches that “Scripture is given and is profitable that the person of God may be complete, equipped.” That is simply 2 Timothy 3:16-17 with the adjectives and descriptive phrases and subjective clauses removed. In other words – the true meaning of the verses. Scripture has been given to us by God so that those who follow Him can be complete (more like Jesus-made into the image of Jesus – character development) and equipped (to do what Jesus did – see John 14:12).

So, teacher or student – when we teach and when we are learning – remember that the whole purpose of the exercise is that we may be changed so as to be complete and equipped. There is a reason for God wanting us to “study to show yourself approved, a workman who rightly handles the Word of truth, one who need never be ashamed” (2 Timothy 2:15). God wants us to be transformed into the image of His Son and become a well equipped worker in the harvest field doing what His Son came to do – “seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10).

It is time to focus once again on the basics.

Ministering the Faith by Faith

When you begin to move in the gift of prophecy, like most things in the Christian walk, you must step out in faith. The Bible states in Romans 12 that one of the motivatrion gifts is prophecy and that if this is your motivation you must prophesy acording to your proportion of faith. In fact, however, everything we do in the Christian walk is by faith as “without faith it is impossible to please God“.

There are many definitions of faith – the key one being the book of Hebrews, Chapter eleven… Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1 NIV).

You could also define faith as:

Luke 1:45 NIV Faith is believing what the Lord has said to us will be accomplished

Romans 4:20-21 Faith is being fully persuaded that God has power to do what He has promised.

Acts 27:23-25 NIV Faith is believing that things will happen just as He has told us.

Hebrews 11:11 Faith is considering Him faithful who has made the promise

But the one I like the best is the one I just recently heard … Faith is simply F.R.O.G.
F = Fully
R = Rely
O = On
G = God

That is how you begin to move in the gift of prophecy … by faith. In fact, that is truly how you do just about everything in the Christian faith – by faith. By simply believing God. When I was first saved we had a saying which I still believe and use (obviously). God said it, I believe it, that settles it. Good definition of basic faith.

So much that we see today in the life of Christians and the Church is not achieved by faith. We have much man-made wisdom, programming, personalities, technology, and hype – but little faith. Is it any wonder that the Christian “faith” is losing ground in North America in spite of the number of churches and the size of some of them. Man’s wisdom won’t do it. The task of “going into all the world…” is a supernatural one and can never be achieved in the natural. I like what Paul said (1 Corinthians 2:4-5): “My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on men’s wisdom, but on God’s power.

He came and ‘demonstrated’ that his message, the gospel, was true by demonstrating (manifesting, putting on public display, exhibiting) it was by releasing God’s power so that miracles, signs and wonders could confirm the message. Not “wise and persuasive words … men’s wisdom” but God’s Word declared simply and powerfully by faith so God could back it by power.

At the end of the letter to the Romans Paul again states (Romans 15:18-19): “I will not venture to speak of anything except what Christ has accomplished through me in leading the Gentiles to obey God by what I have said and done – by the power of signs and miracles, through the power of the Spirit. So from Jerusalem all the way around to Illyricum, I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ.”

This, I believe, is where we need to go today in the Church – back to the basics of ministering the faith by faith and “fully proclaiming the gospel“. Less of man and more of God. I’m ready and, in my ministry, I have made the decision to do just that.

I am going to “FROG-it” from now on. Care to join with me. Let’s start a new movement … and do it an old way.

Ukraine in Review #3

Jet lag can be a deadly thing. I have been home a few days now from my recent trip to Ukraine and only this morning do I feel like I have recovered from the 61.5 hours in transit, lack of sleep, too much sitting, 8 time zones (thus flying into the sunrise for a whole morning), and the mis-treatment of airline staff who really don’t care. Last night I crashed and got a long and deep sleep and so feel that I am back on Canadian time and ready to get back to some of my regular work (finally).

We continue to receive emails from those who were touched by the Lord during our recent visit to the great nation of Ukraine. Feedback is coming from all three cities where we ministered. It has come from Church staff, those who attended the conferences and services, as well as from our team members. It is all very encouraging and heart-warming. As we receive written permission to use some of these testimonies and feedback we will add some of them to the daily blog and continued feedback from this last trip in the hope that it may encourage you as well. The Lord is alive and well and moving mightily in His Church around the world and in the hearts of people everywhere.

While flying home I read two great books (I don’t sleep on planes or in airports). Jumping Through Fires by David Nasser and My Father, Maker of the Trees by Eric Irivuzumugabe. Both autobiographies from young believers who overcame great odds in their lives and are now making an international difference for Jesus Christ in the lives of others in many nations.

My Father, Maker of the Trees is the story of Eric Irivuzumugabe and how he, as a 12 year old, survived the Rwandan Genocide when over a million of his tribe (the Tutsi) were slaughtered by the Hutu (another tribe). Now, at the age of 27, he writes about those 12 days when he fled and hit while most of the 43 members of his family were butchered. This is the journey of a young boy who believed that God did not care, was not loving, and therefore did not help him and was thus unworthy to worship and follow – to a young man who is a believer and now in full-time ministry helping to bring healing to those who went through this genocide. Heart-wrenching and heart-warming – this is a story that you cannot read without being touched and changed forever. This book ministers to the heart and soul of the reader and makes you want to shout praises to God who, in the midst of one of the worse human disasters in living memory, redeemed the pain and destruction and made something good of it as only our God can do. A good read.

Jumping Throught Fires is the story of a young man (David Nasser) who was forced to flee Iran during the 1979 Revolution when Iran became a radical Muslim state and tens of thousands died or fled. With his family he journeyed to the United States where, after witnessing the destructive power of religion, he turned from God and began to struggle with the peer pressure of his new culture as he tries to fit in to a vastly different culture – the American South. An honest look at the Church, the culture and his own soul leads David to an encounter with God as he embraces the Christian faith and begins to answer the call on his life to minister this life-changing Gospel to others. Struggling with rejection from his Muslim family he makes a new life for himself and eventually over the years has the joy of seeing his whole family, one at a time, come to know the One True God as seen in Jesus Christ. A book of emotional ups-and-downs that will have you laughing and crying, rejoicing and dispairing … a seriously great read. You will need facial tissue or a handkerchief while reading.

Plane rides and jet lag are not fun – but they are part of the rality of overseas ministry … but those long hours (days) in airports and on planes can be put to good use as it allows for some uninterrupted time to read and think….

Currently reading “From Head-Hunters to Church Planters” about an amazing spiritual awakening in Nagaland among the many Naga tribes. Tremendously moving – a real thriller…but that’s another blog for another day.

Ambushed With Opportunities

All you have to do is authentically follow Christ in your own life and ask him to ambush you with opportunities, then trust that he’s going to use you to tell others about Him in spite of (and sometimes even because of) your shortcomings, foibles, and quirks.

Simply put, our role is this: to follow Him daily because He said: “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” Not fishing – not following! And not to follow Him at a distance – but to walk with Him up close.

Simply put, our role is this: to be ready and willing – because God is always able.

Simply put, our role in this: We need to be intentional about this and it needs to be a daily activity as we go about our everyday normal activities. Not a program.

Simply put, our role is this: to be yourself – and the best you that you can be with His help. Be real, not super-spiritual and certainly not spooky.

Simply put, our role is this: to love, accept and forgive people so that they come to trust us and thus we earn the opportunity to share the gospel with them.

Simply put, our role is this: We need to hang out with non-Christians which may mean spending less time with Christians and doing Christian activities – even Church things.

Simply put our role is this: we need to learn to listen as most of us talk too much and don’t stay focused on the person we are talking to. We often use what they are saying to then share what we went through and how we felt and how we solved the problem (Mr. and Mrs. Fix-it) then get so wrapped up in ourselves that we lose the focus and the purpose of the time together – sharing the gospel and their salvation.

So, it is time to ask the Lord to ambush you with opportunities to tell others about the night-and-day difference that Jesus has and is making in your life (1 Peter 2:9 The Message Version). And be aware that this will mean major change for your life style and for your heart. But, good change!

Ukraine in Review #2

The Psalmist states:
I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart;
I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.
I will be glad and exult in you;
I will sing praise to your name,
O Most High …
The Lord has made Himself known.”
Psalm 9:1,2,16a

I read this recently early one morning while in Ukraine working in a local church and seeing God’s hand touch people in amazing ways. As I did I started to cry…

I paused and gave thanks unto the Lord WITH MY WHOLE HEART – I mean “my whole heart” as it overflowed with thanksgiving for His love and graciousness – that He was using this ministry to touch so many lives in a very powerful, permanent, eternal manner.

I realized that if I started to recount all His wonderful deeds – even from the church I was currently working with – I would miss the morning session of the conference I was teaching at. I had seen and heard so many things – too numerous to mention. Wonderful things that impacted individuals and the Kingdom mightily.

I sat there in the stillness of the little room where I was staying and was simply “glad” and spent time “exulting in Him” … and His presence entered the room and my heart, enveloped me in a special way and I was able to know – deeply realize – that He was thanking me for allowing Him to touch so many and for being faithful in the little things He had given this ministry to do during this visit to the great nation of Ukraine. He was thanking me while I was trying to find the words to thank Him! And I thought out loud: “Gracious God, how awesome You are and how wonderful is Your Name in all the earth!”

This led me to stop reading the Psalms and simply sit there and raise my hands and praise His Name. “There is no One like You, Jesus; no One – no not One. You are so precious, so special, so loving, so forgiving, so merciful, so powerful, so magnificent, so so so…” and I simply began to weep.

Truly He had made Himself known in every service and in every heart.
Truly He had made Himself known to me right there and right then.
Truly He had made Himself known to believer and non-believer in each service, to pastors and people, to those who came as skeptics and those who attended as believers.
Truly He had made Himself known.

Since then the testimonies have begun to come in. Every day a few emails expressing thanks for what God did and explaining how God touched the individual during the service and how this then impacted their local church when they arrived home a few days later.

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart;
I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.
I will be glad and exult in you;
I will sing praise to your name,
O Most High …
The Lord has made Himself known.”

Ukraine in Review #1

I have been out of Ukraine now for over a day and a half – but at the time of writing have still not made it home yet. Sitting in Calgary – an hour before we board. Fog prevented our landing last night. Had to switch airlines and pay a high price for an immediate one way ticket Calgary-Regina but I need to get home and sleep. Been in transit over 45 hours straight with no sleep … coffee is no longer jolting the senses so need to be home so I can crash and sleep.

The trip was a God-thing. We had orginally scheduled a trip for a few weeks earlier but, due to some conflict from (not with) the leader of a Network whose churches we were to work in, the trip was cancelled by the pastors at his demand. So, we prayed and asked the Lord to open some doors for the ministry if He wanted us there during this two month period. He did – supernaturally.

We worked in one church where we had preached and prophesied once before for one day. Then to another city we had never been to – to minister to some people who had been in one of our previous conferences but had never received a prophetic word. Now they have – and so has the church and all of their leaders (each an individual word). Then on to a third city where we worked for two days with a church which, once again, we had been in before – but only for one service. Wow!

Each church was different – totally different. But, the Lord had directed me as to what I was to teach within the framework that each pastor supplied us. And, each teaching I took with me was used and used in the church that I believered it was to be used in. We did what the Lord wanted us to do. Churches and individual lives were seriously impacted and the Kingdom was strengthened.

As well as the public events we also did a lot of ministry behind the scenes – training young people, meeting with youth and youth leaders (as well as their youth groups), one-on-one with the pastors to discuss everything from their hurts and personal issues to the issues they face in their leadership and their churches.

Of course, as an apostle, I instantly feel or sense things about what is or is not going on; things about the leadership and individuals; where God wants them to go and how they should function to achieve that destination. We talk with them about building the church on the foundations of the apostles and prophets (Ephesians 2:20) and using the five-fold ministry (Ephesians 4:11) to do just that. There are a lot of areas we speak into and a lot of things that we touch on. In every case, in all three places, the pastors and leaders were seriously appreciative and thanked us – often with great emotion. Hearts were knit together. Each place invited us back. We have scheduled return visits to all three and will be letting them know the dates next week as they send us what they would have us minister on.

As well, we met a number of new pastors – some from unions we have not worked with before and some from denominational churches that would even be recognized in my nation should I name them. They were seriously touched by the prophetic ministry over their lives and ministry. We always minister to any pastors or other five-fold ministers who are in attendance as this has a major impact on the most people … change the shepherd – you change the sheep. A number of these pastors have asked if we would be willing to come to their cities and their local churches and minister to their leaders and people. Of course we agreed. Rule: don’t ask for a speaking engagement – don’t say no when asked. So, we have some contacting (follow-up) to do during the next few days to see what they would like us to do (other than prophesy which seems to be a given for every pastor) and when we can add them to our schedule. God is good.

So much was accomplished. Much was deposited. The Kingdom was strengthened. The Church of Jesus Christ was build up and edified. Youth were ministered to and released from religion. And God was (and is) pleased. So am I – and tired. Home soon.

On the Road Still – Part Two

Well, it is 12:30a on Friday here in Calgary. Yes, I am still here. I left and missed it so much I asked them to turn the plane around and return to the Calgary International Airport. What really happened? Thanks for asking. I waited 90 minutes in line to rebook a flight to Regina after the flight from Germany was 2 hours late arriving and my original flight was already gone. Then I waited 6 hours for the flight I was rebooked on. We flew to Regina but the fog had settled in so we returned to Calgary as we could not land.

That was just the start … Picked the bags up as they would not store them for us – 1 hour, believe it or not. Then called the two 800 numbers they handed us as we left the plane. The first to rebook – waiting time over an hour. The other to book a hotel – waiting time 90 minutes. So, finally got my bags and went upstairs. Air Canada – with a attitude that I have had enough of – were closing their desk for the night (is it my fault I am back here – no, your plane in Germany couldn’t get an engine going). Next available seat – Friday night at 11:00p. Hotel rooms – none at the airport as full and few left downtown as big weekend here with events and visitors. No apologies, no help, but an attitude by a number of Air Canada employees … one that makes me wonder how long they will stay in business.

Phoned the operator and got connected to West Jet. Got a ticket out in the morning at 7:30a. Went upstairs and their desks are still operating with plenty of staff and all very, very helpful. They helped me transfer my email confirming my ticket into a boarding pass to avoid the lines in the morning. Told me when to check in the bags and how to do so without waiting in line. They directed me to a 24 hour Tim Hortons coffee shop, and were more than pleasant and kind. So, sitting in Tim’s having a large coffee and plan to work for 5 hours until check-in time. If I book a hotel room downtown I would be in it for less than 4 hours before having to return again to check in.

Wrote my travel agent – interruption insurance will pay the ticket costs … and please don’t book me on Air Canada and Star Alliance again. This is not the first time their problems with aircraft have caused me problems with long hours in lines and sleepless nights. By the time I arrive home – 41 hours in transit in planes and airports without sleep (or a shower or clean clothes). Don’t let anyone tell you that international ministry and mission work is “glorious”. It is great to see what God does when His Word is believed – but the actual getting there and back (and most times the internal travel in the country) is anything but fun.

So, an opportunity to get a number of emails done as I have totally read the three books and the magazine I brought with me. As well, I can finish Sunday’s preparations … thank God for laptops and free internet connections in a number of airports – and all-night Tim Hortons coffee shops.

And, thanks for listening and letting me blow steam. Good to vent and get things out.

On the Road Still

Left my last place of ministry on Wednesday morning at 5:45a and have been on the road since. Train to Kiev, taxi to airport, plane to Frankfurt, Germany …. two hours sitting on the plane while they cleared runways, de-iced, and then started an engine that would not start. Needless to say I am still in transit as I arrived in Calgary, Alberta an hour and 30 minutes after the flight for Regina departed. Next flight is at 8:00p Calgary time or 9:00p Regina time. So, by the time I arrive home it will be 11:00p on Thursday night or 7:00a Friday morning body time. A 49 hour trip home with no sleep and little sleep the night before leaving due to meetings that ran fairly late into the night. The joys of ministry overseas.

So sitting in a Tim Hortons having a good cup of coffee for the first time in 15 days and killing almost 6 hours as I wait for the next flight that I was rebooked on to. But, I do arrive home tonight and so don’t have to find a hotel here in Calgary. An opportunity to catch up on some emails as many of the team members who came to work with me in the three Ukrainian cities I ministered in have written. And, we have already received three or four different testimonies of what the Lord accomplished in people’s lives through the ministry they received in one or more services. In total we held 20 public worship services as well as 15 meetings with pastors and leaders. Then, of course, many individual meetings with team members as well as one meeting with the whole team.

So, tomorrow will be a bit of a slow day as jet lag will be in full gear and it will be good to have part of the day off as time off has been in short supply during the past month between preparation for overseas and then the actual trip. However, Saturday I need to be back in the saddle as Sunday I will be ministering in two services and so back on the road again. However, wrote the sermon on my way to Ukraine 15 days ago. Rewrote, edited and added some thoughts this morning in Germany waiting for connecting flights and so need to pray about the Sunday services and do then do the printout and Sunday will be ready.

It is so neat to see what God is doing in people’s lives in Ukraine and other nations in which Ralph Howe Ministries works. People are being saved, healed, delivered, set free by the truth, Baptized in the Holy Spirit, receiving their charismatic gifts and simply falling more passionately in love with Jesus due to the services and the ministry. The young men and women are especially touched by the Holy Spirit during these meetings as they are so hungry for reality and for the supernatural – not the spectacular or the spooky – but the true supernatural. And the team members are growing in their callings and giftings. Amazing.

Plans were begun during this visit to plant our first church through Ralph Howe Ministries. We have chosen a city, done some analysis of the situation and the spiritual atmosphere, have some idea of who should form the team to help us with the prophetic evangelism, began to raise money to help with the church plant and even determined the age group and flavor of the church so we know our intended target group or the segment of the market that we are wanting to influence. We are looking to build a true apostolic and prophetic assembly that functions biblically (organically) right from the start. More on this in future blogs as I debrief my own brain after a few nights of decent sleep.

I really appreciate all those who have been praying for us on this trip. Prayer is so important and so powerful and because of your prayers God really does do some really amazing things every day at every service and every meeting. I stand in awe and amazement. So, thanks …

My next trip is in mid-March to Ohio and Indiana for an apostolic roundtable discussion (prayer, worship and ministry) for three days and an opportunity to meet for two days with other apostles informally before and after. Then home for a day and over to the nation of Belarus (end of March and the first 10 days of April) for a 7 day youth conference (team members already telling us they are coming) and then 7 days of a leadership school for pastors and senior staff only. The numbers registering continue to grow and so both weeks will be very busy. On the Sundays I will be ministering God’s Word through teaching and prophecy in local churches as is my preference. Please remember these next two trips which are fast approaching in your prayers should the Holy Spirit so lead you. Many, many thanks.

Last Day of Ministry

I am in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine on my second day of ministry here in a local church. Yesterday was great – I mean great! And, I am expectant that today will be even better as the Lord saves the best wine for last. A busy day with meetings and services and many opportunities to touch lives for Jesus.

Tomorrow morning I am on a train at 6:30 and arrive in Kiev just after lunch. Time to rest, walk, and then I am taking three team members out for supper at Friday’s – a North American steak house I have eaten in before in the capital city. Will be good to simply relax and fellowship and eat. A short three hour sleep and then to the airport for 2:30 a.m. so I am up, up and away by 5:15 to Frankfurt, Germany, Calgary, Alberta and then Regina. It will be good to be home. I arrive mid-afternoon clock time and midnight body time. I will have been in transit for a day and a half. Jet lag anyone?

It has been an excellent trip overall. All trips have their glitches and the weather here did not always cooperate and, even today, is not cooperating. However, as ministry trips overseas goes this has been an excellent one. Many lives were changed and impacted for all of eternity by the Lord and the power of His Holy Spirit. Direction and correction was given to a number of churches and much was taught by revelation and life was imparted. You could not ask for more.

During this trip we made some wonderful connections to pastors in three different areas of Ukraine – two of which I have yet to see even after all the times I have been in this wonderful country. We have a number of offers to come and minister in new places and we will be following them up immediately. We have also had to deal with rumors and false accusations every place we have ministered as there are those who apparently oppose what Ralph Howe Ministries is accomplishing in the former Soviet Union. They are spreading gossip and speaking about things as if they were facts when they are anything but and could not be further from the truth. However, I have been able to produce the emails and other documentation to prove that the gossip is not true and that the rumors being purposely spread to discredit this ministry are also false. It is regretful but those who are openly opposing what we are here to do are the ones who don’t look so good when “the other side of the story” is finally heard and leaders have the honesty and decency to actually check out what they have heard and believed. We have not and will not let those who won’t deal with “issues” biblically slow us down. There is much to accomplish and many doors of wonderful opportunity opening for this ministry.

My next trip is to the nation of Belarus in March. Just before that trip begins I will be in Ohio and Indiana meeting with a large number of other apostles for another three day apostolic roundtable discussion and prayer time. This year I will be accompanied by a wonderful partner in the Network in which I also work and I am looking forward to sharing the experience with someone this time as last summer I traveled alone to a similar event.

Your prayers for better weather and a safe journey by train, car and plane would be greatly appreciated; flying in the winter can really be an adventure due to delayed and cancelled flights.

What a Day It Has Been

I am still in Ukraine. We finished our ministry in Ordzhonikidze city late last night. After a five hour Sunday service – powerful to say the least – we went for supper at a local restaurant (would never recommend it to anyone, even my worst enemy) – then back to where we were staying to meet with our team members for fellowship, tea and goodies. An opportunity to relax, talk, come to know each other even better and ask any lingering questions from the many ministry times we have been involved in during the past 7 days. Great time – these young people are super terrific. I am so proud of them and seriously enjoy their company.

Packed everything up for an early start this morning. Up at 4:30, shower and shave – and outside waiting for our ride by 6:00 a.m. We picked up others from the team heading to the same city to catch buses, trains or simply because that is where they live. It was FULL house. Packed to the rafters. And the roads – wind swept, drifts higher than the van we were driving in, cars and trucks in the ditch and unable to move. We pulled one car out with a tow rope… pushed another car to get it out of our way so we could continue on down the narrow path in the middle of what once was a highway. We had to push ourselves out as we took a turn off the major hightway onto one that would take us to our destination … the off ramp was totally snow covered and three feet high or more in places. A serious mess. The 2.5 hour ride took 5.5 hours and we were exhausted and we were not even driving.

Arrived, found the place we are staying – a vacant apartment rented for the two days and nights we are here. Then we said good-bye to the young men and women who have been helping us as they went back to school and work. That was seriously hard as we have grown to respect and love one another and really enjoy each other’s company. However, some will be coming to the country of Belarus in March with us and all of them plan to be with us in August in our second annual international youth camp on the Black Sea. So, we will be together again (joined by others) soon. Then a three hour meeting with the leadership couple of this church we are working with here in our new location – the city of Dnepropetrovsk.

This is my second visit to this city as I was here last February and preached at a Sunday morning service in the church we are here to work with. We also worked with a second church (spent the majority of our time with them) but will not be seeing them this trip as we have committed to staying focused on this local church, their leaders, people and needs. No public services.

Then a quick lunch – and I mean quick – and over to a youth meeting where the church meets (walking distance). Spoke on the need for the church to be supernatural in nature and encouraged them to become involved in helping the church change and become supernatural. Great group with some of them guys and gals I remembered from summer camp last August. Realy good to see them once again. Great meeting where, at the end, we prophesied over one of the leaders and involved another young man in his first attempt to prophesy. He did really well.

Another rush of a meal – called supper – and back for a full church meeting. A worship service, teaching, and ministry time. 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. Great worship, God led me to speak on a small part of the “foundation” that needs to be poured by the apostles and prophets for the Church to be healthy and growing. Actually went really well as I spoke from my heart and not from my notes – also one of my favourite topics to teach and think about. Tomorrow night I will be speaking on what an apostolic church looks like.

Then some ministry time prophesying over a young man – the same young man who volunterred to help this afternoon and learn how to prophesy. Great words by four of us – powerful words. End of service.

We were really pleased with all of the ministry times we have been involved in today – meetings, services, teachings and prophetic end of things. God’s will was accomplished and God’s people were blessed immensely. The three remaining team members sat over a cup or two or three of tea and just fellowshipped and enjoyed a down time for 40 minutes. It is now bed time as the morning will come early.

Tomorrow – meetings, services, teaching and prophesy
Wednesday at 6:00 a.m. train into Kiev, supper with two team members, prophetic ministry over a young man, 3 hours sleep and a 2:00 a.m. (Thursday) ride to the airport
Thursday: flights and airports all day … 29 hours. … and then home.

Tomorrow (really today as it is now after midnight) a similar day but with the first morning meeting starting at 9:00 a.m. with the leaders.