From Dennis Cramer Ministries

From Dennis Cramer of Dennis Cramer Ministries …

In the order of their importance, here are some prophetic words the Lord gave me for all believers for 2010. Let me emphasize these words are for ALL believers everywhere – worldwide.

10 Simple Words for 2010 For ALL believers!

1. OBEY! As each believer begins or continues to OBEY God, the devil will experience frustration and failure in his attempt to delay and destroy the will of God upon the earth. Simple obedience will produce incredible spiritual victories. The devil has no strategy that can successfully stop any believer who is operating in obedience. Obedience is the KEY word for 2010. To obey is better than sacrifice, and to listen to God then to offer religious sacrifice! Amen! Everyone obey God!

2. SECRETS! As each believer walks in obedience, God will begin to share even more prophetic secrets with them through the prophets for 2010. This will be a year where the prophets increase in their spiritual capacity to receive and release more SECRETS to the church. This is what Amos meant when he said, “The Lord God does nothing (of any spiritual significance) without first revealing his SECRETS to his servants the prophets.” 2010 prophets will be dealing in more high level secrets that ever before. Individuals, conferences, churches, states, regions, and even nations will have SECRETS revealed to the prophets for them. A new and even more deadly level of revelation will come to the prophets. These SECRETS will equip the church for its role in the earth for 2010 and beyond. The church will not be pushed around anymore! Watchout!

3. FILTERS! As each believer walks in obedience, all negative “hearing” FILTERS: blockages, hindrances, and restrictions that affect our hearing the voice of God will be removed. Perfect Prophetic Perception (hearing) is being restored to the church. She will begin to hear more clearly again, and act more decisively again, on the word of the Lord. A spirit of deafness is coming off the bride. She will declare, “I can hear again!”

4. HONOR! It is the year to give honor. Churches need to increase the honor they show to their leaders. Honor to whom honor is DUE, says the Lord. Each believer must do something to honor a servant of God who has blessed his life. Even if it means going back 30 years to bless or honor someone who blessed you. In 2010 each believer will remove the debt of HONOR they owe another – debt free for 2010 – owe no man a debt of honor – pay up, says the Lord! I strongly encourage all believers to honor or bless any minister who has helped you in your spiritual life – but don’t honor them to get something more or something new, just honor, bless, or give to them for who they are and what they have already done for you in the past.

5. WISDOM! The wisdom of God is going to be heard and seen in and through the Church as never before. It is time for the Church to fully realize what Eph. 3:10 says. ” It is God’s intention that right now the manifold WISDOM of God be made known in and through the Church…to all the heavenly and demonic principalities and powers.” The Church (worldwide) will be the happening place to hear and receive God’s wisdom for your life for 2010. God will unveil His wisdom in and through the Church. Demons will tremble and angels will applaud as all hear the wisdom of God spoken and demonstrated in and through the Church. The Church will be thee place to be for 2010 – thee hotspot to hear what God has in store for the earth. People will begin to say, ” You heard it here first – in the church!” Amen!

6. CREATIVE! Apostles and Prophets will begin to unleash a barrage of prophetic creative declarations over the Church. These will not be sermons or teachings, but anointed “now” creative declarations from heaven, literal “awakening words”. Their words will have a life giving dimension – a literal “bring into being” creative dimension when they prophesy. Apostles and prophets will operate in and express more revelation in their ministries in 2010 then in the last 10 years combined. Awesome!

7. MEDIA! For 2010 we are to take the media back from the world! Any Christian ministry that has an opportunity to get on the radio or TV needs to do it now!

8. FEAR! The church needs to repent of the sin of fear. It is an epidemic in the church. We must all go from fearful to fearless. The devil has used fear as his number one strategy – and its working!

9. HOLINESS! It is time for the church to clean up her act! “The filthiness of the flesh AND OF THE SPIRIT – ” will be eradicated from the church.

10. DREAMS! 2010 will be a year where ALL believers will see a dramatic increase in the number of spiritual dreams they experience. 75% of them will be warnings. Take heed!

Alas or Alleluia – Depends On Your Perspective

Studying Revelation 18-19 I’ve been impressed with the power of the proper perspective.

Revelation 18 describes the destruction of the future city of Babylon, worldwide headquarters of the evil empire of the Antichrist. In one hour, the greatest city in the world will become a smoldering heap of ruins, and those watching from afar will weep and mourn, throwing dust on their heads, crying out, waiting, and saying, “Alas, alas, that great city …! For in one hour your judgment has come.” (verse 10)

But in chapter 19, the scene shifts to heaven where the angels and elders, witnessing the same event, are exuberant: “I heard a loud voice of a great multitude in heaven, saying, ‘Alleluia! … Alleluia! Her smoke rises up forever and ever! … Amen! Alleluia! … Praise our God, all you His servants and those who fear Him, both small and great! … Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns!`” (verses 1, 3-6)

Same event exactly – just different perspectives! An interesting lesson to learn as I think though my plans and goals for 2010.

My perspective as a born again, Spirit-filled believer must be the one described for us in God’s Word … – Colossians 3:1-3 Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.

It is like going to the airport when there is a terrific storm brewing on the horizon. You wonder if you will be able to take off and what kind of a rough ride it will be if you do manage to get the flight to leave on time. Well, they let your plane depart and as you climb to a crusing altitude of 30,000 feet you pass through the storm clouds and the rain and all the darkness associatd with a terrific storm and come through to the upper side where it is bright, sunny, cheerful, and the view is magnificent and awesome, peaceful and gorgeous.

That is to be my persective on things – God’s perspective. I need to practice seeing things from His perspective as it is a more sure and certain way to view life and circumstances. I need to see things as He sees them for then I will be able to rejoice in the victories that are already mine and in those things that the Lord is doing on the Earth which we are not always aware of if all we can see are the storms and the everyday issues that we need to be dealing with.

So, as I enter 2010 I will be practicing waiting on the Lord to, each day, gain His persective on things that are scheduled and planned as well as what He is planning for my day as He sees it in greater detail than I do and from a different perspective…

The Harvest in 2010

Nearly 4,000 ethic groups representing billions of people worldwide remain the least reached with the Gospel because the Church is weak or nonexistent where they are and cannot reach them without help.

And billions of others are not being told the Gospel because although the Church exists in their area it is busy focusing on the believers they already have and not on the task at hand to “seek and save the lost”.

Much is being done to reach the former … let me give you just one brief glimpse into a wonderful new initiative that has begun and that I am thrilled about…

The global Adopt-a-People Campaign has developed a web site – – and a special project to enlist 100 million evangelical believers to pray specifically over the next 20 years for the unreached people of the world. The special Open Their Eyes project targets the largest unreached groups – those with a population of more than 1 million, of which less than 1 percent are Christian – with prayer from 10,000 evangelical believers until breakthroughs in church planting occurs. includes updated lists of unreached people groups and the names and contact information for 60 organizations that it identifies as the “top senders” of Christians to reach these groups and that want to work with local churches to adopt specific groups for prayer and connect with “frontline ministries.”

I am excited that prayer and evangelism for the worldwide effort of winning billions for the Lord are being joined together for those groups that are noted for being the least reached. I am involved and plan to become active in working with these people to see the work of harvest continue and grow during the new year of 2010.

In the ministry here at Ralph Howe Ministries we are planning to be working with evangelism and prayer as well. We have plans being formed regarding church planting in Eastern Europe where a great deal of my time personally and almost all of our mission funds are currently invested. As well, we are working on writing and translating material to teach and train believers in supernatural soul winning where we use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to reach and touch the lives of unbelievers we talk to in coffee shops, restaurants, and street corners. It is time that Spirit-filled believers began to move supernaturally and use the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12) to impact non-believers and thus use the power of the Holy Spirit to open the door to sharing the Gospel which is also “the power of God unto salvation.”

Ralph Howe Ministries is committed to training and equipping believers to supernaturally win the lost and will be investing a major part of our time, effort and finances to train local believers and churches to reach out into he harvest supernaturally. We will be doing that in Eastern Europe, the United States and here in my own country of Canada. We are excited.

As well, on a personal level, I am focusing my attention on learning how to better reach the younger generation here in my nation. I am reading and studying material and books that are being written by those already successfully reaching the 15 to 35 year old age group … I am praying and seeking God’s face and input into my life as to how I am to effectively reach them locally here in the city … and I am doubling my efforts at outreach going out two afternoons a week instead of one as well as continuing to leave extra time when planning all events, activities and appointments to allow for the open doors and opportunities the Lord provides to speak into people’s lives while buying gas, grocery shopping, standing in line at the drug store and waiting in the doctor’s office for my appointment.

I believe that to be on track with the plans and purposes of the Lord for 2010 every believer, each local church and every ministry will need to look at priorities and make winning the lost – seeking and saving the lost – a major emphasis in the new year that is fast approaching. This will need to be something that we intentionally do as it never just happens and absolutely does not happen by accident. Good intentions are no longer good enough – the Lord is prompting us to become seriously involved in what is, in reality, His heartbeat – seeing sinners translated from the domain of darkness into the Kingdom of Light (Colossians 1:13).

God Will Make a Way Where There Is No Way

I am reading Exodus 14 where Moses and the people of God have just exited Egypt after hundreds of years of slavery. They are following an unknown leader who has already failed them 40 years before this event and they are experiencing some concern about how this leader is leading them now in this current attempt to free them. Apparently He was sent by God and God is with him as they have seen many miracles, signs and wonders since he returned and confronted the ruler of the nation. But still, they are now confronted with their first of many obstacles and it looks totally hopeless.

As they follow the leader Moses and hopefully he really is following their God – they find themselves in a very difficult situation – they have the Red Sea in front of them, the army of Egypt behind them approaching fast (and they are slaves and so have no weapons and are not trained to fight), and mountains on both sides. Well, the story unfolds that God makes a way where there is no way. We all know the story. I know the story … first heard it in Sunday School before I was a teenager many years ago.

But, this time the Lord is showing me some insights to the story that I had not seen before. A number of revelations that brought new life to an old story. Powerful, dynamic, life-changing truths that are speaking to my world, me personally and the ministry that I now have in many nations around the world. And, these truths and insights are impacting my life as I unpack these truths and revelations.

Some of these insights have come directly from simply reading and re-reading the story … some through researching commentaries and older books in my extensive library, through reading the sermons of the preachers of the 1800’s and some through prayer and meditation. As well, there are a number of more current books out on this terrific story of deliverance and freedom that lend some marvelous insights into the interaction between God and His people. Thanks to all those who have found these truths before I have.

I believe this will become my first sermon / teaching series in 2010 and that I will teach it in January as I have four weeks in a row in the local church here in the city where I live and worship and I need three weeks to cover the material. Let me give you a sneak peak of what I am learning.

When you are facing a difficult situation where there appears to be little hope that it will work out well for you and those you love … here are ten things to remember…

1> Realize that God means for you to be where you are and knows you are there
2> Be more concerned for God’s glory than for your relief
3> Acknowledge your enemy, but keep your eyes on Jesus
4> Pray!
5> Stay calm and confident, and give God time to work
6> When unsure, just take the next logical step by faith
7> Envision God’s enveloping presence
8> Trust God to deliver in His own unique way
9> View your current crisis as a faith builder for the future
10> Don’t forget to praise Him

Stay tune .. I will comment on the series as I write it – and it will be available to listen to on The Point – our three times a week internet radio program (the seed of a 24 hour a day Christian radio on line) starting the beginnning of February … after we have test driven the material in front of a live congregation.

If you are facing a difficult start to a new year … carrying over some major issues and problems … then remember that God can and will make a way where there is no way … He always does.

Spiritual Food

Well, a few days away from the regular grind of life, family time, good food and friends, and an opportunity to sleep in the afternoon several times. The holiday season is good for the soul and body. Hopefully you have also found time to feed the spirit.

You were created in God’s image and John 4 tells us that God is Spirit – so you are a spirit-person and your spirit needs to be fed daily from God’s Word (the food of the spirit). Jesus said: “Man does not live by physical bread alone but by spiritual food (every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Important to remember during this festive season when body and soul seem to be the focus.

As we approach a new year – another gift from the hand of God – it is a good time to make a quality decision or two as to what your plans are in 2010 to feed that spirit-person that is crying out for food that satisfies. I have been taking a good, hard look at my Bible reading, Bible study time, my memorization program, the way I meditate on the Word, the time I spend journaling and recording what the Holy Spirit is showing me … I am basically looking at the way I relate to God and the diet I have been eating and the spiritual food (my meal plan) I am planning to eat in 2010.

It seems I always start the year in top gear doing great – but by year-end things have slipped a lot. The lull between Christmas and New Year is a good time to examine where things are at in my relationship with the Lord and His Word and then to make some changes … some minor and some major so that I can better engage the Word (Bible) on a daily basis and more accurately hear God in my heart-of-hearts (spirit man) as I do so.

Not speaking of making a bunch of rules for myself, simply adjusting my disciplines a little – I am talking about releasing more and more of the very life of God in my life as I read the Word in 2010.

Ukraine in January, 2010

The plans are all set and in place. I leave on my first overseas trip of 2010 to preach the Gospel on January 29th returning on the 11th of February. I will be working with three great churches who have welcomed our ministry. I have ministered in two of these church briefly before while in their area ministering for other groups but this time will be different. They will receive my undivided attention, support and encouragement for a period of three to four days each. One of the cities I will ministering in – it will be my first time to that city and to that local church although I have ministered prophetically to the pastor (unknowingly) while ministering in another local church. His invitation to come and minister was a direct result of him being touched by the Lord during that morning service.

These were not the original plans. There were two other churches we were going to be ministering in where we have served before and given our best for the Lord to them and one other new location we had been invited to minister in. However, they have been told by their “denominational” leader to not welcome our ministry into their pulpits at this time. So, we were placed “on hold” in two of three of these churches (and the others within this Union or denomination) thus making our original plans a “no go”.

Attempts to deal directly with the person who heads this group have failed. Emails are not answered. Arrangements are not made – proposals re. meeting and dates to meet simply ignored. Rumors continue to spread over four nations deeply effecting our work and yet we still do not know their “actual issues” with our ministry other than we have become unknowingly involved in an internal conflict between leaders and so have become collateral damage in someone else’s war.

Be that as it may we are still heading out – we will simply “run with those who will run with us”. That’s good advice received from a prophet who sits as one of the members of the Advisory Council for this ministry. We have done all we can do to work with those who have some concerns (yet to be expressed directly to us but spread as rumors among many) and have waited for dates to meet as per their request. Now it is time to move on with the work the Father has given this ministry to accomplish worldwide.

So, we will count the time we spend in these churches in 2008-2009 (the ones that no longer welcome us in spite of how well we served them at no financial cost to them) as invested for the Kingdom and simply pray for them and believe God will bring a return on His investment. Not my concern – as He has opened many doors where this ministry continues to be welcomed and appreciated … in fact, we are booking late into 2011 at the present time with a number of other locations (and countries) still waiting for us to say “yes” and offer them some potential dates.

In each place we will be ministering in 2010 we will be asking the host church to take up love offerings at the services. These offerings will not be used to cover the costs of the trip as we expect the local churches to do that out of their budgets and Sunday offerings. These love offerings will be managed by our Eastern European office and half of it will be designated to those who minister the Word of the Lord as a thank you for their labors. The other half will go into a Church planting fund as the Lord has directed this ministry to begin partnering with some of these local churches to plant new works in areas where the Gospel of salvation has not been heard – and there are many such areas in the nations we are called to serve in His Name.

So, we will, in 2010, begin plans to plant several new works for the Lord over the 12 months that are before us. The potential is great, the manpower is there, and with funding in place from the local churches we will mobilize our teams and send them out to do the work of the Lord and tell others about Jesus – planting new expressions of the Church by winning the lost, making disciples, equipping the saints, training and mentoring leaders, and then releasing these new works to continue reaching the lost in His Name.

That is what Ralph Howe Ministries is all about: “Loving God, Equipping People, Mentoring Leaders, Reaching Nations.”

The Word Becomes Flesh

I have been doing a study of the key people of Christmas – Mary, Joseph, Anna, Simeon, The Wise Men, the Shepherds, Herod, and, of course, Jesus. I thought I was working on and developing the Christmas sermon series for 2009. Not so it seems.

Turns out it is just a study the Holy Spirit has me doing for my own spiritual development. That too is good. In fact, better, because then I know that the Lord is wanting to show me something that will change my life and help me to understand Him, His plans and His purposes for my life better.

It has been a “slow go” as there are always so many other things to occupy my time – as is true with you as well. Even more so during this season when we celebrate the birth of the Savior.

But I know that God’s Word is the primary way in which the Holy Spirit brings change into my life and that this change always begins with adjusting the way I think about Him and the world in which I live. And, that I need to think more in line with God’s Word for the change to take hold and be permanent. So, I have been nibbling at this study every opportunity I have.

My notes and the Bible passages are on my Blackberry phone. They are bookmarked on my laptop which is almost always with me and often plugged in and sitting on a portable desk in my vehicle … the notes are on my e-book reader … because five minutes here and ten there soon add up to hours in His Word and much change in my heart. And, this is always good.

So, as you rush around in this Christmas season – remember to keep a Bible close by and spend some time every day in this supernatural book and the Word will become flesh – your flesh (life) will be slowly changed for the better.

As We Approach 2010

I know we have yet to celebrate Christmas but just shortly after that you and I will be entering a whole new and fresh year with tremendous potential and possibilities. The Bible states that God has a tremendous plan and purpose for each of our lives. We need to believe that and understand that in 2010 we will see God’s hand in a number of ways as we obey His leading and are obedient to His Word to us.

For some you will simply walk out 2010 living your life according to God’s Word and what He speaks to you from that Word as you faithfully read it day-by-day. And He will also speak to your heart and lead and guide you as you still yourself in His presence – being still and knowing that He is God – your God! It will be an exciting year.

For others we are living not only according to His written Word, the Bible; we are also walking out our prophetic words that we have received that have not yet come to completion. These are the Word of the Lord for us personally and ones we need to pay close attention to as 2010 approaches. In fact, now would be a good time to sit down and review any prophetic words that you have received over the past few years to see what you need to continue to apply your faith towards and what you should be expecting in 2010 from the hand of the Lord as promised and released in a personal prophetic word.

I know personally that the Lord has spoken some amazing promises to me (and for my ministry here in Canada, the United States and overseas) that are still unfolding. I am entering 2010 excited, expectant, anticipating, and believing that God, who spoke these words, will bring them to completion in the coming months of a new year. The Bible states: “Be it done to you according to your faith” (Matthew 9:29) and so I am believing that all things are possible with God and that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord and His plans and purposes …

So, in spite of opposition, trials and tests, and numberous obstacles and challenges being faced I know that the Word of the Lord will prevail and I will see all that He has spoken over my life and ministry come to pass in His perfect timing – some of it during 2010.

As I sit quietly with Him over the next 7 days of 2009 and work with Him on goals and objectives for 2010 – personal and professional – in line with His Words to me – I know I will feel challenged and stretched, impacted and amazed. It will be a time to stretch my heart to contain all that the Lord has prophetically promised and I will need to be deaming big because we serve a big God who has spoken some fairly immense things over my life and ministry during 2009.

However, as good as this is I will still need to be very pragmatic and do some planning, organizing, calendar work, determining goals and objectives, setting priorities, working on financial budgets … in other words, thinking through the nitty-gritty of how these wonderful plans and purposes are going to actually become reality … otherwise it is all a great big daydream that will never come to pass.

It is no different than when we receive one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Although the gift of prophecy, as an example, is just that – a gift. You will still need to learn how to minister prophetically – mastering the basic skills of hearing God’s voice accurately, speaking what you hear at the right time, choosing the right words and tone of voice to really express and communicate the heart of God… yes, you have received a gift – but you still need to learn the practical ways in which this gift functions and how it can be used to positively influence others.

Well, God gave you a gift of a new year; a prophetic sense of what He is wanting to do in and through you; and the guide book for life in general (the Bible). Now, it is up to us to be practical and determine how, when, where, with whom… to work out the daily details and how it will all fit your everyday life, plans, hopes and dreams. It is here that many believers fail assuming that if it is from God then it is totally up to God. Not true! And, this is why many prophetic Words do not come to pass and people never walk in the fullness of God’s plan for their lives.

So, in the hectic and fast-paced season we call Christmas I make it a priority to make time (you won’t just find time – you will have to determine to make time) to think through all that the Lord has spoken and then to practically look at the coming year to determine how it will all work out and what practical things I need to change, incorporate, or do to enable the Word to come to pass. Much more important than many of the things we spend or waste time on during this special season.

And, believe me – it is often a real struggle (almost a fight) to make the time to do this when the seasonal demands are so great and the activities that I could be involved in are so important. However, this is more important as I want to invest 2010 for the King and the Kingdom and not just spend or waste the time that He is giving to me … and every day of 2010 is a gift from the Lord never to be taken for granted. So, no New Year’s resolutions that never become reality … but practical goals and objectives set during prayer and stillness to prepare my heart and head for what the Lord would have me place my hand to during the new year.

Christmas and the Mission

Over in Luke 19:10 we see Jesus stating the reason He came from Heaven and was born in Bethlehem in Judea on that first Christmas morning. He came, by His own admission, “to seek and save the lost”. That is reason for all this that we call Christmas today.

Now, you would never know this was the reason or the purpose for Christmas. I have been out in the shopping malls two times in the past three weeks – during the day – and there is absolutely no “Prince of peace” ruling in the hearts of the people or in the atmosphere of the stores. Even grocery shopping was an adventure. I thought I had purchased everything we would need to see us over the next ten day but then my wife found a few other food items we needed so I went back and did some shopping just two days ago. What a panic … people everywhere and almost an hour waiting in line at the checkout.

But then I remembered that we – the Christians – are celebrating God becoming a man and dwelling among us so that we could have a proper understanding or revelation of God the Father and then, because of Good Friday and Easter, have a way to establish that relationship with God as we now understand Him. And that as Jesus came to seek and save the lost so I must be about my Father’s business. So, I used the opportunity to share Jesus with the others in the same checkout line that I was in – starting conversations (easy at this time of year) and quickly turning them to the mission the Lord left for us to accomplish. I am, like Him, “going in to all the world and sharing the good news of the Gospel” which, as Paul reminds us, is still “the power of God unto salvation”.

Today – Wednesday – is my day to go to some of the businesses that I frequent during the year (coffee shops and restaurants where I meet with people and hold business meetings and even read and write sermons) and wish them a Merry Christmas and remind them of the real meaning behind all this “holiday cheer” which always seems to be missing when you look at the faces of those out shopping …

So, let’s not forget that the “crib” is connected to the “cross” and then connected to the “crown” as one without the others is meaningless. Christmas – Easter – the Second Coming is what this is really all about. And while we wait for the King to come and claim His Bride we must be telling others of the good news that He has made a way where there was no way and that He is the Way – the only Way to the Father and eternity in Heaven.

Good time of the year to engage others in a conversation about spiritual matters – afterall, even if they don’t believe – this is a season when we, the Christans, celebrate the birth of our Savior. And, if they are simply coming along for the ride and really don’t believe but are simply taking advantage of the season and the extra days off – they should really know the real reason for the season that often gets buried in the midst of the activities, the gifts, and the myths that have been built up around this event to shield people from the real message – Jesus saves!

A Radical Revolutionary

We must be about our Father’s business. His business is simple. He sent His Son to “seek and save the lost” and then commissioned and sent His sons and daughters (the Church) to seek and save the lost and to do as Jesus did in the way that Jesus did it – supernaturally (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8 and John 14:12).

However, as is obvious to anyone who has taken a close look at the Church recently we are, in general, not up and about “doing the Father’s business”. In fact, we are somewhat inner focused, self-centered and self-absorbed and thus not reaching many for the Lord. This is not a new ailment for the Body of Christ, the Church, but one we are, once again, waking up to. We have an unhealthy Body and sick believers who are not reproducing more sheep … afterall, healthy sheep begat sheep.

This is not a new issue. Addressing the 7 churches in Revelation (chapters 2 and 3), Jesus confronts apathetic churches who had shut Him out though they believed they were doing the right things. Despite all their beautiful words and singing, Jesus was on the outside knocking (Revelation 3:20). And, this we can know, if Jesus isn’t in the church, no lives will be transformed by His power.

Many are coming to believe that the problem is that the church has lost her first love. And, that loss is keeping us from reaching people. One of the clearest indications that Jesus is on the outside of a church is the people inside who aren’t reflecting His nature. Instead, they are actually fighting against it. We want things to be gentle, comfortable, easy. However, we often fail to recognize that Jesus was and is, by nature, a radical revolutionary.

The Bible states that the world, by nature, is contrary to God. The world loves being exclusive – making life great for the few while not caring about the many. It tends to turn inward to protect and defend its own interests. And, this world is into consumption – being served.

Because “bad company corrupts good character” (1 Corinthians 15:33) the same issues tend to creep into the lives of God’s people over time. It certainly did in Jesus’ day. So, when Jesus came on the scene, He was radical and a revolutionary.

He was bent on changing everything contrary to God’s character and desires. Unlike the world, God is about inclusiveness. loving the many rather than the few. He is driven to continue reaching out. He left Heaven and came to earth (Christmas celebrates this) to seek and save the lost. He is absolutely committed to serving others, and has called His people to do the same. He was a radical revolutionary.

A healthy body reproduces. Sheep are meant to begat sheep. But, today’s Church seldom reaches out and has not done so for some time. Oh, we speak about it a lot, discuss it in committees, pray about it, preach about it, dream about it … but we never simply do it! But it gets worse; most people seem to think we are doing Church the right way and are content. So, they are not even aware of the sickness that has invaded the Body of Christ and which is causing the Church to live without impact and influence thus making no significant difference to the culture and society in which it finds itself.

Here is the problem: Eliminating Jesus from the picture lets you comfortably embrace the status quo, as many of the 7 churches in Revelation had done, especially Laodicea. But, as in Revelation 3:20, so today Jesus is knocking on the door of His Church and the hearts of His people.

What happens when we let Him in to our hearts and our churches? The revolution reignites.The Church starts swimming against culture rather than just floating along with it. It begins fighting against exclusiveness, self-serving and defensive posturing. It does everything in its power to reach out to the many. As Brad Powell is fond of saying: “our churches must transform from museums of the past to present-day missions that place truth over tradition and people over place.”

Christmas is a good time to hear the knock of the Savior at the door of your heart and the door of the Church. It is a time to hear and recognize the knock of our revolutionary leader, once again embrace the revolution, and become a radical.