Saturday and a Great Day for the Kingdom – Day 8 Kazakhstan

It is the end of a long day and I am waiting quietly for some warm soup for a late supper as it is almost 11:00 p.m. and we have just arrived back where we sleep. We have held two services today – one at 10:00 a.m. and the other at 5:30 p.m.

We arrived just before the 10:00 a.m. service having been up since 5:30 preparing my heart and looking over the teaching I was to do for the evening service as I knew there would be little to no time between services and I was right. Then a shower in scalding hot water as the city had not yet turned the cold water back on… a bite to eat and off we went.

We arrived at the building after more than an hour of driving (still in the same city) to find there was no heat. However, they did get it working and before the end of the service just slightly after 1:00 the building was actually beginning to warm up. By then my feet were past warming up and I assumed they would remain frozen for the rest of the day. Cold and solid cement floors just penetrate the bottom of one’s shoes and seeps into your feet no matter what you do.

Bob taught the morning service – we are repeating teachings we have done together before in Ukraine. Basic teachings on the basics of prophecy because although the gift has been seen on occasion here in Kazakhstan no one really ministers regularly in this gift and absolutely no one teaches on the subject.

We have a moving audience with different people at each service and so we are staying really basic and focusing all of the teachings on the prophetic. Then the four of us ministered prophetically for 90 minutes blessing a good number of people including some Messianic Jews who were only going to be at that one service due to their Sabbath approaching. I actually went up to their row and simply asked (without knowing anything about them) the whole row to stand and we prophesied over all of them one person at a time. They were wonderfully thankful at the end of the service and mentioned how accurate the words had been. Many young people are in these services and many of them certainly heard from God in some serious and major ways.

We drove back to the place we are staying and had a great meal together – of course, we ended up discussing business and answering questions but I have come to expect that by now as I have learned this to be true no matter what country one is ministering in. They also helped us to know the agenda for Sunday when we have our last day here before flying out on Monday. That will help us to organize who is doing what at the two Sunday services. As well, we found out that we have a full day here after our week in the second location and they let me know what they are wanting us to do. It will be packed with activities, meetings, prayer and prophesy. A full 15 hours before boarding vehicles to go to the airport for the long trip home. We have to be at the airport that night at midnight and will travel for 36 hours before finally arriving home. So, three and a half days (Sunday morning to Wednesday noon body time) without lying down. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Following the lunch meeting we had 40 minutes to ourselves and the other team members rested or slept and I spent the time thinking and praying and sorting out in my heart and mind some of the things I am sensing and learning about ministry in the nation of Kazakhstan and in my personal ministry here and elsewhere. I am always learning and hope to continue to do so till the day I go home to be with Jesus.

Then a 40 minute ride back to the same building – a Korean Church – and the evening service. I taught on the 9 boundaries (limitations) to prophecy and then the team joined me in ministering to about a dozen people by the time the service ended a little after 10:00 p.m. Good words – setting in place foundational ministries for the future here in Kazakhstan. Truly foundational apostolic and prophetic work. Great stuff and definitely God.

We ended the service by prophesying over a baby whose parents had been ministered to amazingly in the morning service. Good way to end. A few conversations with a few people and we were on our way through the air pollution to home again. It is now 11:05 and we are about to have something to eat.

There is constant air pollution here in this city of 2 million. It is caught in the valley between mountain ranges and so the car exhaust and the smoke from the factories and homes does not rise high enough to move out of the valley. Instead it hangs in the city. Everyone who lives here does not even notice it. But, as visitors, we certainly notice it as it smells and really hurts the lungs. They use coal to manufacture the power and I can see the smoke stacks from my window for that one and there are many other factories and businesses belching smoke into the already polluted air. So, there is a constant haze over the city and thus over us.

Well, it is bed time and I am tired and tomorrow we have another two 4 hour services. So, good night.

A Quieter Day To Catch Up With Myself – Day 7 Kazakhstan

Day 7 (Thursday) and it is early in the day here. I actually could have slept in as I am not ministering publicly today. This is a tour day for the team – going up into the mountains and visiting a spa and sitting in hot tubs and around the pool. I passed on the event as I was really not in the least bit interested in going and I have a head cold that I can’t shake and the idea of a cold mountain peak and racing between hot tubs and pools and locker rooms did not sound like a good idea. Not to mention that a “day off” means an opportunity to ask questions about their local churches, get more prophetic insights into their ministry or nation, and asking me questions about what they should be doing in various situations they are facing.

If they don’t make it into a work day for me then one of my team members who finds himself caught in the middle between our work here and someone else’s work who is speaking publicly against us will want time with me an then I would be back to working once again. That is not a “day off”. And that would certainly happen as he has expressed earlier in the week that he wants to talk with me as well. So, no matter what way you slice it – it would not really be a day off – just a day with a different format for ministry.

By staying home (and one other team member is also staying home as he is feeling worse than I am) I will manage to actually have some extra rest (afternoon nap) and we have invited our interpreter for the last 5 days to have lunch with us here at the apartment where we are staying as he had wanted to speak with us personally and privately. So, an opportunity to rest more, read my Bible, catch up on emails, maybe go for a walk after the sun eventually rises this morning and generally change the pace we have been going at daily now for almost a week.

Last night as we were packing the vehicles to travel back into the city and leave the Baptist University – we ended up in quite the discussion (argument) about two of us not going on this tour today. My administrator, who is here as an apostle-in-training, knew I did not want to go even if I was feeling perfectly healthy as this type of all day and evening tour is very tiring and I end up ministering for hours in a vehicle answering questions in a somewhat awkward situation (leaning forward, speaking loudly to be heard over the road noise, bumping along roads that need repair). So, he told the organizer by email before our arrival that this is not my idea of a “good time” or of a “day off”. Didn’t seem to register as it was not what the organizer of this first week of ministry wanted to hear. So, my administrator said it in a bit stronger manner as we were packing up – that I would prefer a day off in our suite here to rest and have some personal alone time – and an actual argument started.

I entered the room at this point to let them know I was ready to leave when they were and ended up personally defending my preference. It was a “loud discussion”. This discussion continued in the parking lot a little later on as we packed our stuff into vehicles for the trip home … but I stood my ground and said that I was going to stay home but they should feel free to go on the day into the mountains if they wanted to. Again, a heated discussion.

Eventually it was settled (I am not sure the emotions have settled) and I am getting the day to myself with an opportunity to catch up on my world a little bit. The other two team members who are going on the tour are now up and getting ready.

It seems that when coming on mission trips I will need to let my hosts know that I want to be in on the discussions regarding activities and events that they would like to involve me in – work or leisure. Partly this is because of personality and age, partly the pace they will work you at if you don’t say something upfront (as they don’t actually realize how much effort and energy and spiritual strength goes in to the hours of teaching and prophetic ministry at three services a day), and partly that they are trying to make our stay enjoyable (by their definition) and let us see some of their nation. So, we will have to ask them to discuss all of their expectations and plans upfront before finalizing the schedule and working out the details of trips and events.

I was sorry to disappoint our hosts by not wanting to go today but I am tired, would appreciate some time alone as it has been straight people, meetings and services for 4 days (19 hours a day) and I am still fighting a head cold. Not to mention that we still face 10 more days of wall-to-wall ministry events and activities here in this city and then, starting Monday noon, in the next city we fly to.
So, a quieter day but not one without activities and events – lunch appointment, emails, a walk to a nearby “store” to find some more Diet Coke, a meeting with my Canadian team member to see how he is doing (he is not feeling well and did not go on the trip either), and some good time with the Lord and in my Bible (which is often lacking on these busy trips overseas).

Please continue to pray – so far no problems with the police….

A Powerful Prophetic Anointing – Day 6 Kazakhstan

It is late Wednesday night and we have had a phenomenal day in the presence of the Lord and the Holy Spirit has simply been so gracious in every aspect of our ministry activities today.

The day started off as they all have so far – early. An early shower to avoid the rush when the leaders get up out of bed. It was 6:30 when I awoke. Really not early for me as I am use to rising at 5:00 and 5:30 at home. However, I am also usually in bed by midnight or a little later. Here I am crawling in to bed at 1:30 or 2:00 a.m. so it is a little harder to get back up on so little sleep. Thus I sleep in as long as I can.

As breakfast is most often something I cannot eat – I stay in my room and drink my hot drink I bring with me when I travel. This morning and afternoon other team members are teaching and I am not so instead of reviewing or writing a teaching I was able to work on emails. We finally have a system worked out that allows me to connect to the internet and download / upload emails and work at posting my blogs on line. It is good to be connected, once again, to the outside world. Much appreciation to all those who worked on the technology and designed a system using a cell phone as a modem and then programmed my computer to actually hook in to that connection to make everything work as it should. We struck oil and voila I am able to do what I can do from the comfort of my home office and study or any internet friendly coffee corner I visit in my city (I always have my laptop along with me these days) and communicate with the world out there. I love modern technology.

Then three session – 10:00 to 1:00, 2:00 to 4:00 and 4:30 to 7:30 followed by packing and heading home … well, heading back to where we were staying when we first arrived. There we had a late supper and relaxed a bit. We cleaned up our dishes and headed to our respective rooms to work on emails, blogs, and assorted other preparations.

Let me comment on the prophetic ministry that happened today … For me it was the best ever. We had a few we worked with after each of the first two services … people I had spoken to and promised to speak over their lives. The team was amazing with everyone adding something to the picture as we all took turns prophesying over the candidate(s). It was seriously amazing and life changing. Awesome, in fact!

Then, after we finished teaching at 4:45 (we were to end at 6:00 p.m.) I decided to ask all those on the one side of the sanctuary who had not received a prophetic word yet to stand. 8 people stood to their feet. I invited them all to come forward. Then, instead of each person having words from four team members – each team member picked someone and they were the official prophetic voice speaking in to that person’s life. This way we were able to move much more quickly. If there was anything missed or said poorly over a candidate I then corrected or filled in more details around what had been revealed. Again – it was amazing to see the ways in which the Holy Spirit encouraged people and called others out into ministry of one form or another.

Then I asked all those who were on the other side and who had not received a prophetic word to stand. Nine people stood up and I asked them all to come up to be ministered to. Here I played a bigger role adding to almost every one of the words delivered by team members as the Holy Spirit directed. I have never been under such a flow of the prophetic as I was tonight. Never! It was as if the anointing to minister in prophecy was growing and becoming more powerful … it was simply amazing. In spite of how tired I was the anointing to minister prophetically was tangible and the words were seriously overwhelming. Seriously overwhelming!

Again, I recognize that God gets all the praise and glory as it is certainly not us doing all this as we could do nothing if it were not for God’s presence and anointing on our lives and ministries.

Ukraine Trip August 2009

Ukraine Mission Trip – Day One August 13, 2009

We have worked for many hours over Four days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) as time allowed and after three trips from the camp into the city of Feodosia we finally have the internet connected by way of Bluetooth and a new Ukrainian cell phone that has the right internal guts to be used as a modem to allow me to connect to the internet and emails no matter where I am … so we are now able to post current blogs regarding this trip to Ukraine as well as send answered emails (answered on the flights over) and receive email. Many thanks to Miroslav for service above and beyond the call of duty and several late nights…

The Blog…

Well, it is official. My body does not know what time it is and I’m not sure I do either.


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A Day In the Life Of – Day 5 Kazakhstan

Time here in Almaty-Alta – a city of 2 million people – is going by quickly. It is now Wednesday morning early. It has snowed a bit and so the grounds keeper here at the Baptist University is out clearing the paths, sidewalks and steps. It is cool out but nice and cosy inside as this university is not sparing the heat in the rooms as is the case many times in apartments and homes in the former Soviet Union.

Today is our last day here at these facilities as we move to another location one again. We end tonight at supper and move back to where we were staying before this. Decent facilities with enough space for the four member team to sleep, eat, and meet for prayer and discussion times. The day after tomorrow we start ministering in the Korean Church with two 4 hour services on Thursday and then again on Friday. I am assuming these services are open to the public and so the numbers we will be working with will be far higher than here in the leadership training time. I am also assuming this is a registered church as it does not seem to be a secret that we will be ministering there and so we will need to keep an eye open for the religious police and react or respond accordingly.

Last night the other teaching member of the team left as soon as he finished teaching and went straight to bed. He was not feeling well in the least. Have not seen him since although one of the interpreters went up to see him during late night coffee and he asked simply to be left alone so he could sleep. Hopefully he will be better today as he is to teach the three sessions … Tonight we do not have a public event and I am hoping that we will manage to be left alone so we can have some time as a team together to simply build the relationships that already exist and to discuss the progress of the week. As well, Dima from Krasnoarmeysk, Ukraine has come with a dozen or so questions about his situation in the church that he pastors there in that city. So, not a real night off but certainly time away from public ministry and a little less formal.

Prayer as we make this transition and reestablish ourselves in a new location would be greatly appreciated.

God is Faithful – Day 4 Kazakhstan

I am sitting in the evening service on Monday evening … I have taught all day since 10:00 this morning. Rapid fire – huge quantity of information and impartation. I spent the first teaching time finishing up the teaching on becoming a supernatural minister of the Gospel. Well received. When I came back in to the chapel after lunch a Korean pastor was praying and leading the whole assembly in a prayer of repentance – serious, in-your-face prayer of repentance for the Church not being more supernatural. They take seriously and personally what they hear.

After the teaching – the team prophesied over a team of three ladies from three different ministries here in the city. During this ministry time I had opportunity to rest and switch hats – from teaching to prophetic. Even though both are apostolic ministries it still takes time to switch feet and begin to minister differently.

Before the ladies sat down we were also to prophesy over each of these ladies individually and at this point I jumped in and began to prophesy in depth over each one. Powerful time ministering to individual needs, generational curses, and wounds as well as details about their next steps in their individual ministries. In depth and powerful. God is certainly blessing these leaders and indicating some neat roles they will be playing locally and nationally.

Lunch break – and a short walk with a team member. Only able to walk around the building and the grounds as we are surrounded by a tall and locked fence so we were unable to go off the grounds to walk down the city streets. Then into the afternoon services.

In the afternoon – no prophetic ministry. I simply taught from 2:00 to 6:15 p.m. on the three sets of gifts found in the New Testament … Motivational Gifts, Charismatic Gifts, and Ascension Gifts. We looked at all of them in depth and linked the three sets together and showed them how to know which gifts in each set belonged to them… So, they were able then to declare who they are in Christ and what their gifts and calling were. Very productive time with all of them and they were very attentive and hungry for all that was being taught and ministered.

Supper and a ten minute break – and now in the evening service where Bob is teaching on how to hear God. This is the natural next step after discovering who we are in Christ and the gifts that we flow in. Now they need to hear God as to how and when to use these gifts and what the next step is to fulfill the calling on their lives. In other words, they now need to learn to hear Him accurately so they will know the plans and purpose of God for their lives and can do what He is asking them to do. And, then be able to accurately hear God for others who are still separated from Him by their sins and thus are not yet born again and so cannot hear Him. We will follow the teaching time with more prophetic ministry before calling it a day and getting a little more sleep tonight than we all had last night.

Once again God has been faithful and touched a number of leaders through His Word.

The Starter’s Gun Went Off – Note to Local Church – Day 3 Kazakhstan

We have just arrived in Kazakhstan and we are off and running. Due to the 12 hour time difference (we are on the other side of the globe from home) we lost half a day while travelling. So, we left on Friday and arrived here at 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. By the time you read this our Sunday will be over and four very tired men will be looking for a place to lay down.

This morning (yesterday afternoon for you) we ministered in a good-sized church here in the city and then, in the evening, began our leadership training school. This school will run until Wednesday supper and be held in three different locations due to the religious police. It is by “invitation only”.

Thursday we have a day to tour the local sites and go up into the mountains. Then Friday and Saturday – 2 services a day (each 4.5 hours in length) in a Korean Church here in the city of Almaty-Alma. Then, on Sunday, a morning service in another church before heading north by plane to the city of Karaganda to begin all over again with a new group of hungry believers and leaders.

Ministry trips such as this one are always a whirl of activities, events, opportunities to minister, questions and answer sessions, fellowship, prophetic ministry, team meetings, planning sessions … it is usually non-stop.

So, I would appreciate your prayers as I fight to have space each day for my own personal time with the Lord. The pace of the ministry that has been set up for us and the limitations of the human body become evident quickly. So, your prayers for me personally and for my walk with the Lord – and not just for the ministry opportunities and the people – would be greatly appreciated.

Remember – you are loved and I continue to pray for you.

It Is Monday Morning – Day 2 Kazakhstan

It is Monday morning (I think) and in spite of the lateness of Sunday night, the pace we have been keeping, and the work that we have been doing – I was still wide awake at 5:30 this morning. So, I spent a half hour thinking through the situation of our ministry being openly spoken against by another Canadian and the ruining of reputations that is taking place and how this grieves the heart of God our Father. I thought brothers and sisters are suppose to work together and encourage one another. And, I thought that the Bible was our handbook of operations and that it set out how to handle offenses and deal with disagreements and misunderstandings. Apparently I am wrong. And, I suppose I think too much.

So, up at 6:00 while the other team members are still sleeping and I’m working on yesterday’s blog and a few other thoughts I have been processing. The brain is an amazing creation. Now (8:15) the guys are beginning to stir and it is time to go outside and turn the valve on the gas cylinder and light the stove to boil the water for morning tea and eventually fruit, cheese, bread and cold meat and uncooked fish for breakfast (cereal anyone?).

Today we are being picked up at 9:45 to finish with the registering we must do as foreigners in this land. We must register with the government within 72 hours of arriving and so need to accomplish this today for all four of us. So, with passports and legal documents in hand off we go.
Then, a trip up a mountain to get a view of Almaty-Alta (the city of 2 million we are working is) and then on further to more mountains for a half day of sightseeing after lunch together in a restaurant (always an experience here in these nations – good food and nothing like the west’s version of a restaurant). Then we check in to our new digs for the next two and a half days … I repacked earlier this morning … and begin a two and a half day leadership school with about 40 people. We will be living at the Baptist University. I know nothing more about it. So, I will finish this blog upon my return to my new place to lie down and sleep late tonight after the day has ended and the first teachings of the school have been accomplished. Like General MacArthur said – “I will return”.

I have returned…

We have been to the mountain range that is near this city and had fun as a group of 6 men. The fellowship was great and the fresh air wonderful. The mountains are tall and the mountain air was great to breath after having to breath the seriously polluted air in the city – the most polluted city in the country as it is in the valley between a series of mountains and the air and pollutants are trapped in the valley. We went to the very top of this mountain – a long series of rides on ski lifts with cold feet and cold face but a warm heart as the presence of God was very real as was the fellowship. Lunch before the trip up the mountain was a surprise. The food was great as always but the layout and furnishings of this restaurant were up to western standards … other than the washrooms were reached by going outside and entering another building. But, at least they were indoor bathrooms with running water, toilet paper, and actual toilets with seats (rare in the former Soviet Union). Equal to any good restaurant in my home nation.

Supper was late and held at the Baptist University. There are no students in this university. Not really strange. Religion is not in good standing here in the nation and so this university did not pass inspections and meet the academic standards now being applied by the government. So, they were not granted the right to teach students and all financial grants were cut off. So, they have the land (campus) and the buildings and no students. So, all 45 of us have rooms and are staying right on campus and can enjoy fellowship to all hours of the night. And, we have been doing just that.

After supper we held our first meeting of this 2.5 day school for leaders. They had asked that we teach on one topic but we felt that the Lord was directing us to go in another direction and so, with permission, we did. I spoke on the need for the church to, once again, become supernatural. In the first service we managed to do the introduction to the teaching. Their response was tremendous and loud and very encouraging. We will finish the teaching Tuesday morning before moving into the various sets of gifts in the New Testament and focusing later on hearing God correctly and then speaking on prophecy and this wonderful gift.

After the teaching we began, as usual, to prophesy and minister in the supernatural changing a number of lives in very exciting ways.

After the service – 10:30 in the evening – an opportunity to answer questions and answers as we sat and had tea and cookies together. Then to my quarters for a meeting with my interpreter and during that meeting we were interrupted by another team member saying that our host pastor was concerned about something that had happened Sunday night in the second service in his local church. So, we had another meeting with him which went to 1:00 in the morning. Then I followed this meeting with another one with my teaching team members to determine the flow of the next day (now today). So, at 2:00 I am now able to go to bed – to get up at 6:00 a.m. as I need to outline today’s first teaching – the one we decided that I was to teach at the first service of the day.

It has been a very long and full day. God has been glorified and many lives have been permanently changed by the power of His Word through both the teaching and the prophetic. This is why we came to this great nation.

First Day of Ministry – Sunday – Day 1 Kazakhstan

By 4:00 a.m. I was up and mobile moving forward to face the 5:00 a.m. traffic of Moscow where 20,000,000 people live and work. We were picked up and driven without incident (no traffic jams or accidents) although the traffic was heavy even at that hour. A coffee while we waited to go through check-in and security, good-byes to our host and driver.

Just about to leave for Sunday evening’s service at the Church here in Almaty-Alta. The morning service was packed out with standing room only. We missed the worship arriving late which could not be helped as we waited for our two team members from Ukraine to arrive. Their flight came in at 8:00 a.m. and the they needed to clear customs and pick up their bags and drive to where we are all staying. So, we arrived at the service late.

I taught on How to Know the Will of God and Then Walk In It”. Well received and very attentive. Then led the team of four in prophetic ministry to a number of couples as well as individual men and women. It was great ministry with the Holy Spirit touching many lives. The feedback on both the teaching of God’s Word and the prophetic words began as soon as the service ended and was very encouraging and uplifting. Ministry – supernatural ministry – here is not taken for granted and neither are those who minister the Word.

One feedback – spoke over a man about ministry and that he would need to be careful to stay within his authorized sphere of authority. I then named the territory that he would be allowed to minister in and included, and specifically named the country of New Zealand. Afterwards, a lady with a New Zealand accent who spoke English came up and told us that he is a former drug addict and in training to open and head up a new recovery center in a city north of here and would eventually be going with her to New Zealand – her home. God is good!

Lunch – for 15 – back at the apartment where we are staying. They are treating us to some of the local food and drink. So, part of lunch was to have horse meat. It was different, good, but not something that would become a staple of my diet should I live here. I washed it down with Horse’s milk which is rather thin and very tart and leaves a tingle in your mouth and throat after you swallow it. The chaser was a small glass of Camel’s milk (yes, there are camels in this country) which was thick, sweet and had a definite bite to it when swallowed. But good – and worth adding to the diet. They say it is very healthy as well.

Evening service – went from 6:00 to 9:45 p.m. Bob, a great team member, taught and his teaching followed up and expanded on one point from my morning teaching. The Holy Spirit is good and showed us the connection and where to go. He had spent time after lunch quietly working with his computer sorting it out and filling in some details. Excellent work. Then each team member took a turn and spoke a word of prophecy over whoever they choose and only one team member per person. So, we covered a lot of people because usually all four team members speak into the life of the one candidate (more like a presbytery). So, it was a great night and many livs were permanently changed. Again, feedback almost instantaneous and very encouraging.

After the service ended I had 9 people come up and through Timor my interpreter for the first few days while I am here ask me to bless them or pray over them. Of course, they have their cell phones out ready to record the “blessing” as they really want a prophetic word. I kept telling Timor that this would be the last one as I was tired – but he kept bringing another and another. Same “just one more” syndrome as exists in Ukraine it seems. By 10:40 I had had it as I was simply very tired as I have had 5 hours sleep in the last 72 hours due to flights and time differences. However, when we got back to the place we are staying – time to have supper and talk business.

One of the Ukrainian brothers brought up some concerns that were spoken of regarding our ministry at a council meeting of a network of churches (I knew it had been brewing and have been in contact with the leader of the network who lives in Canada at the present time). It seems my ministry was the topic of conversation for three days as these men and women gathered to discuss the life of their Network. Yet, in a previous meeting with the leader in August little was said about any of the concerns expressed at this council meeting and since then emails have not be answered by him swiftly and are always answered vaguely and without dealing with some of the issues that I have with him and about which I have been very open and honest. He is not dealing directly with me but seems to be working at poisoning others about us and what we are doing is Ukraine. So, there is something serious brewing and I will need to make time while here to speak with this Ukrainian brother who sits on the specific council and was at those meetings.

Prayer would be appreciated. Ministry is never without hassles.

Kazakhstan – Trip and Information

Today I head to the airport and fly to Calgary, Frankfurt, Germany and then into Almaty-Alta in Kazakhstan to begin a little more than two weeks of ministry returning on December 1st.

It is not going to be an easy trip as the rules and regulations in Kazakhstan are quite severe and certainly limit what we can do and where we can do it. In fact, I received an email yesterday from one of the team members which commented that “My friend from Denmark who does mission work in Kazakhstan said that for them it’s safer to gather pastors and leaders for training events in Turkey or Ukraine and thus not be caught and still be able to do some local underground ministry.” So, we are heading into a troubled situation and could certainly benefit from your prayers.

I meet up with one of my team members in Calgary and we will fly the rest of the way together. This will give us a good number of hours to catch up on what has been happening in our lives and ministries … Meanwhile our other two team members are meeting up in Simferopol (Crimea) and then coming into Kazakhstan from there. We will all be there by Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. which is excellent as our first opportunity to minister is at 10:00 that morning.

On my main web site ( you will find an excellent article on Kazakhstan and the new captial city they are building. A city “of the future” centered on the worship of the sun god complete with temple, pyramids. and everything right out of a good science fiction novel. One world religion and the antichrist have a headquarters here in this new city of Astana. Well worth a read- great pictures. Simply click on “apostolic travel” and spend a few minutes reading and digesting.

It will help you to understand what it is we are heading into and what it is we will be facing spiritually and physically.

If internet connections can be made I will be posting a dialy blog containing news and information about the ministry that is happening and how our team of four is doing as well as any prayer updates. I appreciate your interest in what our ministry is doing in many nations around the world and really appreciate any and all prayers this current trip can receive during the next 18 to 20 days.