The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Guilty

Recently I was involved in a prayer time. Nothing newsworthy there. I’m a Christian and Christians should be involved in prayer and especially when two or three are gathered because Jesus told us that was a powerful number because He would also show up for that prayer time personally. And, if we could agree together in prayer (and, of course, pray agreeing with what His Word states) that He would grant the request. It seems fairly straightforward to me. There were at least 8 or 10 of us there that morning and we were all Christians and well versed in the scriptures.

It had begun as a fellowship time over a cup of hot coffee. It had gone from there to someone sharing or expressing a deep seated pain about a family member who was struggling with some fairly serious issues. Someone asked if we could pray – something Christians are likely to do – and so the coffee fellowship was on its way to being a powerful opportunity for Jesus to become involved in someone’s life in a special way.

That’s where the good news ended. The prayer time was a serious disaster. People prayed out of sympathy and not out of godly compassion; from the soul and not from the spirit. They gave advice instead of praying – advice to the person and, get this, advice to God as if He was clueless as to what needed to be done and how to do it. Several entered into a time of open counselling expressing similar situations that they had faced in their past and the pain they had gone through and how bad it had been and how desperate it was during those times (not in the least bit edifying or encouraging – and certainly not “prayer” by the wildest stretch of anyone’s imagination). Oh, it sounded like prayer as they rehersed their past disaster and feelings to God in front of everyone in the group. One even – again in a way that sounded like prayer – pointed out that he was there to help and that he knew he could be of great help to the man we were praying for because… well, let’s not go there. Suffice it to say he succeeded in taking the focus off of God and putting it on himself – the spotlight swung around and we found out how great and wonderful this man really was. Wow! A surprise power-packed gift to the world and we didn’t even recognize it. Whatever happened to the concept of dying to self when one becomes a born again believer?

Maybe I am just a simpleton. But, here is how I believe prayer should work. Here is what I call “Bible prayer”. You sit by yourself or with others and after “being still” on the inside and the outside (be still and know that I am God) you listen for the voice of God. I found out early in my walk with Jesus that He is God and I am not. I used to work in a firm of chartered accountants where there were junior and senior partners who ran the local office. God is my senior partner. When I entered the senior partner’s office I only spoke after being spoken to. I sat if he invited me to do so. It is the same with God the Father. He is God and my Senior Partner – my owner as I did not come under new management when I was born again but I came under new ownership – and I wait for Him to speak and then I respond to whatever He says. This is praying according to His will (1 John 5) and not according to my feelings, needs, thoughts, wants, agenda…

So, I sit still in His presence (I am with you always) and I listen for His voice (My sheep hear My voice) and I respond to Him as is only polite in any conversation and then I go out and do what He has spoken to me about (You are ambassadors of Christ Jesus). Seems fairly simple to me. Some call this “listening prayer”. I simply call it biblical prayer, prophetic prayer… listening to Him and then praying (speaking to Him) about what is on His mind and heart. Then, at the end, I simply remind Him of the things on my “shopping list”. I don’t list all my needs and concerns as “the Father knows what you have need of before you ask”. I simply thank Him for supernaturally meeting my needs – not my wants – and tell Him I am looking forward to seeing how He is going to do it.

When He says I can go – remember, he is my Senior Partner – I thank Him for spending time with me and expressing His heart to my heart and then I go to my office and start work for the day…

Maybe this is too simple an approach but it works. And, to this day, 7 weeks after that so-called prayer time with other believers, I still don’t think we prayed. A wonderful Christian leader once said: “If there is no moving of the Holy Spirit, there has been no prayer…just the speaking of many words”. That day there were many words and little prayer.

Thank you Lord for Your patience with Your kids. I greatly appreciate it. Increase in me Your gift (fruit) called patience.

Sunday Comments to Home Church

It is good to be home and worshipping in English in my home church. We had a great 18 days away-15 days of ministry. Over 50 people received Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and many were baptized in the Holy Spirit. 95 kids were prophesied over as well as 45-50 adults and visitors to our services both at the camp as well as at two different churches on the two Sundays we were away. It was truly an anointed and apostolic time.

I worked with a great team of young apostles and prophets (in training) from Ukraine. They come at their own expense every time I am in their nation and no matter where I am. They met with me daily for two hours in the mornings (and individually in the afternoons). It was an excellent opportunity for the group to be knitted together more closely and it was certainly a reality by the end of the trip. It also allowed me to know all of them better and to build a more personal one-on-one relationship with them. As well, of course, we met daily with pastors and leaders who needed to talk and receive insight and input.

So, a productive but very busy 18 days. God truly prepared the way; He blessed and prospered everything we were doing; and He receives all of the glory and praise. I simply go to serve and serve I did.

Here in western Canada we could see the same on-going training, discipling and mentoring going on of teams of young apostles and prophets. Many have been called out over the years I have lived here. However, for some reason they don’t seem to be taking their calling seriously and apparently are simply ignoring the prophetic Words they have received. As a result God is not moving in our nation as He could if these young men and women would take the prophetic words received to heart and step forward and make themselves available and teachable as the next generation of apostles and prophets.

I look forward to the day that this happens here in Canada.

If God Showed Up

I have decided to seek God and only God. I have decided that I personally need to be seeking His face as never before remembering that I need to seek Him with my whole heart and, if I do, that I will find Him. I have decided to focus on being God-sensitive and not seeker sensitive. I have decided to no longer follow the crowd and seek for revival as if it is the answer to all of the church’s (and my) problems and issues. It sn’t. He is!

I believe that we need to seek God and settle for nothing less than His manifest presence in our lives and in our worship services. Come on now – admit it. You have been to many services where God simply didn’t show up. I teach almost daily. I attend and participate in numberous services a week … and I certainly have been in a lot of services and situations where God simply did not make Himself known in any way. We need that to not be the case. We need the manifest presence of God to be in each and every service then seekers, sinners and saints would be impacted – changed, permanently changed. Then and only then will we see born again believers excited once again about attending weekly worship and fellowshipping with Him and each other (1 John 1:1-9).

An old-time preacher speaking about God sending fire from Heaven onto Mount Carmel during the prophet Elijah’s day (1 Kings 18) … He said that the manifest presence of God is “when God shows up, and he shows off!” He comes in not to take sides but to take over. When He arrives in splendor and glory, it is obvious to everyone that He is present and He is in charge. The human agendas fade away in the overwhelmingly awesome presence of the Kings of kings.

The longer I live, the less interested I am in how many people we have in the sanctuary. What is far more important to me is how much of God we have in the place. If He comes, we will have a wonderful service, no matter if there’s only a handful. God will be glorified and people’s lives will be changed – permanently changed. And that is what it is really all about – glorifying God and changing so that we become more like Him.

Hope We Are Not Boring You

Another blog speaking to our readers about Ralph Howe Ministries – excuse us if we are talking about ourselves but we are rather excited about all that God is doing through and in this ministry. I promise to switch topics later in the week…

God has blessed us with some amazing open doors. At the end of September and in to early October Miroslav (my administrator and interpreter) will be joining me as an apostle-in-training (and growing wonderfully quickly) as we work together as a team in Moscow, Russia for 6 days and then in Caucasus for 8 days – with travel it will be a total of 17 days on this trip. Interpreters are being supplied so Miroslav is joining me for some in-depth training as an apostle as well as further team formation (a two man team) and personal formation spiritually.

In November Bob MacDonald joins me along with Miroslav and Dima (both young men in their thirties training to be apostles and being personally mentored by me) as we travel to Kazakhstan and minister in two different locations (north and south). This four man apostolic team will be ministering in “secret” meetings during the week (to pastors and leaders) and then, as we prepare to leave each city, we will minister prophetically in a regular Sunday public worship service. This is an 18 day trip taking us into the first day or two of December.

January, 2010 I will be in two major cities in Ukraine ministering – and Miroslav will once again wear two hats … interpreter and apostle-in-training. However, we are expecting members of our team to also join us so that there will be 5 or 6 (of a possible 30 members now on the team) who will help us to minister prophetically as the need is so great.

March, 2010 we (Bob MacDonald Ministries and Ralph Howe Ministries) will be holding a two week school for apostles and prophets (open to men and women registered as such with us and proven by prophetic words from a recognized ministry) and not open to any others. This was (still is) originally tentatively scheduled for January, 2010 but, in my mind, I will not have time to adequately prepare my portion of the material nor to have it translated into Russian so we can pass it out to the registered students. This is a major undertaking for two relatively small ministries.

I have also been asked to continue our teaching on the prophetic and come and teach on “The Prophetic – Dreams and Visions”. I have just begun to review my older material on this and purchase some newer books to learn more myself so as to adequately present the material and give those registering for the school the maximum benefit. The dates for this have been set as January 25th to 29th, 2010 and, again, not yet confirmed.

God is opening many doors for us to effectively minister to many nations and places – pouring apostolic foundations in a young and vibrant Church that is rising out of the ashes of Communism. Please pray as we feel this is just the beginning of what the Lord wants to accomplish and we want to be ready and faithful.

Plans For Ralph Howe Ministries

Here at Ralph Howe Ministries we have some plans for some new ventures that we researched in depth and on purpose while in Ukraine these past three weeks.

Starting the 1st of January 2010 we will be going off of the broadcast stations (radio) that we are currently heard on (and paying for the air time) as we move towards a 24 hour a day – 7 day a week internet Christian radio station. We are working on the format, we now have a basic grasp of the technical side of things, and now must work out the needed equipment and some computer challenges and we are off and functioning.

Plans are to simply post a daily program on for the first three months as we design and accumulate the “stream of programming” we will need to go 24/7. Then we will have the potential of increasing our listening audience as we will be available worldwide all day, every day. This will cost this ministry less than the current two programs a week heard over regular broadcast stations.

Your prayers for this expansion are much appreciated.

As well, we are planning to “flip our website”. We will be duplicating what is already posted and on line (2 years and 1 month of written resources) as well as everything that is posted on a regular basis from that point onward … flipping it into Russian and Spanish. Then those who speak English will find an English button on our simplified and redesigned front page off the web site … those who speak Russian and those who speak Spanish will be able to click on their language button and the whole web flips to that language for them to read and benefit from everything that is posted.

The Spanish edition of the web site is a “step of faith” as we have received a prophetic word that the United States will be opening up to our ministry and due to the number of Hispanic speaking people in the United States we believe God would have our site available to them in their own language.

Again, we have researched this and have acquired some expert help with the move towards three languages … and we believe that this will help us to minister better to the Hispanic population in the United States and the Spanish speaking population in Central and South America. We believe the Lord is saying that we will be seeing more invitations and opportunities in these communities. So, we are preparing ahead of time for ministry with them.

Again, your prayers for this expansion are greatly appreciated.

We are also sending Russian material to our shorter list of apostles and prophets – those who work regularly with us when I am there ministering. We have our first book on prophecy picked out and have just purchased 35 copies. We will be mailing them in a month (from our office in Ukraine) to all of our team members as a free resource (and gift) from Ralph Howe Ministries. The funding has already been released for this. This will become a regular occurrence every two months as we are working on a list of all good books on apostles and/or prophets available in the Russian language and will be purchasing supplies to distribute as a gift and a “thank you” to all the young men who so willingly help us as members of my team in Russian speaking nations (while they receive more training and practice doing so).

Exciting times ahead … and much faith needed. Join your faith (and prayers) with ours and let’s see what God can accomplish.

Some After Thoughts

It is 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning actual time and 5:00 p.m. body time. Had 4 hours sleep and my body decided it was time to get up and so begins jet lag day … love it or leave it – it is inevitable when returning from overseas and flying through 9 time zones on the same day. So, the number of hours slept over the past few days due to all night train rides, early mornings to airports and many flights and airports is very few in numbers. Will crash as needed during the day.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I am on the road again for the day … then several office days before Sunday rolls around once again and I preach and minister at the morning service here in this city and then travel out to minister elsewhere in the evening. So, right back in the saddle quickly after 18 days overseas. I like what the Lord has called me to do so this is just fine with me.

Yesterday was a full day as we had three flights and the day’s travels started at 4:00 a.m. after a late night praying and fellowshipping in Kiev until after 11:00 p.m. When we landed in Toronto I had a two hour meeting with the person who originally invited me to Ukraine over a decade ago now. As well, it was a good time, due to the lengthy lay-over, to debrief my Canadian team member and to help him begin to think through the things that he learned and the changes that he now needs to consider making. That conversation was excellent and took us well into our time coming home on the last flight.

I now have a DVD copy of my testimony translated into Russian. I have given it a number of times in Ukraine and it has been recorded a number of times. So, now that I have it in hand I will learn to use the new duplicator/label printer that Ralph Howe Ministries owns and do a professional job of reproducing this DVD. Then, as I walk the paths through the parks around my home (with my dog) I will have a DVD to pass out to the many Russian-speaking Ukrainians who live near me in a series of massive apartment complexes and use these parks for recreation and relaxation. I will need to have my interpreter carefully word the label for me but it will be an excellent opportunity to impact the large number of Russian-speaking people who live near me.

I have decided that it is time to settle in, bite-the-bullet, and learn Russian. I am apparently going to be travelling a lot in former Soviet Union countries which all speak Russian and I would like to be able to communicate in Russian when out walking, in the local markets, ordering a meal … because without a knowledge of the language I am unable to witness to anyone and tell them about Jesus. I may never be qualified enough in the language to preach my sermons without an interpreter but I do want to be able to talk one-on-one with people as well as function in the normal, everyday events of life without a constant shadow. So, working on arranging classes and beginning right away.

I have downloaded, before leaving Ukraine, some videos of the rap group who helped us for several days to win dozens of young people to the Lord with their music and their message. I also have some video of the local youth pastor that my local church supports as he too is an excellent rapper and entertainer. I will learn how to post video as well as some of the many thousands of pictures we have come back with onto the blog. And, my web person will post a number of them onto the main web site as well.

This trip to Ukraine helped a great deal to solidify relationships and to really come to know some of the men on my Ukranian team both personally and as team members. The camp environment and our daily 2.5 hour meetings and one-on-one late afternoon “tea times” really helped a great deal. I am thrilled with the progress and my resulting much closer relationship with a dozen leaders and future leaders.

As well, I have said yes to a number of new offers to come and minister in Ukraine … they are tentatively on the schedule for the spring of 2010 and several of them will mean a large segment of time will need to be reserved beforehand for reading, research, writing and preparation as the topic is not something I am fresh and current on. So, much more work added to the schedules as we remove this one 18 day trip from the calendar and move into the new month of September, 2009.

I have about 10 days of straight office work to do as follow-up to this trip to Ukraine. Things that need to be written, communications that need to be followed up, a second meeting to schedule with the Toronto man I met with yesterday (3 days in Toronto in the near future), time to journal my thoughts, impressions, lessons learned and things that need attention in the near future … technological changes that need to be made, desk work re. brochures in two languages needed to inform people about our ministry as we work on raising mission funds for a number of new projects in Ukraine in 2010. Just a lot of good but time-consuming administrative and office work. A necessary evil but, I admit, not my favorite work nor something I really have time for any more. However…

My thanks to everyone who prayed for me during these past 18 days for both the days of travel as well as the ministry opportunities. God answered your prayers above and beyond anything you could have asked. The reports of healings, salvations, people receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit and about some of the other wonderful and unexpected things that God did during our time in Ukraine continue to come in even this morning as I work at things here in my study. And, you played a big part in all of this through your financial and prayer support for this trip and the ministry we were doing. Sincere thanks from everyone on my team and from me personally. You are great partners of the Gospel and I appreciate you.

It Is Good To Be Home In Canada

It is good to be home in Canada. I have spent 18 days travelling and ministering overseas. Exciting times – when God did some amazing things. Many were saved (50+); many were baptized in the Holy Spirit (15+); healings were an everyday occurrence; young people were discipled; young apostles and prophets in training were equipped and personally mentored as well as having opportunity to learn to further function as a team. God touched many hearts and lives including mine, of course.

You can never be part of what I have experienced over the last eighteen days and remain the same. Working with hungry and excited young people will always bring new life and change to the older generation such as I now find myself to be a part of. And, every day the Lord touched my heart and life and my personal relationship with Him. If you saw my daily schedule you would wonder where there was time for the Lord to work in and on my own life (not my ministry but me personally). However, believe me God can make a way, find a way, create a way… and He did.

I have journalled about some of the things He showed me. They will form a series of blogs later in the fall I am sure. I have thought about other things He revealed to me – but have yet to record them in my personal journal. Still other things have been deposited in my heart and I have yet to grasp the reality of them with my mind. But they are there (I can feel them) and, in time, I will know what it was the Lord was showing me in each and every situation. Revelation knowledge – even when it is God revealing something to you about you – is like that some times.

An added blessing was simply being around so many young people who are on fire and enthusiastic for the Lord Jesus Christ. Sold out! Passionate!! Ready to go anywhere and do anything!!! Serious about the things of God!!!! Unconcerned with what it might cost to serve Him!!!!! Powerful worshippers and lovers of Jesus who give their all to Him in every service and meeting!!!!!! It is contagious and brings hope and refreshing to someone like myself who preached his first sermon in 1969 … 40 years ago next month.

Then, I receive an email from a prophet friend stating that the Lord is opening doors in the United States for my ministry. This is a serious and well-timed answer to prayer. I don’t want doors in the United States to open simply for more ministry opportunities. I have ample to keep me very busy for a long time. I don’t want to become well known and in high demand. Heaven forbid. However, I do need to have ways to earn more income for Ralph Howe Ministries so that we can continue to expand our ministry in and to Eastern Europe (the many nations of the former Soviet Union). It costs money to minister in these nations although they do try, in their own ways, to bless you and help with some of the expenses.

For example, this last trip cost Ralph Howe Ministries a little over $5,000.00 American and this does not include any costs for other team members which, if they are young or have young families, we often try to help them financially. These direct costs include travel, food while there (I am usually supplied a small suite to live in with kitchen facilities and supply my own basic ingredients for meals, guests I entertain and meet with and snacks for the team meeting), money we give away when we see a need that we can meet so as to be a blessing to others, as well as general operating costs of some of the events such as this trip to minister for 10 of the 18 days at a youth camp where we paid a number of the basic camp expenses.

So, to meet these types of financial output every six to eight weeks (the frequency of planned trips) I need opportunities to minister in North America where I can earn income and donate it directly to Ralph Howe Ministries. I, as yet, do not receive a salary from this young ministry. However, we have one full-time staff member and two part-time staff members as well as a computer and technical consultant all of whom receive adequate salaries for the work that they do every month. As well, we have internet, radio, translation, phone and office expenses that can add up very quickly.

Our ministry overseas continues to expand and we are believing God to continue to supply the needs of that ministry without financial appeals and programs geared to raise funding. And, I am not afraid of hard work and more than willing to work hard and long if and when the doors of opportunity open up and invitations are received. This is, of course, one of the ways the Lord supplies abundantly. So, please stand in faith with all of us working here at Ralph Howe Ministries as God opens doors into the united States and, let’s together, watch God perform yet a miracle a month as each month’s needs are met ahead of time.

At the present time – just for operations and salaries – we need to triple our monthly income. Add to this the cost of mission trips approximately every six weeks and we are looking at believing God for a seriously substantial increase in income here at the ministry. This without adding to it other plans already underway for 2010 and 2011.

So, we would appreciate you adding your faith to ours and believing God to move mightily in this area. We believe we are in His perfect will and not running ahead of Him or lagging behind Him … so together we are about to be participants in a monthly miracle. I am excited to watch how God is going to do it.

Ukraine Trip – Day Eighteen (last day)

We have arrived in Kiev at the train station… taxi to where we are staying. Working on showers and clean clothes and coffee. Then we will be going out sightseeing and shopping before we actually get to work. Plans for trip to airport in the middle of the night are arranged (taxi) and Miroslav’s trip back into town and then to bus depot and then to Kirovograd all arranged … So, we are free for a few hours and coffee has just come into the room so I will stop and fellowship.

Coffee over and time for a shower. I’m third… and it’s time. Train rides all night, sleeping in your clothes and then using the “bathrooms” on the train (I use that term guardedly) makes one want to scrap your skin and get all the grim off quickly. Clean clothes – a gift from heaven for weary travellers.

We are going to “play tourist” for a while. The price of cothing here is amazing cheap for a westerner who has a decent income. Expensive for Ukrainians on a limited salary or budget. Bought a pair of jeans – Italian brand name – in the market in Krasnoarmeysk and it worked out to half the price I would pay for the same brand name and style in my nation. So, going looking for some bargins here in Kiev to spend a love offering I received for one of the ministries we did on a Sunday. The first Sunday’s love offering was totally spent paying ministry expenses while here (and we supplemented it with several hundreds of American dollars). This second Sunday’s love offering from another church was designated for my personal use (which usually means I simply put it into the ministry). However, they made me promise to use it for myself personally and I will honor their request.

Ralph Howe Ministries was able to bless a local pastor with $200.00 American which will allow him to purchase an external modum to hook into the internet no matter where his trans-local apostolic ministry takes him. It was badly needed and he simply could not afford it. So, we gifted him with it. Ralph Howe Ministries also gifted a young apostle who helped us informally (not officially) with interpretation and simply was an ever available help whenever we needed something done. So, we blessed him with $200.00 American (he can live on the amount for three months he told me). As well, we will be blessing our translation-interpreter who has been by my side every hour of every day. He is a salaried member of my staff and manages all my Eastern European office affairs and arrangements … but his work as a translator is paid on a daily basis while I am here and we have offered him a fair amount more than he normally receives … so he will be really blessed and will be able to meet some financial needs as both he and his wife will be taking university classes part-time again this fall. It is good to be able to bless those who bless Ralph Howe Ministries and me personally. God is so good to supply these needs beforehand so that everything is done for cash upfront.

Supper is being cooked by three young people while Miroslav and I (the old people) work on emails and details regarding upcoming ministry trips and future opportunities. We had four hours of walking the main streets and shopping malls (mostly under the streets) on this Independance Day in Ukraine. Lots of partying going on with special music, fireworks, lots of booze flowing and everyone enjoying a national holiday and the day off making a long weekend. We were able to puchase some clothes much cheaper here than in Canada and got some good discounts. Then we stopped for some ice cream in a speciality shop in a food court of one mall and walked back. Once back we simply fellowshipped and came to know our young host better. His friend – born in Ukraine, raised in New York and now in Ukraine again joined us as he is having supper with us and wants to receive a prophetic word… I think he might be a little nervous.

Supper is ready … will write more later!

What a great way to draw our trip to Ukraine to a close. Prophesying over a young 22 year old man about the next 50 years of his life and then hearing that the details fit in with several other prophetic words he received – and a vision or two he had – years before. God really touched this “leader of leaders” and radical revolutionary. And then we fellowshipped until 11:00 p.m. talking about Jesus and all that He is doing and is planning to do. It was the continuation of our supper conversation when we ate and drank tea and talked totally about Jesus. Wow! Great, great night.

To bed at 11:00 p.m. and up at 2:30 to be first in the shower … Airport by 4:30 a.m. Tuesday morning and arrive home at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning is we stay on the same time zones. However, with the 9 hours difference we will actually be home at 10:30 p.nm. Tuesday night real time (7:30 a.m. Wednesday body time) and, believe me, Wednesday will be a really slow day. Been here done this, bought the t-shirt.

Thanks for following along regarding our trip to minister in Ukraine and for praying about people and events mentioed in these daily blogs. It was good to be bale to post them daily and keep everyone seriously current on all that was happening. I hope it has not been a boring 18 days for you- the reader.

Love to hear from you.

Ukraine Trip – Day Seventeen

I am sitting in a train on a siding a few hours from Kiev. It is 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning and we got on the train at 9:00 p.m. Sunday night. If all goes to the schedule we will be disembarking in Kiev in about 4 hours. It has been a rough and bumpy train ride although this has not seemed to bother my travel companions who share the same sleeping compartment. They are still nicely asleep while I have laid awake all night. Now that light has appeared again I am able to work and so I decided to get connected to the internet and post a blog about Sunday.

I had a good morning in the place where we were staying for the night. After a very active and busy first day here … and a good night’s sleep … a hot shower and shave followed, a cup of tea, and a team chat. An opportunity to review my teaching for the service and then we packed ready for the long day and longer night. We were picked up at 11:00 a.m. and driven to the church building. I met with the pastor and we carried on a good conversation considering none of our interpreters were there. Then, upon arrival of the interpreters, I met with a young man whom I had prophesied over the day before at the youth service.

At noon we started the service and the worship was heavenly. After an hour and 15 minutes of great worship the pastor led the service in prayer – for the sick… and their ministry team ministered to about 60 attendees. Then a presentation of the Gospel and five people came forward for first-time decisions for the Lord. After being born again they were taken out to the side room where they had a conversion package handed to them and the pastor’s wife spoke to them briefly about the first step now that they were saved.

Then the pastor introduced me – we are now 1 hour and 40 minutes into the service. I spoke on how to have passion for the Lord when the music fades, the service has ended, the crisis is fresh in your mind, your friends have all gone home and the lights have been turned out. How do you maintain passion for the Lord and His cause when things are going south. Then we ministered to a number of people that I had picked out earlier during the sermon. One was an elder’s son who had been in church once in the last year. I did not know who he was or whom he was connected to. He got nailed – severely and lovingly nailed – by Jesus. One was another man that I did not know and the third was one of the new converts. It was great ministry to all three with my team being a tremendous help.

We dismissed the service and after 35 people wanted to talk to me and about 10 managed it – I was finally ushered into the side room for some food and a break. A walk for 30 minutes with a team member to discuss some personal issues and then we began the leaders meeting which went from 5:00 to 7:30 and during which we had questions and answers for an hour, a coffee break (actually tea and sandwiches) and then we prophesied over three people – one lady and a couple … left over and waiting from a list that originated in our November visit and which we had worked on during our February visit… The list has been accomplished.

Then another meal and a quick dash for the train station (we walked – the bags drove there). And, we have been on the train every since. Miroslav and I talked business – plans, organization, visits to minister in different area, things that we need to accomplish and the order in which they need to be dealt with. Fairly boring stuff but easier to do when together in person and very necessary as this ministry is growing rapidly and we needed to add some more time slots to accommodate everything and everyone who has asked us to come and minister … and the number of places and leaders grows weekly.

Once we arrive in Kiev and have a shower we are off to appointments and more ministry (prophecy). I will report on that tomorrow morning from the airport (a 3:00 a.m. arrival to board at 4:45 a.m.).

Blessings to everyone.

August 23 – Comments to my home church (edited and updated)

As you read this I am typing a daily blog. I am staying overnight in an apartment in Krasnoarmeysk – a city of 60,000 whose major industry is coal mining. It is Sunday night and we have just finished a Four hour service and a supper meeting and then a three hour meeting with some leaders from The Father’s Blessing Church here in the city. Just tiding up loose ends, last minute plans with the team, debriefing with the pastors and staff of the church where we have been since mid-Saturday after the 10 day youth camp ended. We are 6 hours by train from that camp.
Tonight we settle in to a thirteen hour train ride from this city in the south-east to Kiev in the north-central area of the country. We will leave here at 9:04 p.m. and arrive at 10:04 in Kiev. Then a meeting with a leader there and a supper with a disciple of this ministry and a time to prophesy over his friend – then bed. We need to be up and at the airport at 3:00 a.m. which is 2 hours before our first flight of many leaves for Germany. Breakfast at McCafe (MacDonald’s Airport Coffee Bar), a three hour wait and then another flight. Then 9 time zones and many hours later we will arrive in Toronto. A five hour wait allows us to have a Tim Horton’s coffee and then some supper (Swiss Chalet) and a business meetoing with someone about Ukraine who is coming ou to the airport to meet with me before boarding our last flight to Regina. This assumes that everything goes smoothly and all connections are made on time. Prayer would certainly help.

It will be good to be home. My next trip overseas to this area will be in 6 weeks. Just enough time to form a team to minister with me during two weeks in Moscow, Russia. God spoke over my life prophetically 2 years ago and I am now living out exactly what He spoke. Thanks Jesus!