Some Really Neat People

I work with a Network of churches called Life Builders Network. “Life” because Jesus came to give us life and when we teach or minister prophetically we are releasing His life into people’s lives. “Builders” because we believe in the ministry and role of apostles and prophets today – pouring foundations for the Church of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:20). We believe that the office and ministry of apostles is being reestablished by the Lord in this day. Paul called himself a “Master Builder”. And the word “Network” because we are a “net” that “works” and our task is to join together to be effective in the harvest of souls for the Kingdom and the King.

Yesterday we held our first “Apostles Day” for the laders of the network. At this meeting we had three speakers … three apostles with varying spheres of influence … speaking and ministering to those in attendance. It was a good day. God taught His leaders a great deal about these changing times that we live in and how to minister to our cities and towns, districts and province… and how to help people who are overwhelmed by life – including ourselves. Declaration to declare the Lord’s Word and will – How to hold to foundational truths and the ‘ancient paths’ as well as the “faith once delivered to the saints” (Jude 3) – and the changing mind-set of believers and non-believers and how they are forming their values today without a God-centered worldview. Great stuff. Great people. Great fellowship. Great food. Great day!

We have held leadership days, Grow Days, Training Days and numerous other events to encourage leaders over the many years we have been together. Often we work with Dennis Cramer who is a prophet to our Network and He speaks and ministers to those gathered. This “in house” event was not a new idea as we have done a few of these special days without well-known guests before. But, this was the first time we asked apostles to speak to us and bring foundational truths to bear on our lives and ministries. No big names – all in-house – and recognizing the ministry of apostles today. Afterall, we are an apostolic-prophetic Network and so it was time for the apostles to begin to minister.

If you would like to hear what was taught and what was ministered from the Word of God – simply send an email to and we will send you out a complimentary 3 CD set of the teachings. They will be ready to mail by the end of November (we are away for three weeks in Ukraine shortly so will edit and copy at the end of the month upon our return). But, write while it is fresh in your mind.

Stay tuned – many more ministry days such as this coming up in the next year…

City of the North – Report #2

It is late on Tuesday night – early Wednesday morning. The end of my second day in Prince Albert – a city that forms the gateway to the very large northern part of our province (state). It has been a full, challenging, and fun day!

Today I spent the day with almost 20 men and women who are on a drug rehabilitation program. In the morning I taught on listening skills as this is their segment on communications. Then after a lunch break (meeting with someone not involved in the program over the meal) spent the afternoon discussing prophecy – answering their questions before actually doing it. Then we spent 2 hours prophesying over a number of the students. The interesting thing is that, to the best of my knowledge, they were all non-Christians. And, here is God speaking to their potential and telling them in some detail about their futures. God was so gracious as He broke off past hurts and wounds while drawing their attention to how He feels about them and how much He loves them. It was a seriously supernatural afternoon. A blessing and a joy!

It was extra special because I was working with a really neat apostle from Saskatoon who is part of the network of churches that I work with – as well as a good friend. We have not done a lot of this kind of work together and so it was new and fresh to both of us and a joint experience that we shared together. A great opportunity to work together and see how God used us jointly in ministry to the same people.

And, we pulled in a young man called David who had been at our meeting the night before and whom we had prophesied over. He came at the invitation of the director of the program – so I invited him up to help us as a third in the team. Great opportunity for him to practice and work with two men as he fine-tund his prophetic edge. It was fun teaching and training him in public in front of a live audience as we ministered to these wonderful people.

Then out for a supper meeting with a wonderful couple who are church planting here in Prince Albert and who are connected to our Network of churches. Great supper where we shared fellowship and did a little discusing of “business” – which is enjoyable as our ‘business’ is Jesus and He is fun to discuss. Back to the hotel and some work on my computer – and, I admit it – half an hour of the Comedy Channel that actually had a decent show that brought a chuckle to my heart after a somewhat intense but good day.

God is faithful. It is such a blessing and honour to be in the work of the ministry and to share with Him the joy of seeing peoples’ lives permanently changed and altered forever. He just loves getting involved in people’s lives and telling them the plans and purpose that He has for their lives. And, He especially enjoys speaking into the lives of non-believers which is so neat to see and be a part of. I hope I never lose my sense of amazement and awe as I continue to travel worldwide and speak prophetically into the lives of young people calling them to walk with the living God and to enter into the greatest never-ending adventure that anyone ever dreamed of.

Real early start on the road this morning – as a 4+ hour drive … and two new grandchildren to visit with, a radio program to burn onto CD now it has been edited and mailed off for this Sunday’s program. Then preparation for this evening Bible study I am leading on the topic of ‘Heaven’. Then home to the study to do the finishing touches on a teaching for the next day – Thursday – in the city of Moose Jaw. It is great to be involved in such meaningful work for the Lord when most my age are retiring. Me, I feel like I am refiring.

City of the North – Report #1

I am in the city of Prince Albert this morning. This is a fair size city for my area of the world (45,000) and is 4.5 hours away from where I live. It is the gateway to the northern part of this province (state) and from here on north the terraine is georgeous – rugged, trees, lakes, great fishing and camping territory. Go another 6 or so hours north and you end up at the end of the road systems and into territory where you have to fly in or wait for the “winter roads”. That means you wait for the lakes to freeze over and then drive across the lakes until spring. Great part of the terrific nation I live in.

Last night – after a business (supper) meeting with a man who is an apostle and part of our network of churches (Life Builders Network) he and I went to a banquet room in a downtown hotel where people assembled for coffee and an evening of worship, teaching and the prophetic. There was a sizable crowd (in my mind and for the first time anything like this had been tried) gathered and after the host taught on prophecy and preparing oneself to receive – I stood and taught for a few minutes straight from the scripturres on what prophecy is all about and how the rest of the evening was going to work. God;s Word is very clear about this wonderful gift. The people were receptive and anxious to see God in action and hear a word from the Lord for their lives.

We prophesied for about 2.5 hours and we gave some very subtantial words of direction to people. We also brought healing and freedom to a number of people – releasing them from generational curses and other past pain and woundedness. We brought several who were in attendance up to the front to work with us and taught them about the prophetic and other giftings as we went along – in front of everyone else so all could be learning about this wonderful gift from the Father.

God is so good and so gracious. The people ranged in age from early twenties to late sixties and so we had a wide range of people and interests to work with. Some were seasoned believers and others were not yet saved. A prophetic person’s dream come true. A room full of people, most of whom you do not know, and an anointing to prophesy.

Personally, it was a great night. The more I do things like this and use the gifts the Lord has given to me – the more “comfortable” I become with them. I am trusting my “prophetic senses” more than ever and speaking much more boldly each time – and the words are flowing with greater depth and accuracy … and the results are always overwhelming.

God is so good. On the way in as I am walking through the hotel lobby a lady stops me, introduces herself and reminds me we had met many years ago when I taught regularly in this city in a Bible School. She tells me that I spoke a prophetic word over her life and she just wanted to thank me and tell me that it has all come to pass and she is living in the midst – right now – of that prophetic word actually taking place and being totally fulfilled. God is so good to bring encouragement like this when I was just entering into the venue to begin to minister. He always knows what we have need of.

We ended the evening with a prayer line for healing and again God moved prophetically and people received their healings as God touched them in love and with His power.

Then another hour of debriefing as the other apostle and myself took a quick look at the night and how we think it went as this was the first timke we had ministered as a team like this in the prophetic. Bed by 1:30 after a failed attempt to upload a radio show so my web master could begin the editing process – he is on it this morning remotly accessing my office computer and making the transfer as it simply would not work for me the way it should have and always has.

Just love this modern technology – Prince Albert, Regina, and Dayton, Ohio all linked together on the same computer screen…

Today I am with 20+ men and women coming off of mainlining drugs who are in a life skills class. This morning I teach them on listening skills as this is a week on learning to communicate. Then this afternoon – without being religious or using Christianese – we are going to prophesy over all of them one at a time speaking from God’s heart to their heart. It will be a day of great impact for these men and women – most of whom are not born again and do not, therefore, have a relationship with the Living God and His Son Jesus Christ.

More on this tomorrow…


God Is Raising Up Five-fold Evangelists

I believe there is a dramatic change already in progress within the true Church of Jesus Christ in North America. This shift is going to involve everyone – every born again believer. This change will begin in the Charismatic, Spirit-filled side of the Christian Church where it will hit suddenly and with great force – becoming instantly active and bringing new life to the saints. Read more


Your Sphere of Influence and Anointing

We were talking about “metron “ last time. “Metron” is a ministry assignment within specific territories as assigned to believers, five-fold ministers and/or churches by the Holy Spirit. These are the areas they are to operate in and “occupy until He comes.” The word “occupy” is a business term meaning “to take a greater business share or market share”. So, we are called to a specific place and task and then told to minister there in our calling with the purpose of winning a greater market share or expanding the Kingdom of God in that place as we declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read more

Battle of the Blanket

We want to see new spiritual life come to our nation and to our local church. We know that both need to turn back to God and begin, once again, to live by the Christian principles and beliefs that they were founded upon. We all believe that our own souls could use a good jolt of God in some form or other. We have friends whom we know need God to intervene in their lives and help them to see the “error of their ways” before it is too late. We are all aware that people need to become serious about the condition of their souls. We want revival! Plain and simple – people, the Church and the nations need a revival.

But, are we willing to pay the cost? Personally pay the cost? Is the Church willing to do whatever it takes to see revival come to God’s people? Are we, the believers, willing to sacrifice to see revival come to our Church? Our nation? The world?

As I study the life of George Whitefield it became obvious that he was willing to pay the cost. Right from the start of his Christian walk – from the time he was born again onwards, he was a man of prayer spending many hours a day praying – and praying fervently for the souls of lost men and women. He was a man of compasion who reached out to the lost on every occasion possible – often at a great personal cost. He was a man of true humility and no one was bad enough or too far gone for him to give up on and walk away. From his first message after his ordination until the end of his life, he maintained one goal – winning souls no matter the cost to him personally. As a result – he saw and experienced revival almost everywhere he went.

The book “Revival Fire” states “… wherever he went there flowed a mighty current of God’s Spirit. Revival and harvest were integral parts of Whitefield’s faithful, zealous ministry.” (page 70).

So, are we willing to pay the cost – pay the price for revival? Are we willing to win the BATTLE OF THE BLANKET early in the morning and get out of bed to pray for lost souls and the condition of the Church and our nation? Are we willing to gather with others on a weekly basis to pray for revival – giving up that night to seek the Lord, fast and pray – and keep doing it until we actually see God answer that prayer and revival hit our nation? Are we willing to correct things in our own lives and get more right with God than we are at the present time? Are we willing to go to others and forgive them and seek forgiveness? Are we willing to give up our bitterness, hurt, and offenses? Are we willing to remove those things that are displeasing to God – cleaning up our entertainment, our reading, and our internet use? Are we willing to pay the cost to get our own personal lives right with God and our daily lives in line with His Word and His commands regardless of the effort and pain to do so? BOTTOM LINE: Are YOU willing to pay the cost?

George Whitefield was – as were many others whom God used to ignite a fresh flame and a renewed passion in people, churches and nations. We may want to see revival come – but are we ready for it to come and will we pay the price to see it in our day and age?

Jesus at DQ

I went into Dairy Queen the other night – a regular weekly routine with my personal assistant here at Ralph Howe Ministries. We go most Thursdays at around 9:45 p.m. and leave after the store closes and the doors are locked – which happens at 11 p.m. They let us stay even though closed – they are cleaning up and shutting down the kitchen so we are out of their way. So, we get an hour and a half each week together to talk about how things are going in the ministry and what is happening with my agenda and how she can help to lighten the load. In case you are worried I am out late at night with another woman – you are right – except in this case it is one of my daughters. She is my personal assistant – a paid position here at this ministry.

We ordered – she went to the washroom and I went straight for a table that had a couple in their early 50’s sitting at it. I had seen them there a few times before and my dauhter was going to be a few minutes and so…

Now this is very confusing to the young man bringing our ice cream Sundays as he was clueless as to where we were sitting. So, once he located me standing up – I simply pointed to an empty part of the facility and told him to pick a table, any table. Poor fellow – didn’t quite know what to do. I guess it is not in the training manual – here is what you do when someone is standing, has not chosen a table to sit at yet and is discussing prayer, the healing power of Jesus, and the Bible with another set of customers. Never mind, he found a table and my daughter found her Sunday – and I found her 5 minutes after she sat down – when I could politely draw the conversation to a close with a promise to pray for them and their situation.

Of course, my daughter understood – as she has been with her father in many similar situations – and is as good at witnessing and starting conversations about Jesus as I am. So, we eventually had an hour together just to talk … and as the couple were leaving – they thanked me and I promised to be praying for them… They were appreciative of our 10 minute or so chat about the Lord at a time of need in their lives.

Folks, witnessing to loved ones and strangers should come naturally and be the desire of every believer’s heart. To be a Christian means that Jesus is at the center of everything that we do – including going to DQ for an ice cream. Being a Christian is much more than going to a worship service on Sunday to remind ourselves and God that we love the Lord. It is more than daily Bible reading and a short prayer time. It is 24/7. We are to do “everything as unto the Lord” – buying books at Chapters (see my blog “First There Were Three – Then There Were Four”); grocery shopping, walking the dog, and going to DQ to “grill and chill”. It should be natural to look around and see if there is someone the Lord is leading you to speak to. We must always be alert to opportunities to share the love of God as found only in Jesus Christ. It should be supernaturally natural.

So, today I preach and minister (in several hours) here in the city in which I live. Then a stop at the Shell station for gas – and to ask the attendant how her twins are and to fill the car up with gas. Two weeks ago (I was out of town last Sunday in California) they had been sick and she was concerned. Then home to walk the dog (it’s getting colder so fewer out walking dogs at this time of year – sad). Then a 2.5 hour drive … young kid will be pumping gas at the gas station in Stoughton (name of town with a decent washroom stop) so will chat with him as I stretch and buy a new Diet Coke (no need for more gas yet)… on to preach and minister in the town of Oxbow at a great church there.

Coming back later in the night – go the other route and stop at the gas station in the city of Estevan to chat with the lady who pumps gas late nights and then through the city of Weyburn and their new all night coffee shop – again to chat with the young fellow who serves the counter customers late at night (and they have clean washrooms) and then home… and a fill up at a different Shell station as the all night guy is there by himself and gives us a great opportunity to just stand around and chat. I wonder what the topic will be? Then home and time to unwind, take my shoes off, and think through each contact, what I could have done differently to be more effective and recording what I need to be praying for regarding these contacts.

Naturally supernatural. Supernaturally natural. But planned and calculated. Intentional!

Research Your World – Reach Your People

Time for some new approaches to the things we do. The message we declare is non-negotiable but the methods by which this life-changing message is shared are not sacred and must be constantly adjusting to the society in which we live. Otherwise we have a the greatest good news in the universe and no one will know what it is.

Let’s get honest here. If the way we are doing things as the Church of Jesus Christ is not impacting our unsaved loved one, family, friends, and work associates then there is something wrong and we need to find out what it is. Methods are not sacred and can change frequently as the society we are reaching for Jesus changes. And change it does.

How do you know what will work? Get out there among the unsaved, relate, talk, ask questions about their lives, life-style, beliefs, and what they think about spiritual issues – who Jesus is, life after death, heaven and hell and numerous other topics. They want to talk about themselves and they do have thoughts and opinions worth listening to. You will find yourself in some fantastic conversations with some really neat people – and you will get to know them and their world much better.

The more you relate and the more you know about them and what they believe and think – the easier it is to then know what to say and how to share it when it comes to telling others about the night-and-day difference Jesus has made (and is making) in your life.

If you believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ and hold to the truth as set forth in the Bible – that Jesus is the only way to be forgiven and to enter into Heaven – then it is time to intentionally study the “world” in which you live and work and then learn how to express the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the only message of the Church with those in your world.

Their eternity destiny may depend on you!

Frightening Statistics

52% of Americans say they believe that the Bible is God’s authoritative Word – 80 to 85% say they are Christians.

36% say they believe people should live by Scripture. This does not mean that they actually live by the Word of God as contained in the Bible – just that they believe you should.

45% of Americans say they operate by a mixture of God’s commands and their own inclinations – thus living their lives “somewhat Christian” but more a personalized interpretation of God’s Word based on their likes and dislikes, opinions and life-styles.

15% ignore God’s Word if it conflicts with their own plans – placing desire and want over principle and Truth that they say they believe in.

Source: the Culture and Media Institute

It becomes worse when you look at the trends and statistics for the youth in today’ culture. More on that in a couple of days.

Today – let’s look at what these statistics are telling us about the lives of those who declare themselves to be believers in today’s culture.

1> They don’t honestly believe that God’s Word is their only authority and contains THE Truth upon which to base decisions and life choices.

2> They are building their lives on the sand (according to the words of Jesus) and not on the rock of His Word.

3> When the storms of life come along – tests, trials, trouble, tribulations – their lives, like a house of cards, will tumble and crash to the ground – being destoyed.

4> They will blame God because He didn’t fulfill some promise or other that they do believe in and have claimed for their lives – thus being mad at Him and probably seriously ticked at the Church they have attended

5> They live a life of “selected obedience” to the Word of God and thus come across to non-believers who have some idea of what the Bible teaches as hypocrites

6> They think they are Christians when, most likely, they simply said a sinner’s prayer or responded to an emotional moment. They saw that as an encounter with God or a touch from God. They think they are safe from an eternity in hell when, in reality, they are false converts and in danger of an eternity separated from the God they claim to worship and serve – however much in a selective manner.

7> They are self-deceived and in deep trouble – having been innoculated against ever catching the real thing – biblical Christianity.

8> The Church is in trouble because many of those who profess to be believers are not living according to God’s Word and thus hold to an outward form of their religion and deny the power thereof to change and transform a life from the inside out.

9> The Church and the “believer” are not proclaiming the real Gospel, not living by the power of the true Spirit and are not following the real Jesus. Paul would say they are in trouble and much to be pitied.

We have much work to do within the Church before we will be very effective as the Church in reaching out and telling others of the difference the real Jesus and obedience to His Word – the Truth – is making in our lives.

A Frantic Bundle of Hollow Energy

Richard Foster trumpets the need for recovery from racing routines in his classic book “Simplicity of Freedom”. If you have not read it – it would make a good read over the slower upcoming Christmas season.

In the book he expresses his heart about activity and busyness and the problem of both balance and burn-out…

He states… “I function best when I alternate between periods of intense activity and of comparative solitude. When I understand this about myself, I can order my life accordingly. After a certain amount of immersion in public life, I begin to burn out. And I have noticed that I burn out inwardly long before I do outwardly. Hence I must be careful not to become a frantic bundle of hollow energy, busy among people but devoid of life. I must learn when to retreat like Jesus and experience the recreating power of Jesus.”

I really like that phrase: “a frantic bundle of hollow energy” as that is how I feel after 6 or 7 days of being on the road, living in hotels, and ministering to people. Now, I do try to have some time away from the assignment each day – but I usually end up spending that time reading for some future teaching opportunity (the next week’s ministry), doing emails, scheduling travel days and booking hotels, or troublehooting something on my cell phone somewhere in the world where the fan is on and someone is shoveling… So, “no rest for the wicked” or “no rest for the weary”. My own fault – and only I can do something about it.

I am new to being on the road ministering – at least the duration and frequency is new. I have always done some travelling each week but often day trips. I am also recognizing that I am in my early 60’s and so can’t keep the pace I use to keep in my 30’s and 40’s. Moving a bit slower than I use to. And, with the kind of intense ministry I now have – prophetic revelation (teaching), prophetic ministry to God’s people, and usually working with wounded pastors and injured churches (and leadership) that the direction my ministry has taken is much more draining than simply being a Bible teacher and running conferences and seminars.

I am writing this Thursday morning – and I have been back two days from my last road trip. I am just beginning to feel whole again – physically and spiritually. I have been moving slowly and working only part days on purpose as I need to recharge due to being on the road again on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week…. Of course moving slower means unanswered emails (265 at the moment), unopened mail, and a mess of backlogged work in the office part of my ministry structure here in my home. However, again – a stress to learn to live with as I need that ebb and flow Richard Foster so ably describes and articulates on in his book.

Read the quote again…

“I function best when I alternate between periods of intense activity and of comparative solitude. When I understand this about myself, I can order my life accordingly. After a certain amount of immersion in public life, I begin to burn out. And I have noticed that I burn out inwardly long before I do outwardly. Hence I must be careful not to become a frantic bundle of hollow energy, busy among people but devoid of life. I must learn when to retreat like Jesus and experience the recreating power of Jesus.”

Great wisdom is contained in those words! Nothing worse than being “a frantic bundle of hollow energy” as that does not make for great ministry nor is it the way the Lord would have us to function. So, I am watching my ‘ebb and flow’ and working on learning a new rhythm of grace. Read the words of Jesus I have ben trying to live by…

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me – what how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” Matthew 11:28-30 The Message Version.

Two great quotes – put them together and you have wisdom for today – and every day!