Back To The Basics – Back To Acts

I believe the Lord is taking His Church back to the basics. Then once we are back at the basics we can go back to Acts. We have been majoring on the minors and chasing the latest and the greatest – personality, revelation, ministry, gifting, church, or book. And often none of these things make us better followers of Jesus. And, as believers these things we chase after have not helped us to be a good witness for the Lord nor have they helped us to win the lost.

The Church is being taken back to the basics of the faith. Hebrews 6 lists the basic 6 doctrines of the early Church and stresses the need to move on to more mature things. Earlier, in Hebrews 5:12, the author had written that the believers needed milk as they were not yet ready for solid food. I believe the Lord is saying that this is true once again – in our time and in most churches. This would be backed up by the latest surveys taken by Gallup and the Barna Group as published (in part) in the March/April edition of Outreach magazine. Read more


Apostles, Prophets, and Pastors

The enemy is the author of confusion and division. If he can keep the leaders in the Church divided, they will not minister effectively. In the last edition of the newsletter, we addressed the potential problem of apostles and prophets thinking too highly of themselves. However, since pastors usually have the oversight of local churches and assemblies, there is a need for understanding and unity between apostles, prophets, and pastors as well.

At the heart of any strife between apostles, prophets, and pastors is often the need for control usually brought about by personal insecurity. When a pastor has an apostle or prophet in his Church, he must not allow insecurity and intimidation to grip his spirit. If he does, then he will perceive everything the apostle and prophet does as a challenge to his authority. Strife and division will eventually be the result.

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Apostles and Prophets in Perspective

In earlier e-newsletters I mentioned that apostolic and prophetic ministry are foundational ministries in the Church. Foundational does not mean that these ministries are more important or valuable than other ministries, however. One ministry or role is never more important than another.

When we consider a building – the foundation of the building is not seen. However, when storms and other influences come against the building, the foundation’s strength provides support for the building.

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Powerful Prophetic Prayer

Many years ago I spent a whole day drinking coffee at a Sambo’s restaurant and reading the Gospel according to John in one sitting. It was then, for the first time, that I noticed Jesus’ words – repeated frequently throughout the Gospel – when He states that He only does what He sees His Heavenly Father do and only speaks what He hears His Father speak. This insight about His ministry radically altered my ministry. And, it changed forever my concept of prayer. Read more