Don’t Weigh – Obey!

I was reading the story of Peter and the disciples when they went back to fishing after the crucifixion and resurrection (found in John 21). In the story they fish all night and catch absolutely nothing. In the early morning light the Lord appears on the beach and asks them how it is going. They answer that they have caught absolutely nothing. He then tells them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat and there they will find some. Without a question they do as He said – instant obedience – and they catch a “multitude” so large it stretches the nets to beyond capacity. Soon afterwards, they launch out on their public ministry as they step out to lead the new Church spreading a new kind of fishing net to catch the attention of the world and to bring individuals into the Kingdom and the Church. It worked for the Church grew at an enormous rate.

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This is an authentic photograph taken from the Hubble space telescope.

The Real Power

It was a normal day and I was doing what is fairly routine in my life – studying God’s Word and writing a teaching for a speaking engagement later in the week. As I was preparing the Holy Spirit interrupted my study and spoke the following words to my heart …

“It is time for My people to become drunk with expectancy and anticipation, instead of staying sober with boredom and unbelief”

As I meditated upon these words the Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10) came upon me and spoke to my heart some words about what is about to happen in North America . Read more