13 Essential Characteristics of An Apostle #4 – Apostolic Evangelism #48

As this part of the teachings on apostolic characteristics draws to a close, let’s look at the remaining three of the 13 characteristics that we are to look for in a genuine, tested and true apostle (and his team).

11> An apostle will exercise his faith. Because of the work that an apostle is involved in by the nature of his calling, he will need to exercise strong faith. As he plants the Gospel with the hope of raising up a vibrant and dynamic reproducing local church body he will be apposed by the forces of darkness. The last thing the domaine of darkness wants is the light of the Gospel shining brightly in it’s territory. Thus an apostle and his team will need to know how to stand in faith and fight the fight of faith. They will need to seriously understand the Lord’s words; “Be it done unto you according to your faith” (Matthew 9:29).

The other main aspect of the apostle’s work is working within already existing churches laying biblical foundations. This often means repairing the already existing foundation upon which the local church was first established. Change is never easy and the apostle will need to stand strong believing God that the local leadership will respond in a positive manner to his correction and direction. Often the apostle will be involved in times of conflict and confrontation during which he will need to stand in faith knowing that he has been called to this ministry and that the Church belongs to the Lord and He will have His way with the local church even if circumstances say otherwise.

12> An apostle needs to have resilience. The dictionary definition of resilience is: the power or ability to return to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity. The second definition is the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy.

An apostle needs to have a tremendously personal walk with the Lord that encourages him and enables him, regardless of the situation, to ‘bounce back’ and continue his work in the area of the vineyard that he is working. Because of the opposition (both spiritual and human) to his work and the intensity of the work that he is involved in – he will need to be strong and resilient. This needs to be an inner strength because he will often not receive encouragement from others or from any immediate results of the work that he is involved in.

13> An apostle needs to be intrinsically motivated. As a result of #12 an apostle will need to be intrinsically motivated. He needs to be a self-encourager if there is such a thing. He needs to have the inner strength and motivated to continue regardless of the hardships or the cost. His calling from the Lord is the source of this motivation so he needs to be seriously assured of his call and the current work that he is attempting because of his call. He will need to have the inner assurance of being called and commissioned by the Lord and empowered for the work that he is doing in the geographical area that he is working in. He needs to be a self-started so as not to rely on external things to motivate his daily ministry in difficult situations.

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