13 Essential Characteristics of An Apostle #1 – Apostolic Evangelism #45

Apostles have some basic characteristics that are essential to the fulfillment of the call upon their lives. These characteristics enable them to do what The Lord has called them to accomplish.

1> Visioning capacity – they need to be able to “see” what The Lord has called them to accomplish in the ministry they are currently undertaking. This ‘vision’ is part of a wider vision they will have of what the Church of Jesus Christ is going to look like in the future (the end product of the work they are undertaking for The Lord). So, they will have a vision of the local church they are working with or currently planting, a vision of the Church Jesus is building, as well as the bigger Kingdom picture.

2> They create ownership of the ministry. They are able to share their vision and the work they are currently doing in such a way that others can “buy into” the vision and take ownership of the ministry that is on-going and that they are now a part of. An apostle can share their story and their ministry is such a way that others catch the vision, realize that this is what God is currently doing, and come to understand that God wants them to have a part in the fulfillment of this vision.

3> An apostle is able to relate to the unchurched. He is comfortable relating to those who are not followers of The Lord and who may even be opposed to his work of planting the Gospel so The Lord can raise up and build His Church. An effective apostle is neither part of a Christian sub-culture that few can relate to nor has he bought into the culture that he is working to impact for the Kingdom. He does not stand out as odd and irrelevant and does not blend in so as not to be seen as someone offering an alternative lifestyle and a different set of values. As the Scriptures state, he will be “in the world but not of it.”

4> An apostle is effective at building relationships. He enjoys people and is a good listener. By listening he is showing others that he cares and that they are important to him and thus to Who he represents – Jesus. An effective apostle (and apostolic team member) can have hundreds of relationships in the community that he is reaching for Jesus. So, an apostle will not be ‘an office person’ but will consciously plan each day to include time building the relationships he has already established and forming new relationships. He will, as a result of this, be active in his community.

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