11 Leadership Questions You Should Be Asking

 1. When was the last time I heard from God? Am I doing what he called me to do? 

This is the “Acts 6″ question. Acts 6 is a great reminder that it’s possible to be doing the ministry of God without doing the ministry God has called us to do.

  • Busy for God and not busy with God
  • Working from the head and not the heart
  • Meeting needs and bending to people’s expectations – People Pleaser
  • Not working for the audience of One
  • Letting people control and manipulate you

2. What should our church be known for in this community?

For a moment, ignore anyone who attends your church. What does the rest of the community know about your church?  That’s a better reflection of whether or not you’re really accomplishing your vision.

  • Walk around the neighborhood where you hold services and see if anyone even knows that you exist and meet there
  • Ask people what they think of when they think “Church”
  • Analyze the needs of your community and then the programs and outreach of your church – do they line up and, if not, then change things


3. Are we really focusing our time, money, leadership, prayer behind the things that will produce life change and community impact?

 If not, there’s a good chance that we are simply “spinning our wheels,” playing church and accomplishing nothing of eternal consequence.

  • You want to produce health and wholeness in Jesus in each of your people
  • You want to release (Zoe) the life and nature of God in your people
  • You want to preach “life” and release life when you preach – John 6:63


4. Is our church growing both spiritually and in numbers? Many churches are stuck and not bearing fruit.

  • Healthy churches are not necessarily big churches, but healthy churches are growing churches.
  • If your church is not growing – why is it not growing? Where is the bottle neck?
  1. Evangelism
  2. Services – style, music, time and location, teaching
  3. Your leadership
  4. Troubled people causing difficulties that change the atmosphere

5. Is there a clear path to help people take steps in their faith with the ultimate goal of them becoming fully-devoted followers of Christ?

Having a vibrant Sunday worship experience is only one component of church life and the journey of faith we are all on

  • Have you established a discipleship strategy beyond Sunday morning?
  • Do you have a process to disciple (basic disciplines) – train (basic doctrines of the faith) – equip (supernatural gifts) –  mentor (building leaders)
  • Rick Warren: Class 101 – Membership / Class 201 – Maturity / Class 301 – Ministry / Class 401 – Missions

6. Have you taken the time to identify what a fully-devoted follower of Christ looks like?

In other words – do you know what you overall goal is when dealing with a new convert?

  • Most churches have not done this, so they end up just “doing church” without any intentionality of purpose or process.
  • What do you want the “product” to look like?

7. Are you empowering the people of God to do God’s work?

This is the “Ephesians 4:12-13″ question.

Declining churches pay people to do the ministry  – all of it

Growing churches challenge people to use their gifts and release them to do so

Growing churches free people from “internal activities” so that they can build relationships ‘in the world’ with non-believers


8. Are you developing leaders?

This includes both spiritual discipleship and leadership mentoring?

  • I believe thisis what is going to distinguish the churches that last longer than one generation.
  • You need to be really intentionally about building disciples and then building disciples into leaders
  • Train your leaders on a regular basis – and build solid relationships with them

      9. Is my community or city any different because of my ministry?

  • We need a whole new way to measure whether or not our churches are really making an impact
  • We need to be honest with ourselves and if we are not impacting lives and thus the town or city we need to change something – everything

10. Do believers see their ministry happening only at the church or are they reaching out to their families, their neighborhoods, their workplaces, their schools, etc.?

  • Honestly, I’m really tired of Christians thinking God saved them to go church on Sunday and then eventually experience Heaven. Our purpose is much bigger than that.
  • Saved to serve – not just sit
  • The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) is not an option

11. Do I have the right leaders around me to accomplish the vision?

  • Read Exodus 18:18-23
  • This isn’t some new business leadership principle. This is biblical advice that’s been around for thousands of years and still applies today.
  • Know your vision and express it often – know your leaders and they must own your vision

These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves on a regular basis

What are the questions you are asking as a leader in the church? 

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