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Deepest Regrets

It is with a very heavy heart that we express the unexpected passing of Ralph Howe on April 12, 2022.

Ralph loved Jesus and was passionate about sharing this with everyone he met. Ralph always spoke about how it was “the dash” that counted the most. The time between the birth date and end date. Ralph tried very hard to make the dash count every day.

Thank you for your love and appreciation.

More information about where and how you can express your condolences will be released in the near future. Please respect the family’s time to grieve and process this. Private messages can be sent to Ralph’s administrative assistant, Elizabeth (elizabeth@ralphhoweministries.com), for the time being.


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Becoming a Disciplined Person

Too many people see life as a waiting room. People sit and wait for their names to be called. But progress in life – moving forward to maturity and effectiveness in what we do and achieve – does not come looking for us. We won’t achieve great things accidentally. Never forget, as one of my […]

Recent News

Deepest Regrets It is with a very heavy heart that we express the unexpected passing of Ralph Howe on April 12, 2022. Ralph loved Jesus and was passionate about sharing this with everyone he met. Ralph always spoke about how it was “the dash” that counted the most. The time between the birth date and […]

Dear Ralph! I want to Express my gratitude and appreciation for their service to us. We all remember your prophecies and strive to implement them. Almost every day I receive edification through your blogs in Russian. We all thank God for you and your Ministry. May the Lord strengthen you and bless you and your entire family and all your Ministry. You are always welcome, though not always obedient to your word. Bless you!

Hello , Ralph! I read daily posts in your blog and learn something new every time. There are such interesting thoughts, and I find support in them. I just want you to know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. May God bless your ministry.

Picture drawn by Dashka B. who lives in the city of Tula, Russia as a thank you for a prophetic word she received.

I just wanted to encourage you and tell you that you are amazing, and I know you go around pouring into so many people, you probably don’t get too many people pouring it to you but you truly are amazing you truly are a spiritual father to many!

Mark leads / pastors The Upper Room in Cardington, Ohio

Hi Ralph,

I was surprised to receive email from you because I know how busy you are. I am very happy to become a partner of your ministry so the Word of God may spread into different countries. Thanks for visiting our church in Sacramento. Your preaching has changed not only my life but lives of many people. I praise God for you and for your service. May God bless you abundantly in everything what you do for His Kingdom.

Pastor Ralph! Thank you for your congratulations on Christmas I congratulate you and your family a Happy New 2015 All the best to you. Pastor Ralph You taught us what to do after receiving the prophecy in particular that it is necessary to move towards the conditions of our prophecies to be fulfilled prophecy as I have the gift evangelist and I responded to your advice and since I have the ministry to the Jews, I decided to serve the Jews in Kazakhstan I have a home church in Burunday it about 25 Jewish church and she is already 3.5 months many miracles preaching of Jesus Christ I thank God thanks for the amazing prophecy RALPH send photos home church “Shalom.” Ralph God healed from liver cancer a woman with a huge belly now she has no belly and bald boy 4 years God has healed from cancer of lymph nodes HALLELUJAH ALL ALL GLORY TO ONLY the Great Lord

Thank you so much Ralph for your ministry in our church this past weekend. It was inspiring, uplifting, but most of all it motivated us to seek the kind of relationship that you have with Jesus and as a result do the kind of works that Jesus did. Your testimonies are so miraculous and full of life. We loved listening to them. Thank you for being Gods voice and bringing His message. No doubt, the time you spent mentoring and investing into leaders in our church will yield results. May God richly reward you in every area of your life.

Dear Ralph,

Thank you! Your prophetic word to our body was so timely and accurate, the elders really appreciated hearing it put together that way. We are also praying for your ministry in the former USSR, It is obvious you have a strong passion for that region.

I was contemplating, and remembered the day you visited our church. My parents had told me a couple days before that a man of God was to visit, an apostle. I remember feeling all tingly in my heart, knowing that I was to be called up to be prophesied on.

I remember it got so bad, (if I remember accurately), I got on my knee’s, and said to God, Lord, we both know that there will be a visitor at our church. Please. Please, God. Don’t call me up. I remember this being my plea for two straight days, in bed, etc. It was Sunday morning, getting ready for church, nervous, uncomfortable. I just knew that out of everyone, I was to be called up. I even told my dad, ‘just watch me get called up’. I tried so hard, fearfully, to hide underneath the people sitting in front of me. I made very, and I mean very little contact with you that day, but my ears wide open. And than, you called me up.

Ralph, you are truly a blessing to our family at The Upper Room and we are your family AWAY from home. Thank you for your wisdom, love, patience, and leadership!

From Mark Googins – Founder and pastor of The Upper Room in Cardington, Ohio a village of just over 2000 people in central Ohio.

Dear Pastor,

Over the past two years the Lord has put two visions on our heart that ultimately have to do with bringing unity to the local body, providing a way that the gifts of the body can be activated, grown, and used, and becoming a visible church again in the community. The first vision simply explains the desire to see a fivefold ministry foundation in operation at the Potters House and explores what that would look like. The second vision hits the heart of the bigger picture of what God has put on our hearts. And that is to see a unified church in Columbus Oh. That has a presence and consistent voice in the community. 

Our prayer and desire is that the Lord would show you what He has shown us. That through prayer you would see the heart of what God has shown us and that you would support the vision and want to be a part of it. Please read and pray over both visions and we look forward to having a fruitful conversation with you on Monday. Please know Pastor that we come to you humbly, seeking wisdom, and direction for what God has put on our hearts. We love and appreciate everything you and the Potters House have provided and given to us over the last few years. Thank you for your time.

God bless and happy thanksgiving Apostle Howe! It’ll be a week on Saturday since we met (November, 2013) and I’m still chewing on your sermon and your (prophetic) word! I was extremely blessed by  your ministry and what The Lord did through you!

I’ve never seen a minister take his time and truly pour into the people with that same care and sensitivity to The Lord the way you did…and the message about the church transitioning was incredible…I will be praying for you and your ministry and all The Lord is doing through

Thank you, Ralph Howe, that you worked hard for Ukraine.

It is very valuable that God is doing and saying through you here to see prices.

And the blog helps, because a lot of evidence that God says and does. And you think that you are not alone and it helps to go forward. It is also a teaching and because everything is already systematically.

My husband was very much impressed with the prophetic word. This was like the last atomic explosion to break his stronghold that a real christian cannot be wealthy. He has gone through lots of seminars and lessons dwelling on what God tells about finances, but still I felt that it was not completely gone. He had this understanding that his future in the kingdom of God somehow relates to finances and now there is a confirmation to that! That’s great!

My dear Ralph,

Lays year you came to the rehabilitation center and God through you told me something that changed me forever. I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Because of the prophetic word over my life I’m sure that the faithful God is wise and that He loves me no matter what. God did this – so I am here (and not dead). For me this was not possible but my God do impossible things.

Jesus has made me free from drugs and from people who wanted to destroy me. And most importantly, it has given me a son. Now I have made a firm decision to give my life to God. I thank Him and love Him. When I look at you, I see Jessy!!! Yes, I can see Jesus in you!

I would like to have such a dad like you. My dad died when I was 7 years old. You are in my heart and prayers. God, after a meeting with you and receiving a prophetic word, is always talking to me about my life and the life of others. Before, I always doubted and I’m always afraid. Now I am not. At first it was hard to write about what the Lord told me. To my mind it is not possible. Now, I live the words He spoke over my life.

Our dearest brother Ralph,

I wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful spiritual time that we had through your ministry in Glendale, California.

Your passion for discipleship and all your efforts to transfer your knowledge to others is greatly appreciated. I want to let you know that your visit brought a lot of great changes in people’s lives. Many of us are now more zealous for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There is certainly a new wave moving in the church and it was even more evident in our youth ministry as some of our youth have started prophesying, seeing prophetic dreams and receiving heavenly music during prayer. We are definitely going to implement your teachings in our youth group believing to see the great results.

Hello brother Ralph. How r u? We miss you, miss for that time, that magic time! It is my privilege to meet you.

Today , I remember those days, I said to myself that I don’t want extinguish that fire. I had come for hearing your prophecy for my life, but , God’s plan was different.
Thanks for everything
Faraz & Mojgan

Thank you Ralph for the fact that you chose the time and talked to us, it’s an honour and a privilege to know you! I thank God that He has brought us together.You make me feel comfortable and easy. I also really want to continue to communicate with you!! I came to talk and to be with you because I think you my friend and mentor. Thank you! You’re a man of God and a privilege for me to learn from you!

We bless you Ralph, we pray that God would keep thee in the way, and continued to use you even more is that you do for Him. Your visit to our area was very significant. Thank you for helping us!

Thank you, dear brother Ralph, I am very blessed for your service, I bless you, and when you come to the Armenia next time, I hope to see you : )

Hello our dear brother in Christ ,we just want to thank you for your ministry and teachings and everything you do here in armenia . I am going to translate the teachings in farsi and send them to children of God in Iran .pls pray for our country (iran) .God bless you.

It was a pleasure for me and my family to serve God with His apostle Ralph from Canada. Just being with him makes changes in my life. Thank you Mr. Ralph, love you and will miss you.

Ralph has recently said yes to being a spiritual father and mentor to Sevak, a young man he ministered to on his first trip to the nation of Armenia. Ralph is currently mentoring two other men from the Yerevan region in Armenia where there is a tremendous hunger to fulfill God’s call to go into all the world and make disciples. Please pray for Sevak and Ralph as they begin to develop their relationship vie email, Skype and in person whenever Ralph is in or near his nation.

Robert is a youth pastor in Siberia and has been relating to Ralph for about 18 months. Ralph spent a week with him ministering in three or four different churches and at a leadership school and Robert was a tremendous help and encouragement throughout their time together. Since then they have been keeping in touch by emails (translated by Microsoft Translations) and are growing in their relationship. Robert has spent most of the spring and summer ministering in various camps and locations as he is much in demand and well liked by youth everywhere. He is currently working with a Christian acting group and performing in St. Petersburg, Russia before going to Moscow to minister and then home again. Your prayers for Robert and his ministry as well as his relationship with Ralph would be greatly appreciated. (He is the one with his feet in the air).

This is Arman – a young man from Yerevan, Armenia. He is currently taking a year of high school in the United States and improving his English as he does so. Arman has worked as a translator for Ralph during a recent visit to Armenia where they also began a discipling and mentoring relationship which continues through emails and Skype. At the time of Ralph’s visit to Armenia Arman has asked Ralph to be his “spiritual father” and Ralph agreed and has continued to fulfill that role on a weekly basis since then. Arman is also called to be an apostle and so it is important that he be connected to men such as Ralph who have great maturity in their apostolic ministry and are fulfilling the call of God on their lives. Please pray for Arman as he adjusts to life in North America and expands his understanding of the Kingdom of God.

Samvel is a pastor of a church plant in the city of Ararat located at the foot of Mount Ararat, Armenia. He is an apostle by calling and is learning quickly and growing into his calling. He has a number of tremendous ministries both in Ararat as well as in Yerevan (the capital city) and other cities in his nation. Samvel took Ralph’s place at a summer camp for youth this last July outside the city of Tula, Russia and did a terrifically wonderful job ministering as an apostle to he youth and the staff of the camp.

Some months ago he asked Ralph to mentor him and be a “spiritual father” to him and Ralph has agreed. Ralph first met Samvel while ministering in Moscow, Russia when he had the opportunity to prophesy over his life. This opened the door, a year later, to Ralph ministering in the nation of Armenia and his continuing influence upon that nation. Please be praying for the continuing development of the relationship between Samvel and Ralph and all that God wants to accomplish between them and through them.

This Eric Feeman who attends The River of Life Church in Butler, Ohio. He recently attended a Sunday morning meeting when Ralph was ministering on the power of God, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, and the supernatural church. After the teaching there was an extended ministry time (90 minutes) for healing, deliverance, the baptism in the Holy Spirit and prophecy with four prophetic ministers sharing the Word of the Lord with those who wanted to hear from God (two apostles, a prophet, and an evangelist). He wrote the following thank you email the next morning….

My name is Eric and I attend the River of Life.  I just want to tell you what a blessing it was to hear you speak Sunday morning. I believe your message was brought just for me. I had been thinking about getting baptized in the Holy Spirit for several weeks and was never able to get around to it.

The Saturday morning before you spoke I was watching a program on tv that was discussing the baptism in the Holy Spirit and I felt God tell me to ask Pastor Bill about it on Sunday morning. Saturday night I was praying and asking Jesus to draw me near to him and I received a vision with Jesus’s face up against mine and we were looking each other in the eyes. Then I saw Jesus with the crown of thorns on his head with blood dripping. He was telling me “I went to the cross to give you gifts of the Holy Spirit”.

Sunday morning I asked Pastor Bill about getting baptized in the Holy Spirit and he said we could do it after the sermon. When the time came for you to speak and you delivered the message about the Holy Spirit I was just blown away. I mean like WOW! Talk about God working. Getting baptized in the Holy Spirit Sunday morning was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. I am looking forward for what God wants to do with me.

To give you an idea who I am, I was one of the last people you prophesied over. You were hugging me from behind. Thanks for sharing your time.

Blessing- Just wanted to thank you.  I found your site because God has been speaking to me about Leviathan.  I ordered it, but then found an article on pastors leaving the ministry.  I was in almost all of those reasons.  I have been a overseer for churches in 3 states and I have continued to move because God has called me, but have battled with quitting for the last 6 months.  I don’t feel alone.  Not sure what will happen, but your article made me feel “normal”

Hello Ralph!

How are you? I’m very glad that you replied and I would really like to stay in touch with you and share with you my ministries.

On the last day of the conference you prophesied over me and I was the last person in line.

I’m very happy that God sent you in order to change my life.

Thank you, Ralph. You are a great encouragement to me. I am Ukrainian but for the passed two years I have been ministering in youth club in the UK. I read your blog and even took one of the posts for our church newspaper. God uses you and He is so pleased with what you do!!!and He is pleased with you on the whole!!!

I saw you in Ukraine twice in Kirovograd and in Krasnoarmeisk. Since then I check your blogs very often because God used you then to reanimate my Spiritual hearing and he empowers my vision now day after day again with you help through your blogs as well!!!

Thank you very muchfor your teachings on DVD’s and mp3’s. I discovered many thing for myself through your teachings. In my heart I knew who I am supposed to be but now I found a confirmation. After receiving prophetic words over my life I was really encouraged as I got an understanding that I walk the right way. Thank you for your prayers. I look forward to meeting you again.

All blessings to you in this very needed teachings in the Body of Christ!

Greetings to you Ralph!
I  would  like  to share with you that the prophetic word that was given to me from the Lord step by step  enters  my  life and I’m very happy about it. I’m grateful to God and to you for the prophetic word.

I  want  to  attach  my picture to this email so that you could pray for me as you suggested earlier ;-). I’m all for it and happy that you will do it.

I thank God for everything and look forward to meeting you, hopefully soon.

May God keep you safe!

After your ministry in our church things just went uphill and we have spiritual growth. Here are some examples: Arsen recently started to attend church more faithfully and God changes him through the prophetic words that you spoke over him. He is has Kazakh nationality which means that he’s a Muslim but God has already changed him. He is a blessed brother. Sasha, who is the worship leader, was really touched by God when you released the prophetic words over him. Now he has great changes in the area of communion with God. Sergei, the little blond guy, also improved in his Bible reading and prayer.

So I want to encourage you Ralph that your work in our church was not in vain. May God give you strength in your spirit and help you rejoice in everything.

By the way we also try prophesying and have prophesied over four people and I can say that we have a good God. Thank you for the blogs as it is really inspiring.

Testimony from city of Taltagar, Kazakhstan

At one of the services in the Village of Arna, Kazakhstan you prayed for a little girl who could not talk. Some days after your departure from Kazakhstan she began speaking. Yesterday her father took his daughter and came up in front of the church and testified about God’s glory.The girl clearly pronounced that her name is Liza (Elizabeth). We give all glory to our God!

Pastors Vyacheslav and Elena

We would like to thank you for inviting us to the apostolic and prophetic school which took place in Lvov, Ukraine. The experience we got there was like our world started to turn upside-down. As Ralph said on the first day of the school, that each of us needs to experience a fresh encounter with Jesus, so it happened to us when we arrived home. After the school and the encounter with Jesus we realized that everything has changed – our attitude to our church, to ministry, to pastor, to God and to the Great Commission. Even our pastor noticed it and was also glad that we were to the school in Lvov. 

We started to share with everybody the knowledge and insights that we received as well as apply it in our life. Svetlana received her healing of eczema that she was having for two years. And Sasha was so moved by what God has done in their life that said is willing to pay two or three times more just to be able to come and learn and stay close to such anointed men like Ralph and Bob. 

We are willing to come to the youth summer camp in Ukraine and want to be available in anything where you will need our help. 

Testimony of Svetlana and Sasha (after visiting the AP school in March).

Greetings to you brother Ralph!

Thank you for your email and for the apostolic-prophetic school in Lvov, Ukraine.  In deed I received from God certain directions and inspirations for my life and ministry which I should carry on. Also I want to let you know that I was chosen in our union of churches (named “The Russian Pentecostal Church of God”) to be the leader (a bishop) for two years. I wanted you to know that we will be glad to keep relationships with You and Your ministry in Russia.

Blessings to you in all you do for God’s glory!
Dmitry Nazarov

Greetings to you, Ralph!

We want to thank the Lord and also you for your ministry, especially for the opportunity to study at the school in Lvov. On the first day of the school you taught that we need to experience a fresh encounter with Jesus and it has happened. We sensed it when we returned home. Our life was turned upside-down. We realized that everything has changed: the Word became alive for us, our attitude to God, to Scriptures, to pastor and to our church has changed. Our pastor also noticed that we came back different and was glad that we were able to go to the school. At this point we study from materials that Miroslav sent us and listen to mp3’s of you previous schools. Every teaching is like revelation to us. Now we have lots of questions … Thanks to you…for instructions and wonderful example that we’d like to follow so we can grow in faith … We pray that the anointing that is upon you would also be on us.

We pray for you and thank you,
Alexander and Svetlana

Greetings to you Ralph!

We wish you and your family a wonderful 2011 year! Lots of blessings to you! May the plans that you have in Christ will be fulfilled and may joy fill up your heart!

Once more I want to thank you for your team’s ministry we were really blessed by your visit and your ministry. Every time you become even more dear to us. We see more unity and purpose drivenness in our church.  May God bless you even more and give you long and satisfying years of life.

Hi. This is Dimitry from street hip hop ministry (Moscow). We met in Krasnoarmeysk & then in Mitischi. You prophesied to me to be an apostle & to my wife Natasha to be a prophet. We miss you a lot & hope you were doing well in Volgograd & other cities you plan to go, serving our God. He uses you and Miroslav greatly. After yesterday I feel like something changed in my life. It’s like something inside of me rose up. Something that was sleeping awoke. I don’t see it practically but I feel. I never thought of training some gifts this way. It was a great surprise when the pastor of that Mitischi church came up to me before we left and told that he knows everyone in the church and that all that I spoke was exactly close to everyone personally. He said that I have a strong hearing from God. Though I didn’t feel nothing of this. I thought I just told what came to my mind. At the end, when we prayed for the last old woman I was touched by Holy Spirit and started crying. I felt that God wanted everyone to honor her. It was very strong.

Ok… won’t take your time by describing my inner emotions. Just wanted to tell you we were honored to know you and want to improve these gifts you told us about …  I’m investigating your website … We’re praying for your crusade. I know it’s very important when somebody support you in prayer. Pray for us please too. We need learn a lot now. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Dear and precious brother in Christ, pastor Ralph.

We are thankful to you for your ministry to God and to people. Thank you for your love towards us as brothers and sisters in Christ here in Russia and all over the world. 

We thank God for you that He opens His wisdom to you for supporting many churches, ministers and other people of God.  Thank you for your giving heart which is moved by the lover of Christ.

Let the grace of God be multiplied upon you and the windows of Heaven beopened to pour all blessings for every area of your life.May God’s hand be stretched to help you and may joy in your life and wisdom of Heaven be always with you and the truth of the Word of God dwell in you in abundance.

MayGod keep you safe and all those who are dear to you.May God always turn everything  toyour best and give you help in Jesus name! Amen! 

From brothers and sisters in Christ

I want to thank you Ralph for your prophetic ministry in Moscow as it blessed me very much. I didn’t thank you enough at that time as I had to rush to airport but now I want to say that I’m really grateful to you. Your ministry had strengthened me and clarified Lord’s ways for my life and His plans for me. About three years ago the Lord turned my attention to the fact that everybody can say who their pastor is but not many can say something about other five-fold ministries. In these three years Lord revealed me some things and I started to teach in church on five-fold ministries. And I believe that God has sent you in due time to give me more clarity in this area. I’m looking forward to when you come to Yekaterinburg so I could learn more.

Blessings to you from our church fellowship,

We had different prophets coming and ministering to us. They’d come with their spiritual keys and they’d open doors to places where supernatural knowledge is hidden. Of course when we saw it we would get ignited, encouraged and would move upon it. But when those prophets would leave, they’d close those doors and take the keys with themself.

But this time everything was not as usual and rather different. Lord sent to us brother Ralph. When he was about to close his last part of ministry session to us, we realized one significant thing – this time we’ve not only received a now-word and encouragement or inspiration, this time theLordhasgivenusmuch morethroughRalph – it was the key by which the supernatural knowledge, direction and vision can be available to us all the time. The Lord has also given us through Ralph instructions and insights of how to use it in a way that we would move in this ministry and not harm ourselves or others, but would allow God reveal us things for others knowing that it’s not just some human things but something that God wants to give us and others.

During 18 years of my life I had questions that were lying on the shelves of my soul and it was about the supernatural life of the Church and the Church’s moving in supernatural anointing. I was waiting for the time to come and kept believing that one day the Lord would give me the answers to my questions. 

And recently, during the ministry of Ralph, God has answered though himto all of my questions. At that point I received a clear vision and understanding of how one can move in the gift of prophetic anointing and the gift of supernatural ministry without destroying andworking in a safe manner!

Just some words about what Ralph Howe Ministry has brought to my personal life. 

To say that the ministry has encouraged me is not a big enough word in order to express mycondition before and after and describe the changes.I have a feeling that it was like a trigger for making a shot. InsomesenseI went unleashed, I seriously got interested in the gifts of the Spirit especially in the gift of prophecy. I realized that I was not taught in how to move in the gifts and now is the time to catch up. In the spiritual realm I see a serious movement; I began to realize many things in a new way and got a real desire to become a full-grown participant of the Kingdom and live supernatural life, hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and to know Him. Earlier I would often receive revelations from God for my life and now I started to receive words from the Lord for another people. I know that it is only the beginning. 

I want to thank Ralph for his ministry and I thank God for making our ways cross each other.

Hallo there Ralph

Firstly I want to say thank you very much for the wonderful time in Moscow, Know I am praying for you and certainly look forward travelling with you, assisting you where possible, it will be a great  honour for me.

Ralph can you send me your itinerary while here in Russia and former  Soviet Union and I will see how I can accompany you during some part of you visit to these nations, and please send me that prophetic syllabus of yours in English and Russia that will be great.

In some why I experience that you will be a Elijah for a prophetic maturing Elisha when we travel together, not that I going to succeed  you but certainly is there a ton to learn from you all for the  glory  of our Lord and King, great thanks, O yes and it will be good to fellowship and pray with you.

Oh, thank you once again in the way you serve the Russian nation with  the powerful gifts God has given you, your reward will be great!

Father’s greatest blessings
Jesus’ love

Hello Ralph!!!

Thank You for Your e-mail. We greatly appreciate our relationship with You. And we see God’s hand in it as well.

We have good changes and events in our rehabilitation program. Now they hold their Sunday meetings in Korean Church in Arna. It is convenient in all respects. In addition this church gives them a place to start a program for women. Besides the Kapchagai-city’s government granted the program with the land of 30 hundred square meters. And one of foreign religious organization invests money for building a community of 300 squares. We have already got the construction plan. We believe that all of this is happening because of your prophetic
ministry. Everyone is encouraged and look forward to your coming this spring. You promised to spend two-three days in the rehab center.

In this new year we as a church move to a ministry of home groups. We have already seen good results. We feel God’s hand in it.

I’ve got a plane ticket. On the fifth of February I am flying to Moscow. In the evening on that day I will be in Ivanovo where I will be able to see you… then I go to Kazan on a ‘recce’… So we will be able to meet and to fellowship…

All blessings and success on you!!!

Igor and Natalya

I don’t think I fully realize all that Global Discipleship Training has done in my life. I feel it is a greater impact than I ever realized, of growing into God’s purposes for my life.

I started out just going to the section on prayer, and that was all I intended to do at first. With some insight and encouragement from others, I decided to continue. It has been an awesome time learning about God’s Word and God’s ways in fellowship with other classmates. It’s hard to believe we have completed Level 3 and are going on to further development of our character and our mission.

I am ever indebted to Ralph for giving of his life, his time, and his knowledge to lead and teach us. I also feel indebted to my class mates who accepted me the way I am and loved me anyway. They also helped me to grow and develop, as we interacted together and sometimes rubbed each other the wrong way.  We have developed lasting friendships through all our times together.

Global Discipleship Training is so worthwhile as you follow Jesus. As you study and learn and grow with others, you will grow closer to God’s plans and purposes for your life. It’s an affordable way to take Bible training and be discipled.

Dear brother Ralph,

I’m very thankful to God and to you for the prophetic ministry. It has disclosed in me disbelief and judgment that was hindering me to move along with the Holy Spirit. I’m crying while writing these lines. Forgive me for humiliation of your prophecies. Only now through you and Miroslav I came to understand the sense of the given prophecy and became able to minister prophetically to those who Father will trust me with. Of course I’d be glad to meet you and serve you if you have some kind of a need – please let me know. If you have time only for a lunch and you don’t know where then I can find out and arrange it.  I’m willing to come wherever you want and will organize your reception.

Peace to you dear brothers Miroslav and Ralph

“What has Global Discipleship Schools International done for me?”  is a hard question to answer in words. Global has radically changed my life. It has given me insights, perspective, wisdom and freedom I may never have achieved on my own. At Global I am free to ask as many questions as I want to, no matter how ‘dumb’ they may seem. I am free to express all of my thoughts without fear of judgement. For the first 6 years I was in Global (levels 1, 2, and 3) I had a number of peers who have become my family. Now that I am working on Level four, I am working in a one – on – one situation and I am really likeing the attention and personal focus.  Ralph, and his work through Global, could never be replaced. I have never thought for a moment that it was a waste of time. I am being equipped to mentor and disciple others and to teach my children about Jesus without worrying that I can’t answer their questions.

Having my husband in Global (although not in the same class) has been wonderful as we are able to discuss and share with each other what we are learning, as well as help each other growing more and more in the Lord each day.  If you haven’t given Global a try, you should!                     ~ Elizabeth

What can I say? Being involved in Global Discipleship Training has become similar to taking a deep breath for me. It has been instrumental in expanding my understanding of God and developing closeness with my Lord Jesus like nothing else I have ever experienced.I am convinced God wants this devotion to chasing after Him rather than waiting for Him to stroll by.

The growth and correction in my life is immeasurable.  My head and my heart have been stimulated and encouraged over and over by Ralph and his anointed teachings and wise guidance. I am continuously recharged by the deep love and keen insights I receive from my classmates. I see my walk with the Lord before I dove into Global similar to standing waiting for the bus. But now, I’m on the bus, and at times, I’m the driver!

Now that I have moved from Global Level III to the One-On-One Mentoring Level IV, there is a shift of course because my classmates are absent, but the ‘well’ is still there for me to draw from. This is my time to absorb and apply.  I don’t just want to ‘know’, I need to ‘grow’, like never before. – Karen

Hello Ralph!
The prophetic word, you gave, has inspired me for life. Over the last period I had no desire to live because of difficulties in relationships and in work. Many Christians turned away from me and gossiped behind my back and I don’t know what to do with it. But the prophetic word said that it’s not the end for me, there is a purpose to live on.


Nadia from Ivanovo.

Hello Ralph!
From the start I’ll say that I was astound by the ministry, because I heard the very God that is in my Bible. Before I could not understand where He is in church, in my life, and later God showed me that He didn’t change but it’s me who is like a sheep which is stuck in a manger and needs to look up look around and here He is saying “Hello my son”. I thank you for the great prophetic words and even if none of them will get fulfilled I still thank you for helping me to come home and find the Father and for opening my eyes to the reality. I think that it’s more important than any ministry and anything else. The main thing is to know HIM and that He would know me and the rest we will see. After the seminars my life has changed and I do my best to spend more time fellowshipping with God, and He began teaching me personally, just as you told me. The life became harder due to changes at my work and ministry; I’ve been given more responsibilities and no helpers but I have God and that’s great – although I realized it a bit later. So that’s what I wanted to share with you.

Dima Ivanovo.

Hello dear Ralph!!!

I’m sorry for not e-mailing to you for so long, I was busy with my studying. How are you doing? How was your trip back home from our wonderful Ivanovo? I am a fivefold evangelist Alexei!!!! I really liked your ministry in our church but a prophecy astonished me a lot!!!! It beats anything!!! It’s a miracle!!! I am very glad that you exist on this earth!!! Give my big regards to Miroslav who has become a little discovery for me!!! Thank you!!! God – it is cool!!!! Looking forward for your answer!!!

Dear Ralph!

I want you to know that your blogs inspire me a lot while I am on mission in the UK trying to bring teens to Christ. I share what iread with my team so what you type is not just words, you really make a difference! It goes from canadian heart through ukrainian heart and flows into british hearts! Isn’t it amazing?!

Dear Ralph!

Im thankful to you for what you did over the last two days.
With your help God has answered to many of my questions and made me firm in things that I was doubting. I always knew that God lives in my heart and felt His love and power. Lately I started asking God for Him to begin speaking to me so that I would understand him and hear Him. Recently I realized that all my needs and my problems I should trust into His hands and believe that He can deal with it because Hes my Father. So through you I got the confirmation for my prayers. Now I know that Im significant for the Lord and He means so much for me. I know that its time for me dedicate Him my life and my time.

Thank you for your ministry,

This young man, Artem Kaleyev from Russia, received a powerful prophetic word on Ralph’s recent trip to Russia (September-October 2010). His life-changing prophetic word dealt with what the Lord is doing right now in his life (2 things) and a call of God on his life to be a full-time apostle in ten years time. Of course, he is to enter into training right away as he needs to be discipled, trained, equipped and mentored. Ralph Howe Ministries has committed its resources and time to help him to fulfill the conditions for this word to come to pass and to enable him to walk out each and every detail of his word. The full prophetic word was powerful and creative and has already begun to bring about changes in his circumstances and situation. Remember, a prophetic word is the given and the person receiving it is the variable and will see change released into his life as a result of receiving a word. Your prayers for Artem Kaleyev and our work with him would be greatly appreciated.

I want to thank you for all the topics and teachings. As soon as I learned about this seminar I knew that I’ve got to be there. I heard lots of good comments about this ministry and I wanted to experience it myself.

Although I heard some of the information before the most precious part for me was the practice. I had a feeling that I’m a disciple standing next to a teacher. You Ralph were a good teacher that brought corrections and adjustments. Now I can’t wait when I get new opportunities to move in prophetic. I thank God for giving me these opportunities to learn all of this stuff and being able to cooperate with you. I believe that we together can do whatever God wants us to do.


Olga from Vladimir

Dear Ralph!

I want to thank you for this three day seminar as I learned so much and so many things were revealed to me in a new light. I got stuck in my work, my problems and other business but I learned that God didn’t forsake me, He reminded me that He loves me and that I need to find rest in Him. The main thing for me is to be useful for God. While the seminar I received lots of confirmations of the things that I had in my heart. I’m grateful for your help in wakening me up because I was asleep over the last period.

Thank you so much,

Irina from Ivanovo

Dear Ralph!
Thank you so much for your apostolic ministry in our nations. I am from Ukraine but we all consider Russians – our close brothers and I feel so excited for what is waiting for them while you’ll be teaching in Russian churches. I have friends in Tichoretsk and will highly recommend them to attend the services where you will minister. As for Ukraine I hope to see you on our blessed land too. I am going to England as a missionary for because months but when I am back in March i will do my best to find out when and where in Ukraine you will be ministering – because your seminars are always a drop of fresh water for my soul. I can’t stop thanking God for you. Being present at only two conferences where you were a speaker changed my life forever!!!! ~natalya

As I sit and send you this short message I am reminded that God is good all the time and his grace is always sufficient for me! Ralph this letter does not surprise me as I took the original word that was spoken over me and considerer the many things said with great expectation of the manifestations that surely would come in the near future !And come they did, I am in awe of Gods ways as they certainly swept me up to a greater reality in Christ and as a result there is a peace about my life today that I don’t know how to explain to anyone …{ It`s simply not English !! LOL }You stated that the Lord would reveal himself to me and that I would know without a doubt that it was alllllll Hiiiimmmm !!!Well brother how God did that was one morning at the mines approx six months ago I was reading first Peter and God said he wanted me to write all that was said in a notebook , so I did that Brother and after six months of two to four hours a day i have written the entire new testament and I am humbled at how God has instructed me, He has revealed himself to me by allowing me to Know his truth and it has set me Free for the first time in my life, I’m excited, and filled with the gospel of the kingdom, I feel that a great step has been achieved within my vessel and Honor lives in me …I’m so pleased !!Oh how Good is the Lord , we need only seek him out, Ralph many pages could not explain what all has happened but I wanted to encourage you to keep on prophesying to the world its working brother…In Jesus..Gerry

Before I came to Kirovograd my spiritual condition was almost critical and I had a heavy pressure of pastorship especially the fact that I didn’t see obvious success and because of that I started to doubt whether I’m on the right place doing the right thing.

I’m thankful to God for Ralph’s ministry through which lots of things became more clear. Especially I’m thankful to God for the prophetic word that I received into my life. After returning home I began praying using the words from prophecy and also pray in tongues. I literally see and feel how streams of pure water run down from mountain tops and water the soil of my heart. I sense a new flow of energy within me and my confidence
grows now and most of anything in the world is – I want to be in His will! Nothing specific has happened yet but I believe that changes are coming.Please forward Ralph my sincerest gratitude and my wishes of abundant blessings over his life.

Bless you,

The teachings that I have heard from Ralph Howe were edifying and very actual for me. The prophetic word that I have received strengthened me and gave me faith in my walk with Jesus. God showed me His great love towards me and changed many things in my spirit and in my character formation. This word will not just change my life but I see that it began to work even now. I received the answers to my spiritual experiences, received vision for my future. In the past I did not understand that God was using me but now I became firmly convinced that it is from Him.

I would compare the messages that I have heard at Ralph’s conference with a compass. They give direction and help to see and to accomplish God’s vision. It is difficult to describe how much I got while Ralph’s was ministering to us, especially considering personal relationship with God. The word that I received encouraged me a lot. It supplements what I had received before from other ministers, it goes in the same direction.

I believe that this word will change my life as “the word of God does not come back futile”. Of course if to look seriously I also understand that its fulfillment depends on my relationship with God and my obedience.

I want to add that the prophecy given to me from Ralph and his team is really great. It was the third confirmation of what God was telling into my life during past three years. Each time it was growing and releasing more of His presence and power. I know that this word will continue to fill my life.

In the end of my testimony I want to say the next: When your wishes coincide with God’s will and you receive confirmation to it (for example on such services like Ralph’s, in the mighty presence of God) than everything that you would want to do – is to accomplish the will of God!

I will be glad if my testimony will help others to get encouragement.

I have done 5 terms in prison, was a drug addict. I was slovenly individual and a drunkard. Then the Lord saved me. And now my wife and I ministry to Him and thank Him for wonderful transformation of our life.

Thanks God that He through Ralph has explained to me everything about the gift of prophecy. The prophetic word that I received was very accurate. One thing in my prophecy was that I do not need to worry about finances any more, that it will not be a big issue in my ministry. The next day in the morning this word began to fulfill. The very next morning I received a big sum of money – 7000000 of roubles – through different accounts in three banks. Purposely God promised to take away our financial problem – we had 5500 roubles debt. And communists owed us the money that we received through banks. Do you know how difficult it is to get money out of communists – of “the old leaven”? My wife and I were very thankful to God for this miracle. God has given the promised power. Like a magnet it will do God’s work.

I believe that this prophetic word will change my further life.

Let God bless Ralph Howe ministry and open many doors for ministry and spreading of God’s Kingdom.

I am greatly thankful to God for Ralph Howe’s ministry here in our church in Kirovograd.

When Ralph explained how to receive God’s word in the right way and then how to interpret this word and use it, I grasped this process and began to practise these truths in my walking with God. I began to clearly hear God when I calm down in my spirit, as Ralph taught us, and tune on hearing. I was amazed about how easy and exactly God was speaking to me, revealing the roots of my problems, answering my questions and directing me. My fellowship with the Lord changed and became more alive.

Ralph’s teachings are very edifying and help to come closer to God and walk in His truth.

Ralph’s teachings helped me to get proper understanding of giftings and callings. The truths were revealed to me as before they were hidden because of the religious spirit. I was prophesied over earlier and the prophecy given by Ralph agrees with what was said earlier even in some specific words. I will practise what I have seen and heard, I will learn how to walk in the supernatural.

I am sure that the received word will change my life as it has already begun to come to pass. I received the word that God will carry love message using my husband and me. Today I saw a little boy. There you could see ill-being in his eyes and the feeling that no one loved him. He was with his drunken mother. Then God impelled me to tell the boy that God loves him. This boy looked at me and began to smile and went away knowing that God loves him.

Watching how Ralph’s team serves I know that their experience can help many people to come to realize new possibilities and new understanding of how to walk with God and serve to others.

What does the received prophetic word mean to me? Our testimony is great – we are free from the financial burden that lasted for long time. The Lord has fulfilled His word and literally in twelve hours we got confirmation of the fact that our life fully belongs to Him. Also thanks to Ralph I realized that we should not tell God about our problems but we should tell our problems about God.

I would advice all of my friends to attend Ralph Howe’s services and to receive great blessing by hearing God’s truth and His message in a prophetic word.