Young Men Being Mentored – Kazakhstan #2

The picture is of the city of Almaty taken from one of the many mountains that totally surround the city. I will be flying in to this city late Friday evening, clearing customs and then by 1:00a on Saturday arriving where I will be staying for the two weeks of ministry in this great country. (this after three flights, four airports, and 36 hours in transit). My administrator arrives at 6:00a on the Saturday so it will be a short night as I will, of course, head to the airport to greet him – he is a team member and it is important that I am there to meet him and welcome him as he comes to work on the team.

During our time here Miroslav, my administrator, will be teaching and ministering prophetically with me. The leaders here have hired an interpreter (Timur) and so Miroslav will not need to be interprepting for me. This allows us freedom to develop his calling as an apostle and for some terrific mentoring to happen as he ministers beside me the whole time.

While here I will be meeting with a young man called Pavel (Paul) who is a university student and a member of our team. We have scheduled three to four hours to meet with him and move him forward in some areas that I have been talking to him about via Skype on a weekly basis. As well, another morning will be spent with a young man called Michael who is planning to plant a new church in this city of 2 million. He too has been in regular touch with our ministry over the past several years.

For prayer requests today: for Pavel, Michael, and Miroslav as well as other team members who will be joining with us to minister over the next few weeks. For my leadership – that God would give me wisdom and insight to minister to their hearts and that they would grow immensely during this time we share together. Of course, all of this mentoring is in addition to the regular daily services, meetings, and ministry times so we ask that you pray for rest, strength, and protection.

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