Witnessing for Jesus

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Jesus sends His disciples into the world to do the same. His command, “Go into all the world and make disciples.” But, is the average Christian doing it? Do they really believe that they – not the professional, paid person up front – are to “go” and “share?”

A survey of 2,930 protestant churchgoers in the United States found:

80% agree that they have a personal responsibility to share their belief in Christ with non-Christians. Which means 20% are not hearing the command of Christ or not taking it personally. A failure of communications or a simple act of justifying rebellion?

75% feel comfortable sharing their belief in Christ with someone else. This, as other statistics in the survey indicate, does not mean that they do share with others – just that they believe they would feel comfortable doing so.

61% have not shared how to become a Christian with anyone in the last six months. I rest my case (see the point above).

48% have not invited anyone to church in the last six months. Should this be somehow considered a sin? Just kidding!

20% rarely or never pray for people who are not professing Christians. And who was it that said, “My house shall be a house of prayer for all the nations?”

8% are hesitant to let others know that they are Christians. Jesus’ comment about being “ashamed of Him” would be good to quote here.

The “Good News of great joy for unto you is born a Saviour” is not good news until others hear it.And apparently we are not doing well sharing our good news with others.

During this Christmas week and as we enter into the new year – let’s ponder and think about what will change these statistics in 2014. Let’s look at our own witness and our lifestyle (which is always a strong witness) and determine to be a better witness – by words and deeds – in the coming year.

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