What Would Happen If

What would happen if every disciple (let’s not talk believers) – every committed follower of and student of Jesus (disciple means follower and someone who learns from the one they are following) … what would happen if every disciple of Jesus around the world became passionate about what Jesus is passionate about and then risked all to see that passion come to pass? What would happen? Eh? (a Canadian phrase)!

Dream with me – what would happen?

I’ll tell you what would happen. Every person on the face of the planet would soon hear about the name above all names – Jesus. They would hear about the Kingdom and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. They would hear of the coming judgment and the need to repent of sin and get right with God. There would be a massive movement of the saints from one nation to another in the tens of thousands – hundreds of thousands – as their passion for the Lord moved them to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel… making disciples…”

I’ll tell you what would happen – disciples would be excited and alive and their Christian faith and walk with the Lord would be the adventure of a lifetime. Prayer would become number one priority. Bible study would be first priority and then Bible reading would follow a close second. Bitching, complaining and criticism would stop as troops in the front lines are too busy fighting the war to be complaining and gossiping. We would learn how to be 100% dependent upon God for everything we need to do His will in this world.

I’ll tell you what would happen – worship services when the saints assembled would explode with excitement, testimonies, new converts being introduced and trained. People would lean forward and literally suck the anointing out of the teacher of the day they would be so hungry for spiritual food. They would take notes, talk back, say “wow” a few times, and you would see life shining out of their souls through their eyes – the windows to the soul. There would be life – the service would be alive!

I’ll tell you what would happen – disciples would become focused and not have time for loose talk about pet themes from the scriptures. They would major on the majors and leave the rest to those who are simply wanting to be followers – following at a safe distance. Let them talk about angels and anointings and manifestations. Those on the front lines – the disciples – would be busy talking about soul winning, discipling, and spreading the Gospel to the least and the smallest around the world.

I’ll tell you what would happen – life would center around Jesus and His message and no longer around our comfort and security. We would become givers living on as little as possible so as to give as much as we can to the spreading of the Gospel world-wide. Luxuries would be out of the question – just the bare necessities would be all we desired and needed. We would be free of materialism and the “me” generation – which seems to be every generation these days.

I’ll tell you what would happen – Christians would get serious about living holy lives and dealing with the sins that have hung around for years since they received Jesus and were born again. They would read – no devour – the Word of God feeding on every morsal and tidbit they find in the truth of the Word. They would hunger and thirst for more of God and more of His Word. They would no longer be interested in books, CDs and conferences that did not help them to be better at fulfilling and living The Great Commission. A lot that now exists in the “Church world” would literally come crashing down in ruins.

I’ll tell you what would happen – the world would no longer write us off as irrelevant and out-of-date. Religions would tremble as would all the demons of Hell. Power would be seen in the life of the disciple and would threaten every stronghold on the face of Earth and would pull them down. People would be delivered and saved. The gifts of the Holy Spirit would flow regularly in the streets and businesses and shops of our world – as they were meant to do in the first place.

I’ll tell you what would happen – I would think that I had died and gone to Heaven. It would be a shock but I would quickly get over it and I would enjoy every last second of my life on this planet and go home to Heaven exhausted and exhilerated!

I remember something Heidi Baker once said talking about what is happening in Africa as God uses the ministry there: “…but at the core of this movement is a white-hot, total abandonment to Jesus and His Kingdom. We will not be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Him. We are advancing. Our weapons are a firm faith, gentleness, peace, patience and a love that cannot be resisted. In Him we cannot lose!”

I believe that – and I am no longer waiting for things to begin to happen here. I have quit playing Church and babysitting believers who long ago should have become disciples. It is time for them to get saved or grow up or whatever they need to do. I have spent too much time and energy helping when they didn’t want help and prodding and pushing when they were not seriously trying to follow the Lord Jesus. Time for you to change your own diaper.

It is time to move forward declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ which is the power of God unto salvation. Want to come with me?

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