What Does God Bless?

Too often we just do what makes sense. As believers we simply plan, pray and move forward into what we want to do and ask God to bless it. In the Beautitudes, God tells us what God blesses – the poor, the peacemakers, the hungry, those who mourn, those who show mercy – so we should not ask God’s blessing on a declaration what we have made regarding what we plan to do “in His Name” and what makes sense to us….

Rather than do what makes sense to us and ask God’s blessing, we would do better to surround ourselves with those whom God promises to bless, and then we need not ask God’s blessing. It is just what God does because He said He would in His Word. We would find ourselves in the midst of what God is already doing and thus already blessing.

Recently while overseas ministering I was greatly ministered to. I was on a “day off” which was spent with 17 others all of whom were in full time ministry. Not good ingredients for a day off. On our way to where the afternoon was to be spent we stopped at a rehab center headed by a young man who I have ministered to prophetically several times. He is living out the beginning of his prophetic words. In this rehabilitation center – originally a place where people dumped their garbage – 17 men lived as they followed a spiritual program to be freed from their addictions. 17 men in a very small house… a small office and guest room combination; a bathroom (size of a broom closet), a bedroom for three guys, and then a larger bedroom for 14 men. There was also a small kitchen and a room just added on which served as a place to eat. Outside there was an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor shower… In my country the building would not pass inspection.

This was a place of great blessing. The Lord’s presence was very tangible. The power of God was at work helping to free 17 men from lives of addiction. At their daily Bible study and prayer time God touched and changed lives on a daily basis. These men were content with what they had as little as it may actually be. They were excited to have a home off the streets and a place to sleep each night that was safe and warm. They were proud of their “home” and what was being accomplished there. No need to plan something and ask God to bless it – just walk around, look, watch, speak to those who were not out at work yet for the day – and actually be a part of what God is already at work blessing and doing so in a big way.

After getting back in the car to head to our afternoon of fellowship around a great meal of Kazakhstan food on a boat out on a man-made lake (a very large body of water) … I was thinking that if my home in Canada had the same number of people per square meter as this rehab center did – I would be living with approximately 187 men and some tremendously powerful blessings…

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