Ukraine #16 – Amsterdam Overnight and On My Way to Paris

Instead of being in Regina and safely home I am still in Amsterdam, Holland. The flight from Kiev to Amsterdam was delayed for 1.5 hours (we sat in the plane at the Kiev International Airport). We then flew to Amsterdam where the weather problem was very real and the reason we were delayed. We ran hard and got to the gate while the plane to Minneapolis was still there. However, they had closed the gate and left 20+ people stranded.

We then spent over 5 hours standing in a very long “transfer” line attempting to get connections today (Saturday) to get us home as fast as possible. This has been a bit of a nightmare as the airlines had hundreds of people to process. And, they supplied us with water and sandwiches – and I can’t eat bread. Sucks to be me sometimes. Well, we got into line just before 4:00 p.m. and finished the transfer process at 9:00 p.m. Our team is divided up. We are flying the same routes but at different times. I am going to Paris, France then to Toronto and then to Regina. I am currently waiting for the gate to open and have already been through security. We board at 5:55 and I have been here since 5:00 to find my way around and get through security. I got to bed finally at 11:30 p.m. and got up at 4:00 a.m. A bit of a short night Currently eating a Snickers bar as that is all I could find in the few stores that are open at this hour. Pornography, jewelry, perfume, booze and smokes are available everywhere but not food. And nothing to drink except Starbucks – only coffee place open at this early hour and I simply can’t drink their coffee. I will never enter the modern world I guess.

It is now snowing. Yesterday it was 100 Km winds, rain and freezing rain. It is still my hope to get out of here today as hotel rooms are $225.00 American a night and that is a bit pricy for me. It is time to go home. I packed everything in my checked baggage and they have been nicely stored here (unavailable) and will be put automatically on the right flights (I hope) today. So, same clothes and I would kill for a toothbrush and some toothpaste. I packed one book thinking it would be enough – the rest are in the luggage. And with the delay in Kiev and then this long day without my team to talk to I will soon be finished the book I do have with me. So, time to write some more teachings as I do have my Bible with me and a note pad. Due to electrical plug connections (and the adaptor being packed with our clothes and thus unavailable) I am not able to recharge the laptop so it has a five hour life span for the battery and I have 23 hours of travel today as we travel across a number of time zones and live the same 8 hours twice. I gained an hour yesterday between Kiev and Amsterdam. So, 5:55 a.m. here at the airport and 10:55 p.m. (the previous day in my home city). The world is interesting. The flight from Paris to Toronto is 9 hours and I will arrive in Toronto one hour after I take off from Charles de Gaulle International Airport on my way to Toronto.

Long day but it will be good to be home – if all the connections are made and the weather cooperates. Otherwise I might find myself somewhere else for the night. Canada never looked so good.

Once last travel log tomorrow and I am already working on my “musings, impressions and thoughts” about my trip to Ukraine now that it is virtually over and I have had two days of travel so far and time to think about things.

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