Ukraine #14 – A Long and Winding Road

November 20, 2008

The day has started. A cold shower – don’t know what happened to the hot water but this is not unusual in Ukraine. Even the water itself is shut off in one part of the city while another part gets to use it because the water supply and the water pressure does not allow the whole city to be hooked in at the same time. Power is sometimes managed the same way. Now hot chocolate and time to think and blog. I’m packed and ready to go. Our ride picks us up at 7:30 a.m. and we will arrive in Boyorka at 9:00 p.m. at the latest. This is good.

The drive will be a bit awkward as the driver does not speak English and we don’t speak Russian. On the way down we had an interpreter but we don’t have that luxury on the way back. However, it should make for a quieter ride and an opportunity to think and process the last two weeks worth of events. As we don’t minister again here I can relax a bit and be “off duty” although everywhere you go and everyone you meet who knows what I can do of course wants me to “pray” for them – which translated into Kingdomize means “prophesy”. So, hopefully, I will actually have the day off ministering and be able to rest, think, ponder and process.

It is almost 8:00 a.m. here on Thursday. That makes it almost 11:00 p.m. on Wednesday back home. It will be strange tomorrow as we get on our second flight around 3:00 p.m. and then fly for 9+ hours to arrive in Minneapolis around 5:00 p.m. because of the 9 hour difference. It means living the same 9 hours twice. Very confusing to the body and results in jet lag …. And hopefully a lot of sleep on Saturday (Sunday body time). Sermon is ready – wrote it on the plane on the way here and in the first four days in this location computerized and finalized it. In fact, it has become a two part series and both sermons for the next two Sundays are completed. That will help with the first week back.

It has been an adventure. Lives have been changed forever – including mine. This visit after a number of years not being here has rekindled my love for Ukraine and the people of this great nation. And, I am planning numerous trips back in 2009. The first will be in February when we will be ministering in the same two churches as this trip – but, most likely, on the topic of “The Prophetic Wars” talking on the attack against the prophetic gifts and ministry and the reestablishment of the office of prophet. This attack includes four spirits – the spirit of Jezebel, the spirit of Absalom, the spirit of religion and tradition as well as the Leviathan spirit. If Bob comes with me we will have him spend two days straight teaching the material he did at a Leaders Day in Moose Jaw for the leaders of Life Builders Network.

On this next trip I have also arranged (last night) to do a two day youth conference here in The Father’s Blessing Church. The kids (see yesterday’s blog) are already arranging the event and expect several hundred to attend. I have asked them to be sure that many of them are unsaved as that is what I felt the Lord wants and where I should be aiming my messages on the first of two days. I am excited.

I’m called to minister to youth and to disciple, mentor and equip them into full maturity in the Christian faith and in their individual callings. To do so with this generation (ages 16 to 30) in Canada is almost impossible. They receive a calling and sometimes are even told to hook in with me and learn from me and then I never hear from them. It is as I they don’t believe the word they received or they are too busy to do anything with it. As a result my talents and giftings are not being used even to 5% of their capacity. But over here people take the callings and plans and purposes of God very seriously and I could be very busy and spend my time doing what I know I am called to do.

So, instead of being frustrated by the lack of movement on prophetic words in Canada and the United States – I will simply come here and help the youth of this nation to do what they have been called to do. I am no longer going to wait and hope something changes in the young people who have been called into ministry in Canada – I will simply invest my time and my heart here in Ukraine where they appreciate what Jesus is doing, their opportunity to be involved with the King of kings as He moves upon people and in their lives. I will go where I am needed and appreciated.

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