Ukraine #13 – Think, Pray, Write

November 20, 2008

It is time to start thinking through all that has happened on this trip. So far I have blogged as if I were writing a travel log or ministry events and happenings. Now it is time to let my thoughts settle and see what the Lord has shown me and what I sense about Ukraine and even about myself and the ministry He has called me to – both here and around the world.

Up to now the days have started early with preparation – sorting out the day’s teachings and deciding who was teaching what. That usually started at the end of the day before – 12:15 as we debriefed and thought through the day that was just finishing and looked forward to what was on the agenda for the day we were just entering. Then, by 6:30 I was up and at it – reviewing what I was teaching, changing and adjusting, praying and writing other notes for the sessions. The prophecy part of each session is not prepared ahead of time other than to pick some people out that you know will be a faith-builder for everyone if you speak into their life first.

Then shower and dress for the day because as soon as we leave the building we don’t return again until midnight when the whole routine starts over once again. The day is fairly routine – session with teaching and prophecy, meal and debrief; session with teaching and prophecy, meal and debrief; session with teaching and prophecy, snack (really another full meal) and debrief. Walk back to residence and meet up with the team who have been driven back and review the day and look forward. Not exciting but absolutely essential.

So, now that we are in to two travel days I can begin to think things through and process my thoughts and feelings. Many things changed in me and in the way I minister during this trip and so now it is time to let the feelings and the prophetic sense rise to the surface, take form and be recorded in words. Not easy – but I have many hours with a very tired team when I will have some quiet to do just what the doctor ordered – think, pray and write.

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