Travel Day and the End of This Apostolic Trip

It is Sunday – one last service to preach and minister at – a new one added to the schedule due to the switch in times of my flights by the airline. I travel from Sochi to Moscow by plane Sunday morning and then fellowship and minister the rest of the day in that city of 20+ million. Then, a short night’s sleep, check-in early in the morning Monday at one of four major Moscow airports, breakfast meeting with some leaders, board my first flight towards home.

The route has changed … Sochi to Moscow, Moscow to London, England, London to Edmonton, Edmonton home. It will be a long two days and will involve living the same 9 hours twice as I will be flying through nine time zones flying west and so the time zones do the opposite to when flying to Eastern Europe. I keep gaining time and setting my watch back. So, my body will not be coordinated with my brain on Tuesday which is fondly known as jet lag day and practically known as laundry day.

I want to thank everyone who has helped with this three weeks of ministry but the list would be seriously too long. It takes many people to facilitate a trip like this and I simply appreciate everyone who helps and the flexibility of those I mentor who fore-go meetings with me to allow me to do this. You are all wonderful folks and greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone for praying….

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