The New Year Is Soon Upon Us

The New Year is less than a week away. In the quiet of the early mornings these past few days I have been seeking The Lord and spending some extra time in my Bible. Because it is the Christmas season I don’t have regular appointments to keep, mentoring is paused, and I do less witnessing. If truth were known I just don’t want to fight the traffic and the crowds… But, with more time at home in my study (I am avoiding the office) I have been thinking through the events and activities of 2013 and praying about 2014. Specifically I have been praying part of Psalm 5:8 “…make Your way clear to me.”

I base this prayer on the assumption that God does not want 2014 to be a repeat of 2013. That God has much more in store for me in 2014 than I experienced in 2013. That the way I have not things in the past year are not sacred and set in stone but very flexible and every changing. So, I am approaching 2014 with a heart wide open for whatever God has for me to do with Him and an open mind regarding the way it will be accomplished. I want nothing more than to follow Jesus and do evereything that He asks me to do the way He would have it accomplished.

So, in the relative stillness of the last few days I have been reviewing 2013 and looking forward into 2014 and the changes that are coming about – in the Kingdom, in the world, in my ministry, and in my life. In the opposite order of course. I am taken nothing for granted and holding nothing back. I just want what He wants. So, I have been praying “…make your way clear to me.”

Yesterday I spoke for two hours with a young pastor I am mentoring who lives in the United States. A man whose whole life is being turned upside down by a prophetic word that he received on my recent visit to his area. It was exciting to hear all that The Lord is doing with Him and the hope that he is approaching 2014 with. Hope and tremendous faith. Does he understand everything that is going to happen and the massive changes about to take place in his life and ministry as he transitions from being a pastor to functioning in the call of an apostle. No! But, I pray for him that The Lord would “…make Your way clear” to him as we work together entering the New Year walking into God’s ‘newness’ together.

Later in the day I heard of the death of a very young man also in the United States. A young man who I knew and who loved Jesus. His life ended suddenly yesterday long before he could graduate from high school. Of course, we are all devastated and standing with his large family in faith. He was a believer and so we know he is with The Lord. But, it was a young life cut short; potential and opportunity that will never be realized. I spent much time late into the night and early morning thinking about the potential and opportunities that God has placed before me (or will as the new year reveals itself) and prayed “…make Your way clear to me” because I don’t want to waste or lose a day of my life doing things that don’t matter and don’t build His Kingdom. I want to make every day that He has given to me count for Him. I want to see others come to know Him or come to know Him better – and want that to be a daily thing as He makes His way clear to me every morning. Life is uncertain and each day is a gift from The Lord and I want to use each day to honour Him and bring His glory.

I am excited that He has allowed me to have a productive and exciting 2013 and I am looking forward to 2014 with great optimism and tremendous faith. It is going to be a great year for Him. And, I will continue to pray “…make Your way clear” each day as I walk through many, many changes in my life, ministry, the Church and His Kingdom.

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