The Harvest in 2010

Nearly 4,000 ethic groups representing billions of people worldwide remain the least reached with the Gospel because the Church is weak or nonexistent where they are and cannot reach them without help.

And billions of others are not being told the Gospel because although the Church exists in their area it is busy focusing on the believers they already have and not on the task at hand to “seek and save the lost”.

Much is being done to reach the former … let me give you just one brief glimpse into a wonderful new initiative that has begun and that I am thrilled about…

The global Adopt-a-People Campaign has developed a web site – – and a special project to enlist 100 million evangelical believers to pray specifically over the next 20 years for the unreached people of the world. The special Open Their Eyes project targets the largest unreached groups – those with a population of more than 1 million, of which less than 1 percent are Christian – with prayer from 10,000 evangelical believers until breakthroughs in church planting occurs. includes updated lists of unreached people groups and the names and contact information for 60 organizations that it identifies as the “top senders” of Christians to reach these groups and that want to work with local churches to adopt specific groups for prayer and connect with “frontline ministries.”

I am excited that prayer and evangelism for the worldwide effort of winning billions for the Lord are being joined together for those groups that are noted for being the least reached. I am involved and plan to become active in working with these people to see the work of harvest continue and grow during the new year of 2010.

In the ministry here at Ralph Howe Ministries we are planning to be working with evangelism and prayer as well. We have plans being formed regarding church planting in Eastern Europe where a great deal of my time personally and almost all of our mission funds are currently invested. As well, we are working on writing and translating material to teach and train believers in supernatural soul winning where we use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to reach and touch the lives of unbelievers we talk to in coffee shops, restaurants, and street corners. It is time that Spirit-filled believers began to move supernaturally and use the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12) to impact non-believers and thus use the power of the Holy Spirit to open the door to sharing the Gospel which is also “the power of God unto salvation.”

Ralph Howe Ministries is committed to training and equipping believers to supernaturally win the lost and will be investing a major part of our time, effort and finances to train local believers and churches to reach out into he harvest supernaturally. We will be doing that in Eastern Europe, the United States and here in my own country of Canada. We are excited.

As well, on a personal level, I am focusing my attention on learning how to better reach the younger generation here in my nation. I am reading and studying material and books that are being written by those already successfully reaching the 15 to 35 year old age group … I am praying and seeking God’s face and input into my life as to how I am to effectively reach them locally here in the city … and I am doubling my efforts at outreach going out two afternoons a week instead of one as well as continuing to leave extra time when planning all events, activities and appointments to allow for the open doors and opportunities the Lord provides to speak into people’s lives while buying gas, grocery shopping, standing in line at the drug store and waiting in the doctor’s office for my appointment.

I believe that to be on track with the plans and purposes of the Lord for 2010 every believer, each local church and every ministry will need to look at priorities and make winning the lost – seeking and saving the lost – a major emphasis in the new year that is fast approaching. This will need to be something that we intentionally do as it never just happens and absolutely does not happen by accident. Good intentions are no longer good enough – the Lord is prompting us to become seriously involved in what is, in reality, His heartbeat – seeing sinners translated from the domain of darkness into the Kingdom of Light (Colossians 1:13).

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  1. Bruce
    Bruce says:


    Please help us to know your love and overflow with your love. Help us to be compelled by your love to tell people about you …to pick up our cross and follow after you into the harvest all around us.


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