The Gospel of the Kingdom

“When the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented with authority – quoting from the very Word of God – He takes the message and drives it supernaturally into the human heart.” Dr. Billy Graham

The Gospel needs to be heard. And heard in a way that it can be understood and applied personally to the life of the hearer. Yesterday I had the opportunity to present the Gospel to a variety of people in a number of different situations. These included several church services which had a number of new people visiting, several stores, a gas station… I try to present the Gospel of the Kingdom at least daily to someone who is far from God and in need of hearing of His love. Because I am intentional about sharing the Gospel and am always on the lookout for an opportunity most days I simply walk through the open door that presents itself. Sometimes I have to “look hard” for the opportunities other times they come up to me and initiate the conversation.

I know that people don’t normally walk up and engage you in conversations about spiritual issues or concerns they are facing in life. The reason people do that on a regular basis is that I have cultivated relationships over a long period of time and always make time to speak with people when I go to the post office, the drug store, to buy food or purchase gas. I intentionally make time for people and show a real interest in how they are doing. Many of the people who come up and speak to me don’t know that I am a leader in a local church. They just know I am a good listener and a believer – a disciple of The Lord.

Because I have been consistent and a good listener; always up emotionally and not negative – ready to engage with them; not self-centered and needing to talk about myself or use what they are saying to springboard into something about myself… they know I am safe and genuinely concerned. So, they look forward to my short visits and readily share what is on their hearts. And, often I have opportunity to draw their attention to The Lord. The Gospel is being presented in words and actions – demonstrations of love and sometimes of power when I have opportunity to pray with people.

I believe the Gospel. It is the power of God unto salvation. It is what everyone is looking for – good news for the heart and soul. I believe it needs to be shared every opportunity we have. And, that we can do many simple things to create these opportunities to share. I believe the Gospel is more than words – that we need to demonstrate that the Gospel is true by praying for people and prophesying over them every opportunity we have. I believe that God has called every believer to incorporate this “seeking and saving” into their lifestyle. It has to be part of our DNA as disciples and followers of The Lord.

Remember, it is not something we do – it is something we are. Jesus said, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be My witnesses…” We are to “be” a witness – it is something we are and not something we do. Think about that! let it sink into your heart and gut! And then determine in 2014 to “be” a witness for Jesus.

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  1. sheila carpenter
    sheila carpenter says:

    If we eat, or drink, or whatever we do, we are to do all for HIS glory. Seemingly small things can have a big impact when anointed by HIM. Gave a rose to a woman who works at the dollar store…she said, “you mean somebody loves me besides JESUS?” I said, “yes”…this was observed by another employee with whom I have since spoken who is “hooked and being reeled in”…conversely, some of the more demonized you may encounter will literally spit or growl at you (at the ONE in you)…just do a Brother Lawrence and practice HIS PRESENCE!


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