The Church Jesus Is Building – Part Forty-five

We are discussing the changes that happen to the disciples of Jesus, believers today —revolutionaries – when they become involved in the revolution. Typically, four highly significant changes appear to be produced by a revolutionary’s investment in a revolution. We have looked at 3 of 4 changes; Realigning personal identity; Clarifying Core Beliefs; Being part of a community. Moving on…

4> New forms of behaviour

Modern life is an exercise in dealing with distractions. It has been argued that one reason we feel stressed, fatigues, and ineffective is that there are so many distractions in our day that we struggle to finish critical tasks, rarely focus completely on any specific pursuit, generally feel as if other choices might have been more satisfying, and compromise the quality of our performance by juggling so much simultaneous activity.

Intentional and strategic change – especially on a major scale – occurs because it has been tirelessly pushed through by believers with blinders. Revolutionaries’ extreme resonance with the cause enables them to deny the multitude of distractions and seductions that could dissipate their effect. Sometimes these people are seen as narrow-minded or uninteresting because of their laser-like focus on revolutionary ideas. Such negative characterizations are meaningless to the revolutionaries. They receive their energy and their affirmation from God in ways that the world at large will never understand.

This disregard for the world’s applause, combined with their intense dissatisfaction with the existing reality, enables them to do what they believe is right, oblivious to public reaction, are simultaneously intriguing and scary to those who uphold the societal norm. In fact, this public fascination with and resistance to revolutionaries’ behaviour serve to spur the change agents on to ever more advanced forms of transformational activity.

So, as we bring these four personal changes together in the revolutionary we see “a new person.” 

In the end, the revolution may be more about reshaping the revolutionary than it is about altering the course of society. Revolutionaries themselves comprehend what is at stake and how critical it is to model transformation so others are more likely to buy into the process and its outcomes. The ultimate desire, of course, is to influence the world for Christ. But the means to accomplish that lofty end is to be revolutionized by the revolution.