The Apostolic Roundtable – Powerful

The Bible speaks of apostles – more than just the 12 apostles of the Lord – the original group. In fact, over 20 others are named in the New Testament as apostles. Of course, this is the ministry and governmental funtion that the Lord is currently adding back into His true Church so there are still others ministering prophetically since the closure of the canon of Scripture.

In the Bible there is mention of the last days and the apostles of that time. Really, what is set out is no different than what was actually happening in the early Church. Paul mentions apostles – true apostles, false apostles and super apostles (2 Corinthians 11:5, 13; and 2 Corinthians 12:11-12). There are many today who call themselves apostles but who are self-appointed and are certainly in the category of false apostles working with the anti-christ spirit (another spirit as Paul mentions in 11:4). There are many who actually believe they can be apostles over thousands of churches or who believe that their revelations are truth and even trump the biblical truth as recorded in Scripture and so teach contrary to the revealed will of God – super apostles. And, there are some actual true or real apostles appointed by the Lord and given by Him as a gift to the Church. Exciting times to be alive and a time when great discernment is needed.

I have just returned last Wednesday from my 4th apostolic roundtable in the United States. Thanks everyone for praying for me during my time there. The five days were seriously amazing. Meetings with various leaders before, two and a half powerful days of discussion and prophetic ministry all of which was life-changing, and then a day with a young man I am mentoring which was mutually beneficial and very powerful as well. I will be posting a report of the apostolic roundtable sometime in the next few weeks on my main web page.

These apostolic roundtable meetings twice a year are part of a larger number of meetings that go on regularly throughout the year. These two meeting (April and Ocotber) are expanded to include younger apostles and some who are not part of the network of churches hosting and running these discussions (such as myself). Inbetween these two meetings there are meetings of the senior leaders – 5 apostles – and of the governing or steering group for these ministries.

In October of this year – instead of having another expanded roundtable discussion such as the one that has just ended – the leadership has decided to hold a roundtable with only senior leaders and by invitation only. I have been invited to be a part of this meeting as well as to go early and minister in one of the network churches in the town of Butler, Ohio. As well, I will be visiting in Celina and in the town of Ada where there are a number of young apostles and prophets attending university.

God is certainly opening doors for us to have increasing influence just as was prophesied two years ago this August.

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